D'har, Alyna


Alyna discovers the Tipsy Kitten, and D'har thinks she looks familiar.


It is evening of the fourth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Secret Garden; Southern Weyr

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"…and may it always be sated."


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

D'har has made the Tipsy Kitten one of his favorite spots over the past few Turns at Southern, enough that the swarthy bluerider is familiar by name to most of the bar staff. It's where he goes after Threadfall, after flights…or when he's trying to escape an overthinking mind that needs clouding over. The only option that seem right out at the moment is Threadfall, since there wasn't any today. Damp black hair just starting to curl with dryness at the tips gives away a bath sometime in the previous candlemark or two, as does the crisp, fitted change of clothes sheathing his tall frame. He sits at a small back table rather than the bar, a highball glass filled with something darkly amber and slightly effervescent sitting between lightly-grasping fingertips. Dark eyes move from contemplating the drink to surveying the room. Perhaps he's waiting for someone, or just idly people-watching…or just quietly getting drunk. It's hard to say.

With the sound of doors swinging on their hinges, a petite blond greenrider strides into the bar, she's wearing a pair of short shorts, with a tight fitting tank on top and a pair of strappy sandals that have laces long enough to wrap up her calves and tie off just below the knee. Thick blond hair is tied back in a messy runnertail which bounces behind her as she sashays up to the bar, leaning onto it with her elbows, as she pulls at the neck of her shirt, trying to fan herself with it. Catching the bartender's eye, she leans forward even more, getting up on her tip toes to give the bartender an easy eyrful of her decolletage. "Nice place ya got here." She says in an easy and friendly manner, "Can I get something cold and strong.." and as an after-thought adds, "Ohhh, and fruity." she adds with a bright smile.

D'har doesn't just brood in the corners the entire time while he's at the Kitten, of course. Now and then he'll seek out company, particularly of the variety that's just swayed her way up to the bar. It isn't just the blonde woman's looks that pique the bluerider's interest, however; she looks familiar, and he can't figure out why from back at his table. He rises and saunters nonchalantly toward an empty spot one stool to the woman's left, just in time to hear her say something about wanting a fruity drink. "A Spiky Mango would be the thing if you're after all of that," he informs her with a distinctly Bollian lilt, a white smile tilting charmingly her way as he leans against the countertop. "Mango juice, rum, a vanilla bean, and ice. One of the most popular things here when it's this hot."

Tilting her head just slightly as she hears a man's voice, Alyna looks over at him, ice blue eyes getting an eyeful as a smile creeps over her lips. "That sounds absolutely delicious." she says, as she turns to the bartender, "I'll have one of those please." she says before turning back to the bluerider, "Well thank you for the recommendation. It's my first time here." She turns her body now, one elbow still resting on the bar, as she leans casually, still fanning herself with her top. "I thought Igen was bad for heat, but this humdity is crazy! Isn't it supposed to be autumn now?" She says plaintively, before her head tilts again as she narrows her eyes at the dusky man, "Now why is your face so familiar to me?" she asks with a thin eyebrow rising curiously.

D'har settles himself upon the barstool, though it puts him on eye level with the woman rather than below - a fact that deepens his smirk. "One's first time at the Kitten is seldom forgettable," he notes, sipping at his own drink and chuckling. "It is autumn, in fact. And it will not be cooling down until winter, I'm afraid. I prefer Igen's heat myself." Though by mentioning the desert Weyr herself, D'har has now figured out why she is familiar. "I believe we were there at the same time for a few Turns, though not the same wing. D'har of blue Searuth, Jaguar…and formerly Whirlwind and Parhelion at Igen," he answers her, offering his hand.

Alyna looks steadily at D'har and says with a sly smirk, dimples showing at the corners of her mouth as she sweeps her eyes down his form and then back up again, "It's definitely improving by the minute." she says letting a playful tone enter her voice. "Well at least there's rain here. That's a nice change from sand storms at the very least." And when he mentions he was at Igen, a spark of recognition in her pale blue eyes. "Well that's it then. Funny we should meet here and now of all places." Placing her own hand in his offered one, she smiles. "Alyna, green Haquith's. Just transferred here into Ocelot, formerly of Arroyo."

D'har is completely agreeable with getting a good look-over from Alyna, especially considering he isn't making a secret of doing the same to her. Her first garners a roguish grin, nodding. "Rain certainly has its advantages. It's at least bearable to go out in most of the time." Even if it does turn the terrain into a morass from time to time. When she takes his hand, he turns it and brings it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back before relinquishing it. "Very well met, Alyna," he rumbles in answer. "And indeed, I'm sure I would have tried to offer welcome, had we met at Igen. Your face is certainly a memorable one. Obviously." Otherwise he might have stayed at his little back table. "What brought you to the jungle? A change of scenery?"

Alyna gives an appreciative nod at the kiss to the back of her hand before it is relinquished back to her, "Now I'm thinking it's quite the pity our paths haven't crossed earlier." she says rather boldy, a faintly flirty quality enters her voice. Then her drink comes and her eyes widen at the sight of it. Pulling it closer, she takes a long sip, "Mmmmmmmmm, that is really good." She flicks her eyes back in the direction of the bluerider, "Good recommendation." she says as she lifts the glass towards him. When asked about her transfer, she shrugs, "You pretty much got it in one. New place, new…people." And to emphasis that last word, she waggles her thin eyebrows suggestively in his direction. "How would you like to join me at a table?" she says invitingly, tilting her head in the direction of the tables a playful twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, I quite agree," D'har counters to Alyna's first, ebony eyes dancing in answer to her flirting. "But better late than never." When her drinks comes, he taps the bar to request one for himself as he polishes off what he currently has to the last eighth of the glass. "I'd like that very much," he says, rising and offering the greenrider his arm. Rogue he may be, but he's a gentlemanly one in public, at least. Usually. "I came for much the same reason, myself. Though it isn't too different from Boll, honestly. Still, I've been away from there long enough for it to not feel boring."

Alyna eyes the proferred arm with an amused smile and she hooks her free hand into it. "You're from Boll originally then? Where did you impress?" she asks conversationally as they make their way to a quiet corner.

D'har dips his head in affirmation to Alyna's question, pausing once they reach the table in order to pull out the chair for her. "Nephew of Lord Byshon, in fact. I went to Benden to Impress, which my parents were immensely proud of. Until I Impressed blue instead of bronze, that is." He shrugs, amusement with the memory tugging up one corner of his mouth again. "They got over it eventually. What about you?" He'll settle himself once she's sitting, finishing his current drink as he does so. "Where you're from and where you Impressed both, of course."

And now pulling out her chair, is this guy trying really hard or is he just that smooth? Alyna has yet to decide when she sits in the proferred chair, crossing one leg over the other as she places her drink down in front of her. "Ah yes, the Hold mentality, gotta love it." She says with a voice thick with sarcasm as she takes another sip from her drink before answering his questions, "Born at Telgar Hold, no fancy relations to speak of. Impressed at Igen twelve turns ago now, been there ever since. So to say this change of scenery is way past due would be putting it mildly."

Some things are just ingrained, inescapable even when the life left behind is. In other words, D'har is just being himself, having found a few courtly habits rather useful to retain. He snorts wryly in counter to Alyna's sarcasm, nodding along with her answer and chuckling to her last. "Have you had much of a chance to explore yet, then? There are some truly incredible sights along the coast and the river. Waterfalls and caves and the like. Incredibly beautiful." Finally, his new drink arrives and he accepts with a nod before taking a long pull and sighing with contentment.

"I haven't actually, I only arrived a couple sevens ago and my days have been busy with getting to know my new wing and all that stuff." Alyna says with a sigh. "I mean this is only the first time I've sought out a drink even." She says with an exagerated sigh, "All work and no play make me a dull girl indeed." she says although there is a small smirk playing at the corner of her lips as she looks over at him. "So you just telling me about these incredibly beautiful places or are you offering to give me a little tour sometime?" she asks innocently enough as she takes another small sip of her drink.

D'har is honestly surprised that this is the first chance Alyna has had to seek out a drink since arriving, dark brows arching high to show it. "I'd heard your wingleader might be an inhumane taskmaster, but to not even allow you a moment for a drink…" He shakes his head, smirking at her sigh and the words that follow. "Fortunately, I haven't noticed the 'dull' part in the least," he informs her, and gives a slow grin for her last. "I will be happy to show you any sights you wish to see," he counters, the roguish glint fully on display in his eyes. "And the beautiful places too, of course."

With a hearty chuckle, Alyna shakes her head, "Oh I've been drinking, mostly alone in my weyr." she says with a snort. "Nah, it's not been that bad, just getting used to a new routine takes time is all." Another sip of her quickly dwindling drink, so she raises the near empty glass to the bartender with a nod indicating she wants another one. Then she turns back to D'har a sly smile at his roguish comment, "Well from where I'm sitting the sights are nice indeed." she says playfully as she finishes off her drink.

"Well, that's no fun. Unless you have a particularly active imagination, I suppose," D'har says of drinking alone in one's weyr. He finishes a good deal more of his own drink, setting it down and turning the glass idly as he meets Alyna's eyes. Her last earns a lopsided smile as he leans forward, arms folded upon the tabletop. "I rather like the view myself," he counters, his tone edged with a mischievous roughness in turn. "And I am rather glad I decided to sate my curiosity a bit ago."

"You'd be surprised." Alyna tone drops slightly, lending a sultry quality to her words, referring to her very active imagination. Running a finger tip lightly around the rim of her now empty glass, she leans back slightly in her chair, repositioning herself with a little wiggle. Then she looks up through pale lashes at him, a small crease of confusion forming between her brows, "Sated your curiosity? How so?"

The quirk of D'har's brow and the heated smirk that sets his eyes dancing indicates that maybe he wouldn't be surprised to find that Alyna's has an active imagination…and it only piques his curiosity further. "I just meant about getting up to meet you," he explains to ease that little furrow between her brows. "I had every intention of just sitting at my table in the back and getting nicely drunk, and then you came in. You looked familiar; I had to know why. And now…" He unfolds his arms to gesture to the table between them. "Here we are."

"Here we are indeed." Alyna says with an easy smile, brow smoothing again. At that moment the bartender comes with her drink. Sitting forward, she lifts her glass towards him, as if she were offering him a toast. "To curiosity, and may it always be sated." she nibbles her lower lip gently, blue eyes twinkling mischievously before taking a long drink.

"To curiosity," D'har echoes, and downs the last of his current drink. His lean-muscled frame is relaxed, anything that might have trouble him coming into this place earlier now shoved into a hazy backdrop with the softening of the liquor in his system. He isn't quite drunk…and for now, that's quite satisfactory. He likes the current conversation and company too much to muddle things. "So, Alyna," he asks, running his thumb along the edge of his glass, "despite not having much time to explore…is there anything you've heard or found so far that's piqued your curiosity?"

Alyna leans forward as she puts her drink down, leaning her arms on the table in front of her as she tilts her head to one side looking as if she is thinking hard. "You mean besides charming blueriders in bars?" she says with playful wink, as her smile widens before she tries to think of an actual real answer to his question, but she just shakes her head, sending her messy runnertail bouncing. "Now that you mention it, I can't really think of anything. Fuck, I really have gotten dull." She says with a little self-deprecating chuckle.

"That isn't a bad start," D'har notes, dark eyes glittering, and shakes his head to her last. "Oh, I doubt that very much, my lovely greenrider," he practically purrs. "But you are still quite new. Shall we walk out of here once your drink is done and see about adding some luster to the evening? Perhaps a little exploring in a few…hidden places I might know of?"

Alyna holds up a slender finger, picks up her glass and throws back her head as she chugs the rest of her fruity drink in a rather practised manner, lowering the empty glass and running her tongue slowly over her upper lip at the drops lingering there. "I'm ready if you are." she says with bright smile as she fishes out the marks to pay for her drinks. "I am always down for exploring hidden places." She says with enthusiasm as she waggles her eyebrows suggestively in D'har's direction as she gets to her feet, steady as a rock.

First D'har is impressed with Alyna's handling of the last of her drink…then enthralled by the way she decides to clear the remnants from her lips. He drops fishes for his own marks, rising stably in turn. "Good to hear," he remarks, dropping a wink her way before turning to pay at the bar. Once they're all settled up for their drinks he moves with her out into the cloudy night, thankful that there's at least a break in the rain. He takes them toward the living cavern. Slipping the greenrider a mischievous grin, he veers toward the kitchens, slipping past the night cooks without fuss and into the stores. He continues back into the shadows, down a dark set of stairs into set of two small caverns. The first is rather eerie, the second clean and well lit…and then, passing into twilight once more, they emerge into what can only be described as a garden, wild at the edges though it appears to be. "Quite the little trek, but worth braving a few dark corners, I'd say," he tells Alyna, turning to see what she makes of the place.

Alyna follows along with the bluerider raising an eyebrow here, wondering at the mischievous grin he gives her but is rather content with being simply following along for now. Once they move through the stores and down the dark set of stairs, she doesn't say anything through the two small caverns, she may step a little closer to him through the eerie one although she'd never admit to it. When they finally emerge into the garden, Alyna looks impressed. "Definitely worth the trek I'd say." she says as she wanders further in. "I still can't get over how green everything is, even here." She sweeps a hand over the wild vegetation. "It's nice to have some color other than sand." she says with a small giggle.

"Yes… Sand gets tedious quite quickly," D'har notes with a low chuckle, soft, slow steps taking him over the moss that surrounds the little pool. "It does have its moments, usually sunrise or sunset, but…" Stopping, he turns to face her, the playful glint back in his eyes as he gives a small, tilted grin down at Alyna. "…There truly is something to be said for the beauty found in green."

"Especially when there's a storm and it gets everywhere." Alyna says with a laugh as she joins him near the little pool, looking down at the dark water. Then when he gives her that small tilted grin, she blinks her pale blue eyes at him and then offers a little laugh for what she assumes is a line, but she'll let it slide as she looks around the garden and then back up to meet his dark eyes, head tilted to the side, "So now I'm curious why you chose this place in particular to show me."

"Because it is hidden, which you mentioned appreciating in places to explore," D'har replies, shifting a half step closer to Alyna. "It's a place to escape too when the bustle becomes overwhelming. It is also unexpected, to most, especially after having to pass through the kitchen and the stores. Perhaps as unexpected as encountering a familiar face. And…" An appreciative gaze drops over the greenrider once more, his dark head tilting slightly in turn. "I may as well be honest and say I wished to take in the view in a different light. On the off chance slipping away alone with a charming bluerider might seem…enjoyable."

"Wow. Good answer." Alyna says with a soft giggle as she takes the barest step closer to D'har, eyes giving him an exagerated once over, as if really considering his words. "I think…" She teases with a long pause, even while her blue eyes dance mischievously to meet his again, "…that I'm finding it enjoyable already." she says with a soft purr to her voice.

Emboldened by their gradually decreasing proximity, D'har lifts a hand, chuckling as he touches a fingertip to Alyna's jaw and traces the edge toward her chin. "I do try. And…if the prospect of further enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment presented itself?" he asks, the timbre of his voice dropping and becoming huskier as his eyes flicker downward to her lips with the passage of his finger, then back up to meet her gaze. "How might that be received?"

With her icey blue eyes locked on his face, Alyna lips quirk into a receptive smile in a response to his finger being traced along the edge of her jaw. She chuckles a little bit at his coy wording, making her eyes dance with mirth. "Enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment?" she questions as she tilts her head to one side with a mischievous twinkle, "I don't know, that could really mean anything. Maybe you should show me what you had in mind?" she challenges him invitingly with one upraised eyebrow.

D'har can't help but grin at that, taking the last step necessary to close the remaining distance between them and boldly answer that inviting challenge from Alyna. His lips are sure and warm upon hers, his hand resting against her jaw to tilt her head up to meet him. After a moment, the tip of his tongue glides savoringly along her lower lip in returned invitation before air demands its due. When his eyes find hers again, they're little more than glittering ebony pools dancing with obvious appreciation and mischief yet to be tapped. "That, to begin with," he rumbles, his hand still in place against her cheek and his lips a mere few inches away, ready to be put to immediate use once more. He's so intent upon her that he doesn't notice the fact that it's started to rain again. "Much more to follow, of course."

Alyna leans into the kiss with her own, barely held back, hunger. It's been way too long since Alyna indulged herself in this sort of company and she finds herself responding to the kiss by pressing her body gently up against him. The touch of his tongue on her lips send a small shiver of excitement all through her. When they come up for air, Alyna's own eyes catch his as she giggles lightly and tilts her head, teasingly making a show at considering his offer, tapping her chin pensively with a single finger tip for several long beats before she slips her arms around his neck and pulls him close for a kiss that is meant to smolder slowly, growing in depth and intensity until she pulls back to whisper in a sultry tone, "Oh yes, I think more of that would be very well received indeed." Rain? What rain?

While D'har hasn't completely forgone this sort of company since coming to Southern, of course, it has been a long enough stretch that he can easily answer with an obvious hunger of his own. A growl rumbles in his throat as Alyna pulls him into her own kiss, his arms dropping to slide around her, pulling her snugly against his lean-muscled frame and his hands roaming her back. They settle upon her hips when she speaks, her words garnering a low, rich laugh. "So I've gathered," he counters with a grin, and plies her with one more unabashedly tasting kiss before he finally notes the rain. "My weyr, perhaps? This is not the sort of getting wet I was aiming for…" And he'd much rather concentrate on the sort he was aiming for.

The feel of his lean-muscled framed pressed against her causes Alyna to sigh happily, slipping her hands down from around his neck and places them on his chest lightly. When he makes the offer of his weyr, her ice blue eyes twinkle up at him as a playful smile stretches over her lips. "Yes.. please let's go to your weyr." She says with a smile before getting up on tiptoes to barely brush his lips with hers before saying in a playfulyl husky voice, "Then you can show me the other sort." she says as she catches his lower lip in her teeth and tugs on it gently before releasing it and stepping back from him with a wink, before she casually sashays in the direction of the way they came.

Ohhh, the things that tug to the lip does to him! D'har nearly forgets about the weyr in favor of tumbling Alyna upon the ground right there, but the impracticality (and probable discomfort) of the notion stops him. "Absolutely," he rumbles, following eagerly after the greenrider. Their passage back out to the Bowl seems to take entirely too long to him, though it's probably actually faster since they've traversed it once already. Searuth is nearly invisible in his statuesque posture of waiting outside, his eyes and the subtle shine to his midnight blue hide from the rain the main indicators of where he is. "Searuth offers his greetings," the bluerider informs Alyna as his dragon punctuates things with a rumble, and climbs up to mount swiftly, offering her a hand down to ride along with him. "Unless you would rather come on Haquith, of course." He's easy, either way!

The whole way back to the bowl, Alyna could feel herself buzzing with the anticiaption building within her, giving her a little skip to her step. When they arrive to his mount, and makes his offer, she reaches out to Haquith's mind but finds the green is asleep on her couch. "And greetings to you Searuth, Haquith is sleeping so I'll gladly catch a ride with you." she says as she grabs his hand and, with the ease of a veteran, swings herself up behind him, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

"He's a bit disappointed to know she's sleeping," D'har notes as he straps them in, though he's clearly amused and teasing his lifemate. "We're alike in our love of company, Sear and I…though he's generally smoother than me." To which the blue just rumbles as though it's the most obvious thing in the world. With a laugh, D'har claps the blue affectionately on the neck and then folds his arms over Alyna's around his waist as they take to the air. Their abode being above the Bowl, the flight is short, and they're at the ledge in minutes, D'har unclipping them before sliding down and then holding up his hands for the greenrider to meet as she comes down.

"Oh I'm sure she would love to keep him company sometimes, but I daren't wake her of risk getting an earful about needing her beauty sleep." Alyna chuckles lightly as she is strapped in. She rest her head on his back as they take the short ride to his ledge. Reaching for his waiting hands, Alyna slips down to the ground before she tilts her head at the blue and says "Thanks for the ride Searuth." before she pulls in close to the bluerider for a lingering kiss, teasing her tongue over his lips before darting between them to delve deeply.

Searuth utters a low, short croon in answer, though remains pointedly where he is even as D'har winds up partaking in a scintillating dance of tongues with Alyna. His hands upon her waist, he pulls her firmly against him, a low moan of rising want rumbling in his chest. Presently, he parts their lips with a chuckle. "I need to pull his straps since it raining. Feel free to wander in if you like; it will only take a few minutes." He does indeed make fast work of unstrapping his lifemate, though there's plenty of time in which the greenrider can wander into the warm, colorful confines of his home, where he'll join her as soon as he gets the straps hung to dry beside the entrance.

He doesn't have to tell Alyna twice. As D'har tends his dragon's straps, the greenrider will slip towards the weyr proper and wanders around curiously, taking in the color that assaults her from all angles. "Wow! This place is great!" She calls back over her shoulder, wandering around the screens to check out the bed, cause y'know priorities, Alyna nods her head appreciatively, "Yeah, that'll do nicely." she says to herself with a private giggle.

And once D'har joins her inside, the bed won't be the only thing to be done nicely. Curiosities will be sated in the best possible manner, and parting ways in the morning will undoubtedly be done with memories to last the day…and perhaps planting seeds for new ones to be made later, if they're so inclined.

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