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Igen's latest clutch has their first egg touching and as usual, the Eggs touch back!


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Igen Weyr - Sands

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The out-of-doors of Igen Weyr seems a blissful respite from the oppressive heat of this sandy colosseum. Heated from beneath by volcanic vents, the air above the hatching sands shimmers, lending a sort of unreal, dream-like quality to the area beyond even the magic that happens here at Impressions. Despite its blistering temperatures, the sands are incongruously soft, almost powdery, and flat save for the worn stone queen's bower that rises up to break the monotony and provide a place of respite for the doting mother-to-be.

It's the day at least most of the candidates have been waiting for! After some days of waiting and many lectures from the weyrlingmaster staff on what is and is not proper procedure regarding egg touchings, the weyrleaders and their dragons have finally deemed the clutch hard enough for egg touchings! B'ram has gathered up a smallish group of candidates and is giving one last run down of the rules before letting the candidates loose. "Give a polite bow to the dam, keep your voices down and be gentle. And remember, absolutely NO RUNNING!" And then with a wave, he gestures his charges to make their way onto the hot-hot sands.

Fergus pauses for a few heartbeats as he steps onto the Sands, blinking at the sudden wave of heat seeming to come from all sides. It's as though he had to stop to process this new sensation before moving forward. It can't be very comfortable for him out here with all that hair - on his head, face, as well as his arms and who knows where else. But he'll have to deal with it. He gives a brief grunt of discomfort before nodding once to B'ram's instructions. He gets it. Stepping forward, he gives an awkward sort of bow to the golden dam before starting hesitantly out towards the array of eggs. It doesn't take him long to find the one he's been eyeing from the Galleries - after a moment's pause, he reaches out to touch the Last Light of Durin's Day Egg, his hand touching lightly against the shell with a brief bit of trepidation at what it might feel like.

Almost instantly, it's as though you're transported elsewhere, far, FAR away from this thrice damned desert… or is it backwards through your memories? Who knows, but those are definitely trees and they're in a riot of color. Autumn, as it would be in Lemos or Southern or some strange and yet familiar blend of both. Late autumn, to judge by the brush of winter's cold against your skin… and then settles heavily in your mind. Why are you here? What is your purpose? There is a sense of mystery, of wisdom and pride. Yet with it comes a small note of urgency. Are you clever enough? Strong enough? Brave enough, to face what challenges life will eventually hurl at you? (To: Fergus)

Xanthee is old hat at egg touchings, this being her third Candidacy. The raven-haired girl takes a few steps forward when released by B'ram to do so, stepping onto the hot sands, her heart leaping for a second with brief nostalgia. But then, a demure bow is given towards the senior queen dragon before she searches the sands for her current favorite. When she spots the vermillion egg, she walks briskly in it's direction before anyone else can get to it, placing her palm onto the surface of Extravagant Indulgences Egg, excitment buzzing through her with anticipation.

Wait. Wasn’t this supposed to be an egg? Suddenly luscious silk ripples underneath your fingers as the surface transforms into the brightest green you've ever seen. A dress that would make the finest Lady Holder envious. And it could all be yours. Sure, you'll have to spend pretty much all your marks, but think how lovely you’ll look in it. Aren’t you worth it? Who needs to eat anyways… (To: Xanthee)

Talya has not been at Igen long, and there is probably some culture shock from the sudden change of scenery but she's been given back breaking chores that she hasn't really had time to absorb. Not to mention there are strict no alcohol rules and fighting rules that makes for a very sullen bartender-turned-candidate. She does the candidate-shuffle in the back of the group of candidates, staring at the unfamiliar heads in front of her and repeating after them. Bow, right? Bow it is. And then she hesitates. She was excited but the very idea now seems to sink in. She gives the big dragons another little bow (just in case) and then just moves easily to one side away from the crowd to touch an egg. Carefully. With just the tips of her fingers. Alright Flipping Out Egg, how do you feel today?

Wake up! WAAAKE UP! WAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUP!!! Cruelly, the first rays of Rukbat’s light manages to break through the curtains and find a way directly into your face. There's no time to toss and turn as the bed itself rises up to force you out and towards the kitchen. Suddenly, an apron is around your waist and a spatula in your hand. Prepare for the morning hordes! It’s a never ending task to make enough flapjacks to feed the masses. And Farnath protect you if you dare to slow down… But eventually breakfast rush is over and you find yourself back on the hatching sands. (To: Talya)

Edlsesa is slightly nervous as she steps onto the sands, having never been quite this close to a clutch or gold dragon before. She gives a most respectful bow to the dam and moves her way onto the sands with an air of reverence for the task at hand. She spent a few days in here sketching the clutch before she was searched, and one egg in general got the most attention in her sketch. She searches for and approaches the Worship the Green Goddess Egg, her hand hesitating only a moment before resting on the green surface of the egg.

It's gradual, the effect of this egg but there is no mistaking what is happening. Slowly but surely, you feel your senses dulled and any tension within seeping away. Mellow is the name of the game here and those worries? A thing of the past! No imagery, just a smoky haze but a sense of comfort and security. Thought becomes sluggish, almost difficult and sometimes far-fetched and wild, but all approached with a laid back attitude. Oh, and maybe a serious case of the munchies…?(To: Edlsesa)

Fergus' breath gusts out of him in a rush at the sudden feelings coursing through him. His eyes seem to go distant as he watches something else other than the sands an the egg before him. The egg might get a prize for actually making Fergus show emotion, as there's actual changes to his facial expression. Not that much can be seen from behind his massive beard, but still. He gives a slight grunting noise - of pride and satisfaction of whatever it is he's felt. It takes him a few seconds to pull back from the egg, his eyes blinking to regain focus. And, for a few seconds at least, he can only stare at the egg. Then, with a shake of his hairy head, he starts off to try to find another egg that looks likely to touch. He eventually stops in front of the Toro! Toro! Toro! Egg and, after only a moment's hesitation, reaches out to touch the shell with the tips of his fingers.

It's just an ordinary rest day where even candidates might have some time to stroll the streets of the bazaar. Igen might not be the best place for woodworking supplies, but they do have a chisel or two on display if you really want to look for it. But there's a rumbling coming this way. Native bazaarites disappear with well accustomed speed, leaving you the only one on the street left to face what comes around the corner. It's no dust storm! Six massive bovines stampeding directly towards you, with those deadly horns looking particularly sharp. Run, Fergus, run!!! (To: Fergus)

Xanthee's eyes grow wide as the contact with the egg is made and she oohs and ahhs over the spectacle presented her, but unfortunately her mark purse is too light for the extravagances being offered to her, so it is with great reluctance that she moves away from the vermillion egg and goes off in search of another one that had caught her eye from the Galleries. Where is that dark hairy one? she wonders briefly as she spies it out of the corner of her eye and moves up to Wicked Hairy Devil Egg, finding the top where the patterning makes it look like a pair of horns.

BOO! Did it scare you? No? Well… you're no fun. Or just that naughty! You're a naughty, naughty little girl aren't you? Rule breaker. That's punishable, you know (as you know aaaalll too well, it can SEE that)! No happy festivities for you, you get to be snatched up by the one who doesn't bring presents and joy. Too bad, so sad but dem the rules! You don't behave? Expect dire consequences! … or just toss caution to the wind regardless, you reckless, wild-child you! Which will you choose? (To: Xanthee)

Talya thought this egg was going to be safe. A rather boring looking one, gently touch it, move on— and then feelings rush into her making her head jerk up and a "What the uuuh". She'll stop her words right there, then pulls her hand back slowly. Even surprised by the egg sharing something with her, she has enough self preservation not to make sudden movements to scare the dam. The big gold gets a wary glance, she swallows, and then takes a big step away. The other candidates suddenly get more of a study than the eggs on the sands, watching several different reactions, making sure that hers was just not defected or something. She moves on, this time she tries to locate a more interesting egg, reaching to actually lay her hand down on the shell of What Happens at the Aftershow, Stays at the Aftershow Egg's messy surface.

Where are you, Talya? No, seriously where are you? There's a faint pounding in your head and a taste in your mouth that's surely from a night of just a little bit too much celebration. It's time to get up off the black platform you found yourself on, ignoring those bright lights shining down at you and make your exit. Stage left! (To: Talya)**

Daenerys slinks out onto the Sands, the heat of the place a shock, even to an Igenite of long standing.He takes a moment to bow to the queen and her mate before finding himself a place among the clutch — fetching up against the Worship the Green Goddess Egg, splaying long, slim fingers over its surface. The thing has caught his attention from the Gallers for such a long time.
Oooh, what is this? Do you feel a bit of a tingle or just instant mellow of mellows? Whatever it is, it just feels soooooo good! Maybe you should, oh… I dunno. Roll around in it? Yeah. Yeeeeah that sounds about right! Indulge in that buzzed, hazy state, man! Who cares about the world? Thoughts? Worries? Nah. Forget about it! How about we just streeeeetch out here and let the world drift on by. Nothing to see here~ (To: Daenerys)

Edlsesa comes back to reality slowly, her mind hazed like the one turnover that Erikkhan had let her drink wine. BUt different, as if she'd been dozing, or daydreaming, or both. SHaking her head , she moves away, her stomach growling for food, despite the dizziness of her head and senses. SHe approaches the Gaelic May Day Egg with a little more caution, hoping this experience to be less…odd than the last. But, this being her first time at this, she doesn't quite know what to expect. Taking a huge breath, she reaches out and lays her hand on the egg.

Oh yeah, this egg is the exact opposite of that other green one! This one is alive with renewed energy as that's what this celebration is ALL about! The renewal of life, the return of the warmth and the first signs of growth. Time to enjoy life and all it's splendours and prepare for yet another Turn, no matter what hardships may come your way. For even among the thorns, there is beauty! (To: Edlsesa)

Oh. OH, yeah. That'll work. But why is Daenerys suddenly just a little bit hungry along with the deep sense of relaxation? Unfortunately for him, he cannot stay where he is and find out more — he has to peel himself free of it, and go lazily over to the Wicked Hairy Devil Egg, another of those eggs that has caused him all manner of curiosity.

Have you been a bad boy, Daen? It doesn’t really matter because everybody is getting coal for Turnmas this turn! Consider it practice for weyrlinghood should you actually impress. At least Brams probably a lot nicer of a task master than the very hairy man over there that keeps chunking hunks of coal at your head. Faster! Faster! Gotta bag it faster. (To: Daenerys)

Xanthee actually startles and jumps back from the dark hairy egg with a soft shriek, hand going to her heart. How could it know?! Surely that was her last Candidacy, not this one. This one she is going to be the good girl. Quickly shuffling away, her eyes seek out others that she had been eyeing. She sees that one of her favorites, that hazy green one is quite popular so she decides to go over to Tomfoolery In The Spring Egg, fingers tracing over those splotches that seem to change shape and form the more you look at it.
Uh oh. Is this egg sleeping? Nothing seems to be happening… OMG WHAT DID YOU DO, XANTHEE!? HOW COULD YOU!! …. ahahahaha, JUST KIDDING! Did it fool you? Huh? Were you really freaking out there for a moment?? Tricks and mischief is the name of the game here! … and a very heavy dose of sugar rush with it. Why be lame and sit back when there is SO. MUCH. To. DO! (and pranks to pull)(To: Xanthee)

Talya's second hand actually comes up and rests against the egg, but more to keep her balance. "Oh, that I know way too well, egg." She stops herself from leaning forward onto the shell for balance. The feeling makes her screw up her face unpleasantly and yet she stays just a second longer. Then with a smack of her lips as if trying to remember something that she can no longer have at the moment, she finally steps away. There's a glance back at the egg but it does not hold her attention longer than that. Moving on, she passes Daenerys as she heads towards the Worship the Green Goddess Egg when he finally leaves it. She gives its shell a curious stare before finally reaching out herself to give it a feel.

They're coming, Talya. They're going to **find you! Better hide fast. You've only been in Igen what, a day? And you're already going to get yourself kicked out? Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's what you get for agreeing to help out that one kid take a bag across the bazaar. Now everybody and their mother is looking for you and only you…(To: Talya)**

Fergus is just standing there with a slight smile hiding behind his beard for a few seconds there. Then, with a sudden inhale of breath, he jerks his hand back from the egg and even takes a few hasty steps back. He nearly collides with another candidate passing by, but thankfully they manage to avoid running into each other. "Sorry," he manages a grunt, voice still a little strained. He gives that egg a wary stare before he goes off in search of some other egg to touch. One that may be a bit less startling. He meanders for several minutes before pausing in front of the Up, Up and Away Egg. Considering the shell for a moment, he touches his fingers to the blue of the shell.
Wheeeeeee! A dragon's eye view is a glorious thing and you're so high up in the sky that you really can't make out the trees from the forest. And now that you think about it you can't make out the dragon either. OMG ARE YOU FLYING? YOU CAN'T FLY, FERGUS! Frantic waving of your arms won't save you from the sudden plummet back to the ground. Good thing it was all just a mirage or dream or something and find yourself right back on the sands.(To: Fergus)

Well - wasn't that just a trip and a half? Daenerys steps back from that egg, giving it an absent glare. He's never a bad boy, except when he is. He'll take himself off toward the Tomfoolery in the Spring Egg, hoping tht this one won't rummage about trying to find all his naughty little secrets.
What's that about naughty? … well for one this egg doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. Helllooo is anyone home? Maybe you should move your hand a bit ? OH MY GOD YOU BROKE IT! Shell cracks, a sound of splintering shell, oh SHIT DAEN YOU'RE A DEAD MAN… AHAHAHAHA, nah. It's joking! See? Shell is fine. Wasn't that hilarious? IT PRANKED YOU! But don't get mad. It's just a sweet little thing, all innocent and y'know… not born yet.(To: Daenerys)

Xanthee can't help the giggle bubbling out of her at the mischief behind this egg, feeling a kinship of sorts as she whispers, "You…I like you." And with another short laugh, she is off, eyes dancing mirtfully as she now spies that green egg and watches the way candidates are walking away from it and she just has to know what it's like, her curiosity being intensified by the pressure to do as her peers are so she reaches Worship the Green Goddess Egg and lets her fingers trail over the fans of overlapping green.
No matter how hard you might cough, the odorous smoke surrounding you just wont seem to clear your airways. The green cloud is persistent and will just keep expanding. Its in your nose, your eyes, your hair. That smell that smell is just going to be around forever. Or not. As the smoke and coughing pass, leaving you back on the sands feeling just a touch.. relieved? (To: Xanthee)

If Talya had hackles, they would be raised right now in defense. What? What is that? She actually jerks her head one way then the other, looking over both shoulders. Her eyes peer finally at the big dragons— were they going to eat her? Did they catch her doing— wait, what did she do again? What didn't she do? This sudden overwhelming sense of paranoia makes her want to huddle closer to the egg and hide, except she's a bit out in the open. She removes her hands from the egg and shakes her hands off, as if it will help get the feeling away. She hunches her shoulder and shuffles over to the next one. Not without looking around suspiciously however. Her eyes lock onto an egg suddenly, a shinier one… colors that attract this young woman. She lays both hands greedily onto Test Your Medal Egg, not without one more paranoid look around.

Do you have what it takes? Physically and mentally, to achieve your goals and your dreams? To persevere, no matter what challenges! GOOD! Now, do it while millions of people watch your every move. Because nothing says pressure like carrying the hopes of your birthplace on your shoulders, right? Don't want to disappoint them! What are you going to do, with your time here? (To: Talya)

Edlsesa comes away from the Gaelic May Day Egg with a soft, happy smile on her face, as if she had been laying out in the spring sun for an extended period of time. That egg had been quite pleasant. Moving on, she passes a few eggs, eyes filled with wonder. She wanders up to the Extravagant Indulgences Egg and places her hand atop it. Steeling herself, she wonders what this one might have to say. It'll be an interesting set of entries and sketches for her journal.

Oh me, oh my, Sesa. Just what do we have here? Nothing but the finest pigments and the best parchment that marks could by. Think about all the scenes you could draw with these tools at your disposal. Sure, your current notebook is okay, but dont you deserve better? The very best? Aren't you the very best? And really, what's a few marks here or there? It's not like your mother will ever find out about your unexpected shopping spree…(To: Edlsesa)

It's like every egg he touches is trying to purposefully make him jump or show emotion. Fergus suddenly gasps in a huge breath again, his hand pulling back from the sky blue of the shell before him as though he just got doused in cold water. Pity - the beginning was so lovely. Narrowing his eyes, Fergus gives that egg a rather suspicious look and an even more suspicious grunt. Backing away slowly, he edges through the clutch and in search of something that looks like it might not startle or surprise him. Eventually he comes across Bal de Neige Egg, which seems to draw him by the fact it looks like ice in the middle of a desert. For a moment he frowns at the egg, as though daring it to startle him this time. Then, with a grunt of resignation, he reaches out to touch the shell.

Well, you're not wrong? An egg that looks like ice is going to be cold and this one certainly doesn't disappoint in that department! Winter is the theme here and in full swing! Only… you are cocooned in warmth when you should be exposed. The air is crisp, but it's filled with a sense of festivity and all around FUN! Who says winter has to be doom and gloom? Why not make something out of it? Not a bad piece of advice, eh? (To: Fergus)

"Haha, funny," Daenerys mutters beneath his breath, snatching his hand back with alacrity - though he does grin a little bit. That reminded him of a certain young lady he knows all too well. Perhaps he'll head over here — the Puppy Power Egg looks like it might just be entertaining! Or perhaps it'll have him wishing himself on the far side of the Cavern in next to no time.

Watch your step, Daen! Or your shins. Whichever direction you look, theres a writhing mass of furry noodles around you. Every so often, the sea of critters surrounding you will pause, or one will stick a head up. Enough to eventually realize that those little bodies are some of the oddest shaped canines one might ever see. And as short as their little legs might be, they still somehow manage working their way on up to lick at your face, tails and bodies wagging the entire way. Puppy Power! (To: Daenerys)

Talya pets the shell of Test Your Medal Egg gently. "You have the wrong candidate here, dragon." Okay, maybe it was not good to be telling the eggs not to choose her, when she was sporting that boring white candidate knot for the reason to want to Impress. But she definitely did not have that kind of motivation in her life. The shell itself gets another appreciative look before she finally moves on. She is getting the hang of this, and she trails the edge of the eggs for a little bit, more interested in her fellow candidates reactions, before finally giving in to the dark dark shell of Wicked Hairy Devil Egg. She just has to touch the black sheep.

** Unmotivated, you say? Are you a bad, lazy little girl then? This egg likes naughty ?children? Candidates! No rewards for you. No presents, no happy festive days! Just consequences and being stuffed in a sack maybe. Doesn't that bother you? Wouldn't it be better to… not be a naughty thing? Or are you a reckless, wild thing? Because THAT, well… Dare you see what happens if you continue to flaunt responsibility? (To: Talya)**

Xanthee giggles a little bit as she smiles goofily as her hand leaves the hazy green egg and finally it feels like she can breath again. Okay, that one was fun. Sauntering a little slower now, she makes her way to an egg that she remembers Mal saying he liked at the Clutching. So it's over to Test Your Medal Egg to run fingers over the molten gold silver and bronzes.

Feel that, Xanthee? Your legs! They burn as if you've been running all day, but just a little bit longer. The finish line. It's in sight. After all that work and all that preparation, you wouldn't want to let it all be for naught, right? Besides letting everybody down, you'd let yourself down. Don't you have what it takes to make it just that little bit further? After all you've traveled, it's not that much farther.(To: Xanthee)

For once Fergus doesn't twitch back or jump or startle. He doesn't even gasp. He actually lets out a soft sigh of relief that this egg actually seems pleasant. He stays with the egg for a few seconds, basking in its warmth and pleasantness. Though the phantom warmth from the egg and the real warmth of the sands is really starting to get to him, so he reluctantly pulls back from it. Time to find one more egg and hope to end on a high note, as it were. He circles throughout the eggs for several moments before coming to a stop near Gaelic May Day Egg. He considers it a second before reaching out to touch it. Might as well.
Don't worry! This one is gentle too, despite the thorns! Subtle beauty among such harshness and with it comes the sense of renewal of life and rebirth. Gone is the winter and now comes the first breaths of spring. It's peaceful here, along with a building anticipation. Almost time to celebrate! Just need to prepare. Are you ready, for your next stage in life? To face what may be on the path as seasons wax and wane? Will you haul in a bountiful harvest or will all your rituals be for naught and you will bow down under hardship and strife? (To: Fergus)

Edlsesa moves away from The extravegant egg with a secretive smile on her face and oddly, a set of tears forming in her eyes as memories of shopping days in the ZIngari camp with her father come flooding through her mind. SHe has to work hard to pull it together and really, it's an accident when she reaches out to touch the surface of the Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red Egg, trying to catch her balance when her blurred vision causes her to trip a little.

Was it accident that brushed you against this egg, Sesa? Or fate? You're not the only one thats lost someone. From the sands you end up in a meadow on clear spring day, with fields of poppies spread out in front of you. But flowers aren't the only thing sticking out of the ground. Countless slabs of marble rise and without even reading them, you know. The names, the reasons. So, so many. But life does go on. Remember them, please, but life must go on.. (To: Edlsesa)

Talya just got here, why are all the eggs making her feel like a bad candidate? Talya, very maturely, sticks her tongue out at black egg. She's uncertain if she should be bad for it or be good. She moves away from that egg and then just wanders towards the edge, shifting uncomfortably on her feet. Her arms are tightly bound against her, no longer reaching for the tempting eggs around her.

Edlsesa jerks away from the Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red Egg, a look of abject horror and despair on her features. She has to shake off the ocean of ennui that rushes over her and she exits the sands to wait for the others. She's done. So done. For now. The experience is shocking and wonderful and terrible all at once, and she'll be fascinated to poke and prod at those feelings and memories later, and draw them in her journal. But for now, she's got the biggest case of the heebs she's ever had and between the gooseflesh rising on her skin and the feeling of loss and the need to heal from the last, she's a bit fried. Powerful things those eggs. Powerful things.

Fergus runs his palm over the Gaelic May Day Egg, looking somewhat thoughtful. This egg touching thing surely is a rollercoaster of emotions - from pride to startlement to fear to warmth. It's all a bit much. This latest egg seems to simply make him think. He grunts pensively for a moment before slowly pulling his hand back. Then, glancing around, he seems a bit startled to see that a lot of the other candidates are heading back towards the exit. He, too, starts to follow them with only one last look back towards the eggs. He's still a bit unsure of these things, considering a majority of them were a bit shocking to say the least.

Daenerys will pull himself away from that final egg with a grin of pure amusement; small and furry things are often rather adorable, even when they come in the form of an egg. However, he's reached the end of his tolerance for so much heat and mind invasion via dragon egg, and joins the stream of candidates exiting the Grounds, after a quick look to check on his sisters and see how they're faring.

Talya seems to be more uncomfortable observing her fellow candidates' reaction than having experienced it herself. She frowns, spotting a few shaken people moving away and out of the caverns. She gives the eggs one last look this close up before making her way off the sands for cooler relief, following a few of the shellshocked candidates, and away from the watching clutchparents.

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