Delila, Realilina, Tobin and numerous firelizards.


Tobin arrives at Igen Weyr and meets Delila and Realilina. Meatrolls are eaten, words are spoken and firelizards are fed.


It is the eighty-second day of Autumn and 77 degrees. It is a cool, still night.


Living Caverns, Igen Weyr

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"Say, pass me that juice? You're a doll." "A very dusty doll."


Living Cavern

Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Delila comes in from the outside and she has her scarf around her face to protect it from the sandstorm that's going on. Normal weather for Igen. She takes off her scarf and shakes out the sand. She brushes the sand off her clothes before she goes to get something to eat and drink as it's about an hour after most have had dinner.

A tall, lanky teenage boy with dark hair and kind blue eyes walks in from the bowl. He's dressed for desert travel, with a satchel across his chest, and wearing the bewildered look of someone who hasn't been here before. He smooths off his tunic in an attempt to rid it of the sand that never really goes go away, and then dusts off his hands, glancing around. The boy takes in the business of the caverns, noting all of the firelizards seated on various shoulders and hanging from glowbaskets overhead. Deciding he's thirsty, Tobin heads over to get himself a glass of water and passing Delila on the way. He nods to her politely as he reaches for pitcher.

Realilina has parked herself on a bench with a tall glass of klah and an already drained pitcher of juice. She's brought along a sand tablet and is alternating scratching down circles, erasing them in a huff, and ruminating. She upends her juice glass into her mouth, her brow gathering in irritation at the lack of liquid. Leaning foward, she peeks into the pitcher of juice and stares forlornly at the thin pool of red liquid at the bottom. Her eyes flick to the glass of klah, considering, and then up over the caverns, catching on Delila and Tobin in turn. She snatches her empty pitcher up and springs to her feet, forgotten scarf dyed rich blue falling off her lap and gathering on the floor by the bench, golden embroidery catching the light. With a sigh and a dismissive gesture, she proceeds to the table with refreshments and interaction with others. She replaces the pitcher in her hand with a meatroll, which is promptly stuck in her mouth, leaving her free to gesture greetings.

Delila nods politely back as she passes the teenager and she goes to get a mug of klah. Even if it's hot out she needs her klah, "Hello there. You look new go have a seat anywhere." She says politely and cheerfully. She goes to fill her plate and moves to find an open spot. She sees Realilina's scarf fall and she goes to pick it up to set it on the table next to her. She sits down and starts to eat hungrily.

Tobin gets his glass of water, and grabs a meatroll too - ok, two meatrolls. Alright, he grabs a plate. He's a hungry growing young man, ok? And he just travelled a long way. "Thank you," he says shyly to Delila, nodding to Realilina as she approaches. He slouches a bit, shoulders rising, as he leans in to ask the blonde woman: "Do you know who I should talk to about becoming a stable hand?" He smells a bit like horses, and like the dusty open road.

"Mfffrm." Lina blinks, realizes the reason she isn't able to speak, and chews furiously. Her mind is still elsewhere, obviously. "Master Si-na-shal?" she slowly responds, still thinking over the answer. "Say, pass me that juice? You're a doll." She looks him up and down. "A very dusty doll. I doubt Cremla would've let you in here like that. Well, get yourself fed and water, we can get you cleaned up later before you go back to rolling around with runners or whatever happens in stables." She reaches out a hand and starts brushing the dust off of him, away from the food. Her other hand she uses to stuff another meatroll in her mouthshe probably forgot to eat todayand piles up her own plate, still while dusting the young man.

Realilina's radars haven't even picked up Delila yet. Her head is too busy floating in clouds.

Tobin sets down his own plate and glass at their table - the one Delila and Realilina are at, reaching for the juice pitcher to give it to the woman. And suddenly he's being patted down. He straightens up, blinking and looking otherwise helpless as he's dusted by a complete stranger. He coughs at some of the sand that comes up, and nods at the name, Master S—-something. "Er… I'm Tobin?" Might as well introduce himself to both of the ladies. He eventually sneaks away and takes a seat at their table, just out of reach to be dusted again, shoving meatrolls into his face. He drinks the entire glass of water in one go, and reaches for the juice pitcher, pouring himself some.

"Tobin, Tobin," Lina repeats to herself, squinting at him as she moves out of reach and she follows back to the table where she was seated. "Oh. I didn't see you. Well met, 'rider. D-D, something, isn't it?" Her eyes attempt to drink the juice Tobin is pouring for himself. She gives the scarf a look, not sure how it magically teleported itself. With a small feat of acrobatics, she's seated again, fixing her sand tablet with a dour look. "Ah, Harper Realilina." She taps herself on the chest, in introduction. She's had a day.

Tobin notices Lina eyeing his juice and refills the harper's glass after he fills his own. "Nice to meet you, Lina." He says, leaning back in his chair. "Have you been at the Weyr long?" Azure blue eyes glance around the living caverns again, as he takes a sip of his juice. "The dragons really are something, huh?" And he smiles.

Delila looks up from her food as he's was focused on that. She takes a sip of her klah and she nods to Realilina, 'Good evening. I'm Rider Delila of Green Amazolith. It's nice to meet you both. You dropped your scarf on the floor. You should be more careful this is a lovely scarf."

Realilina eagerly downs the glass, eying her cold klah again. She really shouldn't. Past dinner time is not time for klah. Gratituous amounts of alcohol, maybe. She makes a note to tap into whatever Erikk's stashed away in their rooms when she returns. "Delila, that's it! I knew it was something with a D…" Her eyes trail off with her words as she sets eyes on the tablet again, wipes away a measure and a half with a her stylus, and quickly pens something in. She seems rather self-congratulatory for a middle-aged woman, at the moment, and more present than she was a moment again. "Ah, my thanks," she belatedly responds, patting the scarf. "Ah, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I remember the first time I came to a Weyr." Her eyes twinkle mischiveously before swiping up the pitching of juice and pouring herself some more. "This Weyr, however… I came along with the rest of the mass exodus. And be careful." She leans in conspiritorily, glancing at Delila out of the corner of her eye. "The dragons are really teddy bears."

"Well met, Delila. Wow!" he almost spits out his juice, "You're a dragonrider?" Yup, bring the boy who breeds runners to the Weyr, and he's going to get excited about meeting a real live dragonrider. He slouches back in his chair, suddenly awkward. "I mean, er, that's pretty cool. And stuff." He blinks at the warning from the harper, leaning over to listen to Lina's whisper. "Those are pretty big teddy bears!"

Tobin said that.

Realilina hears and witnesses!

Delila smiles at Tobin, "Welcome to the weyr. I'm sure the stablemaster or one of the beastcrafters here could help you if you are looking for work in the stables." She offers and nods to Realilina, "You'll have to excuse me but what is your name again?" She chuckles a bit at Tobin, "Well most of the dragons are pretty friendly, although not all of them, but they won't hurt you so long as you don't try to hurt them or hurt their rider. Where are you from?" She asks, "I'm originally from one of the cotholds beholden to Telgar Hold."

"Harper Realilina," she responses with a broad grin, corners of her eyes crinkling slightly. "You'll have to excuse my manners. My head's been here for the past few candlemarks." She taps her tablet with a slender finger, nose twitching. "How I *hate* bloody commissions. Honestly, it's like herding felines in my mind." With a sigh, her fingers jump to her now-messy braid and begin undoing it with practiced ease. "I grew up in a cothold outside of Ista Weyr, originally. Where did you journey from, young Tobin?"

"Thank you," Tobin says, nodding to Delila about the stablemaster or one of the beastcrafters being able to help him. He puts both of his hands to his chest and then holds his palms out. "I would never mean to hurt a dragon or their rider." He gives his head a shake, azure blue eyes wide. That would be craycray. He nods to each as they say where they are from. "I'm from a runner hold," he swallows and offers awkward to both women, lowering his chin a bit shyly. "I - ah - uh - it's not far from here. Well, it is, but, not really. I, uh, brought my runner. She's outside. I don't think she likes the dragons." He sends a worried glance towards the entrance. "Do you, um, think she'll be alright?"

Delila ahs and nods, "Right Harper Realilina I haven't seen you for a while what have you been up to? Oh what are you commisioned to make a song or a drawing?" She asks before she takes a drink from her klah. She smiles at Tobin, "Not a problem always happy to help I'm sorry you said your name was again?" She asks. "Good to hear I'm sure you'll fit in just fine here. I think she'll adjust. There are runners here and they don't seem to mind the dragon, but I don't know much about the runners. So what brought you here from your runner hold?"

"Song, it's a song, though I don't know why I ever accept these things." Realilina fixes the staff with a dour look again, though she seems satisfied enough with it. She plucks a piece of fruit from her plate and takes a good bite from the juicy flesh, wiping her chin with the back of her hand like a frakkin' lady. "I've mostly been busy with the children. Edlsesa has discovered the joy of painting with daddy and now won't stop trying to paint anything she can get her hands on, and Kanriel keeps opening things for her when we're not looking." She sighs again. "Damn me to /between/ if I ever agree to spawn another hellion."

Tobin nods to Delila's comment about his runner, although he continues to glance in the direction of the bowl. He reaches for his juice and takes another swig. "I hope that she adjusts alright," he says. "I, um… I'm just looking for work." He shrugs a shoulder, swirling his glass and watching the remains of the red juice dance at the bottom of his glass. "Wanted to see the dragons." He sniffs. It's truthful enough. (For the full story, see the history on his webpage.) His eyes widen as Lina starts talking about her children, and he nods politely, tilting his dark head to watch the antics of the blue and green firelizards soaring overhead. He tosses the last bit of meatroll into the air and grins as the blue one catches it and swallows it, and then soars down to their table, chittering hungrily. "That's it," Tobin says, spreading his hands. The blue chitters at him and pecks at his plate, causing the boy to shakes his head, and head back to the buffet for more meatrolls.

Delila smiles, "Oh what kind of Song? A love song? A funny song?" She asks as she finishes eating. "Are they that bad? I've thought about having children, but my duties are very busy and I really couldn't take care of them like I should. I'm glad the weyr has a good foster system though if it should happen." Delila oohs, "Is he your's?" She asks as she takes a little food of her plate and offers it to the firelizard.

At thoughts of food and other flizzards, Narcissa pops in from between, dropping gracefully to Realilina's shoulder. The Harper rolls her eyes and grabs a scrap for the greedy lizard. "I swear, I can't think too loudly…" She gives Delila a look of long-suffering, "To commemorate some lord or another's… something. It wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't given meDEMANDED I use themtheir own lyrics. It's really quite atrotious." She gives Cissy a scritchy on her eye ridge, causing the gold lizard to trill appreciatively with slowly blinking. "Oh, I wouldn't give Kanrielor Edlsesa, even though I didn't bear herup for the world, but I suspect I have a very, very long decade ahead of me. Weyrs always handle fosterlings well. Before people came to their senses and I was reinstated to my proper rank, I was a nanny for quite a time." She gives Delila a smile, "Erikk wanted to be more hands-on with our children, though. I think he wanted to spare them his own upbringing, though I think that may've had more to do with his insane mother than anything." She smirks slightly, before burying the rest of that thought in a chug of juice.

Realilina releases Narcissa, who launches into the air.

The little blue hops over to Delila and gobbles up the offered food. Tobin returns shortly with a plate of more meatrolls, and a plate of sweetrolls as well, which he sets in front of the ladies. Someone's mama taught him manners. The boy shakes his head, grinning as the blue soars over his head. "I feed them, so they usually like me." He falls sloppily into his chair and runs a hand through his hair before turning back to the meatroll, gently pulling it apart into pieces and tossing them into the air for the firelizards to catch. Soon, there's a swarm of four overhead. And now Realilina's gold, who's sudden appearance gets a nod of acknowledgement from Tobin.

Delila finishes her meal as she listens, "I have two browns and it's keeping Amazolith company. They like her a lot, all firelizards like dragons though from what I've seen of them. I'm by no means an expert." She gently pats the blue on the head and she takes a single sweetroll as she tears it to start to eat a piece of it. She nods to Tobin, "Thank you Tobin that was nice of you to get more food for us." She gently waves away the blue, "Sorry this one is all mine."

Narcissa chitters and leans towards the young man, stretching out her gold wings and thwapping Realilina in the face to keep her balance. "Cissy!" the Harper admonishes. "I have four myself. Insatiable bellies. 'Sesa's in the stage where she is constantly chasing them around. Well, they need the exercise, with all the eat." Her words are belied by a finger trailing along the edge of the gold's wing and a soft smile. "I've notice they're less prevelant than they used to be. In my time, it wasn't uncommon for three or four to be bonded to even an apprentice, odd as that may seem. Any insights, 'rider?"

Tobin reaches out a hand to Narcissa to scritch her under her chin, "She's beautiful," he says. "You're welcome," he adds to Delila. "I do like firelizards, and most animals. Even tunnelsnakes are ok, if you respect them." He reaches for a sweetroll and takes a bite, then tosses a piece up to share with the flock. "Three or four?" He blinks at the harper woman. "Wow."

Delila shrugs a little bit, "I'm afraid I don't know you are better served to ask the dragonhealers. I know mine are healthy. No one in my family ever had even one firelizard and now I have two so I consider myself doubly lucky." She wrinkles her nose at the mention of tunnelsnakes, "I could do without tunnelsnakes."

Realilina shrugs, filing that mystery away for a later day. She takes her last chunk of meatroll and shoves it in Narcissa's face, where she happily gobbles it up.

Flipping a piece of wood on top of the sand and securing it down with two metal latches, she gives Delila and Tobin matching smiles before intoning, "Cissy being here means it's later than I thought. Erikk's likely to come looking for me unless I haul my ass. It was nice meeting you both, formally. And welcome to the Weyr, Tobin." She grabs her scarf and throws it over her shoulder, mentally catologues her things, before give a short wave and kidnapping another pitcher of juice on her way out.

Tobin waves to Realilina as she departs. "Thank you. It was, um, nice to meet you too." Grabbing a few meatrolls for the road, and tucking them into his pocket, Tobin leaves the rest on the plate for the firelizards. "I should go check on my runner," he says quickly, running a hand through his hair. "It was nice to meet you Delila." He offers the greenrider a shy smile before hurrying out into the dustbowl to find his filly.

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