Xanthee, Malosim


Xan and Mal finally find each other again after the Hatching, and the following reunion takes a passionate turn, as to be expected.

Sex (Explicit Parts Under Collapsibles)
Excessively Romantic Declarations of Love


It is early evening of the 16th day of the 7th month of the 13th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Lake Shore, Malosim's Room, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 25 Mar 2018 04:00



“Ready to come home, love?”


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

With the Hatching now over, the weyrlings and their new lifemates are ushered off to the barracks, everyone else has made their way to the Living Caverns for the feast and post-Hatching revelries. Well most everyone. One raven-haired Candidate who was left standing is making her way towards the lake shore. The sweltering heat of the day still lingers into the evening, although, with Rukbat set, it’s cooling towards a desert night. When finally dismissed from the burning Sands, Xanthee made her exit and instead of heading right back to the Barracks with the other unfortunates to pack up her things and make the move back to the Residence Terrace, she makes a beeline towards the Lake Shore. Once outside, her trio of firelizards find her and all chitter at their humanpet animatedly, garnering them a small smile from the emerald eyed girl. Holding her arm up, she calls Banshee down and the green alights with a shrill warble. Offering scritches down the little green’s neck, Xan pictures Malosim in her thoughts and projects an image of Banshee leading the Miner here to the lake. As she walks to the water’s edge, she sheds her sandals, and steps into the cool water, groaning in pleasure at the relief for her poor feet, although she wore protection this time, the heat still penetrated through the thick soles. Closing her eyes, she just stands there a moment, taking the time to breathe after the chaos and whirlwind activity of Candidacy and then Hatching, the feeling that it is all over again for her is slightly unreal, as if she is just waking up from some dream.

Malosim did his best to be one of the first in the galleries when the humming began, and made his best attempt to be one of the first out when the Hatching was over. It didn’t work very well. He’d wanted to get to Xanthee somewhere at the entrance, but the crush of people made it nearly impossible, and he’d lost sight of her. Fortunately, Banshee shows up to guide him, much to his relief. He follows her to the lake shore with his heart both swelling and aching all at once - the former because he finally gets to see her again at long last, and the latter because of the reason he gets to see her again. He doesn’t know exactly what state she’ll be in, but judging by Banshee’s guidance, things aren’t dire.

He swallows hard when he sees her standing in the water, rubbing Banshee’s head affectionately in thanks for her guidance as he approaches. His pulse speeds and a helpless smile curves his lips. “There you are, beautiful,” he says as soon as he’s close enough to do so, his nerves humming with the need to feel her in his arms. And if she doesn’t stop him, she’s going to find herself wrapped up in those arms against his chest as snugly as he dares.

At the sound of Malosim’s voice, Xanthee feels her heart swell in her chest as a smile spreads onto her lips when she turns to face him, emerald eyes bright and when he wraps her up in his arms, hers will wrap tightly around his neck as her whole body is crushed up against his, bringing a thoroughly blissful sigh from her lips before they seek his for an ardent kiss that carries months of longing and desire with it, letting herself drown in it with him. Her hands wander to his hair, then to his face, cupping his cheeks and pulling him closer. She doesn’t even realize that there are tears coming from her eyes until she feels one drip off her chin. The emotions of being once again in her beloved’s arms mix with a feeling of deep disappointment as the realization of not Impressing finally crashes over her. With a weak chuckle, she sniffs quietly and pulls back to dip her head and wipe at her cheeks. “Sorry about that, I’m happy to see you, really I am.” And her next kiss is meant to demonstrate that, but she’s soon overwhelmed with faint sobbing and just buries her face in his chest as she starts to tremble, her hands trailing down to rest on his chest.

Mal knew he would be completely lost the moment his lips found hers again, and that suspicion is fully proved and then some when it happens. The ardor of Xanthee’s kiss yanks his own directly to the fore, rational thought completely obliterated as his own months of pent-up need and passion come roaring through the gates. His hands sink into her hair in turn, sliding savoringly over her back, pressing and pulling her ever closer. When they do finally part, he isn’t in the least surprised to find her in tears, his own eyes brightening sympathetically. When she apologizes, he shakes his head before being caught up into another kiss, then holds her tightly when she begins to weep into his chest. “Oh, Xan,” he whispers thickly, stroking her hair and holding her tucked beneath his chin. “You have every right to cry, love. My heart was hurting for you at the end. There’ll be other times, but I know that can’t take the sting out of now. I’m so sorry…” His embrace is all-encompassing, holding her fast for as long as she needs and beyond.

Just feeling his solid arms held tightly around her brings a warmth that flows through Xanthee and causes a happy smile to spread on her lips despite the tears that still flow from her emerald eyes and onto his shirt. Sniffing softly, she tries to get it under control, “It’s so silly though, crying over something that I know wasn’t a certainty.” It’s almost as if she is trying to convince herself that she has nothing to be crying about, but it doesn’t help. Her voice trembles some more and she just buries her face further into his shirt. It takes several long moments for the sobs to quiet and for her to be able to speak without a tremble to her voice, “I’m happy for Daen, Sesa and all the others, I really am. And there will be other times.” Finally her tears dry on her cheeks, and she risks looking up at Mal, her emerald eyes red and her cheeks blotchy from the crying, but the emotion now writ over her face is one overflowing with her love and affection for the Miner whose arms she is in. “How I’ve missed you, my love. Missed being in your arms. Missed your sweet kisses.” and she gives him an example of what she means, softly now as she presses her lips against his, sweet and enduring, heated with the deeply-seated love she has for her Miner.

“It’s not silly at all!” Malosim asserts, his tone still firm for all it’s pitched for her alone. His embrace is as steadfast as ever as Xanthee continues to cry, his fingers sifting the full length of her dark tresses. “It’s something you hoped for, and have before. When you work so hard for somethin’, it’s worth your tears when it doesn’t work out.” He nods when she’s finally able to get out how happy she is for the others and acknowledges times to come. A hand comes to her cheek when she looks up at him, a grin blossoming with her next words before he fervently returns her kiss. The heat goes straight to his head again, and he knows he’s not going to be able to keep hold of the reins much longer. It’s been far too long, and absence has most definitely made the heart grow fonder, in this case. “I’ve missed you too, Xan. All this and more,” he murmurs at her ear once he’s trailed a few kisses back toward it. “Ready to come home, love?”

Xanthee can’t help but giggle against their joined lips when she feels the fervent way he is returning her kiss. Grabbing handfuls of his shirt, she pulls him closer as she feels her own ardor building rapidly, sending her head swimming with his close proximity. Words murmured against her ear causes a shiver of anticipation to run up her spine, bringing with it the thrilling promise of the ‘more’ he mentioned and she finds herself suddenly very eager to have them somewhere a little more private than the edge of the lake. At the mention of home though, her smile widens brightly as she nods her head emphatically. “I am so ready.” She replies, her tone betraying her deepening desire but just in case he needed a hint, she runs her fingers down his arms as she leans back away from him, breaking the embrace briefly until she catches his hands in hers and gives him a tug in the direction of the Bazaar and beyond to the Crafter’s Complex where Mal’s room is, which is the only thing that comes to mind when he says home.

Faranth, how Malosim has missed the sound of her laugh! Just when he thinks they can’t get any closer (and stay appropriate for the public eye, barely), Xanthee finds some little way to prove him wrong. It’s hot enough for him to be willing to lose his shirt if she keeps pulling…but considering he’ll just have to retrieve it if that happens so that they can leave, it’s best that he doesn’t. “More” meant a number of things, of course, but it’s quite clear that they both have the same, more immediate definition of it on the mind now. Even that little glide of her fingers down his arms betrays just how close to the surface desire runs for him, goosebumps flaring readily in their wake.

“Hard to think this was all covered in snow the last time we were up here,” he notes as they make the ascent to his room, the rooftops gradually falling away below them. Once they’re at his door, he just can’t seem to get it open fast enough, though his firelizards take the opportunity to demonstrate how glad they are that Xanthee is around again, hopping down from above the door to hover and nuzzle her cheek before resuming their voluntary baking in the sun. Once the door is open, Mal leads her inside eagerly and shuts and latches it again. “It hasn’t felt the same here without you, either,” he says, pulling her tightly against him even as he back pedals toward the bed. Nothing in his room has changed, save for it being a bit cleaner, perhaps. Neater. But that’s likely about to change in the next few moments…particularly where the bed is concerned.

“It feels like that night was a lifetime ago.” Xanthee comments as she remembers the night of the clutching, the night they said their goodbyes in preparation for her entering Candidacy. But she doesn’t have time to dwell on that right now because she is being greeted by Mal’s trio of firelizards, setting off another round of giggles as she tries to give them all scritches in turn. Her own three are soon mingling with them, warbling happily as they join in the sunning as well. But then the door is open and she is being eagerly led inside and then pulled tightly against him, which brings a happy sigh from her lips as she looks up at him, eyes bright and dancing.

“I’ve had dreams of being here with you the whole time I was away.” That revelation does bring a soft chuckle to her lips, “Much to the chagrin of Daen who was my bunkmate in the Barracks.” she adds softly before she feels him pull her towards the bed, a place she is most eager to be and shows it by catching his lips with hers once more, letting the full force of her need for Malosim rise to the surface now that they are somewhere private. Hands travel down his chest to the hem of his shirt, where they slip under, fingers seeking and tracing along the chiseled planes of his abs and up to his chest; the feeling of his warm skin under her fingertips, an enticing mixture of smooth and hard, causing her to moan softly against their pressed lips as her arousal flares to life.

“Oh no,” Mal chuckles against Xanthee’s lips over the matter of her dreams. “At least I had the luxury of privacy.” In case she was wondering if he did the same, though it probably went without saying. “I hope he was nice enough to wake you up before things got too interesting.” He lets her explore beneath his shirt for a long moment before simply stripping it away, access to whatever else she pleases made complete. There’s a little more of him there for her to relearn, his time spent distracting himself with work and exercise having granted him a little more definition and even bulk in places, though he remains athletic as ever.

Somewhere between there and the bed, he manages to lose his boots as well. He sits on the edge, his hands dropping to find the hem of her robe and slip beneath, rising up over her body and bringing the thin fabric with them. His fingers nearly tremble against her skin with the pleasure of being able to touch her this way again, following every curve anew, relearning the play of smooth skin over lithe musculature. Soft and strong all at once, just as he remembers…and so much better. “Now neither of us have to dream anymore,” he murmurs, guiding her down to straddle his lap once his hands reach her hips and finally pulling the robe away completely.

Her dark eyebrows hitching high on her forehead, Xanthee hums appreciatively as her fingers get free range of his torso when he pull his shirt off, eyes widening as she notices the subtle changes in her beloved’s physique. “He was ever the considerate big brother. But enough talk about him.” she says dismissively as they make progress towards their ultimate destination of the bed. Her own sandals are slipped off without much fuss as she buries her fingers into his dark hair, a blissful sigh escaping her lips as his hands find the hem of her robe. And when once again his touch finds her skin, the contact is electrifying, bringing with it a line of gooseflesh on her skin and a full-body shudder as he lifts the fabric over her head. Once she straddles his lap, her hands slip around to the back of his neck, as she looks down at him through a cascade of raven tresses, emerald eyes smoldering. “That’s good, because the dreams were a pale imitation of the real thing.” For a long moment, her eyes search his dark ones before she drops her voice to a barest whisper. “I didn’t think it possible to love you any more than I already did…but I was wrong. Being apart from you made me realise that together or apart, nothing will change that, not now or ever.” And the smile of pure joy that brightens her entire face speaks more than words ever could. With hands firmly at the nape of his neck, she pulls him close for another immolating kiss, putting her entire body behind it, pressing herself as close to him as she can.

For Malosim, all is right in the world again, completely and utterly so. Xanthee is back with him, even if her circumstances for it weren’t ideal…but he seems to have been a rather effective balm, he hopes. All evidence points to that being the case, at least! Listening to her coming down from their high, feeling the play of her fingers in his hair and the kisses that feather his skin, he feels like the luckiest man in the world…and tells her as much. Her first comment earns a laugh. “Bet we won’t be done with that for a while,” he rumbles, his arm tightening around her to bring her more fully against his side.

He hums an affirmative to her last. “Well. Worked more than worked out, but…I had to distract myself somehow. And you definitely get to reap the benefits.” More of him to explore, more stamina (not that he’d lacked any before). “There’s more muscle to you, too. And it’s damn sexy,” he informs her with a roguish grin, his other hand tracing along hers upon his chest.

Xanthee cuddles in close when Malosim’s arm tightens around her, pressing the length of her body tightly against his as she sighs happily. As she comes down from the high of their lovemaking, she does feel the prick of disappointment in her chest, memory of the rest of the events of the day slowly coming back to her. But she is finding the hurt much less than the first time she was left standing over two turns ago now. Then she was a wreck of desolation, finding solace in a wineskin. Whether that is from the fact that in the meantime she has grown and matured considerably, or even because she was now determined to keep trying because she knows it is what she wants for herself, of course, it could be as simple as the love of her man and her desire for him softening the blow. Whatever the reason, Xan finds it bearable and for that she is thankful.

But her pensiveness, combined with his comment about making up for lost time, does remind her of something that causes her to gasp. “I just remembered! I can drink now!” She exclaims suddenly, then blushing when she realizes that may have come off a little too excited about that prospect. “I guess I better take a few days before I go back to the Tea Room to make up for lost time on several fronts.” She says with a soft giggle as she nuzzles in closer to Mal when his hand finds hers and she gently runs her fingers over his in turn, caressing idly as she hums thoughtfully.

“I did try to keep up with my running, and of course all the Candidacy PT as well. It's a good thing too because I have a feeling our endurance will be put to the test.” And she tilts her head up to look at him with mischief dancing in her emerald eyes before a yawn makes itself known even though she tries to stifle it against the back of her hand. “Although after the Hatching and all that, I may have reached the end of mine for the time being.” She adds sheepishly before looking at him apologetically. “But after a little nap, do you want to come with me to get my stuff from the Barracks and the Residence Terrace?” Her tone is trying to be casual although it betrays a hint of pleading, sorely desperate not to be separated from him again for any reason so soon after their reunion. “Oh and before you see them, I may have borrowed a couple of your shirts the last time I was here. They worked really well as sleepwear.” She gives him her brightest, most charming smile by way of apology for doing so without asking his permission.

Mal just laughs when Xanthee has her revelation about being able to drink, grinning unrepentantly as she nuzzles closer. “Just be careful with it, love. Besides…I can get you better than drunk without the hangover,” he reminds her, punctuating his words with a savoring kiss. It’s a good segue into the matter of endurance, another chuckle arising in the wake of her yawn. “No worries; I wasn’t planning on ravishing you for candlemarks on end. Not today, anyway,” he can’t help but add, his smirk rakish. “Of course I’ll come help.” Then she mentions his shirts and he laughs aloud again. “That’s where they got to! I shoulda figured. I don’t mind…so long as I get to see you in them.” Not that he hasn’t seen her in his shirts before…but it’s been a while.

Reaching down, he plucks at the single sheet he sleeps under in the summer and tugs it over them, turning onto his side so that he can tuck Xanthee against his chest. “Let’s sleep a bit, beautiful. Then we can get back to welcoming you home some more.” Including making this her home in full by getting her moved in…and further celebration of it afterward, of course.

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