Sienna, Thierry, Vashae, Zalara


A storm's rolling in over Igen; tempers require soothing when words get out of hand.


It is evening of the tenth day of the fourth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Lake Shore

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

The evening air is heavy with the promise of an oncoming storm - even if the stars are visible up above, there's a roiling bank of cloud visible on the horizon, flickering with lightning's sparks. Not quite oblivious to the oncoming weather, Thierry is watching the approaching storm from within the edge of the lake. He's soaked from head to toe, wearing just a pair of shorts as he towels himself down, post-dip. Post-/bath/, maybe, since there's a little pouch of soapsand in amongst the clothes he's shed, if anyone's sharp enough to spot it.

High above, Kehemath emerges from between, the lithe green's hide almost invisible against the sky and stars. Circling, she swoops down towards the lake like an arrow, flaring her wings at the last moment to simply hover there, right above the water, the downdraft from her wings causing ripples. Then she turns, and flies to the shore to land and crouch, letting Sienna off. "Not going to make /another/ set of straps for you," the greenrider mutters as she pulls the straps off and piles them in the sand, then sends Kehemath to bathe. With an exhale of breath, the greenrider sits down on the shore, staring at the water, lost in thought.

Vashae and Jovianth aren't here to bathe, or do anything in particular, really. The bluerider and dragon simply seem to be wandering. All but silently, perhaps just on their way back from finishing some shopping earlier. Spotting Sienna, Kehemath and a Candidate, however, causes the bluerider if not immediately her lifemate to pause. "Sienna, good evening. Candidate." Hopefully she doesn't startle either of them too badly. If she does, well…at least they're not climbing something! Jovianth pauses after he realizes Vashae's stopped, and settles into the sand delicately, after a croon of greeting to the bathing green.

Zalara comes in to get a look at the storm that's coming over the water. She's got her bad weather gear just incase the storm should come on her while she's out here. She spots the others and nods politely to them all, "Hello there."

The approach of Kehemath is watched by Thierry, eyes fixed on her as she comes down, lands, lets Sienna off, then bounds into the water. He looks from the green then to her rider, leaving his pile of clothes behind to meander across the shore to her, with his towel draped over his shoulders. No salute, since she's a friend - but Vashae, unknown as she is, causes him to stiffen up and touch his fingers to his temple in a guard-worthy acknowledgement. "Evening." And he'll just stand there at ease, gaze settled warily on the bluerider, until it deviates towards Zalara with a narrow-eyed glare. It's just a brief glance at the apprentice, though the displeased curl of his lips remains as he looks back to the safest of the three women - Sienna.

Sienna and Kehemath both turn at the same time, green and rider sighting and scenting the approaching pair. "Evening, Vashae," Sienna calls with a warming smile, shaking herself out of her own thoughts and getting to her feet. "Hi, Thierry," she greets warmly as he approaches. "Evening. And hello, Zalara. Looks like a storm is coming, huh?" she asks, staring at the distant flickers of lightning. In the water, Kehemath rumbles back to Jovianth, tail swishing as she paddles around. then the green pauses, head tilting. Was that a firelizard hatching? No? Huh, weird. And back she goes to swimming. "How's everyone?"

The Candidate's salute is returned politely, but otherwise Vashae doesn't seem to much mind it, a smile crossing her lips for everyone. The bluerider is simply in a good mood, it seems! "Good evening, Zalara." The comment about a storm has Vashae's eyes turning out toward the distant lightening, and she quirks a wry little smile. "It does seem so. But at least it's spring." Or so that's what Vashae keeps telling herself! It's Thierry that draws the woman's eyes next. "A pleasure meeting you, Candidate. I'm Vashae, he's Jovianth." Though Sienna's greetings already explained that! "We're well, how are you and yours?" The bluerider's gaze shifts to Thierry and Zalara for that question as well as Sienna. Jovianth watches Kehemath swim with curious amusement, still and otherwise physically silent where he settled.

Zalara smiles, "I'm doing all right thank you for asking. Just out to watch the storm come in. It looks to be spectacular. Hopefully there will be lots of thunder and lightning." She says as she finds a spot to watch that's out of the way. She looks over to Thierry, "Congratulations on being a candidate."

Thierry stands beside Sienna, uncomfortably stiff as he watches Vashae and Zalara, fingers curled around his towel to tug it hard down on the back of his neck. "Not limping anymore," he mutters to the greenrider in response to the greenrider's question; she might even see the fading bruise across the arch of his bare foot, if the fading evening night allows. Vashae's query is answered with a shrug, followed by a surly, "Dunno. Banned from the bazaar. Don't give a fuck anyway." His arms cross over his chest, and he just grunts at Zalara. Seems someone might still be sore from the last time he saw the apprentice.

Sienna smiles, looking over at Thierry and then down at his foot. "Oh, good. I'm glad." That's sincere. "My skin is /so/ soft from that mud treatment, too." She says it evenly, straight, but her dark eyes gleam with mischief and god humor. "Doing fine, just out on a little sweep to watch the storm roll in. Always used to sit on the porch of our home cothold and watch the storms roll in across the sea. It's peaceful. Glad for the rain." So very glad. "You're banned from the bazaar?" she asks, startled, looking at Thierry.

Whatever they're talking about there Vashae just won't say anything about, though her attention does briefly flicker to his lifemate to give him an admonishing look. She's onto you, Jovianth. "There is peace in storms," the younger of the two older women agrees. "Do you miss Ista's storms, Sienna?" They both were there before here, after all, so it makes sense to ask! The comment about being banned from the Bazaar gets a confused look from the bluerider - she didn't have anything to do with banning them! Rounding people up, sure, but not banning anyone. "I'm sorry to hear that, Candidate."

Zalara looks over at Thierry and she snorts a little bit, "Not surprised." She says as she as she watches the storm coming in and she smiles, "I love watching the storms come in."

"Orders after the fuck-up there," Thierry grumpily answers Sienna, "from Tuli. Not that I was /planning/ on going to see my folks, but… whatever." He shrugs his shoulders, then brushes his wet, dark hair back from his brow. It's of a length to be left sticking up messily after such an action - not that he can tell, of course. The candidate's brown eyes narrow curiously as he listens to Vashae, shrugging off her sympathetic offering. "Was worth getting a fist or two into them bastards. 'bout time they were gone." Zalara is… eyed. Grudgy Thierry is grudgy! "Not surprised about /what/?"

Sienna sighs wistfully at Vashae's question. "A lot," she murmurs, a sad smile on her lips. But there's other things - /present/ things - to discuss, as she looks over at Zalara, then to Thierry. "You need a haircut," she mutters. Her brows lift, and then she frowns. "I'm there at least twice a seven, if you ever want me to drop off a message for you," she offers. "Or just tell them how you're doing."

Zalara hmms a little bit, "Cause of your attitude. I'm sure you just love getting in trouble so you have something to complain about. You are one of those people that can't be happy unless they make everyone else miserable." She gives a smile and turns to look at the storm.

A smile crosses Vashae's lips as she catches of Sienna's words, and nods slightly at Thierry. "That was kind of the purpose.. At least they're being dealt with now." That's her opinion, at least, but she's heard enough from certain other people to know some things. Zalara's words get a little frown from the bluerider, and a look directed at the younger girl. "Please don't go picking fights, Apprentice Zalara." It's all she says for the moment, but it's said in a firm tone.

Hair cut? Nu-uh! "Don't," Thierry says to Sienna, shaking his head - and not without a hint of sulkiness as he runs his fingers through his wet hair again. It's not /that/ long, is it? "S'alright, Assistant Weyrlingmaster. They don't wanna know… and I get messages to Worm anyhows." The greenrider's given a quick flash of a crooked, warm smile - not as bright as she'll have seen from him before, but it's /something/, considering how uneasy he is at the moment. He nods stiffly to Vashae. "Uh-huh. 'S good for the bazaar to have 'em gone. You helped?" That uneasy stance grows even more so when Zalara lets loose with her tongue; Thierry's fingers curl more tightly against his arms where they're still crossed over his chest, and he fixes the apprentice with a bitter look. "Don'tchoo fucking pretend to know shit about me," he spits back at her - there's more venom where that came from, but, remembering where he is, Thierry sullenly bites his tongue, glowering with the effort it takes not to retaliate further.

Sienna looks a bit startled at Zalara's answer. "Wait just a moment, you're talking to a Candidate of Igen, show some respect," the AWLM says firmly. "You can't just make assumptions like that about people. Apologize." And from her tone, the Apprentice had better mean it. Or at least be /really/ good at pretending to mean it. It's just coincidence that there's a roll of thunder at that moment, right?

Zalara narrows her eyes at Thierry, but before she says anything she looks over at Sienna. She knows when to pick her battles and she looks at Thierry, 'I'm sorry for saying that you are happy when other people are miserable." She says as sincerely as she can as she doesn't want to get in trouble. She crosses her arms and goes back to looking at the storm.

Vashae sighs at the girl's apology. "You would do well to remember, Zalara, that one day he could be protecting you from Thread. It's not wise to make enemies so readily just because you're determined to see them in a certain light." But Vashae trusts Sienna to handle this, and casts a quick glance at the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. "We need to get going, we'll be late," she says apologetically to the greenrider. "It was nice seeing you again, Sienna. Nice meeting you, Candidate." The bluerider turns on her heels and catchs up with her lifemate, who was up and moving the moment she said they'd be late.

Despite his doom-and-gloom dark look, Thierry nods politely to Vashae and salutes, too, as he bids her a good evening. He's a little uncertain about having Sienna step in for him, but even the teen can realise that's perhaps the /best/ thing for the time being, and he does seem intent on staying quiet - at least until Zalara opens her mouth again. "Oi, y'fucking /shit/, you know /fuck all/ about what the fuck I feel, so shut the fuck up, yeah? Think y'self fucking /lucky/ you've got the Assistant Weyrlingmaster here." He knots his fingers in his hair, turning to step back, a little behind the greenrider. Sienna-shield is up!

Sienna nods at Vashae, agreeing completely with the bluerider's words. "Have a good night," she says with a smile, only to turn and look back at Zalara and then Thierry with a frown. "Stop it. /Both/ of you," she says firmly, turning a bit. Is he /hiding/ behind her? "Zalara. I hear you're baiting one of my Candidates again, I'll be speaking with the Smiths about your behavior. And if they don't hand out an appropriate punishment, then /I/ will. Thierry. Cool it. Do you both understand me?" Now kiss and make up. … just kidding.

Zalara nods, "Of course Assistant Weyrlingmaster. I'm sorry for baiting him." She ignores Thierry's little rant as she was doing what she was told to do. She looks to Vashae as the rider goes to leave and she would have commented, but she keeps her lips zipped and looks back over towards the storm.

There's a grumpy grunt from behind Sienna, which is compliance from Thierry. Grudging compliance, but it's something, at least? He clears his throat by hocking up a load of phlegm, which is spat viciously towards the water, and leers at Zalara from behind his greenrider barrier. "Ain't the first time she's done it, Assistant Weyrlingmaster." Titles and formalities are called for in such situations. "Think she woulda known better by now."

Sienna looks at Zalara, and then steps to the side to /expose/ Thierry again. Also to get away from his nasty spitting habit. "Well, she won't do it again," she says firmly. The look she gives the Candidate is clear - if she does, come tell me.

Zalara doesn't reply as she puts on her coat, "Well I hope you two enjoy the storm." She says as she's not going to stick around with a nasty spitting candidate and the rider that's obviously taken his side on the matter. She turns to walk back up the beach.

Thierry is silent as he watches Zalara go; his eyes are narrowed and fixed on her back until he's sure she's out of earshot, at which point he turns to face Sienna with a thunderous frown upon his brow. "/Fuck her/," he spits - though not literally this time. "Stupid fucking little shit oughta be taught a fucking /lesson/, lady. She ain't got /no/ business speaking like that. /None/."

Sienna dips her head. "Take care," she says politely to Zalara, watching her go and then turning to look at Thierry. "What did she do before?" she asks, arms crossing over her chest.

Being /asked/ what Zalara did before wasn't something Thierry expected. He clutches awkwardly at the towel that's still slung around his neck, nose wrinkled as he tries to think of some way to /not/ sound like the whiny brat he really is. "She were just being a bitch," he says vaguely instead, rubbing his hand roughly under his nose as he sniffs. "My hair don't need cutting, lady. I like it how it is." Quick, change the subject!

Sienna turns so she fully faces him, and she lifts a brow, giving him a /look/. "Tell me." And…that's an order. But she'll explain it at least. "I don't know what to look for if I don't know what she's done. And if I do have to go speak to her superiors, I need to have the whole story."

Thierry kicks at the sand, digging his bare toes into it to flick it up and away. "Shit," he hisses, looking down at his feet - because he's /blushing/ and he doesn't want the greenrider to see that! "She were there with the Weyrwoman, all them other girls in the baths, digging her fucking claws in. Can't drop her in shit if the big lady up top were leading the charge, can you?" He looks up briefly, glowering as he shrugs. "Told her to stay away and keep her gob /shut/. But she don't listen, and she's asking for trouble if she mouths off like that in there." A tilt of his head is made towards the bazaar.

Sienna stares at him, an odd expression crossing her face. "…what?"

"What… what?" Thierry blinks up at Sienna, scratching at his hair.

Sienna shakes her head. "What did she do? Did she say something to you in the baths?"

Thierry shrugs, nose wrinkling again. He's uncomfortable talking about it, and so he looks away, tug-tugging on that towel. "All of 'em did. 'S'why I got a cold."

"What did they say? And how did you get sick from that?" Sienna asks, baffled but doing her best to dig to the bottom.

"Just stuff, ok?" Thierry's fingers flex in irritation against the towel, and he fixes Sienna with a dark look. "I don't wanna talk about it. It pissed me off. I got up. I ran off. That's it."

Sienna arches her brows at that dark look. /Really/? He's getting attitude with /her/ now? He's lucky she's not as prickly and huffy as he is. Crossing her arms, she nods and glances up towards the approaching storm. "Alright."

It might be those crossed arms that make Thierry realise he's not pleasing Sienna, and that just makes him all the more edgy. "It ain't right that I hid behind a /girl/ just now. D'you know what shit I'd get into if any of the boys from home saw me? /Shit/, Sienna. They'd fucking /string me up/." He scratches his nails across his scalp again, leaving his wet hair in even more of a mess.

Sienna snorts, hands lifting to fluff her curls and shake them out of what remains of her runnertail. "You hid behind an Assistant Weyrlingmaster," she corrects. "And I'd like to see your boys /try/ to string you up, now that you're an Igen Candidate." Her grin is a touch feral. Maybe because Kehemath is prowling around.

"You're still a /girl/. I still fucking /hid/. And that ain't even the /point/, lady." Thierry kicks at the sand, sending a shower of it towards the water. "I /never/ woulda hid behind anyone if I were at home. I've got fuckin' /balls/. I'm not some pansy-ass shit of a Holderfuck who'll bend over an' let someone fucking /bone/ him just cos some thread-brained little bitch don't know her fucking /place/." Another sand-kick. "You gonna bollocks me now, lady? Send me packing, cos I ain't good enough ta teach your fucking lessons or stand for one of them eggs?"

/What?!/ Sienna just /stares/ at him, blinking for a moment. "Thierry. What the fuck." There's a pause to let that sink in. "I know you've got balls. I know you're not…you're…why would I take your knot away? Relax! You had to step back from that one, let my knot do the talking."

"Cos I'm just a bazaarkid? I /dunno/, lady. It don't feel right being here half the time. Weyr's so fucking /weird/, and all the… everything I've gotta /do/ here, it's just… I dunno. Hard. I guess." Thierry's shoulders sink, as does his gaze, with dark eyes turned down to his toes. "I miss home. I wanta be here, but I miss home, too. I was /something/ there. Didn't have to push my fights off onto someone else. It don't feel right, even if I had to."

Sienna exhales softly, stepping up beside him. Gently, she reaches out to try and rest her hand on his shoulder. If he reacts badly (which she's used to), she'll withdraw it. "You're not /just/ a bazaarkid," she murmurs. "Tuli asked you to Stand. I like you. /Kehemath/ likes you and she doesn't like anybody. As for missing home…yeah. That I can understand. Maybe the ban will be lifted soon and you can go visit. At least they're close by." There's a long pause as she looks up to watch the lightning. When she speaks again, her voice is soft, almost carried away by the winds of the approaching storm. "You're something here too, Thierry."

Thierry doesn't pull away, though Sienna will probably feel how cold he is through his stiffened shoulder, given that he's still wet from the lake and still clad in just his wet shorts. "Tuli asked me to tell stories about her to the candidates, not to /be/ a candidate. I just got a knot so's I can be in there with 'em." He leans slightly towards the greenrider then, shrugging gently. "D'you know my da won't speak to me now cos I'm here? Dunno if I can even go back to the ring. Betcha he'd get my brothers to pummel the shit outta me if I tried."

Sienna frowns at the feeling of his wet skin - stupid man - and she shifts her arm further around his shoulders when he leans. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, Kehemath thinks you'd be good for the eggs." She has odd tastes, but she likes him. Then she sighs. "I'm sorry, Thierry. I really am. That's rough."

"My ma'd mebbe speak to him, but he's never liked me like the others." Another shrug; maybe Thierry's milking it now. "I liked my room. Reilan's using it now - or he should be, anyhows. I gave him the key. He's alright, y'know?" Down drops his gaze again, and he digs his bare toes into the sand. "I miss having him 'round. It ain't the same. All this candidate shit's, like… I dunno. Makes me feel a million miles away, when I can see home's right there."

Maybe he is, but if he is, he's chosen a good person to milk it to. (insert joke about making cheese here). Sienna nods, arm staying around his shoulders. "He seems like a good kid. Good friend to you." There's a little smile. "Have you bonded with any of the other candidates? Or are you keeping your walls up?" She looks around, and nods. "Harder, that, than knowing they're far away."

"He's alright." Thierry is undeniably fond, even if he tries to keep it out of his voice. "Saci's alright," he shrugs, leaning in a little more. "Don't know how many of 'em I trust, though. Holder lot're useless. Mayte's alright. That Trader-girl's alright, too. What's her name. Prym? But they ain't /my/ people. They don't get it." Don't get /him/, more like. "Is it worth it, lady? Jumping all these hoops?"

Sienna watches her lifemate pause in the lake, lifting her muzzle to scent the rain as the first drops come pattering down. "It's amazing, and wonderful, and terrifying," Sienna murmurs, shrugging out of her jacket and putting it around his shoulders. "Promise me something though?" she says, serious, as she turns to look at him.

Thierry shrugs out of the jacket, putting it back onto Sienna. "Clothes're there," he points to the pile just down the beach, grabbing her hand to tug her towards them. If it's raining, he wants to get them out of the way, or something. Her request for a promise makes him wince, and he shrugs. "Dunno if I can, butcha want promising?"

Sienna pulls her jacket back on, eying his clothes as she's pulled towards them. If they were just /sitting/ there, why didn't he… ugh. Men. "If you impress," she says, looking out at Kehemath as the green begins to swim towards shore. Sienna is distracted for a moment, and then returns her focus to Thierry as she moves to gather her green's straps. "If you impress," she starts again, "that it won't be any more /us/ and /them/ with your clutchmates. That you'll try your hardest to all be…/us/. Igen. Riders. We can't have fractures in the ranks."

"/If/ I Impress," Thierry says as he leans over to swipe up his tunic, slipping it on over his head once he's flicked the sand off it, "then I'll /be/ one of you. They ain't gonna have me back as one of their own at home." At least the people he hangs around with won't. "Dunno how you'd stop feeling that, though. There's a lotta folks here who're gonna spit on me for being from the wrong side of the Weyr, lady."

Sienna shrugs, slipping her hands into her pockets. "It takes time," she says honestly, hood up as the rain falls a bit more heavily. "Takes time to feel a real part of it, but that's what Weyrlinghood is for. And hopefully…hopefully those folks will start to see that they need us as much as we need them. We're all Igen, weyr or bazaar, and we're all just trying to survive and live." Two different things, that.

Thierry jams his feet into his boots, draping his towel back around his shoulders once more. "D'you think I can do it, Si? I'm not the only one what thinks us from the bazaar don't got a chance with the dragons." He steps in close to her, raising his towel up to cover her hooded head, and some of his own. "I want it," he then admits quietly. "I'm doing this cos I want it."

Sienna ducks her head beneath the towel. "I do," she says, her dark eyes serious and truthful. "The dragons don't care your background. They really don't. I think the bazaar folks have just as much chance as the weyr, as the hold. I know you can do it, if your dragon is on those sands."

"What's it like?" Thierry breathes out slowly, with a soft sigh. "Impressing. And Weyrlinghood, and then whatever comes next. I don't know this shit, Sienna. I dunno what I'm meant to do, what it's gonna be like… y'can see the wings but what're they /doing/ when they're up there?"

Sienna smiles gently. "It's okay that you don't know. Most people don't and no one knows what it's like to impress until it happens. And it's different for everyone. For me, it was like this part of me was suddenly accented. Nothing of me went away, but…Kehemath brings out other parts of me. And parts I didn't know existed. And parts I'd hidden. It's never being alone again. It's…" She waves a hand with a shrug and a smile. "It's like falling in love. It's scary, it's new, it's exciting. Weyrlinghood is a lot of drills, a lot of growth and change, a lot of scary things all at once, happening without much sleep. And after…" She glances skyward, frowning a bit. "After, it's Thread. It's formations and flaming and fighting. But you'll learn all that. I promise you. We don't graduate weyrlings until they're /ready/. You'll learn." If.

If. Thierry listens, nose-wrinkling, lips switching between being draw tight, and pursed. "I ain't never fallen in love." But he's got more questions, and with the rain starting to come down harder, he gestures towards the shelter of the living caverns, taking a step to lead them that way. "D'you think Kehemath might, y'know, keep the rain off a bit?" As they walk, of course. He looks down hopefully at the greenrider, grinning softly. "Thanks, Sienna. You're still alright." And, with the towel still held high over both their heads, he leans down to press his cheek briefly to her curls.

Sienna nods, and at an unspoken command Kehemath is padding forward, giving herself a mighty shake before her wing extends over the both of them and she matches their pace. Sienna smiles, looping her arm around his waist to give it a squeeze. "Thanks, Thi. So're you." And she gives him a thumbs up as they walk to the caverns, where she'll answer every question he has, the best way she knows how.

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