Taurie, Talya


Taurie and Talya meet for the first time and commiserate over lizards and business


-- On Pern --
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It is afternoon of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the fortieth day of Autumn and 78 degrees. The small dark cloud has grown rapidly over night, covering the blue sky. It blows a furious rush of stirring wind. In a moment, the daylight is gone as visibility plummets. The clouds of stinging sand mercilessly flog all living things as the air itself turns against you. Every living thing chokes on sand and dust before escaping inside.
In Southern:
It is the fortieth day of Spring and 101 degrees. A passing storm thunders overhead. Lightning flashes and thunder booms.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the fortieth day of Spring and 24 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr, The Tipsy Kitten

OOC Date 01 May 2018 06:00


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"Why do you have your father's firelizard, anyway?"


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Talya has come into the Kitten for a late lunch, avoiding the heat of the afternoon though unfortunately not the crowd of the Weyr. It appears that many others had the same idea as the guard recruit, though she's so far been able to keep a table to herself. There's a large pitcher of juice and a few different plates of food that are shared between the guard… and two firelizards that are occupying another section of the table. Perhaps why many have avoided her so far, allowed the critters eat with her. She's picking at a wherry sandwich, pulling apart the meat to toss to the blue and gold in turn and watching them catch it. "Now, if you can deliver a /message/, maybe there will be an extra treat or two for you two." They just stare at her blankly, and open their maws for another bite. Not the best trainer, here.

Talya would have one up on the girl next to enter the Kitten. Taurie has zero experience in training 'lizards and in fact, has never been impressed to one despite having used them for work frequently, a fact made blatantly apparent as she tries to send a pesky brown back to her father with reports, but the brown seems to be obstinate. He's hungry and not going anywhere until Taurie gives him food. Sighing with exasperation, the blonde merchant girl approaches the bar and orders food and drink before turning. Her face falls at the sight of the late lunch crowd and the more than packed tables. But wait! There's a girl with space at her table! 'Lizards or no! And it's not like Taurie doesn't have one to feed too. Approaching, Taurie catches Talya's last and laughs. "From what I hear that's a bit of a chore to teach them, mind if I join you?"

Talya taps a little rolled up note that she has in her hands, then waggles a piece of meat next to it, as if to show food=note. It's just as she's trying to demonstrate this act that someone has dared to approach her table! She looks away from her clueless firelizards to Taurie… then back again. Then to the other girl. "Don't mind at all, especially if you can tell me what you know about this chore." She nods towards the brown afterall, assuming that one belongs to the girl. The meat is waggled to the empty seat across from her, with the most empty table space. Her gold immediately goes in to nab said piece of tempting meat, making the guard recruit jerk her hand back. "Shells, Beast, that wasn't even a throw!" The gold does not look chastised at all, and instead gobbles down her snack.

Taurie chuckles and takes a seat, the brown inching down her arm to peer at the other lizards, and perhaps glean how they pilfer their food from the human things. "I could get a detailed report for you from my father, to whom this brown wretch belongs, but other than that I can only say that it takes patience and that I'm no good at it as I've never had one." Taurie eyes the meat snatching gold and sets her things aside to wait for her food and drink. "Looks like that one has your number already."

Talya's face falls a little when she realizes there would be no firelizard lessons here. Not that she's going to send Taurie packing, though. "I still have no idea if it is because they're too young, and all they can think about is food, or if they're always going to be monsters." The way her dark eyes stare at the brown, she is going to start assuming it is the latter. With a heavy sigh she goes back to her own meal, meatrolls and the left over bread from the wherry sandwiches. "/She/ is the one I am hoping to have trained, cause I don't expect the little guy to be able to carry much. Plus, he seems to be scared of everything." Not that he was hiding now, but the blue firelizard is at least more patient, still waiting. Maybe using his big eyes to beg for food. "Why do you have your father's firelizard, anyway?" Beast sees him wanting food and while she isn't going to be protective she is neither going to show off her tricks. Yet.

"Brogan…." Taurie calls the brown's name with a tone of warning, and the brown turns an irritated eye on his humanpet's spawn. Turning back to Talya, Taurie shakes her head and grins. "They're useful, but a pain, from what I've heard. I have him because my father is in Ista and I conduct business for him here." The young merchant squares her shoulders and looks a bit proud, and of course she is, she's a woman in a very competative field of work, in a male dominated world. Brogan inches closer to Beast, interested in the gold and her food nabbing ways, whether she would like to share or not, he'll only back down if the gold makes him.

Talya watches the brown ignore Taurie when the girl speaks his name, which makes her feel better about her pair. "I didn't mind one, just not at the time that I got them… and they're about a sevenday apart in age. It hasn't been as much a nightmare as I thought it'd be to have /two/ hatchlings," she adds quickly with a fond glare to the two of them still begging. "From Ista then? What kind of business do you do here?" Perhaps it's now that guard recruit bit in her that's making her curious. "Cause it ain't firelizard training but… shards, I'd actually spend marks on a business like that. /Something/ to at least get them to do what I ask once or twice. Hey, Beast, see, note? Can you take it to Alyna? The blonde greenrider?" She wiggles said note again in front of the gold. Nope, it's the meat she wants. When she gives a displeased hiss, Tal makes sure to give the next bit of food to Blue instead.

Taurie nods as Talya goes on about having two hatchlings at the same time and smiles when she asks after her home and business. "Aye, Ista bred and born, my father owns merchant ships, we ship tithes for the weyrs and exotic things such as silks and herbs." Taurie won't go into full detail and bore the poor girl, but her father's contacts are as far spread and different as his business and shipments. "What I do, is collect payments, make sales, meet contacts, make new ones, and, I balance the books." Because Faranth knows her father should NOT. He may have a head for spotting good business potential, but numbers just aren't that man's thing. "I'm Taurie, by the by." She holds out her hand in crisp, professional greeting, with the smile to match. The firelizard antics are ignored for the moment

"So you run the whole business," Talya comments with a laugh as she listens to her job obligations. "At least that's what it sounds like to me. I used to help out at the docks back at Black Rock, probably handled a lot of your merchandise too. Had plenty of ships coming and going to Ista," she seems to look off, a little lost in the nostalgia. Perfect opportunity for a firelizard to dive into spare wherry meat whens eyes are not on her. And perhaps that gold drops a bit for the brown too. Talya snaps back to attention to glare, but nothing more. She instead takes hold of the hand that is offered, another weary sigh at her disobedient firelizard. "Talya," she says by answer. "In the Guards."

Taurie laughs. "Basically, but that seems just fine since I stand to inherit it when Papa retires or, Faranth forbid, passes on. And aye, you probably did, we send a fair amount of ships up that way." Taurie is into the conversation and the handshake and doesn't notice if Brogan gets any of the meat or not, though her food and drink do arrive right about now. This catches Brogan's attention and the brown streaks for Taurie's plate and is sore disappointed when the blonde snatches him up before he can snatch a roll. He grumbles and Taurie glares. "I have a plate of rolls coming for you too, you pig, just wait your turn, that's my dinner." Brogan snaps lightly at Taurie, but slinks off grumbling when she lets him go.

"Same with me—" Here Talya cuts herself off then she shrugs her shoulders. More to shake off the past than in regards to something the other girl said. "Well, that /was/ the plan for me, way back when. Father ran his business to the ground and then I moved here." She won't specify exactly what kind of business the man had, and instead leans back in her chair to enjoy her juice. "Got to have fast reflexes for the monsters, don't you?" Her own are more due to laziness that they finally get their lunch meal, Blue picking up the scraps that the brown had missed out on. No loss of food here! "At the end it's better to be here than Black Rock. You guys didn't lose any ships in that storm last summer, did you?"

All Talya gets for the evasive story is a raised brow. Taurie is curious, but not enough to press the girl for information she might not want to give. After all, they barely know eachother. And, Taurie could probably at least make a couple of educated guesses as to who Talya's father might be. She gets much of the gossip when it comes to businesses her father interacts with. However, she puts the matter to rest in her mind and leaps back onto the topic of firelizards. "Aye, they're quick little bastards for sure." Pardon her language folks, but Taurie gets a bit defensive about her food! Brogan's plate of rolls arrives and Taurie sets him to it while she begins on her own meal, ravenous after a good morning's work. "We lost a couple," She begins after a few bites, "But nothing that we weren't able to recover from."

Talya does, unfortunately, resemble her old man. The old smuggler Dockmaster probably is not hard to dig up if the girl went looking in the future. "Profitable business, then. Glad that it wasn't a big loss for you." And she does sound sincere about that, considering the losses that the Hold took during that terrible storm. "I was going to follow up with that… if that was how you managed to find yourself here at Southern, but I guess that answers my curiosity." Which she has no problem in sating. "Are you just visiting for a time while traveling or making the Weyr your home base? I've been to Ista once. And Igen. That… is about it. Must be nice to get to see all of Pern." Talya is not envious in any way, her world being quite small up until recently.

Taurie shrugs. "I may set up base here, may not. I haven't quite decided yet, so for now, I'm just here on extended business." She continues her meal for a few moments, not trying to be rude, but ravenously hungry. "It is nice to travel, and see the sights, but trust me, you get to wishing for home, and stability after awhile. It pales in comparison to actually building something and surviving on it." There are times where the constant traveling nearly drives Taurie mad. Looking at the large candles that mark the time, Taurie sighs. "Speaking of buisness, I'm going to have to chow down and get back to it, I'm sorry if I'm cutting it short."

"Maybe someday you can tell me some of the best places you've been to." Talya downs the rest of her juice and plucks a spare meatroll from her own empty plate, giving a nod to the other girl as she pushes up from her seat. "No worries, I actually got to get back too. Hopefully you get 'nough time to finish your lunch." Which is likely why she wasn't indulging this time around at the Kitten. The firelizards seem well trained enough on /this/ behavior. They licked up the rest of the wherry meat and, when seeing their human get up, immediately flutter up to her shoulders. Better to be carted around than fly around! "Well met, Taurie. I'll see you 'round the Weyr." With that she turns and heads to the exit, having already paid and tipped for her food earlier.

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