Ksenia, K'vvan


Ksenia wants adult time and chooses K'vvan. They don't end up in a position to be able to go home at the end of the night.


It is evening of the first day of the eleventh month of the sixth turn of the 12th pass.


Frozen Lake

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"How about we just not tell anyone about this?"


Frozen Lake

To the southwest of the hold proper lies a jewel for those willing to trod the ice shelf to skirt the frozen forest: a lake that lies in clear crystalline reflection of the cirrus-clouded sky above. Frozen firm for all of the clarity, it is hardy enough for ice-booted runners to cross, though dragons would likely cause unsightly jagged cracks. Skaters are a frequent sight at this glorious location, as ice-blades are nearly mandatory to cross this locale: to the southwest, the landscape drops off strangely for those curious. To the west and northwest lie the grazing pastures of the Hold, just beyond the guarding frost-forest.

With Cha'el busy doing Weyrsecond-y things with K'lir, Ksenia did a good job begging a ride out of K'vvan to the Hold - she came bearing ribbons, of course, for Nadeeth - without the children. See, Ksenia is in some serious need of adult interaction and while K'vvan is as comfortable as a prickly pear, he's still an adult. So here they are, with K'vvan likely nagged - but who knows? Maybe he had his own agenda to come out here - and Ksenia looking rather triumphant. "Listen to that, K'vvan, the sound of no children." It's a glorious thing. GLORIOUS.

K'vvan would probably do just about anything for Ksenia she asked him. So her nagging was just to allow her to keep her hand in. He's not about to tell her that she's already won any request she makes of him! (This might get him in trouble with Cha'el some day if Ksenia asks K'vvan to do something he shouldn't enable her to do.) "Why here though?" K'vvan looks around the chilly - though pretty at least - vista of the frozen lake. "Aren't kids the ones who… usually like this kind of thing?"

"Because. I never get to enjoy this while watching over Cha'el's little beasts." Ksenia speaks fondly of her children, but she's not ignorant of their rather hellion-like ways. With their super-cute faces, big, big eyes and their pretty curls, well. They're hard to say no to. Turning on the greenrider, the smile she yields to him is three-parts wicked and one part sly. "I even brought the blades for your boots." What? She holds up one hand to show dangling blades for both of them. Ice skating. "C'mon, boyo. It'll be fun." She's already squatting down in her colorful winter arrangement of layers of cloth, fur-lined wraps, and scarfs to strap the blades on her own boots.

"WOAH NOW." K'vvan is firmly BACKING UP with his hands held straight up. "If you think I'm going to go bruise my ass on that ice trying to do something as silly as step on it with BLADE ON MY FEET, you have seriously got another thing coming." Nope. NOPE. IT IS NEVER HAPPENING. Unless Kesnia asks again becuase K'vvan is weak.

Or she makes a sad face. K'vvan has a weakness for sad faces. :(

Ksenia doesn't ask again. Instead, she does a very good rendition of her daughter's 'woe-I'm-sad' face. "Of course, I understand." Look, she even wobbles. "I mean, I guess I'll have to go by myself. I just thought you'd… because… maybe…" Was that a sniff?! Is K'vvan weak to crocodile tears? "… we were friends and I never get to do the things… I mean, the kids count." Wait for it. "I guess." She squares her shoulders, gathers herself up and gives the saddest eyes to ever be sad. "You stay here and I will go out on that lake all by my lonesome, boyo. Good, yes." And she turns. To go. Alone. Someone doesn't play fair

And Ksenia plays her trump card. That wobble. When he's NOT faced with that wobble K'vvan might have just gained a KEEN insight into why Cha'el's two daughters are just shy of devil-spawn. (They're Ksenia spawn and smart so they learn QUICK.) "I, guahrhg!" Inarticulate noises FTW here, because K'vvan has no answer to THAT. He's the one who's always going, 'I totally have friends!' and now one of them is like 'i guess you don't…' and like, not fair. Srsly. So he's scooping up those damn blades and clumsy like going to try to tie them to his shoes. "JUST WAIT A SEC." He's coming. Ksenia-1, K'vvan-0.

Where K'vvan can't see her face, Ksenia's smile is crafty and sly and satisfied. However, when she turns back on K'vvan, she's managed to force a few milk tears into those tawny eyes of hers to give them just enough of a sheen. (Seriously, Cha'el falls for this more than he'd like to own up to). "Oh, you're coming!" Look at how the sun SHINES upon her face when that expression brightens and she walks right up to the greenrider to hook her arm through his. Unless he manages to get away, but she's a cat after a mouse with this. "We'll do it together, don't you worry, baba." The woman does have blades on her feet.

"Did I do this right?" K'vvan looks a little silly (and feels a little silly), as he lifts one of his boots up to show Ksenia how he's fixed those blades onto his boots. "I hope you're happy. I feel like a dolt right now." FEEL GUILTY KSENIA. One of the blades isn't quite put on right, it's tilted to the left and will surely land the greenrider on his butt the second he tries to stand up.

Ksenia feels NO GUILT. She just tosses that luxurious hair of hers and prances out (dragging K'vvan) onto the ice. "Perfect. You should feel empowered, baba." The exotic accent with the lilting notes sing-songs into the chilly air. "How often do you get to skate around on potentially dangerous ice? It's a thrill!" Laughter fills the air. "So tell me, boyo, how you've been." Yes, yes, give up the gossip while she skates him around the lake. Or at least further onto the lake.

"I fly Thread Ksenia, and an awesome dragon that can turn herself on her own tail if she wants." K'vvan says this as he gets dragged out. Once he hits the ice though? There's exactly zero chance that he's going to be able to answer her question though, because within one foot K'vvan is doing a, "OH SHIT!" And landing flat out on his butt, wondering why the world is spinning around him like that. "Are the stars… suppose to do that?" They're moving Ksenia. THEY ARE MOVING.

"AUGH! Sometimes I wish I had Impressed a dragon so I could use that excuse too! Well I squeezed two children out from my nethers, baba. You try to give birth to a baby out of your…" And then they all fall down. "K'vvan!" Ksenia topples on top of him (from a distance, this probably looks bad) and then mutters. "No, they are not." She's got some bony elbows, too. Hope they didn't land on the squishiest bit of him! "You okay, boyo?" Yep, she will totally try to (lightly) slap-slap the sides of his face. JUST IN CASE IT'S A HEAD WOUND.

"Ow…." She totally got the squishy parts. The parts that remind K'vvan that even though he sounds like a teenage girl half the time, he's actually a fully functioning guy. Hi, tears. Ksenia, that hurt. THAT HURT. And then, "You're pretty." Yup. He hit his head. "I think, It hink they're stopping. They were moving. I think I'm okay?" He sounds a little ditzy. "Is that suppose to happen? Cuz I thought the point was to glide. Or something. Something… what was the point?"

"Thank you, boyo, but I think you hit your head," Ksenia attempts to pry open an eyelid to check for blown pupils before finally climbing off of the greenrider. "No, that's not supposed to happen. It's supposed to be more graceful than that!" She sounds frustrated but that all ends when she pushes herself to her feet, only to fall back down again. Watch out, K'vvan! She might just miss him… or she might just re-land on him, the magic 8 ball says the future is unclear! This last? Causes her to bust out laughing. "This is harder than it looks, K'vvan," she admits.

K'vvan squints upwards at the sky, and doesn't bother the whole getting up thing himself. Seriously, he's JUST FINE right here for now kthanks. Until Ksenia falls. On top of him again. "I think I'm going to be sick." Right here. Hopefully said sick misses hitting Ksenia. But if not… Well, K'vvan had herdbeast stew for lunch. Sharing is caring! "This is fun! FRIEND TIME!" I think he hit his head harder then he wants to admit.

"OH MY FARANTH K'VVAN YOU THREW UP ON ME." Ksenia shrieks this across the lake, trying to scramble away from the greenrider but just getting more barf on her. Then? The scent of bile and whatever he had for lunch - herdbeast stew - gets her going too and well… Sharing is caring! She might barf on him. After all, it's slick from the ice and well… K'vvan's own barf. When it's all been said and done, she mutters, "How about we just not tell anyone about this?" YEAH FRIEND BARF TIME. THIS IS CALLED BONDING, K'VVAN.

Well, now they know each other REALLY WELL. "It's , that's gross. Yeah. No oen knows." He doesn't have anything else to upchuck, BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP HIS BODY FROM TRYING. Slow, oh so slowly, who knew that barf would make ice even more slippery? K'vvan rolls to his knees. "Let's… crawl. There. Over there. Not on the ice. Are there… baths. Somewhere." Pathetic voice is 'please let there be baths, I'm OCD and this is making me SO SAD.'

"Good plan." Ksenia, at least, has her wits about her (mostly). "Not a word to Cha'el either." She helps the greenrider where she can, but that pile of snow is looking promising. "There are baths," she notes, doing a mental little dance when they get out of the BARF SPILL - aka, the biohazardous waste area. "But we gotta do our laundry. Might take all night. We'll think of something." Because, y'know, Ksenia and K'vvan disappearing OVERNIGHT is going to go over so well. "If you try to between home, I'll hit you over the head." Just fair warning, boyo. "Now, let's just rest here, and then we'll somehow get to the baths." That are a hike and more to the Hold. Maybe some sad soul will come upon them and help.

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