Devana, Luciana


Wildling and independent Trader (sort of) cross paths in the hills and share a brief conversation…


It is noon of the tenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Hillside Path, Southern Weyr

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Hillside Path

Winding around the mountain, the pathway is not buried within the jungle as some of the other, more overgrown pathways may be. Instead, the relatively easy little dirt trail-head is bordered by stones buried in clinging greenery, with lichen and other moss and fungus holding fast to their stony faces. The dirt is loamy, easy to walk on, and provides a good grip to those who would walk barefoot through the pathways that lead down to the river's edge. The pathway itself is a series of switchbacks to allow for an easier time climbing and descending. In the distance to the east, the winding Black Rock River beckons.

Some autumn days are cool, and some feel almost like the sweltering of summer all over again, as though the jungle is loathe to give up the comfort of what came before. Devana has her favorite times of the Turn, of course, but regardless of what comes, she adapts, such as now. Clad in lighter hunting garb, light and fitted trousers and soft hide boots with a sleeveless tunic beneath the cinching of a wide wherhide belt keeping her cool enough while she make her trek. A pouch at her hip, a knife at her leg, her bow and quiver at her back, she strides along the hillside path in the direction of the river, clearly on a mission but attentive to her surroundings all the same.

This time of the season is likely favoured by some, Luciana among those. Summer often makes travel uncomfortable, though truthfully it’s not only the weather the woman must plan for. Today is a good day and she has made good time too, so far. Dressed for travel, her clothing is sturdier in design; comfortable but practical too. Her blond hair is tied back, half of it braided and there’s a pack slug across her back. Also carried with her and always within reach, is her crossbow. She’s no hunter, but she’s not foolish to go trekking to half the places she goes to without some form of protection. Sometimes a girl needs more than just a belt knife~ Her gaze remains alert and upon spying Devana ahead of her on the path, Luciana’s steps begin to slow in uncertain wariness.

Devana presently picks up on footsteps somewhere behind her and glances back. It's unsurprising to find someone else on the path, of course…though a lone woman armed as well as she is herself isn't often encountered. The wildling slows and soon pauses, pulling her waterskin around for a drink and stepping off to the side, setting on boot-heel upon a jutting stone. "Afternoon," she greets with a nod once the other woman is close enough, brandy-brown eyes flickering over the passerby's form in discreet assessment.

“Afternoon.” Luciana returns the greeting and the nod amicably enough. She’ll be discreet in her own observations of the other woman and something about Devana puts her a little at ease. Eventually, her shoulders drop as some of her posture relaxes and, sensing no immediate threat, ventures to idle conversation. “Wasn’t expecting to come across anyone this far out and this early.” she smirks and skips the comment on them both being women. That much is obvious! “What’s got you out this way?”

Devana smirks a bit at that, taking another sip from her waterski and then slipping it off her shoulder. "My clan's camped not far off," she replies, offering the skin forward with a nod of invitation. "Devana, of the Erdou," she introduces herself, and regards the woman with a slight tilt of her head. "Ye could almost pass for native yourself, though I'd wager ye aren't. Are ye of the Weyr, or one of the holdings scattered around?"

Luciana hesitates for a half second at the offered waterskin but decides not to refute it in the end. She’ll take a shallow sip before returning it, giving a small nod of thanks while doing so. Curiosity and surprise is evident when Devana reveals there’s a nearby camp, as well as her name. “Well, that clears one thing, at least.” That being her assumption as to who or what the other woman was. A vague grin flashes across her features. “Thanks! I think? But you’d be right,” Her accent should be a give away alone; it’s distinctly Northern, even if fading. “It’s a bit… complicated. Was of the Weyr for a bit, but of nowhere in particular before. Guess you can say I’m an independent Trader! Name’s Luciana.”

"Oh, aye? Did ye have me figured, then?" Devana asks with a quick grin as she takes the waterski back. "Well met, Luciana. I just haven't seen many women alone on the road and lookin' prepared to be. Just something that goes without sayin' for us," she notes. "A Trader… Now that's an interestin' thing. Not many dedicated Traders I've met, save at the Barrier, and they're usually other natives. The Erdou deal in trades often…and not bein' strictly of the Weyr, they'd be less suspicious of one wishin' to do so from without, if ye were of a mind." Slinging her waterski back over her should, she straightens, jerking her chin subtly at the blonde woman. "What do ye trade?"

Chuckling, Luciana’s quick with a return. “More or less, for the obvious reasons!” She’ll flash back a quick grin of her own. Her shoulders lift in a vague shrug as to her position. “There were few options left to me and this one seemed the best to follow.” she vaguely explains, only to focus with renewed sharp interest on Devana. “Don’t have many connections among the Wildlings, but if what you say is true… I could see about extending my trades to the Erdou if they’re willing. I hold no alliances, so they do not have to worry on that part.” Not anymore, anyways. Luciana leaves out that she often stays in the Weyr when not on the move. Just as easily though, she could be in any of the Holds too. “I trade in whatever is needed. Currently partner with a merchant on the Boardwalk, so our wares tend to fluctuate. Always practical goods and I don’t deal in shams or fads.”

"What 'practical' means can vary from person to person," Devana notes with a smirk. "But goods from the Boardwalk… Clothing, jewelry, spices would go a long way, if ye have them. Northern pelts, northern herbs, things not found here. Those are probably obvious ones. Tell ye what." She un-plants her foot, stepping back onto the road proper. "We're camped just off the clearing near the delta right now. I'll make certain everyone knows to look out for ye, so no one's caught off guard if ye happen to come around. We'll be there for two seven days longer before movin' on toward the Barrier. Seem good to ye, Luciana of the Road?"

“Very true and that’s the point,” Luciana muses with an amused grin. As a few items are listed off, her expression sobers to a business one and she nods. “We carry spices and herbs, some fabrics and smaller clothing items and tools. Northern goods can be acquired if preferred.” Any of the specific details are withheld; that sort of talk is reserved for others and another time. Mulling over the timeframe given, Luciana frowns as she makes a few quick mental calculations. “That should be enough time. I’ll speak with my partner and see if we cannot make it there before you all move on. Won’t be coming empty handed, at least.” So there’s a promise of samples, at least! Luciana laughs softly at the use of title, though a part of her cringes at it too. Road? She’d much rather be of ‘Sea’ but that… that is a hard path she has only begun to face. “Sounds good to me, Devana of the Erdou! Perhaps we will cross paths again, sometime soon.”

It's just something Devana does, titling people so that they stick better in her mind. "Seems likely we will," the wildling woman says with a grin, and hooks her thumbs under the bowstring across her chest to adjust where it sits before she's in motion again. "Good day to ye, Trader!" With that, she strides off once more, down the road and eventually along a cut uphill until she's out of sight.

“Good day to you, too!” Luciana’s grin returns one last time as they exchange farewells and she’ll turn to continue down the path she’d originally set upon. One that will eventually lead her back to the Weyr and she’ll have some time to ponder over this new turn of events.

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