The gift Lyllian randomly and anonymously received earlier in the day was only the first.


It is early evening of the first day of the seventh month of the fifth turn of the 12th pass.


Apprentice Dorms, Igen Weyr

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Apprentice Dorms

It is obvious at first glance this room is designed for little beyond rest and quiet study. Starting several paces from the door, narrow cots line the walls to either side of the door, one side meant for female apprentices, one for male, with a divider running the length of the narrow room and curtains hiding the sleeping area from view. The nearest area offers a couple small tables with lightly cushioned wooden chairs, and there might sometimes be a pitcher of water, or perhaps even klah if someone has been enterprising enough.

Lyllian’s eyebrows knit together in prolonged confusion at the gift she had received simply walking through the central bowl not long prior. She didn’t take long in her search for its originator, in part because of the futility of the search, and in part due to the rather uncomfortable heat during the summer mid-day.

The gift itself was obviously not someone else’s packed lunch that managed to snag on her pack. It had been packed with care, prepared as a simple gift. She had eaten the offered lunch. It would have been a waste not to. And it was delicious. Whomever had given it had certainly prepared it with care, and perhaps taking some of the choice items in order to do so, including some pastries like the ones she had back home.

And then there was the stone that was packed with it.

The stone wasn’t your average stone. It was small and flattened, a stone that had sat in a rushing riverbed and polished by the wear of time. It was left with a beautiful swirl of dark grey and sand colored stripes and swirls, shining with its uniqueness.

From her relaxing position in her cot, the Harper apprentice turns the stone in her hands, noting how great the rock would be for skipping if it wasn’t for the unique design. She turns it slightly, letting the faint light of the glows glimmer off of its surface. She had almost resigned herself to just an odd happenstance, a one-off situation. Maybe someone was just trying to pay it forward or whatever the Pernese equivalent of that sentiment would be.

But that resignation faded as she turned towards the stand beside her cot.

A small plate of food now sits on her stand, something that most certainly wasn’t there when she went to relax in her cot moments ago. The food was similar in style to those that were packed earlier, although this time themed towards supper, from the meatroll to the finger tubers to the small pastry glistening with sugary glaze. Even the plating had neat presentation.

The Apprentice girl looks up and down the rows of cots in the dormitory, examining who might be coming and going. There’s no sign of movement anywhere. Once again, her eyes move towards the dish.

Just to the side of the dish, this meal came with a rust and cream colored riverstone, small and polished.

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