Va'os, Amani


The Weyrleaders find themselves in an unexpected locale following Zymuraith's flight.

Slightly backscened; flight aftermath


It is late evening of the 10th day of the 7th month of the 15th Turn of the 12th Pass.


War Room, Southern Weyr

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"You know…we could have done a lot worse."


War Room

Within this room there is a constant buzz, a low-pitched thrum of activity no matter the time of day — or night. Here are the records for the current leadership, and pertinent information for the time: inventories and star-charts, ledgers and tithe manifests and wing records. Such valuable information is kept twice-watched by two disparate forces: a guard at the door and the archivist at his table, and none quite sure which of the two is more dangerous.

As with most flights, details are sketchy at best once the conclusion has arrived. They'd been at the nighthearth one moment and the exact details of how they came to be here are… difficult. It could be that Va'os chased Amani, but it's very possible that he led her here in some form. No doubt they barrelled past surprised lower cavern workers at some point. Someone will be gossiping somewhere by the time this is out and to add further confusion to fractured memories, there will be at least half a dozen variations of what happened next. Mercifully, where they ended up was, at least, decently private, if not just ironic in some senses of the word. If there were guards posted, they likely moved off to a… respectful distance. Same with the archivist, if one was on duty! Now all that remains is the two of them and one disarrayed room (to which the archivist will be dismayed to learn of later). Perhaps it was the council rooms that and been the eventual destination or the offices beyond that but other needs won out. Those needs now long sated find Va'os dozing, despite the discomfort of wherever they ended up; the floor, no doubt. Even so, in the heat of things and the lack of as exhaustion took hold, he'd no doubt arranged himself to be some form of shield from the lack of comfortable surfaces. Perhaps it's the familiar sensation of the weight of another on or nearby him that keeps him blissfully asleep and unaware of their… current state.

It's a chill along her back that wakes Amani - a faint frisson, but enough to rouse her nonetheless. Realizing she's atop someone has her moving quickly, pressing upward with a sense of alarm for just a moment until she recognizes Va'os. Then there's relief, and a rush of heat to her cheeks as flickers of flight memory return. A soft, settling sigh over the inevitability of things. What other working relationship entails winding up tangled up bodily with the one meant to be one's partner for at least a Turn, after all? A brief glance around informs her of where they've ended up…and what state they've left it in. There's a soft groan for that before she turns back to Va'os, studying him a moment with her lower lip caught briefly in her teeth before she shifts from him and rests a moment on one hip, giving his shoulder a little shake. "Va'os?"

Va'os grunts from the pressure on his chest, but even that doesn't fully wake him. His eyes flutter open, but it's obvious that he is still very much asleep as they drift closed almost immediately. When she moves, so does he but probably not in the way she'd hoped or how either of them intended. Rather than move away, he's easing towards her and that shake to his shoulder only encourages it. Not even fully aware of his surroundings, Va'os aims to slip his arm around her and drag her back against him; not unlike someone would with an errant blanket (sorry Amani). "…mnhm. Not yet… s'cold." he mumbles, voice thick and gruff. Does she like to cuddle? Because she's getting cuddled! Va'os is affectionate to the point that he nuzzles into her hair too, if she hasn't started pushing him away by that point. It's either by her or something else - her unfamiliarity, perhaps? - that finally draws him awake. Eyes blink open slowly, the way they focus on her and recognition flickering in a breath later easily visible. "… oh." he breathes in a shaky exhale. Oh is right! "Hey, Amani." Not awkward at all! Sheepish, perhaps but Va'os is regretfully likely the most experienced at these 'after' moments. What is awkward? Is he hasn't eased his hold on her (and may be completely unaware of it).

Being that it's only her second time around with this, Amani is a little awkward! There's a little noise of surprise that escapes her when Va'os tries to pull her back against him, and he half-succeeds. Steadying herself with a hand on his chest, she peers down at him, blushing rather furiously now. Had things not shifted recently in her personal life, she might very well stay; the Weyrleader presents a tempting enough vision! But she has someone who is probably waiting, and she's fairly certain there's someone hoping to find him sooner or later…so with those thoughts making it impossible to relax now, she does resist, though not vehemently. He's still half asleep, after all. The nuzzling into her hair only makes her blush worse; she swears it must have hold of her entire face now. Finally, he opens his eyes and recognizes her, and he'll find her still quite colored and offering up an apologetically lopsided smile. "Hi," she counters, sheepish in turn. "Sorry. I…" She glances around again and clears her throat a little. "The, ah…archivists won't be happy. Though hopefully they won't be around to scold us for a while yet."

It's very true that Va'os has a certain-someone close and dear to him and it will be on his mind to seek them out once this has fully resolved (and hopefully before he's snared by anything more). Yet that someone and himself know of his particular nature, of his mindset and it's not until it sinks in that Amani is tense and awkwardly uncomfortable that he's reminded… and perhaps assuming various causes. Clearing his throat as well, his hold on her gradually lessens until she's freed to pull away from him on her own accord. He doesn't seem as hurried to move from where he'd ended up, half propped up against the wall and floor (neither of which are comfortable). Glancing around as well, both out of curiosity and to afford her a moment of privacy, he mutters a curse or two. "Archivists might have our heads, really… Damn. Wasn't thinking we'd end up here." Ah, so he DID have a plan! Kind of. Grimacing, Va'os starts to move but very gingerly and slow, taking stock in every twinge and ache. Faranth, what in her name did they do in here? Groaning a bit under his breath, he sits up and rubs at the back of his neck, eyes closing again (more privacy!) beneath a knitted brow. Ow? "… you okay?" He asks that in earnest and sincere concern, despite lack of eye contact.

Amani is well aware that she's the one being awkward and can't really stop blushing because of it. And there's some guilt evident for making Va'os feel awkward. She can hope that it'll be easier someday, at least! Though not particularly self-conscious about her current state, she does take advantage of his averted gaze to quickly retrieve whatever clothing has been discarded and to straighten whatever else may not have been. "Well…it is kind of fitting," she notes with a deep smirk that gets marred by a flinch as some of her own soreness makes itself known. Apparently, if Tsiroth catches, she and Va'os become rather…vigorous in the aftermath. Good to know! She's sitting beside him now, rubbing a spot just above her right hip. "I'm alright, just… I didn't mean to make things awkward." No, the blush isn't going away any time soon. "Are you?"

Va'os does laugh for that smirked comment and it's a rich, carefree one that she may never have witnessed from him. For all his goofiness and general lack of filters when they've worked together, here and now there are no masks; it'd be difficult not to let some of the intimacy of the moment bleed through and he doesn't seem to mind. What awkwardness he might've felt vanishes, replaced by an easygoing warmth and casualness that some could misread as uncaring. "Yeah, well… I think I was aiming more for the offices which is just as good and terrible an idea." Talk about breaking things in, right? "At least it wasn't the library? Or the night hearth. Ugh… definitely glad it wasn't that…" He'd have taken it in stride, had it happened in that way! Probably cause a scene directed at himself, so Amani could escape. He's a gentleman that way, at least? Scoffing, he lifts his hand from his neck to flip it dismissively. "What? No… no, it's okay. I'm not feeling that, just more that I uh… shouldn't have assumed." Things. Lots of things! Which he doesn't elaborate on. Grimacing, he grits his teeth as he attempts to sit up properly, drawing his legs closer and reaching out tentatively to pluck at what looks to be his tunic. "Sore. Probably bruised in more places than I care to admit but…" He shrugs, tilting his head a bit to grin at her though still keep his eyes at modest levels when gazing her way. "Nothing terrible or unexpected."

Ah, yes, Va'os needs his clothes, too! Amani peers around to see what she can locate, chuckling when he mentions aiming for the offices. "At least those would've been our responsibility to clean up," she notes. "Though I'll definitely help with this." Being that it's partly her purview, making certain the war room is as up to snuff as anywhere else in the Weyr proper. She pauses a moment, shoving a hand through her hair. "…The Nighthearth. That's where I tried to aim, wasn't it?" A little shake of her head comes for that, which allows her to notice something else that belongs to Va'os in her periphery. His jacket, perhaps? She snags it and passes it to him. "I'm glad you got us this far, then." When he mentions not assuming, she shakes her head with a small smile of assurance. "No harm done. A month ago, assuming would've been fine." Recent developments haven't gotten out and about to everyone yet, at least, which she counts as a win. Amused commiseration is there for his verdict of soreness. She turns sidelong so that she's not staring at him while he gets his clothes back on and stretches a bit. "I'm glad it was Tsiroth," she tells him quietly. "I don't know if you are, since you've been at this a while, but…being able to keep working with someone I trust is a relief."

"Think it was mutual, to start…" Va'os smirks in reflection of how the flight began and the immediate aftermath. The rest? Is very hazy and he can only shake his head when he cannot make sense of what fragments are jumbled about in his head. "I can help." Clean up, that is! The War Room is his territory somewhat too, in the sense that he shares the use of it from time to time. His jacket is taken with a murmur of thanks, though he'll fold it neatly for now. Focus is on gathering the rest of his clothing and he'll slip his tunic on over his head with visible stiffness. Pants are arranged next and it's as he sorts that part out that he murmurs his reply to her. "Part of me is kind of relieved and the other half is wondering… maybe this isn't just fool's luck, y'know? Guess we were needed and I'm glad that you feel you can trust me." He really means it too and he'll flash a brief warm smile her way. Next? He's moving and gradually pushing to his feet. That brings a few muffled groans and winced curses but he's up!

"We just need to remember to let them handle what we don't know the place for. You know how they get if something gets mis-shelved." Not that it makes life easier for anyone else who comes looking for something in the war room, either. Amani answers Va'os' smile in kind, tucking some errant hair behind her ear before moving to stand as well, though without as much grunting and groaning as her counterpart. Perhaps he was the more vigorous one. "I'm not sure I believe in fool's luck, really," she notes with a wry lift of a brow as she looks his way. "Not since Zymuraith came along, anyway. She's of a mind that all things happen for a purpose. So she'd agree that we're needed. Well, that you're needed." Slender shoulders hitch upward in a small shrug. "In my case, she says I am where I am and that I'll always be needed right where I am." One of the less cryptic things her lifemate has asserted, for all it's conveyed in a more complicated manner than needed.

"What if we just… stacked everything neatly and let them sort it?" Va'os suggests in one of his half-thoughtout schemes. It made sense when it popped into his head, okay? Her idea of at least attempting to put some of the items away is probably the better one! Judging by his state, maybe he was but more likely they were equalled. There's a chance too he baited her and let her take control, saving her the worst of the damage of hard flooring and surfaces. "Huh, is that so? Because it really felt like it… I mean. Southern needed an experienced Weyrleader when I first took it…" he tapers off, a thought suddenly flitting across his mind. "… or maybe Bailey was enough to cover my inexperience long enough…" That is quickly cut off and he sighs, giving her a slightly chagrined smile. "Anyways. Past is past and, well… at least the Weyr isn't facing a huge change and we know we won't be at each others throats." A brow quirks, as he begins to reshuffle the nearest mess of disturbed hides and scrolls. "That's a curious remark. Is she often like that?"

Amani's brows arch a bit at Va'os' suggestion, her dark gaze thoughtful. "That could work. It might irritate them less…or they might be more irritated for us not trying…" She isn't sure which is more likely at this point. "We can always just stack that and say we did what we could before getting pulled away," she agrees, her tone lowered as though it's a scheme that might be overheard. Mention of Bailey sobers her a bit, a little shake of her head refuting the notion before he goes on. "Unless you bait me," she counters cheekily, adroitly veering from a more melancholy route and moving to start helping with the straightening. "All the time," is her wry reply to Va'os' last. "Tsiroth had better get used to being confused while he shares the Sands with her." And maybe just all the time, really.

Va'os chuckles, "Double edged blade sort-of situation we have on our hands! Damned if we do and damned if we don't. Honestly, I think they'll prefer if we just don't ruin everything any more… I'm sure they're scandalized enough just at the thought of what went down." He scoffs a bit at that, clearly not showing much shame in the fact. Flights are flights and they just responded to it as riders and two grown adults do! Nothing to be ashamed of. Setting a stack aside, he'll stiffly bend down to grab one of the heavier ledgers and reset it on a more stable surface. It's given a pat-pat in passing, before he's roaming a little more around the room and picking up after himself. He snorts a bit, "Careful what you wish for? I didn't think I could ever get under a Weyrwoman's skin but Mayte and I clashed something awful when things got real serious. I'd rather… avoid that with you, if I can. Apologies can only undo so much." There's a tinge of regret in his tone but he doesn't dwell on it, grinning soon again. "Tsiroth will probably be just as obnoxious in his own ways. Don't be alarmed if she chases him off for a moment. Wouldn't be the first time!"

Double-edged indeed! Amani is perfectly fine with Va'os' suggestion though, as indicated by the way she simply gathers things up, makes certain they're in a sensible order to be sorted through, and starts stacking them near Va'os' pile. "Mayte and I are very different people," she points out, smirking sidelong at the bronzerider. "And since you and I haven't managed to butt heads too much, I think that's a good sign." They've been at this for a while in acting capacity, after all! "If Zymuraith gets pushed to the point of running him off, I'm probably just going to laugh," she admits. "The first time, anyway. After that, not so much." But seeing how her lifemate deals with difficulties is always interesting, so perhaps Amani will just be constantly entertained. "You know," she comments as she continues gathering things up, "we could have done a lot worse." In terms of making a mess. Which she works with Va'os to remedy with purpose now. Who knows when those archivists will be back around, after all? And then there's her own motivation, of course. Despite everything, however…she's rather pleased with the outcome. And so is Zymuraith.

"Guess we'll see, hmm?" Va'os returns the grin and finishes setting one more stack of old maps to right again. Stepping back to survey the room once more, he exhales heavily and sets his hands to his hips. "Y'know, you're probably right?" On a lot of things! None of which he elaborates on and instead gives her another sidelong look. "You in a hurry?" he asks, seemingly out of nowhere. He's reaching for his jacket now, but doesn't slip it on. A sign that he doesn't seem to intend to dart back outdoors, which he'd have to do if he were heading directly back to his weyr. "I… think the hour is early enough that the caverns shouldn't be too busy. We could grab a bite to eat…" It's a neutral offer but part of Va'os just cannot up and leave, no matter the details surrounding their personal lives. Yet if she turns him down, he will accept that as well and merely walk with her until they need to part ways.

Va'os' question brings Amani's blush back around, just as she succeeds in getting rid of it. "A…little?" she replies as she finishes straightening her last stack. "If you don't mind…" She gives a little huff and then marches over and throws her arms around him in a hug, even going so far as to place a chaste kiss on his cheek. "I can just up and say I need to go. And thank you," she says, trying to be a little more decisive. "Walk with me, though?" She doesn't need to go far, being that this part of the Weyr connects rather readily to the courtyard. Odds are, they'll be grabbing plenty of bites between meetings and such from here on out. And at least that won't be awkward.

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