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Living Caverns

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"Hey, you get to see the Weyrsecond almost end up on his ass firsthand."


Living Cavern

Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Delila comes in the living cavern as she just got off sweeps. She undoes her jacket as she makes her way over to get a cool drink and something to eat. She heads over to pour herself a glass of redfruit juice and she snags a couple of meatrolls before she goes over to find a seat. It's a nice day out and it's just after dinner so the living cavern is mostly empty except a few drudges who are cleaning up.

"Don't sit-!" One of those drudges who is really a candidate throws out her hand, fingers spread, when Delila chooses a spot to sit. "I'm sorry, a boy just threw up near that spot and I haven't quite," got the courage to do the detail work, "finished." She with the not one but two cleaning cloths in hand to prove she isn't deceptive, Nasrin, her face modestly covered, waits for the greenrider's response.

Delila pauses as she gets warned by the other woman, "Oh thanks for warning me about that. I hope it's not some illness going around." She moves to find another seat and looks around for any throw up before she sits down. She smiles, "I'm Delila, rider of Green Amazolith. Are you new here?"

The cloths already wet, Nasrin applies the first to the bench, stooping as she does so, fingernails little white sickles. "You think there could be an illness?" She's got her head turned up, thinking the worst when she shouldn't be as a knee-jerk reaction. While sickness would give her a reprieve from candidate responsibilities, having the condition on Hatching Day would be mortifying. "You could say that. My name's Nasrin, I come from the bazaar." Her dulcet voice certainly local. "How long have you been a rider for?"

G'tan saunters in from the Central Bowl.

Delila takes a long drink from her glass and she whews as she puts the glass up to her forehead to herself down. She puts it down on the table, "It's nice to meet you Nasrin. I've been a rider for about oh…four and a half turns now. I was 17 when I came here. I was searched. I'm originally from Telgar Hold. Well a small cothold that's beholden to Telgar Hold. I don't know. I haven't heard of anything so probably the boy just ate too much." She smiles, "So why do they have you cleaning up? Are you a candidate?" She asks as she leans in a little as she takes a bite out of one of her meatrolls.

There are chunks. Nasrin can clean without looking, peering up at the bench and table carpentry. The second cloth is for polishing the wood and floor to a luster just not achieved by someone's stomach contents. "Can I ask," buffing while both knees are pressed to the stone, "what Telgar's like? If Igen's know for sand and heat, what does Telgar export?" Other than Delilas. She drops the possibility of contagion. "Yes, see?" She spins a shoulder around to showcase her knot, eyes smiling.

Delila smiles, "Telgar is nice, it's got seasons not just really hot or really cold." She hmms, "Oh mining mainly, but my family had a farm so we made mainly foodstuffs." She does see the knot and she smiles brightly, "Congratulations. I hope that your dragon is out on the sands although they say that once you've been searched that your dragon is out there for you even if its not in this clutch."

Excuse the burly bronzerider cruising through with a plate in hand, a drink in the other, and his eyes fixed on a hide being held by his drink hand. G'tan has gotten good at getting through the living cavern in such a fashion, though taking into account Candidates cleaning up grossness doesn't always happen. Therefore, he nearly trips over Nasrin, glancing over just in time to swerve and thump a hip into a table with a short, loud screech of wood upon stone. (Hint: it's Delila's table.) The water in his glass goes sloshing over his arm, spattering the floor by his feet. "Shells. Sorry 'bout that, Candidate," he grumbles to Nasrin, then glances over at Delila. "Hey, you get to see the Weyrsecond almost end up on his ass firsthand. Didn't mess up your meal any, did I, Delila?"

N'tael has been summoned by G'tan via the RP Invite command!

Nasrin surveys her skill in hygienic application and is happy to go burn the cloths, rather, toss them in a kitchen bin. Odds are good she'll get to wash them tomorrow in the laundry. The catastrophe narrowly avoided is best watched from a witness's perspective, "pleas excuse me, Weyrsecond." Oh, and also that she's certifiably crimson. "One moment!" Trotting on her toes just until kitchen clearance, Nasrin returns with washed hands and damp sleeves almost the right circumference for pants. "That sounds like a pretty nice life," comment delayed as she now has a broom in hand. And stays well away from G'tan. "Not that dragonriding isn't." Tactfully as she presses the broom bristles to the floor. "Is that so?" Delila's comment on candidates matched with dragons, causes a blip in her sweeping pace.

Delila jumps and has to catch her glass as it starts to tip. She holds it up off the table as she tries not to spill it. She looks up at G'tan and she gives him a salute, "Good evening Weyrsecond." She puts her glass back down after taking a drink from it. "Are you all right?" She shakes her head, "No I think everything is all right. It is very nice, but being searched is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very glad I got the chance."

"No need to apologize; I wasn't lookin' where I was goin'," G'tan tells the Candidate girl with a tilted smile, then gives Delila a nod. "Yep, I'm good. And if you're good, I guess that makes us all good." Nonchalant, he sets his plate down and plucks up a piece of fruit, popping it into his mouth and chewing. "Got that right," he agrees with Delila, turning blue eyes back on the young woman with the white knot. "What's your name, Candidate?" Not demanded, just requested amiably though not without authority. He does like to put names to those running around with the knot, if he can.

"Don't ye e'en DARE!" That's N'tael's voice echoing out from the inner caverns before N'tael himself appears. Said shouts come on top of the sound of some small creatures nails on the ground. Someone yelps as the door to the caverns gets opened, and a puppy dashes out yipping pathetically. Catching the creature SHOULD be easy, but no, because N'tael is also trying to get a blue firelizard to CALM DOWN PLEASE srsly on his shoulder as well as catch the puppy. "STOP THAT PUPPY!"

Nasrin's color around her eyes and the bridge of her nose largely has been restored to normal while focusing on using short, stabbing motions trying to herd a crust of bread under a table over to her position. At G'tan's question, her actions respectfully halt. "Nasrin, sir, from the baz-" WHY HELLO NATE. Pale eyes source the Weyrleader and the object of his adversity. Catching the little beast would take some skill she doesn't have. She was only marginally good at ovine catching.

Delila picks up her half eaten meatroll and she gets up, "That's good that you are well Weyrsecond." She says as she moves so that the puppy can hopefully see her and she kneels down to offer it some of her meatroll, "Come here little one it will be okay no one is going to hurt you."

Ephrem has been summoned by Nasrin via the RP Invite command!

Chaos in the form of a puppy? That's actually what G'tan would consider a good change. Straightening as he hears N'tael shout, he casts around for the source of the issue and then stays back, letting Delila try her bit of food bribing…if the pup isn't too scared/otherwise keyed up to notice the offered treat. With how big he is, he'll probably just scare the thing more. But he'll get moving to go after it if he needs to. "Thought I'd seen you around the Tea Room a few times," he says, folding his arms and watching the scene unfold for now while still addressing the Candidate. "Well met, Nasrin."

Nope. Nope. Nope. That's the puppy to Dinah. He's not a people-person-puppy just yet. In fact, he probably won't EVER be a people person puppy if spastic humans keep CHASING him. Nope, nope, nope! "UGH. Don't let 'im outside! Tlazotezath swears he's gonna eat 'e runt if'n ye gets his claws int' him." Which Tlazotezath will keep his word. Somehow this small creature has injured his DINGITY and is now on the ax list. Right behind N'tael though comes a holder who SERIOUSLY wants N'tael's attention. "Damnit, G'tan, be dealin' with~" Handwave, as Nate finally manages to pry the firelizard off. "If'n ye'll come this way," Nate, out as he tries to act like a Weyrleader. TRIES.

This sort of botching happens in the bazaar all the time. However, lodged within the living caverns, it's an attractive sort of debacle. Nasrin holds down the area she's in and, after culturing some resolve, uses the broom as an extension of herself, trying to corral the beast. Swatting it is just a nice perk. "I'm surprised you can tell the servers apart," she provides G'tan props, a brief look askance in the Weyrsecond's direction. "He's just leaving?" She watches N'tael host a Holder and leave Puppyzilla to them. She's hasn't… finesse here.

Delila hmms, "I guess he's not hungry. We have to work together." She gets up to put her meatroll on the plate and then she goes try to move around to intercept the puppy. "Let's try to get it into the corner."

Normally, Ephrem would go out of his way to take his meals from the Bazaar. But at the moment, he just doesnt want to trudge all the way across the bowl. Instead, he drag-foots his way into the great cavern, barely slowing down at the sigt of a canine running rampid and the Weyrleader beating a quick retreat. A hand scratches along a very lightly stubbled chin, those few, dark hairs proving an itchy annoyance. Its then that he witnesses his sister trying to beat the pup wuth a broom (or well, for a second it looks like that!). A brow crooks upwards. "Nas? What's going on? What are you guys doing?". Dark gaze shifts toeards Delila in the process, then falls to the canine. "Why not just leave it alone? it'll leave when it wants.". And it would eat any dropped scraps, which means less sweeping! Win win.

G'tan prudently holds off on laughing until N'tael and the holder are gone, giving a nod and a barely-sober utterance of, "Yes sir," and then laughing. "Shells," he says, striding after the pup a little ways and then sidestepping to close off one avenue of escape. "This thing'll jsut run between Tlazotezath's claws." And teeth, probably. "Delila, get on the other side of the table, there, and Nasrin, do the same over there. We can narrow down his perimeter little by little." Says the man who's been coordinating formations like mad lately. The arrival of another Candidate draws his attention. "Good! Another point. Can't let 'im leave; Weyrleader wants 'im," the Weyrsecond explains. "Circle 'round over there, Candidate. Quicker we catch 'im, the quicker we're all back to what we were doin'."

Yes, you read that right, Nasrin is a dog-beater with a broom. PETA line one. Voice with a sting of frost, "that canine is precious to someone." Filling in her brother while trying to arrange a blockade of benches and chairs, feet shuffling as she tugs them into formation.

"He'd probably just sit on it." Ephrem grumbles. Yes, grumbles. There is some history there, if a limited amount, and the bronze clearly isn't his dearest friend. He likewise appears less then eager with the idea of helping to wrangle up a puppy. But his status has recently taken a somewhat significant blow (not that it was ever grand to begin with), and he is at the Weyr's beck and call. So he moves into place, glancing at Nasrin. "Can't they just get a different one?" It's a genuine question! Hounds were replaceable, as merited by Ephrem's laziness. Well, in any case, he is here now, between two tables, and he crouched down, providing a barrier of sorts.

Delila moves to where G'tan tells her to go and she holds out her hands as she ignores Ephrem for the moment and instead focuses on the puppy. She tries to get low so she can catch the puppy in case it comes charging towards her.

"Where's the fun in that when the Weyrleader's dragon likes blood?" Why yes, Zinakoth has relayed that particular fact about the Weyrleader's dragon to his lifemate. G'tan's smile is thin for the macabre humor, but hey, it is what it is. Once the two Candidates and greenrider are all where they ought to be, G'tan makes himself as big as possible - which isn't hard - and jump-stomps a bit toward the pup, scaring him (hopefully) in the general direction of one of those assembled (also hopefully).

That's it, furball. Follow the handsome Weyrsecond. Nasrin's broom is slowly guided toward Delila and Ephrem, the handle scuffed and pitted with age. "Maybe he has decent bloodlines." She quips, a guess, for the affection lavished on this wily animal. Because it isn't seemly to be crouched, Nasrin sits on the bench, knees together, hands poised on the broom to lay the smack down.

Oh that poor, poor pup. The jump-stomping no doubt scares the hell out of it! Ephrem is all to prepared to accept the pup in arm, should it run in his direction. He even duck-waddles a few steps closer, remaining low to the ground in parathion for either a grab, or a deterrent. "I'm sure the big splat on the ground left over from sitting on it will be bloody?" Oh, he's just full of charm tonight, isn't he? Ephrem smirks st Nasrin's possible explanation. "That or he's getting some sort of sadistic joy out of this." The idea of four people scrambling for one puppy.

Delila moves slowly towards the puppy as she keeps low. "Maybe but I wonder who'll keep the puppy afterwards. He or she is very cute." She says as she watches the puppy in case it tries to make a dash for it.

The pup yelps and whines, G'tan's antics having done their job…and does indeed bolt right for Ephrem. The Weyrsecond glances to the Candidates, approving of the tactics taken. "Not satisfying enough for Tlazotezath, I'd bet," he comments almost absently, adding, "I think I'll just get 'im back to the Weyrleader once we have 'im. Must've been a reason he was after the thing…" Then the puppy brakes and skids and scrambles, now heading straight for Delila. "Close in!" he instructs, gesturing with both hands to bring Nasrin and Ephrem forward with him to tighten the box. Hopefully that'll be enough to confound the poor thing right into Delila's grasp…

Ephrem tenses as the pup dashes his way, and his arms spready as he shifts and makes a go for it. the pup's quick back-pedaling earns a quiet curse and he does indeed move forward along with his sister to try and keep it pinned in. He holds his breath as he sees the creature getting closer to Delila.

Delila reaches out for the puppy and quickly scoops it up into her arms. "It's okay now pup. You are all right." She gently pets the puppy and holds it close as she tries to calm it down. "It's okay I've got the puppy."

G'tan straightens with a relieved huff of breath. Mission accomplished. "Excellent work, you three," he declares, giving Nasrin and Ephrem an approving nod each before approaching Delila with a smirk. "Maybe he'll take a little of the meatroll now?" he ventures, then jerks a thumb toward the inner caverns. "Otherwise, I'd better take 'im and see what the Weyrleader wanted 'im for."

Ephrem stands up, releasing a relieved breath and nodding to G'tan. He glances towards the pup one last time before he excuses himself and heads to get something to eat.

Delila smiles as she pets the puppy, "Well I can keep watch on him if you want. He or she is very cute." She continues to offer the puppy food as she moves to sit down with it. She smiles at Ephrem, "Thanks for the help."

G'tan considers for a few moments before giving Delila a nod. "If you don't have any duties for the time bein', have Amazolith let Tlazotezath know you've got 'im," for he just keeps assuming the pup is a male, "and get 'im to the Weyrleader as soon as possible. I've got some reports to answer." The hide he'd been reading is picked up and flicked with his fingers for emphasis before he takes up his plate and cup as well. "Clear skies, Delila. Get hold of me through Zinakoth if somethin' doesn't work out." And with that, the Weyrsecond is off as well. Duties don't allow him to stay and get to know the cute, scared little puppy, unfortunately.

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