Xanthee, Ha'ze


Xanthee is back to her sneaky ways, this time investigating the out-of-business shop until she is spotted by Ha'ze


It is midmorning of the nineteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Out-of-Business Business, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 03 Feb 2018 05:00


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"Just don't get caught. So far I've not had to get any of my daughters out of a brig."

Out-of-Business Business

Just a hole in the wall, the sort of place that hardly draws a glance by those passing by- and perhaps that's why this little shop went out of business. Two men standing with arms outstretched and fingers touching could span the width of the shop, from one side to the other. The feeling of space is provided by spotless whitewashed adobe walls, the open windows that hold no glass but do have shutters, and a door with only a heavy curtain to keep the public out. Another doorway at the back leads to a miniscule nook that's intended to be an office.

Between her early morning training with Kyara and her after-lunch shift at the Tea Room, Xanthee has found herself with a couple of candle marks to kill, so she is dressed warmly in a thick woolen dress of dark crimson, with her usual battered riding jacket holding off the cold. She is now trying to head as inconspicuously as possible to the out of business shop where she had witnessed that run between the guards and the blue glow merchant. Looking around her to make sure no one is watching, she slips through the curtain in front of the door and into the shop. Once there, she begins to inspect the small space. She knows it's unlikely, but maybe there was more of the stuff hidden here somewhere. And since H'rik confirmed that what she had was the real deal, she figured it wouldn't hurt to have a thorough look.

Ha'ze hasn't been stalking Xanthee, really… But He saw her trying to look inconspicuous and it perked the old-hand's curiosity. Stepping after her Ha'ze slips into the business with an upraised eyebrow. Settling himself before the exit he raps at the doorway hard, a movement designed to make the whole room ring with startling sound.

That rap startles a shriek right out of the raven-haired girl as Xanthee spins around to spy her father in the doorway of the shop. One hand clutches at her chest as her heart races. "Shardit Pa!!! What did you do that for?" She snaps as her emerald eyes flash, "Almost scared me ::between::!" She takes a couple deep breaths to steady herself.

"You'd need a little more energy behind you to be going between." Ha'ze leans himself against the doorway, still blocking it, as he looks over Xanthee with an upraised eyebrow. "You sneaking around for any particular reason?"

Crossing her arms defensively across her chest, Xanthee sticks her chin out indignantly at the bronzerider's question. "Reasons of my own. You following me around for any particular reason?" she volley's right back, matching his raised eyebrow with one of her own.

She may get all defensive, but Ha'ze is as cool as a cucumber. That eyebrow stays upwards to show his continued interest, even as the rest of his posture is all ~whatever~ "Care to share? You looked like Parahelion riders needed to be following you. Which only proves you're more of my kid than your mother's but…" Just letting that trail off.

That last comment makes her blink in surprise and Xanthee's stance softens as she lets her arms drop to her sides, stuffing her hands deep into the pockets of her jacket. "About 2 months ago, there was a fella selling blue glow out of here one night after my shift at the Tea room. Anyway, he was busted by the guards, but his wares went flying everywhere, and I may have accidentally ended up with a couple packets. Well I just found out that this wasn't the fake stuff, it was the real deal. So I figured I'd have a look see if there isn't any more of it hidden around in here."

"Ah, so you were just hoping to steal what the guards would rather keep control of?" Just laying out the fact that what Xanthee is doing but Ha'ze doesn't sound in the SLIGHTEST judgmental. Instead he sounds slightly… proud? Moving away from the doorway he begins to poke around in some corners and places himself. Look! HE IS HELPING.

A blush rises in her cheeks as Xanthee shrugs a little bit, smiling creeping over her lips. "Well, when you put it like that.." she says carefully but her smile widens when he starts to look himself. So she heads over to the small alcove that serves as an office saying, "It's in powder form, and it was stored in little drawstring packets like this one." she says as she reaches into her belt pouch and pulls out a sample of what she's talking about to show him.

"Just don't get caught. So far I've not had to get any of my daughters out of a brig." Ha'ze doesn't include himself into the people he's had to get out of brigs. Just his daughters. Glancing upwards at the blue stuff Ha'ze looks briefly, then goes back to looking. "What are you expecting to get from this?"

"I don't think you are going to have to worry about that with me." Xanthee says with a snicker as runs her hands over the walls of the alcove, searching for any seems that might indicate hidden spaces. "I'm just a sweet young girl who thought she saw a poor injured feline kit slink into this place and I wanted to help it. guess it didn't come in here after all. I'll be on my way." her voice is the picture of pure innocence before she looks down and kicks at the dirt floor hopefully.

"Not bad. A little too sweet though, especially as your face is known in the bazaar." Ha'ze doesn't state what kind of 'known' he is talking about. Xanthee can make that connection herself. Instead he ducks under one more box and then stands upwards again.

Not finding anything, Xanthee creases her brow as she leans in the doorway of the back alcove, her eyes roaming around the small room with a sigh. "Looks like the guards picked it clean. I knew it was a long shot. Oh well. I'll just have to ration what I have for when I really need it." then she tilts her head in her father's direction, "So what's new with you? How's Kaisylaith?"

"What do you use that stuff for anyway?" Ha'ze brushes a bit of dust from the top of an empty counter and leans himself against it. "Kaisylaith is fine. Oh," as if the thought just occured to him, "Miel's pregnant. So he's spending most of his time with her."

"It helps heal wounds faster. That's what H'rik told me anyway." Xanthee says absently, her eyes still roaming around the room but then she whips her head back to him, a very confused look on her face, "Who's Miel? And you mean with your kid?" That may have come out a little harsher than Xanthee had meant.

"You planning on needing some accelerated healing any time soon?" As for the harshness Ha'ze sighs. "That's generally Jaze's reaction when I tell her about another one too. And yes, my kid. About three more months till she gives birth."

"Well…congratulations?" Xanthee queries, not sure if this is a good or bad thing. "And not really, but it helps with the cuts and bruises I've been getting training with Kyara." she offers absently at his first question. "Which one is Jaze? She's one of the ones older than me right?" She thinks she remembered Elonoora saying something like that.

"She any good?" On the whole training front. Ha'ze is only a bit familiar with the greenrider, since they technically fly on the same wing. (Ha'ze should show up for more wing things though…) "She's my eldest. Still up in Telgar."

"Oh she's the best!" Xanthee near gushes at her new teacher. "We're doing hand to hand, and I'm finally getting good with my kicks too. Also some knifework which is really fun." Seems that Xan has been really enjoying her new lessons. "It's gruelling, we meet every second morning, but I wouldn't change it for anything."

"That's good then." Ha'ze pushes himself to his feet again. So long as Xanthee's getting some teaching he isn't going to press his own offer to help her. "Kai is telling me Miel has been inside too long and I need to go check on her." It's possible Xanthee's mother dodged a bullet never telling Ha'ze about the Xanthee, "Stay safe," And he'll just point himself near the doorway.

"Ok, well take care and give that bronze of yours a kiss from me." Xanthee says with a half-hearted chuckle as she offers a little wave, staying where she is until he is out of sight. Then she lets herself feel the prick to her chest that his doting behaviour causes in her, feeling her eyes well up slightly. She makes sure she scrubs those tears away and there is no trace before she heads back out to the sidestreet and towards the Tea Room, surely they could use an extra pair of hands for the lunch rush.

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