Alyna, D'har


Alyna surprises D'har with a picnic at sunset, where they deepen their connection further with a romantic first date.

Strong Sexual overtones
Heavy Foreplay
Explicit sex (under collapsibles)


It is Sunset of the thirteenth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Clearing, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 12 Apr 2018 04:00


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“You…look like the season itself made flesh,”



The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

Now that Spring has sprung, the weather has taken a most pleasant turn and it has a certain blond greenrider’s shrewd mind working overtime. After making sure that D’har was available that evening via Haquith asking his Searuth, Alyna spent her afternoon off making preparations. Now she had been dropped by her green as close to the entrance to the narrow valley with the meadow of pretty purple flowers. The petite woman manages to handle the pack and large basket to a perfect spot a large clearing of soft grass, where she begins to set up the area.

For her part Haquith heads over to the beach where she settles into the sand, her bright chartreuse and verdant hide glistening softly from a fresh bath and oiling that the green insisted on, since she has every intention of soliciting some attention from Searuth while her rider occupies his. Not that she would ever admit the midnight blue dragon has become a favorite of the fickle green’s, but she will never turn down a cuddle. Preening carefully as she lounges casually in the warm sand, she awaits her rider’s word that she should let the blue pair know where to go.

Finally, Alyna looks over her handiwork with a smug smile of satisfaction. There is a large blanket laid out, on one edge the basket is now open showing off some of the goodies within. There are meatrolls, a round of soft cheese, a long baguette of bread with a knife sharp enough to go through the chewy crust. Another plate is holding thinly sliced smoked ham wrapped around wedges of melons, all foods easy eaten with one’s fingers. Two small wineskins are nearby as well, with a couple of glasses by the empty plates and napkins arranged just so.

A small glow basket is nearby, but there is still enough light so it’s covered at the moment. Her pale blue eyes scan the setup up carefully, making sure she hasn’t missed anything before she turns her attention to herself. She’s wearing something that D’har has probably never seen her in, a dress. It’s very breezy affair, kind of shabby-chic with layers of delicate white lace sweeping down to just above her knees, sleeveless but with a subtle vee neckline. Her feet bear a simple pair of soft wherhide sandals. Her pale hair is arranged in artfully tousled blond waves that fall to brush her shoulders, around her eyes a soft smudge of kohl to give her a subtly smokey eye, making her ice blue eyes pop even more. Her skin already has a healthy tan since the greenrider has been soaking in the sun any chance she gets. Finally she is ready, and just as the first hint of sunset paints the sky, she asks her green to pass on her message, fidgeting nervously as now all she can do is wait.

Reaching out to Searuth with a soft caressing hum of gossamer dragonfly wings wafting heavily with her crisp floral scent fresh with subtle lemony overtones. « Dearest blue, mine says that yours can meet her here whenever he’s ready. » and then an image of the clearing with the purple flowers reachable by a path from the Weyr’s entrance is projected clearly towards the dear blue. Just before she retreats again, the green will offer almost nonchalantly, « And I’m just sunning myself here on the beach….all alone. » She’ll sign off then, confident that the blue will pick up on her subtle invitation.

D’har may not have received any specific instructions to dress up a bit…but it really isn’t beyond the norm for his casual wear anyway, fashion-forward as he tends to remain. Loose pants of natural linen, simple but well-tailored, serve to point attention to the deep scarlet sleeveless tunic he wears, gold, indigo, and violet embroidery running around every edge and down the front in a long taper. He eschews boots for sandals, makes a quick grooming of his stubble, and heads for Searuth.

He smiles to find where Alyna has settled, watching Searuth depart for the beach to join Haquith as he walks. When he finally spies the spread Alyna has made, he grins…and then his eyes fall upon her and he pauses, lips parting in surprise as his ebony gaze unabashedly takes in the length of her. “You…look like the season itself made flesh,” he notes at a gentle rumble as he crosses to the greenrider. “I hope I haven’t missed something important. Not that you need an excuse to look stunning.”

Alyna can’t help but fidget one last time with the hem of her dress as she sees D’har walking towards her, causing a soft flutter in her chest to catch the breath in her throat at the way his caramel colored skin is set off by the bright colors and the tailored cut of his garb. The man knows how to dress, that’s for damn sure. She sashays closer to greet him, taking note of his unabashed gaze and maybe swishing her hips a little more to add to the view for the bluerider. At his most poetic compliment the greenrider has no hope of stopping the bright blush that pinks her cheeks as she shakes her head with a soft chuckle. “You and your lines.” she teases, but it’s obvious that she is well pleased by the reaction he is showing. Humming softly as she finally reaches him, hands move to catch his fingers gently with hers as she draws closer still. “Nothing special, I just figured after six months of sharing each others’ beds, we might do something new and exciting for us. Like an actual date.” Her pale blue eyes twinkle with the mischief in her words as she looks up at him, head tilted to one side as she waits for his reaction.

Any enhancement of the view is wholeheartedly appreciated, of course. D’har chuckles at Alyna’s first, beaming; he certainly has lines, but as he’s said before, he always means what he says. Even if it comes out as sappy. And given the way it makes her blush, he definitely won’t be getting out of the habit any time soon. Once she has his hands, he lets their fingers lace slowly, pulling gently until she’s against him and he’s looking down into those crystalline blue eyes of hers. At her last, however, he’s very nearly the one who blushes, his eyes dropping for just a moment.

“It’s something I was certainly hoping to get around to,” he says as he brings his gaze back up, his smile lopsided. “You’ve beaten me to it…and I think it’s rather perfect.” There’s a even a softly heated kiss to go along with the sentiment, the gentle, breezy sunset of the valley enfolding them in the quiet that attends the act.

The feeling of his fingers lacing gently with hers causes a pleasurable frisson to run through Alyna, her body eagerly pulled closer to his lithe frame. A softly self-satisfied smile curls her lips when he dips his head and admits that he had similar ideas, her body silently noting her approval that they seem be of the same mind by pressing up gently against his when she accepts his lips for the softly heated kiss, letting herself sink into his embrace for a long moment before she pulls away with a fluttering sigh. Leaning away from him she tugs him towards the blanket with an inviting smile. “Well come along then. I have both white and red wine for drinks, and all kinds of things to nibble on.” She can’t hide the softly giddy excitement she is feeling over something so simple as a picnic date.

After the turmoil of the winter months, a respite like this feels utterly perfect…and much-needed. D’har may not have been at the center of things, but he has still been under stress, making up for lacking strength in his wing, doing his damnedest not to get sick despite not knowing the cause until recently… But all that is for the past now, and he is going to enjoy every blessed moment of this picnic Alyna has set out for them.

He moves after her easily, grinning roguishly as she outlines what’s there to be had. “Oh, I’m sure,” he can’t help but quip to her last, folding himself down onto the blanket. He keeps her hands, giving her a little tug in turn to bring her down beside him before he reaches for one of the wineskins.

The roguish grin does things to Alyna but she is determined to enjoy the bluerider’s company without giving into his more enticing charms…not just yet anyway. So when D’har tugs her after him, she lowers herself eagerly after him, her legs swept to one side, one hand smoothing the soft layers of lace over her knees as she leans every so slightly in his direction. When she sees him go for the wineskin, she picks up the wine glasses and holds them out to him to fill. “I have to say, the landscape here in Southern is so much more suited for a nice spring picnic than back in Igen. At least here there is a much lower chance at ending up with sand in your food.” She jests as she waits for him to get to the pouring. “So what should we drink to?”

Perhaps surprisingly, D’har really isn’t bent on seducing Alyna into steamier pursuits right from the start, tempted though he may be. He tips the wineskin to her glass, smiling when he finds it to be the red. Agreement is hummed over the matter of the landscape, a rueful chuckle rising as he starts to fill his own glass in turn. “I rather thought some of the oases were lovely, though yes, the sand was always an inconvenience. Grass can at least hide as a vegetable if it pleases.”

His smile is thoughtful as he considers her last, and finally, he lifts his glass, eyes holding hers. “To new and exciting things,” he suggests, a dark brow lifting in silent solicitation of her opinion on his toast as he holds his wine at a suitable clinking level.

Eyeing the red wine, Alyna smiles as she bobs her head in thanks for pouring her glass. “I’ll agree with that, some of them were indeed lovely.” she concedes but then his toast has her smile brightening as she leans towards him, bracing herself on one hand as she closes the distance between their glasses softly clinking them together, “Cheers to that.” she replies enthusiastically before taking a small sip of her drink, eyes watching him over the rim of her glass as she hums softly at the taste. “That’s quite good actually. You know I usually prefer the hard stuff, but I’ve decided to take it easy for a little bit.” She mentions in an off-handed way, although the bluerider has seen her at her worst that one time after she lost a wingmate, and the memory, or lack thereof, sent up some red flags for the rider about her recent behaviour.

So with another thoughtful hum she lets her fingers hovers over the various plates and finally settles on a small piece of melon wrapped in smoked ham. “Please help yourself. There’s a little bit of everything, I hope I managed to get something that you’ll like.” And even though she tries to keep her tone of voice casual, internally she is fretting over the smallest little thing, her gaze locked on his face to carefully gauge every reaction, suddenly very aware of her need for the bluerider’s approval of her efforts. To try and calm her nerves, she pops the bit of melon into her mouth and chews thoughtfully.

The fact that Alyna is fretting becomes evident to D’har simply because she voices that she hopes she’s gotten something he likes. He goes for one of the pieces of ham-wrapped melon himself after sipping his wine and setting it back down. After taking a bite, he reaches for the cheese and baguette along with the knife, cutting pieces for them both and slathering them with cheese as he waits for her to finish chewing. As soon as she does, he catches her chin between thumb and forefinger, gazing warmly into her eyes. “I like all of it, lover mine. Rest assured…” Another kiss interjects, slowly tasting and languidly emphasizing his sentiments before he pulls back. “It’s all perfect to me. Now…” His hand skims back to tuck some hair behind her ear, then lowers to pluck up the bread he’d cut for her and pass it along. “Tell me how the day has treated you.”

Alyna’s chest swells and she breaks out into a bright smile as he catches her chin in the way he does, gazing back into those warm ebony eyes. Then his words, especially the term of endearment he uses for her, causes her to lean into the kiss with a blissful sigh, taking her time enjoying the languid way he takes his time in tasting her. After he pulls back, the feel of his fingers tucking that bit of hair behind her ear causes a soft shiver as her blue eyes drop again to the piece of bread he is handing over. She takes it with a bob of thanks but she takes the time to answer his question first before taking a bite. “Delightfully uneventful actually. We’re almost back to full strength, thank Faranth. And the fact that the weather has been getting better and better makes me a happy greenrider.” And there is a soft glow about her, a healthy flush to her cheeks as she flicks her eyes up at the bluerider, faintly besotted look on her features when she takes a deliberate bite of the cheese smothered bread, humming her pleasure, as she chews slowly, indulging in the taste of the creamy cheese against the chewiness of the bread.

D’har makes good note of the shiver he causes, filing it away for later. He takes a bite of his own bread and cheese while she answers, chuckling at her enthusiasm over the weather. “It’s been the same for Jaguar,” he notes. “And I am quite happy about the weather myself. Though I think before it gets too cool up north, I have another idea for a date I will have to pull you away on for at least a day.” Dark brows waggle rakishly as he takes another bite, still enjoying the simple pleasure of drinking in the gorgeous greenrider before him.

Making quick work of the rest of her bread and cheese, Alyna washes them with a couple of generous sips of her wine. At the mention of a second date, her thin brows shoot up her forehead in surprise as she chuckles softly, “A day-long date out of the Weyr? Don't you think that's moving a little fast?” The greenrider teases heartily as her eyes dance up at him. But to make sure there is no confusion, she will quickly add, “I will never say no to spending more time with you.” With a soft tilt of her head up at him, voice softly sincere before her smile deepens and she leans a little closer to him, fingers trailing gently over his knee. “So where are you taking me then?” She queries, eager to hear what he has planned as she grabs another piece of melon and ham with her free hand.

D’har can’t help but laugh heartily at Alyna’s tease. They’ve got things a bit backwards when it comes to anything moving “too fast,” after all! He rumbles his approval to her follow-up, though, making quick work of the last of his bread and cheese. Her fingers upon his knee rivet his eyes fully upon hers, making him lean closer in turn. His lips curve slyly as he lifts the hand he isn’t braced upon to trail curled fingers down over her shoulder and along her arm. “Boll,” he tells her finally, “but specifically where isn’t something I’m going to give away, my gorgeous lover.” He dips his head, touching his lips to her shoulder in the wake of his fingers. “I will say you’ll need to be sure to wear a swimsuit beneath your leathers, though.”

Oh how Alyna likes this, their close proximity and soft touches so warmly intimate that she finds her heartbeat picking up, just the slightest bit with a flutter. The trail of his curled fingers leaves a warmth in their wake along her shoulder and down her arm. From his knee, her fingers creep up slightly until her hand is resting on his thigh, just a warm presence laying there, a subtle connection between the two of them sending another wash of giddiness over the greenrider causing her smile to reach beaming levels as she looks at the swarthy bluerider. “That sounds wonderful. It’s so cute you want to keep it a surprise dearest.” she teases again gently. At the touch of his lips on her shoulder, Alyna trembles slightly, teeth catching her lower lip as she leans forward to whisper in his ear, “No problem. I have an adorable little two piece I’m just dying to show off.” Letting her lips press gently, almost innocently, on his cheek before she sits back and looks up at him again, crystalline blue eyes sparkling with a warm glow. Picking up her wine glass again, she takes another small sip.

Simple though the settling of Alyna’s hand upon his thigh may be, it’s dangerously close to being something for D’har to rumble at. She can rouse him with the tiniest thing if she wants to! He discreetly draws a slow breath in and out to steady himself, thankful that he has the presence of mind to do so when that bright, beaming smile warms up at him. When she whispers at his ear, he does rumble, because that’s just imagery he can’t help but picture. And he very nearly goes after another, far less innocent kiss when she takes up her wine glass and effectively interrupts the notion. He goes after his own, letting his hand traverse across her shoulders and upper back instead. “And I am glad you don’t wish to press for more details,” he teases, and reaches for another chunk of ham-wrapped melon.

Putting her glass down again, Alyna shifts just barely in D’har’s direction, leaning into the touch along her shoulders and back, her eyes dancing as she giggles at the rumble she manages to elicit from the bluerider, looking very pleased with herself. At his last tease, the greenrider drops her eyes, lifting her hand off his thigh as she turns to the basket again, perusing her options, effectively hiding her face behind a curtain of pale bond waves before she replies. “I don’t get asked on many,” or any if the greenrider is honest with herself, “surprise getaways these days. Makes me feel..I don’t know…young again, I guess.” She tries to keep her voice breezy, but there’s an underlying hint of anticipation in her voice. Finally settling on the pieces of bread he cut earlier, she slathers a couple more pieces with some soft cheese.

When Alyna looks away, D’har reaches for a meatroll almost absently, listening carefully to her answer. It’s a simple, sweet sort of confession that he can’t help a gentle smile about before taking a bite of his snack and swallowing it in short order. “Well then,” he says, reaching up to smooth back that curtain of silky blonde that obscures the greenrider’s face. “I will endeavor to whisk you away much more often. And I hope…” He touches another kiss to her shoulder, lingering this time as he continues in a softer, huskier tone. “…That I’m reasonably adept at making you feel younger again each time I’m with you, lover mine. Because you are still brimming with plenty of youth. We both are. And spending it on one another is sweet indeed.”

The reason Alyna dropped her head becomes apparent when he smooths back that hair, the pink blush on her cheeks deepens further as her blue eyes widen as his words, teeth catching her lower lip in them as she turns her gaze in towards him. A soft sigh at the lingering kiss to her shoulder, gooseflesh raising over her shoulders as she completely forgets what she was doing with the bread and cheese. When his words grow husky though, they tug at something deep inside the greenrider, something that responds by leaning in close, resting her weight on her hand that is braced close to him. “Well you have me blushing like a teenager enough.” She says playfully, but with a softer edge than her usual sarcasm. She drops her gaze then, almost looking embarrassed. “I wish I was better with words, then I could give you a proper response to yours that never stop charming me.”

The way Alyna is responding to him pleases D’har to no end, even though he came determined not to misbehave too much. When she leans closer, so does he, enough that they’re sharing breath. “I know,” he rumbles to her first, grinning unrepentantly, “and it makes you glow. Which always makes me want you more.” Then her eyes drop, and his hand lifts in response, fingertips coming up under her chin. “Your words as they are are enough for me, Alyna. And if a proper response worries you so much, your kiss says more than words ever can…and will never fail to be far, far better than ‘proper’,” he informs her at a near-whisper, leaning just a bit closer until his lips hover just beyond hers in heated invitation.

Returning her gaze to meet his when she feels the touch of fingertips on her chin, Alyna can’t help but feel a little helpless as she drowns in the ebony eyes of her lover. Whether she’s ready to admit it or not, there is a strong connection forming between them, especially since they decided to move past the friends with benefits stage. But even with all the time they’ve been spending together, she is finding his company this day to be particularly delightful in many ways. So as he continues to drift closer, her lips spread wider into a smile as the anticipation of what she knows is coming rises within her. His invitation is met with a pleased hum as she presses her lips hard against his, returning to the language that this greenrider knows best. Heated and desperate, her kiss is deep and probing as her free hand lifts to sink into the dark curls at the nape of his neck, pulling him even closer as she takes the time to properly respond to his tantalizing words.

The low, yearning moan that leaves D’har’s throat in response to the crush of Alyna’s lips is completely involuntary and utterly brimming with desire and emotion. He has sensed the deepening connection as well and has seen no way to deny it, savoring what it’s doing to them far too eagerly to fight it. When her hand delves into his hair, pulling him closer, he endures it for a long moment before wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his lap as his tongue twines with hers in answer. He wants her so, enough to tremble with his need, and chuckles low and rough when their lips part. “Now, now,” he mock-scolds, one hand sliding to her hip to pull her closer, “I rather thought the idea was to avoid ravishing you here. Though I don’t recall any specific rules being set against it.” Kissing her again, more languidly this time, he makes certain as much of her is against him as possible. “Faranth, woman…it is impossible for me not to want you through and through.”

Well pleased by the yearning moan her kiss is eliciting, Alyna chuckles against their pressed lips, letting herself be gathered up in his arms and pulled into his lap eagerly. Indulging in being so pressed to him, the greenrider’s body becomes pliant against his, feeling his tremble along the length of her body and setting off one of her own in response until it’s her turn to whimper helplessly at the way her own self-control is slipping. When he mock-scolds her though, it’s met with a loud, “HA!” before she chuckles herself, her other hand moving up so she can walk a couple of fingers up his chest before she lays her palm flat, almost over his heart. “I made no promises that ravishing was off the table for this date. And I don’t know, a little tumble outdoors is always fun.” the way she chuckles and winks at him says that she’s probably kidding about letting them get too carried away in this most public place, although who knows with the way her blue eyes sparkle mischievously. With their next kiss, it isn’t long until she is humming her pleasure, her smile brightening at his admission while her body seems to melt some more against his lithe frame. “Don’t fight it love, I know I’m irresistible.” Her cheeky reply is punctuated by her teeth catching his lower lips and giving it a gentle tug before capturing his mouth once more in an enthusiastic kiss.

D’har can’t help but laugh in the wake of Alyna’s first, his own eyes joining hers in their impish dance. “I quite agree,” he manages, his hands wandering freely as she melds further against him. “And I don’t think the risk of anyone happening this way as the sun sets is too great…” Her last earns a growl of both agreement and possibly warning as she bites his lip and exacts another kiss. “Alyna…” he murmurs raggedly once he’s free to once more, tilting his head to kiss her neck and working his way back toward her ear. “The things I want to do to you…would not be quite so much fun if someone were to come by.” And while he still kisses her, he’s quite obviously trying to slow himself, taking his time even as he tastes his way across her collarbones and back up toward her mouth. “Yes…I think I would much rather take you home before acting on what’s in my head right this moment. And you did put so much work into this…”

His growl in combination with the way he murmurs her name causes a tremor that flutters it’s way down her spine, bringing a sharp gasp to her lips, tilting her head to one side to give the bluerider a clearer path, softly blissful sighs accompanying every touch of his lips on her skin. Well aware that he is trying to slow himself, the greenrider is suddenly left with quite the dilemma. As he mentioned, she did put a lot of work into this picnic date, and to leave it so soon could feel like a waste. But his words spark her curiosity and her mind reels with guesses as to what exactly her bluerider is pondering in that wickedly creative mind of his. Oh the agony of a choice. Even though they are slow, his kisses along her collarbone stoke her desire for him just that little bit more as her heartbeat picks up it’s pace in her chest. “You’re making it really hard for me to care about mundane things like a picnic when you tease me so lover-mine… A good ravishing by you is sounding better by the second if I’m honest.” She purrs lustily as she breathlessly awaits the return of his lips to hers, encouraging his haste with a soft whimper as the fingers at the back of his head sink luxuriantly into his dark curls. “Besides, it’s not like we can’t continue the picnic in one of our weyrs.”

“Mmmm… I wouldn’t call it mundane,” D’har says of the picnic, smiling against Alyna’s neck as he feels that encouraging hand sinking into his hair once more. His mouth finally returns to claim hers, a chuckle vibrating between their lips as he considers her last. “This is true,” he murmurs in a break for breath, fingers sneaking beneath the hem of her dress on their way up her leg until he nearly reaches her hip. Then he makes himself stop, a little groan of impatience escaping as he ends the kiss to find her eyes. “So let’s pack this up and call them back from the beach…and get back to it in a much more private venue, hmm?”

Alyna sinks once more into his kiss before his wandering hand is drawing a lusty moan from her lips before it turns into a whimper of disappointment as he makes himself stop, there may even be the hint of a pout as she looks up at him through pale lashes when he breaks the kiss. “That’s probably what we should do.” She agrees but doesn’t make a move yet to climb out of his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, her eyes search his for a long moment, the backdrop of the sunset in full glow now, as the greenrider feels caught up in the romance of the moment when she lowers her voice to a soft whisper. “Just so you know, this whole date thing….that’s kind of my way of showing how important you are…to me.” she says haltingly before she chews on her lower lip shrugging a shoulder nonchalantly before she shakes her head and says with a smile, “So your weyr or mine?” She purrs as if she hadn’t just revealed something real and raw, leaving the greenrider feeling uncomfortably vulnerable, moving to slip off his lap as she turns to the basket to start putting things away.

D’har is perfectly content to hold Alyna in such a close embrace in the wake of their kiss, letting himself get lost in the crystalline blue of her eyes making such an intent study of his own. What she finally says makes his heart stutter and trip over itself, his breath stilling for a moment - both unfamiliar sensations for the swarthy bluerider. And then he’s studying her in turn, the sudden swirl of emotion and thought her words have provoked making his head fuzzy for a moment. Her question snaps him back into focus, his lips tilting roguishly once more. But he’s not about to let her get away with just slipping from his grasp after that - oh no! Leaning forward, he captures her face in both hands and kisses her once more, deep and slow, the surge of that Something deeper than lust, than desire, the embodiment of that deepening connection they’ve touched on most recently in their lovemaking coming through in the press of his lips for an interminable moment. “I want you in my bed,” he answers her, but it isn’t said with a tone of possession or expectation that she obey the declaration. Quiet, husky, full of so much he can’t put into words, it’s a simple statement of passion and need, explanation promised in the dark heat of his eyes.

There’s a loud squeak as Alyna is pulled away from the task she was about to start and her eyes are round when he pulls her into his next kiss. The intensity of his kiss though fully takes the greenrider’s breath away with surprised gasp before surrendering to it, even losing herself over to the way the warmth rises in her as the connection is made once again between them, sweetly intimate, wanting to draw it out for as long as he is willing. When they part again, Alyna’s heartbeat is racing, her breathing is already quickened, her eyes take a moment to flutter back open as she processes his request. With a dreamy little smile, her eyes still half-lidded with lust, she hums softly, “Oh lover, you can have me anywhere, and anyway, you want as long as you keep kissing me like that.” is her husky response as she very reluctantly pulls away from him again to kneel next to the picnic basket, hastily packing it, taking just enough care that nothing is like to be broken in transit but beyond that, her only goal is to get them back to his weyr before the luscious glow of arousal that he’s managed to stoke in her dims in any way. Absently she waves to the empty pack off to one side, “You mind getting the blanket and pillows dearest?”

D’har is already moving, ready to whisk the blanket and pillows up and away into a semi-organized bundle the moment they’re cleared of all picnic accoutrements. Searuth glides in to land in short order, his rumble seeming a bit disgruntled for a couple of reasons, but his rider simply chuckles. “Not to worry, mate, you can go right back to yours as soon as you’ve dropped me off with mine,” he says aloud for Alyna’s benefit, giving the blonde greenrider a wink as he reaches up to lash the bundle of blankets to his lifemate’s straps. It’s almost a struggle, however, considering how hard it is for him to pull his gaze from her, glowing with arousal as she is and knowing full well that he’s the cause.

Once they have everything all loaded up, he’ll be quick to bring Alyna up onto Searuth’s neck with him, the flight back to his weyr low and quick before they arrive on the ledge above the lower bowl. And unloading is even quicker.

« Heading back to his weyr a little early aren’t you rider mine? » The soft teasing buzz of her lifemate’s words tinged with irritation at being momentarily deprived of her cuddle buddy but not willing to move from the lingering warmth of the beach. « Make sure to send Searuth right back. » The greenrider can’t help a snort at that, before she replies with her own tease. » I thought you didn’t have favorites dearheart. « She quips, but Haquith is just as quick to return with, « I thought you didn’t either. » with a heavy dose of sass before letting her buzzing mindvoice fade as she shifts and goes back to dozing, leaving the greenrider blushing again as she really has no reply for her rather perceptive lifemate.

As they arrive back at D’har’s weyr, Alyna will bob her head in thanks at the blue, adding “Thank you for the ride Searuth, and for keeping Haquith company for me.” she says with a soft note of mirth before she helps the bluerider to unload as quickly as they can. Once completed, Alyna will slip out of her strappy sandals, kicking them off easily as she prowls towards the swarthy man. “So tell me about all these things you want to do to me..” she fairly purrs as she takes her time advancing on him, her hips swinging with each step.

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