The Beautiful Dancer (Liareth), The Bronze-Skinned Sea Warrior (Shalnth), The Fanged One (Lukoith)


Liareth's latest flight, told in the form of a short story.

Backscened, flight content (brief)


It is sunset of the 15th day of the 6th month of the 13th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Igen Weyr

OOC Date 18 Mar 2018 06:00


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Igen Weyr

Once there was a beautiful dancer who lived in the desert. She was one of the most graceful and gorgeous dancers to ever set foot on the sand, dressing all in jade and emerald and ivy. Though she wasn’t a queen, she often lived as one, making herself at home in the most luxurious bath houses between practicing to keep herself in her best form. She belonged to no one, but there were many who sought her affections. She held court among them all, hearing each, let some nearer and keeping some others at a distance, all at her pleasure. She enjoyed having such sway over her admirers.

But every few seasons, she would drape her exotic green garb with a veil of gold, and her suitors would know that she had decided to ease her loneliness for a night. But they all knew that she would coax them into chasing her in a dance across the sands to do so, for that was her way. Some were content to simply watch from a distance and yearn, but others began to ready themselves for the pursuit to come, strutting before the dancer and the other suitors to display their prowess, sometimes pitting themselves against the others to prove their strength before her.

There was one who became determined to catch the dancer in this chase, for he had done so once before. He was the The Bronze-Skinned Sea Warrior, handsome and strong but harsh and arrogant in his ways. The dancer would not always allow the warrior close, chafing at his rough edges, but he had become enamored of her as of late and stayed as close as she would allow. And since she allowed him closer and closer, softening him with her allure, he knew that he would catch her once more…and perhaps persuade her to let him do so more often.

But The Fanged One, brown of skin and sly of demeanor, watched at a distance as well. He had pursued queens and come away victorious, and he knew he could have the dancer if he wished. If he decided to give chase when the time came. He had no doubt that he could surpass even the warrior to do so.

Nearly seven days after donning her golden veil, the dancer appeared from the baths at sunset and took flight across the sands without warning, leaving some of her suitors stumbling in their haste to catch up to her. But the warrior was watching and was ready to pursue, and swiftly followed after her, assured of his victory. The Fanged One gave chase as well, quickly coming into line with the warrior. They growled and tensed and bared their teeth at one another, sometimes even lashing out, but their need to catch the beautiful dancer drew them onward above all else.

The beautiful dancer taunted them with the sway of her hips and the shimmering of the bells upon them, the setting sun turning even the green she wore beneath the veil to a dazzling gold to match. She bewitched some and made them stumble aside from their pursuit altogether, laughing and taunting those too weak to carry on. In the end, only the warrior and The Fanged One remained in pursuit, and she knew she must make a choice before it was no longer in her power to do so, for she would tire eventually.

The dark mystery of the Fanged One carried much allure…but in the end, perhaps because of how close the warrior had come, the victory went to him. The beautiful dancer finally turned and allowed herself to be carried off in the arms of the Bronze-Skinned Sea Warrior, leaving The Fanged One to languish in the falling night.

The pair did not reappear again until the morning, content at last in one another’s company until she might once again choose to return to holding court among her suitors. One day she would make them chase her again. But until then, the warrior had his victory and was content…as the beautiful dancer was with him.

And beyond the story, the dramatic unfolding of Liareth’s sunset flight, Kyara found herself precisely where she had hoped to be in the end - with R’xim, moving unthinking to the ground weyrs in the throes of flight lust at its peak. Finally, there would be relief for them both…and satisfaction all around.

OOC: Thank you to R'xim and Divale for their interest in Liareth's latest flight! Boo on RL schedules making a live flight impossible. But stay tuned for future flights (with better planning on my part, I promise)! - Kyara

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