Th'res, R'zel, Verokanth, Jedameth


R'zel is showing Th'res he knows how to throw ropes, Jedameth learns about fish!


It is midmorning of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It's that 'after drills' slice of the morning, so there are a scattering of dragons here, sunning themselves, being bathed or soaking in the sea. That it's hot goes without saying. Verokanth is mostly sunning, though he's keeping a careful eye on his rider's antics too. R'zel's dressed in shorts, sandals a long sleeved shirt of thin cloth with the sleeves rolled to just below the elbow, and a broad-brimmed canvas sunhat of indeterminate hue. He's on the beach, close to the water and standing as much as he can in Verokanth's shade. On the sand nearby are several hanks of rope. He selects one, gathers it into loops for for throwing, and then throws, choosing the direction so that it avoids water or wet sand. Then he gathers it up and tries again.

If the bronze duo were hoping for calm and quiet well, they might want a refund from there travel agent. Jedameth, the little blue dragonet walking like his joints are stiff and popping, has somehow gotten far ahead of his lifemate and will hit the sand at full run… Which goes about as expected for a first timer, the little blue trips and rolls in the sand only to come up and unfurl his wings tossing sand everywhere. Th'res is behind him at a good run, still not the fastest runner the short weyrling can only watch as his dragon nose dives but comes up fine. The blues, greens and some silvers dance from the dragons mind to all those close and a mind voice that is loud with excitement « DID YOU SEE THAT!! THE SAND HUGGED ME!!! IT WAS WARM, COME ON TH'RES LETS GO SWIMMING.. HEY WHAT IS THAT IN THE AIR?.»>, while he doesn't project to the whole weyr he does shout to the immediate area. The young blue fascinated with the ropes that are being tossed in the air at this point…

Warm cinnamon-scented amusement wafts from Verokanth to the young blue. « It is rope, little one. It is a very useful thing. And you will find it helpful to pick up your feet when you walk on soft sand. » R'zel can hardly help noticing Jedameth's arrival, and looks behind the young dragon for his rider even as he coils up the rope again. "Th'res!" he calls cheerfully. "How's it going? He looks like energy on legs!"

Th'res snaps the salute that has been engrained in him to do saying "That he is Wingsecond, Sir" still at a good jog to catch up to the blue it takes him a moment or two more to get next to his lifemate and check for damages. Finding none he will turn to the bronze rider and saying "I hope we aren't interrupting anything sir." Jedameth on the other hand is ecstatic as someone has given him instructions, colors change from blues and greens to browns and reds to match the cinnamon scent from the bronze dragon « REally? like this? » he will take a few steps carefully picking his feet up and setting them down but his tail keeps swishing so he will fall over as it gets buried in the sand and throws him off balance slightly. The blue is persistent though and is on his feet again « Step one, lift tail slightly, STEP TWO, walk carefully » after a few tries he gets and is soon closing the distance to the other dragon. His mind colors shift again to a swirling copper ore being poured from a forge « YOUR SO HUGE!! ARE ALL DRAGONS THIS BIG OR AM I JUST TO SMALL? »

Now that's Verokanth's sort of question! Still warmly spicy, the bronze answers, « I am a bronze and full grown. You are a blue and very young. Grown dragons are bigger than young dragons, and bronzes are bigger than everyone except the queens. You will get bigger in time. » R'zel flaps a hand; it's just about passable as a salute. "I'm trying out some new throw ropes. Ocelot uses them in rescues, and we've just received some new ones from the Minecraft to try." He lifts the one in his hands slightly. It looks well made and supple, with neatly bound ends. "This is one of our latest consignment from the Seacraft, though, and it's pretty good."

Jedameth does his strange little walk, almost like a feline trying to avoid something sticky on the floor, around the bronze dragon. He looks over the large bronze until making a full circle then he will stop and his mind whirls in colored light and what could be described as bricks of color, there is a Clicking and clacking noise that is both from his teeth as he seems to to be focusing on the image he is creating and from the blocks being put in place. Quickly the image of Verokanth is assembled, a few times it is imperfect or disproportionate and the young dragon will break it apart and build it again till he has the image right and in his mind. Once he can disassemble and reassemble it properly, he will store it in a bin somewhere deep in his mind « I hope so, I met other blues and they are big too! I am Jedameth, who are you? ». While the dragons interact Th'res nods and says to the wing second "Are you using single or double braided rope, Sir?"

R'zel glances down at the rope in his hands. "This one's what the fisherman called hawser-laid. Three strands, twisted. One of the others is some sort of plait, though - is that what you mean by braided? It's quite thick." Alas, no nylon on Pern! R'zel grins. "I know about throwing them; I don't know a lot about making them." Curiously, he adds, "Do you?" Verokanth allows Jedameth to inspect him from all sides before he lowers his head to look at the little blue from the same eye-level. His eyes whirl happily in a shade that's not too different from Jedameth's hide. « Growing takes time, but it will happen. I am Verokanth, and my rider is R'zel. We know yours from before you Hatched. »

Th'res nods and gives a small smile "I worked with a few different types when I was trying to be a fisherman and again when I took up the minecraft. The hawser are good and flexable if not a bit heavy. What are you tossing them at? People or objects?….Sir." He catches himself as he slips into his old journyman's habits, and has to school himself again that he isn't in that life. Jedameth walks over closer to Verokanth as colors of browns and greens and some coppery reds spill out in his own curious states « Really? what was he like before that, Some have said he was a bit dower, but I can't see him as anything but what he is… Oh do you know any games to play here? Th'res said we could build a sand Weyr but i don't know if i want to live in a weyr of sand or not..»

"All sorts - we have some for lifting weights, others for throwing to a person, maybe with a chair knot, maybe without, depending on the circumstances. This one's a lot better than the ones we were working with before for throwing and that sort of use - it's lighter, and throws well, but it seems just as strong. But the Miners have told us that theirs resists abrasion, and we do sometimes need to lift heavier things, or work among rocks. If they weigh too much, though, that's not good." Verokanth stretches his muzzle towards the young blue. « Mine says… » R'zel looks distracted for a moment. « He was serious and liked catching fish with a … » An image of a fishing rod follows. « Catching fish is fun! But we do not need one of those to do it. » He's including Jedameth in that 'we'. « Do you like swimming? »

Jedameth's mind whirls with oddly shaped fish, and waves « I do, but Th'res says I am not supposed to swim in the bathing pools. Do you Swim in the bathing pool? is it deep? », Th'res on the other hand may know what is happening but is focused on the questions from the rider "The hawser was designed for tossing to people on the docks, but the miners are correct if you need heavier style their's is better, it will hold up against cuts and tears…Sir. It will be a little heavier for the tossing but it shouldn't be too bad if you throw it right.."

"Let's see, then," R'zel smiles. He lays down the rope and picks up a heavier-looking one, testing the weight experimentally. Then he loops an end around his wrist and begins to make loops that grow slightly smaller as he continues. He divides the loops between his hands, with most in the right, then gives a couple of good swings before releasing the rope. It flies straight, but falls a little shorter than it might have done. "Yes, heavier - it needs a good old heave." He starts to gather it up again. Verokanth shows Jedameth an image of dragons splashing in the waves, flavoured with the tang of salt and the impression of blue depths. « I swim in the sea. Bathing pools are too small; I cannot go in there. The sea is not deep near the shore, but further out, it is deeper than I am tall. »

Don't have to show this dragon twice, Jedameth is turning to look directly at Th'res, the color assault light compared to the actual words that follow those blue green hues « CAN I PLAY IN THE WATER!??!?!?!?!!?!?!? » Though the little dragonet is already moving slowly along the sand to enter the water. Th'res who was not prepared for that, you would think he would learn by now, visably winces and staggers… He will blink owlishly for a time back at the bronze pair and his blue trying to regain his thoughts.

"What's wrong?" R'zel looks concerned for a moment, but Verokanth fills him in. "Oh, sorry; Verokanth's been telling him about swimming. And fish. Is it his first time on the beach? I can get Vero to go in with him if you like, and keep an eye on him." Verokanth's already on that, lumbering slowly towards the water after Jedameth.

Jedameth slides into the water, and all that awkwardness that he has when he walks on land is gone. He moves through the water with ease and grace, playing his favorite game of submarine-dragon where the blue barely keeps his nose above water and the rest sunken down and glides around. When the large Bronze joins him he will attempt to play tag saying « Are you fast? I am pretty fast… YOUR IT» before trying to swim away… Th'res just nods and shakes his head saying softly "He has been really good about not shouting" there is a loving amused smile as he watches his lifemate play in the water. "Please tell Verokanth thank you, Sir"

Verokanth follows the younger dragon into the water; playing tag could be rather boring as he can reach Jedameth with his long neck as long as he keeps fairly close, but he enters into the spirit of the thing by paddling as soon as the water's deep enough for him. "He likes the little ones," R'zel says. "He's enjoying himself." Verokanth nudges the little blue's shoulder with his muzzle, then moves away, raising a wave that's probably large enough to lift Jedameth. « Now you are IT. » R'zel grins and turns to Th'res. "I know you've got to do it when there are people around, but why don't you lose the 'sir' when there's just us here?"

Th'res glances at the wingsecond, and ponders if this is some kind of trap… But he shrugs if it is then it is, "As you like.." the young man grins happily and says "Do you always spend your days tossing ropes?" Jedameth is washed over with the wave, tumbling before he rights himself and will send a wave of his own happy emotions of blues purples and silvers at Vero « HERE I COME » and come he does as he tires to close the distance but gets lost in the up and down of the waves which slows his progress.

"No, though I do practise it a bit. We have to decide whether to re-equip with these." R'zel makes a second attempt with the heavier rope, giving it much more of a swing this time, and getting it a respectable distance, though still not as far as the previous rope. He starts coiling. "I'm not so happy with this one for throwing, or for carrying on the dragons in any quantity; it's too bulky. I think we're better with the thinner one as standard. But this would be useful in certain circumstances, when its particular properties are needed. I'm going to recommend we stay with the Seacraft rope, but order some of these for heavy lifting. That's what the Miners use if for, I expect?" Verokanth swims further out, putting himself between Jedameth and the open sea, then flips a sparkly trail of water droplets towards the little blue.

Th'res nods and walks over to the taller bronze rider and says "Yes, we use it to haul things like mine carts and such that have fallen down bad shafts. though if you added a little extra weight on the end it will fly farther." He says as he watches Jed who is currently trying to swim and toss water at the same time to the larger bronze dragon. The little blue is all over the place in stead of swimming straight he is doing zig zags and circles as new things keep distracting him.

R'zel ties a round knot in the end of the rope to weight it before he throws it again. Verokanth paddles gently round Jedameth. « Do you like swimming in the sea? Look, there are little fishes there. » He sends the impression of a place close to where he is, and there are indeed fish, a shoal of tiny silvery ones.

Jedameth respones with not so much words but actions, he will spot the little fishes and dive at them trying to get a better look as he dives deeper. But the young dragon soon learns a valuable lesson about holding ones breathe, eventually you have to surface and he does not panicking but he might come up right next to the large bronze as if to cling to him like a child does to a parentel figure. « They…ARe… AWESOME!!!! Did you see how fast they went? I am going to be that fast some day. » Th'res for his part does looked panicked, until the blue surfaces and is ok…

« Bigger ones are better to eat, » is Verokanth's laconic and fish-flavoured reply, and he croons gently at the excited little blue. « But those are pretty to look at. » R'zel laughs as he continues to try out the rope with one eye on the dragons. "They're enjoying themselves. Don't worry, I've never heard of a dragon drowning. And Vero's a good babysitter."

The redheaded young man nods "That is something, between the two of us I think I have had the harder time leaving him to go out and do chores and such." Th'res glances over at the bronze rider saying "the first few days I found my self checking up on him when I was supposed to be doing other things." he grins ruefully at the memory of getting introuble for it. Jedameth is now showing the larger dragon his new trick colored bubbles dance around towards Vero from the young dragons mind « Toz showed me this ». Jed puts his whole face into the water and blows out all his air causing mass amounts of bubbles to come from the little blues face.

« That is funny. » Verokanth lazily backs away a little, to give Jedameth room for his antics. "I was the same," R'zel says. "Vero did like to be on things; I was continually wondering how much trouble he was getting into. But he's turned out all right," he concludes, with an affectionate look at the bronze. He swings the rope again, then halts. "I think I'm about done here; there's just one more thing I need to try." He turns and throws the rope again, this time over the water. It sinks like a stone. "Mmmm. The Seacrafters put more sisal in; the other one floats, which is handy. Yeah, heavy lifting's the thing for these. And now I'd better go and rinse the salt off it in fresh water." He hauls in the now wet rope and forms it into a neat coil for dragon transport.

Th'res nods and will help the bronze rider tidy up his equipment "Thank you, both for today it was nice to relax for a few moments" before having to head back to do more of everything that isn't relaxing. Jedameth will start to float lazily, his mind is slowing down as he gets a little drowsy from all the water play and starts to drift towards the shore His mind is soft whites and greys like clouds « Will you teach me to fish? or be fish.. » as he little one tires his thoughts are jumbled but he is staying awake for the moment as he makes his way back to shore.

« We will swim together again, » Verokanth promises. « Now is the time to lie in the sun and get dry. » He makes his way to shore, and the drying part of the process is very rapid in the mid-day sun. It's not long before his straps are back on and the ropes are tied to them. R'zel bids farewell to the weyrling pair, and then they're on their way to clean up the salty rope and stow the equipment away.

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