Rocio, Niamyth


Rocio gets a letter from her dad.


It is afternoon of the first day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrlingmaster's Office, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 28 Apr 2018 04:00


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Weyrlingmaster's Office

Tidy disorder reigns in this space: there is a main desk, heavily scarred, with two chairs undismayed by any sense of fashion but yet comfortable, with a library of hides and scrolls and books behind. A functional credenza often holds leather straps, to the side, and abuts a smaller desk for weyrling work or even one of the assistants. Past the cluttered domain of the staff, there is a small classroom in such matter that it could easily be converted to a conference room. There is always iced klah and juice and water to be found on the sideboard in the meeting room, and stables aplenty for sandwiches.


I just got word that your cousin, Jaymes, will be arriving at the Weyr next sevenday. If you can, please arrange to meet him in the bowl when he arrives and see that he’s able to find the Weyrherder.

Once he’s settled, bring him over and we’ll have supper as a family. We’ll celebrate his promotion as well as yours.



« WHAT. »

Jimmy will be here next sevenday!

« YAY! Who’s Jimmy? »

He’s my cousin! You ain’t met him. He’s been at Herder Hall since he was, like, twelve.

« So, he ain’t a hunter? »

Nah. He wanted to do somethin’ else with his life, I guess. Huntin’ ain’t for everyone.

« But, ain’t that what the whole family does? »

Yeah. Jimmy’s always been the odd ovine of the family.

« Heh. That’s funny comin’ from you. »

Shut up, Nia.

« Is he cute? »

Uh, well. I ain’t seen ‘im since he was twelve. Sooo, I dunno. Last I saw he was a little taller than me and had really bad zits on his face.

« Eww, seriously? »

Yeah, but don’t go starin’ at him when he gets here okay?

« Don’t nobody wanna see that, Ro. »

It ain’t his fault.

« I s’pose. Poor guy. »

C’mon. He ain’t gonna be here for a few days so let’s get stuff cleaned up in the meantime.

« Oo! You should be a good hostess and show 'im around the Kitten 'cause, ya know, maybe he wants to meet new people like a normal person would! »

Don’t even start that again…

« *twinkles* »

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