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It is late night of the twenty-fifth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Stores

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Boxes, everywhere: some are buried beneath the fugue of dust and spinner-webs, thrust unceremoniously into unseen corners, full of mysterious contents, their solid lids as yet unbroached. Still others line the dirt-smeared walls, damage evident in the caved-in sides or lids set askew. Littering the floor, debris has been left piled in disorganization, left untouched by inattentive drudges and administrative staff. Dull glows splutter feebly in their worn baskets, and the air is fusty and moist, shrouded in the humidity that is Igen. Moisture collects, languid, in the corners of the cavern, lending their own fragrance of mildew and green, growing things,while the occasional dry scratch of scales suggests inhabitants one might not want to inspect too closely.

"I f*king hate these stores." Even after almost four turns at Igen, the constant MESS of the stores has yet to be fixed. With the weyr's attention on Thread too, K'vvan isn't holding his breath that things will get fixed. "Where did I sharding see that thing again…" He squats in a corner of the room, shifting boxes carefully, wary of them breaking apart in his hands as he moves them from before him, to an evergrowing pile behind him. Only a pair of glows illuminate the room at this hour of the night, one right near K'vvan, the other on the farside by the door. The space inbetween is dark, and K'vvan's back is fully to the doorway out.

The sure stride of boots heralds the approach of another while the swinging patch of a glowbasket lighting the individual's way is held low enough to cast his features into shadow. Entering the cavern right as K'vvan's grumbled complain breaks out, said individual comes to a halt but a few steps behind the greenrider. "Right behind you," comes Cha'el's drawled reply on said missing thing. "You're a hard man to track down," he goes on to add lifting his glowbasket higher and sweeping it this way and then that in order to get a bead on where he might find what he's come looking for.

K'vvan had turned when the sound of boots echoed down to his crouched position, but the cast of the light makes it impossible for him to see who it is that is entering the stores. When Cha'el's voice rings out K'vvan quite literally jumps, brushing against the more than precarious pile he had begun to build. This much physical abuse is more than those boxes can stand, and the top one busts allowing its contents to spill out onto K'vvan's lap. "S*it." The brownrider will have to wait for his attention, as he now has to scoop up what appears to be long forgotten napkins back into the broken box.

"Damn." Cha'el mutters for the manner in which K'vvan startles. "Its just me. Here, let me help you." And whether the greenrider wants it or not, the Weyrsecond sets his glowbasket down and crouching next to him, begins gathering up the contents of the other rider's lap and dumping them in a box. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you'd been trying to hide from me." He states conversationally and then flicks a glance upward. "You've cut your hair." Mr Obvious at work again. "Heard about Mayte getting Searched."

"You don't have to help." But his words are useless as Cha'el is already bending down into his personal space and reaching out for the things upon his lap. Rather than face his accusation, K'vvan will brush the things off his legs so that when Cha'el reaches again, it will be less in his space. "Yeah, it was getting in my eyes, and… yeah. She did." Silence falls as he keeps his gaze fixed firmly upon the ground in front of him and the stuff to be cleaned up.

That deliberate swipe of items isn't missed and draws a light frown into place but Cha'el says nothing and simply continues to gather them up and dump them back into the broken box. Said buckling of brows deepens at the short answers given. "I'm sorry," quiet and without an indicator given to pin the words to. Hands still after a bundle is dropped into the box and forearms drape over knees, sea-blue eyes shifting to K'vvan. "Listen, about the other night and Erissa…" Not sure what to say next, the brownrider lapses briefly to silence.

K'vvan misses the frown, as he is avoiding Cha'el's gaze altogether. As the last of the stuff is shoved into the broken box K'vvan rises, dusting off his pants. "Erissa and I are fine. We came to an agreement, don't worry about it. I have to go." He'll begin to edge around the weyrsecond, trying not to knock over any other boxes and avoid touching Cha'el.

Surprise echoes in the loosening of Cha'el's features. "Oh?" He prompts standing when K'vvan does and there's even a small smile that begins to form. But then he remembers something and assuming the greenrider merely means to investigate another section of the stores, dogs his steps. "What was with that redhead you dumped on my ledge?"

K'vvan's footfalls come to an abrupt step as Cha'el moves into his pathway. Okay, another route. He'll step backwards to detour around a pile only to find himself smack-dab against a wall that does not lead to 'out'. Well s*it. "That's a stupid question." Because OBVIOUSLY Cha'el knows who she is and why K'vv would dump her there.

Not getting the avoidance tactics and with K'vvan effectively trapped, if accidentally so, dark brows beetle upward, amusement glinting in blue yes. "You thought she was her." The her not needing to be named while warmth creeps across bearded features for what it was the greenrider had tried to accomplish. "She's not," Cha'el goes on to reveal. "But…thank you." And he'll lift a hand, of a mind to brush the backs of his knuckles to the side of the greenrider's face. "It was thoughtful of you to try."

A hint of his deeply rooted panic at being confined is slowly creeping up on the greenrider as he realizes that his is pressed in on two sides with Cha'el blocking the only way out. He has to force the panic down, reminding himself who has him trapped, that it is safe enough. But then Cha'el drops a bomb which shatters some of his focus on that panic, "She's not? F*ck…" Sudden realization that he had just thrust a girl into candidacy for no good reason…. Then another bomb as Cha'el reaches out to him. Backwards K'vvan twitches bumping his heels against the boxes pressed against the wall behind him. "Cha'el, no."

That smile turns into a crooked grin. "No, she's not. But she didn't seem all that upset about the knot so maybe you helped her out after all, eh?" Said smile slides right the hell off Cha'el's face when K'vvan shrinks away from him and assuming it's the close quarters of having a wall at his back, the brownrider takes a step back so as not to crowd the other man, his hand falling to his side. "K'vv…it's me. I'm not gonna hurt you." Quietly stated as wariness creeps into place. Wariness and worry. Had something happened?

Though Cha'el gives him more room, K'vvan stays pressed against the boxes, not shifting a single inch towards the man. "I know." In the dim light K'vvan can been seen reaching up to run a hand through his hair, and licking his lips slightly in anxiety.

That reply doesn't help Cha'el's level of concern one iota and the frown remains. "Then what is it? Has something happened? Is it that guy from the bazaar?" The anxious gestures coming from K'vvan noted and adding to the brownrider's unease.

K'vvan isn't about to touch that topic with a ten foot pole, though just the mention of his cousin has his fists curling tightly. "No. Look, I should get out of here. Stupid to look this late anyway." He'll edge along the side of those boxes, then closer to Cha'el to attempt to slide past the older man, though that brings him clearly into grabbing distance.

Yeah, Cha'el's not buying it, his gut throwing up a forest of red flags. "Hey," a hand snaps out and wraps about K'van's upper arm to keep him from leaving for a few moments longer. The grip is of course light enough that he could jerk away if he wanted to. "Talk to me. What the fuck is going on?"

K'vvan's gaze falls do Cha'el's hand wrapped around his arm, but he doesn't yank away. "I don't want to screw with you. Just let me go alright?" He'll tug, but not hard enough to actually get away. "You can't fix everyone and everything."

"What?" True confusion etches across Cha'el's expression. "What do you mean you don't want to…" A sigh huffs out and he changing tracks he takes a half step closer to K'vvan so that they almost share the same breathing space. "I don't want to fix you. I just…" a growl of frustration rolls out. "I just want you to know that I'm here for you if you need me." And then a tiny sliver of a clue pricks sharp and hard shadowing blue eyes with wariness enough to have him releasing the greenrider. "That is if you'll let me be." Ghosts of the past begin to shift and shimmer writhing at the back of his mind like a tangle of tunnelsnakes.

K'vvan's resolve is quickly bending right to its breaking point as Cha'el comes so close to him. The overwhelming desire flairs up, and the gaze that K'vvan directs upwards burns with it before he yanks his mind away and forces himself to step backwards. "You promised." He mutters this to himself, and attempts to steel himself against what the brownrider's presence does. "This," he gestures between them, "this happened too fast. Too fast." Thank you Sienna for the canned excuse.

Catching that flare of naked desire, Cha'el's confusion is complete. "I promised what? What the fuck are you talking about?" And then the rest of what K'vvan says catches up with him and the brownrider pales slightly and takes a step back, inner guards slamming into place. "Too fast," he echoes in a tone empty tone and then nods. "I'm sorry. I'll uh…I'll leave you alone." Because now he can't get out of there fast enough as internal voices mock and whisper, snickering behind hands.

"F*ck," This time it's K'vvan's turn to lunge after the brownrider, and wraps a hand around an arm. "Cha'el, /listen,/ s*it." He lets out a held breath as it whistles through his teeth. "This is exactly what I didn't want to happen."

Jerked to a stop, Cha'el stares dead ahead for a few moments before slowly turning his head to view K'vvan in his peripheral vision with lips pursed and eyes guarded. "Then tell me what it is you do want, K'vv. Because Faranth knows I'm clutching at straws here."

"I don't know Cha'el," hints of his desperation creep into his voice. "Sienna says that this happened too fast, and I don't want you hurt when I screw things up like I always do. f*ck," His green eyes search the half view of Cha'el's face. Unlike Cha'el's earlier grip, K'vvan's is tight, not wanting Cha'el to leave while still wearing that guard.

Progress, however tiny it might be, keeps Cha'el from wresting his arm from K'vvan's grip. Turning slightly so as to more fully view the greenrider, he's quiet for a long few moments. "You talked to Sienna? About this? Us?" Surprise and a bit of consternation fleck his baritone. "Look, if you want me to back off then say so and I'll do it but you let me be the judge of what I'm prepared to risk and what I'm not. You want to take a step back and get some breathing room? Fine. Just…be honest with me, aye? Don't fuck me over with lies and mind games, K'vv. I can't… not again."

"S*it Cha'el." The frustration is thick in K'vvan's voice. His promise to Erissa weighs heavily on his mind, but it plays second string to K'vvan wanting to shove off the hurt he's managed to cause the brownrider. "I don’t f*king play games, and I don't f*king lie." Except when you ask him about things he doesn't want to answer. With warring desires K'vvan makes probably the worst move possible, he steps towards Cha'el, shifting so he's right in front of the taller man. "I don't want you hurt."

Warily Cha'el eyes the younger rider wanting to take his statement at face value but all too painfully aware that he's been fooled before by handing the wrong person the benefit of the doubt. However, when K'vvan steps right up in front of him, the brownrider is caught by those green eyes, logic warring with attraction and the desire to believe him. "No," there's a shake of head and a brief pursing of lips. "This is on me. After Nadeeth's last flight I told you I wouldn't act on my attraction to you and I did. I should have known better and I did it anyway." A lifts and palms down his face as his mind desperately tries to scramble to catch up. A faint smile appears, barely even a curl of lip. "I'll make you a deal. Friends, no matter what, until you decide otherwise." Even that is a risk but one he's apparently willing to take.

"You were trying to help." K'vvan watches Cha'el's face, but doesn't see any lessening of the emotions waring across the brownrider's expression. His voice dips down to a whisper. "I don't know if I can be just friends Cha'el. That's… why I've been avoiding you. I can't give you any emotional stability though… but… Erissa can." Is K'vvan jealous of the bluerider? Weird.

Cha'el's having a hard time hiding much of anything at the moment and so the reaction to the greenrider's confession, told in a light flaring of blue eyes, probably doesn't go unnoticed either. And then he blinks. "Erissa? What the…" Confusion is apparently playing the Weyrsecond like a ping-pong ball this night. "There's nothing between Erissa and I. Not like that. There was. In Ista. But she…I…" Cha'el stops and frowns. "I used her K'vv." Something he's clearly not proud about. "She was there when I needed someone and I used her. I love her but not like that. She's…it's complicated with her. I'm not sure where I stand on her and I won't hurt her by pretending I do." And so he's built a 'No Entry' zone for himself with regards to the feisty blonde bluerider. A pause and then his free hand lifts again, this time curving to the side of K'vvan's neck in a bid to make his next point. "Emotional stability is what we get from our dragons. The rest…" broad shoulders shift in a shrug, "is pretty much a shot in the dark for us as riders."

“S*it,” The swear manages to curl out under K'vvan's breath, but isn't really directed at Cha'el in particular. Whatever thought had been right on the heels of it is scattered to the winds as the brownrider's hand curves around his neck. Impossible to deny is the hunger that his touch awakens, and it plays clearly across K'vvan's face as he takes a half step closer before he pulls himself together enough to stop any more forward momentum. “I promised her I wouldn't hurt you, that I'd stay away to do it. She really cares about you- but you already know that.” He'll search those blue eyes for something, anything to give him the reason to keep that promise. “But I've already screwed it up haven't I? By staying away, s*it.”

With K’vvan moving in yet closer, breath hitches and coherent thought scatters to the winds. By sheer force of will, Cha’el forces himself to focus on the conversation at hand rather than the greenrider’s close proximity. “Why?” He asks in a rough voice. “Why would you promise her that?” Suspicion gathers shadows in blue eyes. “If she warned you off…” the threat of consequence is left to dangle unspoken. “Erissa is…fuck.” A low growl of frustration sounds out. “I don’t know what she is yet okay? But you…” Well he doesn’t have a label for that either and so instead: “One day at a time, aye?” Spoken with the slightest curl of lips.

“She didn’t.” K’vvan’s voice has died down to a whisper. “I just- look, she cares. I don’t f*king get it, but she does.” K’vvan reaches out, puttinting both hands flat onto Cha’el’s chest, but he doesn’t push away just yet. Instead he’ll just look upwards at the rider who has managed in so short of a time to do what no one else has. “Cha’el- I don’t get close to people this fast. Especially not for…” and this time his whisper does drift off.

She didn’t. Another frown comes into play. “She’s off the wall,” Cha’el will admit about Erissa, “but she’s got a good heart, K’vv.” But then, hands palmed flat to his chest and the brownrider’s struggling not to follow instinct. “Especially not for what?” Asked in a tone so low its barely above a murmur.

K’vvan licks dry lips, his gaze finally moves away from Cha’el’s faze, landing instead on where his hands rest on Cha’el’s chest. “Especially physically.” And yet, here is he, closer then he’ll allow anyone but Sienna. “It took me almost three turns to let Sienna just… be my friend. And that is with Nadeeth pushing the whole time.”

The other hand follows its mate and curves to the other side of K’vvan’s neck with thumbs breaking free to brush the curve of his jaw. “And so now you’re running scared.” Assumption made and stated quietly. “You’re not the only one, K’vv.” Cha’el confesses. “But I’m not gonna push you.”

Prickly makes K’vvan snap back, “I’m not scared.” But the way he freezes under Cha’el’s hands betrays his true feelings- this scares the s*it out of him. He should pull back, and he knows it, but those blue eyes hold something that K’vvan just cannot seem to get enough of, hence the Cha’el diet that he had been going though. Instead he’ll take the smallest step forward, bringing him into a hair’s breathe of the brownrider.

“Bullshit,” Cha’el calls it in a quiet murmur and then dips head and whether K’van is on a self-imposed diet or not, the brownrider is going to get his fill in the kiss that follows. Broken when lungs scream for air and proprietary notes their surroundings, his mouth pulls to a lopsided line. “You are the world’s worst liar.” And apparently he likes that.

What an awesome metaphor. K’vvan is a drug, awesome in the moment, but over time really bad for you. Poor Cha’el’ll figure it out eventually. K’vvan’s mind spins as the kiss breaks, and only by virtue of Cha’el’s hands on his face does he manage to keep fully upright among the debris of the stores. “What the f*ck are you doing?” he whispers, before going back for another kiss, desire firmly in control after sevens of denying there is any such thing.

Or he may never because all the best things are bad for you on some level. “Living for today,” Cha’el murmurs quietly, “because tomorrow, one or both of us, could be dead.” True fact. When K’vvan initiates the next, desire comes roaring to the fore with the dizzying effect of any good drug. But then, a bucket of ice is unexpectedly dumped on the Weyrsecond’s head, or at least the equivalent of one and he suddenly jerks away sucking in a sharp breath with irritation etched across his features. “What the fuck, Sikorth!?” - « You are being called to a meeting. » - “Now?” Silence from Sikorth, a sigh from Cha’el. “I have to go. Sikorth says I’m being called to a meeting.” A pause in which he searches the greenrider’s eyes, “We good?”

“It’s the f*king middle of the night!” K’vvan’s reply comes out almost as a whine, because he wants more of that. But he does let go of Cha’el and reaches out his own mind for the stability of Nadeeth’s, even as it clicks over from relationship stress to worry about something else. «It is important, you need not go.» She smooths gently the chaos in his mind, binding it up in a handkerchief and dumping it solidly into the darkness of her basket. “I don’t know.” K’vvan brushes a hand through his shortened hair looking up at the weyrsecond. “I can’t tell you any better.”

“Aye,” Cha’el sighs again not voicing the suspicion that Sikorth might just be messing with him as he’s done before in order to get his rider’s attention. A short smile follows and hands slip from K’vvan’s neck to fall harmlessly back to his sides. “You want space, I’ll give you space. Just don’t go back to trying to avoid me again, aye?” That said and without what he’d come down to the stores for, he steps passed the other rider, close enough that shoulders brush. “Don’t be a stranger.” A quick smile, and then he’s gone to find out what the deal is with being called to a meeting so late at night.

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