M'noq, Th'res


Wingsecond checks in with his wingleader.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Ship with a View, Southern Weyr

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Ship with a View

Sliding metal doors open onto a large area, curved like an upside-down ship. The lowest area is largest and has a stone floor, spacious enough for two dragons to sleep. Stairs lead upward to the living area, hooks for flying gear and storage for boots and other things right at the first landing. The furniture is simple and masculine, wood and brass trim matching the rest of the ship. Round portholes open onto the fields, letting in fresh air and light, with secure covers and locks for threadfall. A main living area with an impressive hearth and comfortable couch (with knitting basket tucked in beside) has wide doorways that lead into other rooms, including a map room with a large captain's table, a master suite with its quilted fourposter bed and antique furniture, and a small galley with a stove and running water from a nearby spring.

It is late evening, after dinner but really before anyone is going to turn in. Jedameth be speaks Ravaith « Is yours busy? Mine wishes to speak with him. »

M'noq had been in the lower part of his ship weyr, taking care of gear. K'vvan and Nadeeth don't appear to be around. « Tell yours to come to the ship weyr. » The brown sends along a mental map, laying out the location, in case the blue doesn't know it.

It takes a while mostly because Th'res is really in no great rush to run over there. Because while he is fool harty he isn't suicidal and walking into the angry den of a bear like K'vvan isn't really that inviting. So when he shows up he comes bearing gifts. He knocks at the door.

No K'vvan is in sight, so Th'res can relax. M'noq opens the small door (not the dragon sized one) and smiles a greeting. "Th'res. Come on in. Everything all right?" Beyond the door is the lower weyr, where Ravaith is. Stairs lead upward to the weyr's living area.

Th'res chuckles and nods "Oh everything is good, i actually found something I thought you might want." He holds up a basket, he steps in and looks around the shipweyr saying "you build this?"

M'noq peers into the basket and he'll take it if Th'res is offering. "Ah, no. T'ral built it, though we found the wreck of the ship together. We can go upstairs and look around if you want. No one else is home." In case he is worried about K'vvan.

Th'res shrugs and is still curiously looking about the lower half. "Oh I don't want to intrude" he motions to the basket "I remembered you didn't drink but I know K'vvan might so I gave you a few jars of my newest batch of shine." There is also a long scroll case and a few what looks like baked goods.

M'noq looks faintly amused. "K'vvan doesn't drink either. Or, he shouldn't. It's more of a problem to have it around him than me." He won't go into great detail about the reasons, but Th'res can probably add them up. "These look good, though." He takes one of the baked items and takes a bite. "What's this?" he asks about the scroll case around a mouthful of sweetroll.

Th'res chuckles and nods "My sister is a baker, so she sends me care packages from time to time. Those are her red fruit tarts with shaved nut fruit toping. Problem is if I ate them all before they went bad I doubt Jed could fly me I would be so large." He nods to the scroll case saying "I know you like making maps but didn't know if you liked studying them too.."

"Oh, so you figure that Ravaith can better handle the additional weight if it's on me, hmm?" M'noq jokes. "Myziri used to constantly eat pies. Said she did enough PT to justify eating anything she wanted. Didn't seem to harm her." He finishes the rest of the treat in a couple bites, wipes his hands on his pants, then checks out the scroll case to see what's inside. "I enjoy seeing what other people map, and then if I can, checking out the area in person."

Th'res nods and says flatly "that is the most recent 'apology' from my father. It is a wind and sea charts for the waters near Black Rock.. Figured the wing could use it." He nods to the contents saying "he is an excellent sailor and chart maker…"

M'noq arches a brow at this explanation and then nods. "Yes, useful. When we need to do something in the water, we've been going to the dolphineers, but any maps of the coast are useful to me, on account of my project." He still hasn't put that aside, even though it has been Turns since he started.

Th'res will take his turn now at arching an eyebrow "Project? Is this wing and Weyr or personal?" Because those who don't drink drown themselves in work ya know

"Oh, the project. When we were weyrlings, Ravaith and I decided that we were going to map the entire coast of the Southern continent. All the way around," M'noq says. "It has taken longer than I originally thought…" Some things happened in the meantime.

Th'res nods and grins a little "That sounds like fun. Jedameth wants to see all of the Barrier, as well as Igen." He still takes his time looking around the area before asking "how do you deal with it?"

M'noq nods at that and smiles. "There's all of Pern to see, too. We like going up to High Reaches, too." The other man's question makes him arch a brow curiously. "Deal with what?"

Th'res stops and turns half way to the man saying "Having a weyrmate in the fighting wings. I barely am able to keep myself from checked over my clutch siblings and wingmates every five minutes.." He motions to the room itself saying "And your both leaders too which as to be a challenge.."

M'noq hums then and nods, his smile slightly wry. "I don't pretend it's easy. But I have every confidence in K'vvan that he is able to keep himself and Nadeeth and his wing safe. He and I have very different leadership styles, but I know he's good at what he does. I'm not saying I never worry, but…" A shrug. "It helps that we're in different wings. I try not to look over his shoulder."

Th'res nods and smirks when M'noq talks about leadership styles "Letting your wing seconds do all the work and punching anyone who says different is a Leadership style?" Because Th'res has been there when watching D'wane and R'zel handle the hide work before. Giving a little shrug adds "Well I won't have to be dealing with that so far anyway. Jed is about all I can handle right now for a roommate."

M'noq laughs at that. "K'vvan would probably punch you if he heard you suggest that he doesn't do work. He just asks his wingseconds to take care of the things he doesn't have time for. You know he recopies all of the reports his wingseconds write for the Weyrleader, so it will all be in the same handwriting?" Secrets of Ocelot. "Best to make sure before you bring in a weyrmate. K'vvan wasn't my first."

Th'res tilts his head and regards the Wingleader " Oh? I didn't know that. Figured you and K'vvan were always an item. Least that is what everyone told us in weyrlinghood."

M'noq laughs again. "Nah, it has only been the last couple of Turns. Right after weyrlinghood, I paired up with a girl I'd been flirting with since candidacy. Not saying things weren't good for a while, but…." His expression clouds over. "Let's just say it didn't work out and leave it at that. Any girls you have your eyes on? Or boys?" Since they're on the topic.

Th'res nods understanding all to well the bad break ups. But at the question his ears pinken lightly, for someone with a good poker face it seems when matters of love are in play he is rather innocent still. "Well there is one, but she is an apprentice and it wouldn't be proper.. at least until she makes journeyman."

M'noq catches that reaction but doesn't make mention of it. "I suppose. Especially if she is quite young, as apprentices often are. I wouldn't ever encourage you to sneak around the rules, though I'm sure some people do." His tone is rather wry. "Jedameth showing any interest in greens? Some dragons tend to chase more than others."

Th'res shakes his head "No rule skating here. We are friends that have dinner. And i always make sure there are plenty of people around." Always careful and planned out is the thinking of the blue rider. "He hasn't really yet though he spends much of his time with them talking and being friendly. " There is a rueful little grin "I also suspect Zynth has been 'guiding' him a little too."

"No worries," M'noq says. "Ravaith didn't chase much at all for a long while. And lately he has been pretty much exclusively interested in Nadeeth. He might feel like he has as much to get used to as you do."

"I suppose, though honestly it doesn't really bother me." Th'res gives a little chuckle adding " I mean with D'ex always trying to get me bedded by people it is rather a relief I don't have to worry about dragon hormones."

"Nothing wrong with having someone warm your bed on occasion," M'noq says. "As long as you both have the same understanding." Just a little comment. "So, how are you taking to wingsecond duties? Am I giving you too much work, or not enough?"

"I wouldn't know, Sir. Never had someone warm my bed." Is the shrugging answer from Th'res. He does turn and slightly narrows his eyes at the wingleader saying "My old Master at the hall used to ask me that right before he gave me more work…" But he does consider the question " I enjoy the work, even the extra assignment of keeping F'kan on point and focused."

M'noq smiles wryly. "We always have to keep moving. If you're not improving, you must be getting complacent." He looks thoughtful as the "Lynx challenge" is mentioned. "How are things going with F'kan? K'vvan worked with him daily to try to get through to him, and he was really disappointed when he backslid."

Th'res actually grins saying "Better, he has finally come to the realization that he must improve himself. That what he did was his own fault and he wishes to be better." He folds his arms across his chest adding "I even took him on a little run up to the barrier. Because a friend was visiting and there didn't need to be another scene made, he didn't even whine."

"Good," M'noq says, though there's something in his expression that's still a little skeptical. "Make sure you keep an eye on him, though. I don't exactly trust him not to backslide again. I should probably have a chat with him soon to hear from him how he's doing. Remind me in case I forget."

"You are free tomorrow after noon meal for thirty minutes. Then you have your Wingleaders meeting" says Th'res with out even having to consult a list. "I could have him meet you outside the war room so you won't have to hurry along to much".

M'noq considers this. "I'd rather catch up with him when he doesn't expect an interrogation. Maybe after drills, or at dinner. Don't worry, I'll find him." Sneaky sneak.

Th'res chuckles and grins "better do it when he is sleeping then. He is a little on edge sometimes." He goes a little blank in the face before letting out a sigh "It seems Jedameth has purposed Taliveth’s pots again.. "

M'noq laughs. "Good point. That way I'll be able to make sure he's sleeping alone." He's joking. Probably. "What sort of purpose is putting to them?"

Th'res shrugs and laughs "he says he is going to try to turn them into fish pots. So he can watch fish with Taliveth and Zynth.." He shakes his head ruefully saying "I really hope A'ndi doesn't get to mad. He has been a little up tight since the Ista trip. well a little more up tight than usual."

"Fish pots? Something wrong with him going to the lake and watching fish there?" M'noq says. Then again, he doesn't really understand some of the inclinations of the younger dragons. "Sounds like something the dragons should work out, though. Hopefully A'ndi will understand." He pauses. "Something unusual happen at Ista?"

Th'res shrugs "Just D'ex and A'ndi getting drunk" Not anything unusual there right? "He just seems a little overly stressed about something. Though I have to assume it is because D'ex did something." He chuckles and shakes his head adding "Those two have a very odd friendship."

M'noq hums at that, a little noncommittal about saying much when he doesn't know the other two riders well. "They were both friends with A'hali before they Impressed, right? From what I understand, he had an odd collection of 'family' living with him."

Th'res nods his head "D'ex is interestingly annoying, or at least that is what N'lim notes said. I like the guy and his dragon seems to of taken a shine to me." He grins over at M'noq "Truth be told they are acting like two kids trying to hide they are saying. Which is funny if they are as i don't think anyone will care."
M'noq smiles wryly. "Dragons can be a bit eccentric, depending on how far they're allowed to go by their riders. Don't let either of them get you into too much trouble, though." M'noq still has a vague wariness over D'ex and his past.

Th'res chuckles and shakes his head "I won't. I am sure you realize by now I am not kind to let it go to far." He gives the brownrider a grin and says "So.. When did you want this bonfire to happen, sir?"

M'noq goes to his satchel, where he has his notebook with the list of upcoming Threadfall dates."Let's see… how about this date? Morning 'Fall, so we should have time in the afternoon to put something together."

Th'res looks over the date and nods saying "looks good. WE may want to invite some of the other wings just to better relations with them." Because can't really ever have to many friends right?

"You think?" M'noq says musingly. "Depends if you want an activity that's Lynx-oriented or not. I'll leave it up to you, who you want to invite, though." He's leaving a lot of this in Th'res's hands, for good or ill.

"R'zel for one, and maybe some of the new people to the Weyr. Just to get people out there and talking again." Is Th'res thoughtful answer as he ponders more adding "I mean it would still be a Lynx thing, but having some other wings there might lessen the load for supplies, especially if Fall goes bad that day. "

"Sure, if you like," M'noq says after a noncommittal hum. "Fall should be light that day, though, so unless we are very unlucky, we shouldn't have a problem. You want to plan some training exercises with the other wings as well?" He turns to a blank page in his notebook and begins to make notes.

The red headed blue rider thinks on that a moment before he shurgs "Well that is up to you, Sir. I mean it would be good to start working with others on sweeps and search and rescue. If only so people know there place and don't cause more of a mess in case of disaster."

"We did do some pairing up with other wings on sweeps not long ago," M'noq mentions. "Might have been before you Impressed, though. I think most found it a good experience. Would be useful to get some experience in dealing with disaster, though I wonder if the Weyrleader might take charge of that, or Ocelot if there are people to be rescued."

Th'res has to think a moment but before he can his blue is pulling his attention away.. With a heavy sigh the blue rider says "Seems F'kan needs to talk.. I should go and see if he is alright, don't want him painting peoples knuckles again."

M'noq smiles wryly and nods. "All right, good luck. I'd rather see F'kan talking than doing something foolish."

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