Yules, Niyati


A Wingleader and a Weaver meet in the Living Caverns. It goes rather well


22nd day, 10th month, 1st Turn, 12th Pass


Southern Weyr Living Caverns

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Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

The living cavern is a wonderful place to watch people come and go. It's also a wonderful place to look at just what people are wearing. Thus Niyati has found a spot out of the way of the general flow of traffic in order to do just that, sketching now and again between sips of tea. There are plenty of subjects for study at this time of day but her gaze is turned on those leatherclad individuals passing through. Fortunately, she looks all business.

For Yules, it's working chic. Well, dirty chic. The brownrider strides into the Living Caverns with a hungry look on her face. Omnomnom. She's garbed in a clean red tunic that looks like the starch hasn't been washed out of it and leather pants that only have the slighest signs of wear in them. Oh yeah, heavy boots totally complete the ensemble. She's quick to reach the food and collect a plate of it and a small sharing-pot of klah, then to find a place to sit. Right next to a woman who might be doodling. Yules is at least three bites and one long swallow of klah into her meal before she looks over at what Niyati's doing. Swallow. "Hello. What are you drawing?" And other greeting noises.

Niyati takes in Yules' outfit without betraying a reaction. Instead, she smiles and holds up her book so that the sketches can be seen. "Clothes. Well, ideas for clothes. I watch people who don't know they're being watch and try to come up with something better suited for them and for their environment. Eventually I'll make an outfit or two as … gifts… and if they catch on, well…" She shrugs, as if the rest should be obvious. "I'm Niyati."

Yules is in the middle of a mouthful of meatroll when Niyati holds up her sketchbook and the chewing slows in thought as hazel eyes coast over the lines. The noise she makes could be a grunt or a swallow or both but she nods, "They look very nice. I like the, uh… the one with the…" One finger goes to point out the seam line Yules is referring to, but careful not to touch the page itself. "Well met, Niyati. Weaver, huh?" Low-hanging fruit of assumption. "Yules. Wingleader of Ocelot, on brown Desmeth." Rank, name and serial number, pretty much. Just as another bit of meatroll is approaching Yules' mouth, she asks, "Are you new to Southern?"

"Journeyman," Niyati supplies, nodding. "It's a lined seam, another material is folded into it to reinforce it without making it look too heavy." An eyebrow raises and her smile broadens a little bit at the mention of the dragon's color. "Thank you. It's nice to meet you, and please give you dragon my regards." Clearly, it's a situation she approves of. "Mostly, yes. I've only been here for two sevendays but Southern has already proven itself anything but boring."

Despite the brief nod in acknowledgement of Niyati's rank, Yules quickly seems to glaze over as the Weaver discusses weavery things. A healthy sip of klah, because klah solves all, even though it can't solve the look of surprise on the woman's face at Niyati's tacit approval but instead, she says, "And he greets you as well," eyes cross briefly, then look at Niyati with an air of being put-upon: "asks if you have any new designs or hats." A brief snort as if Yules is eager for a new topic, "Southern is a strange, strange place. My first day here, I found a body in a flue!" Yup. That card may be played often, but Yules evidently intends to keep doing so: "It was dead already though, so I don't think it minded."

Niyati chuckles, either at the glaze or the put upon expression. "Oh, plenty of new designs. The weather here is quite an inspiration. It's hard to look good and not feel as if you're suffocating. I have a few hat designs that are made with a new blend that has proven to be quite breathable thus far." Again, the examples are shown but she doesn't go into too much detail. "My next project is to find a way to make heavy clothing such as leather more easily worn in this heat without losing its insulation. Well, but that's all shop talk and only exciting to myself and a few other Weavers. The point is that clothing should be comfortable."

Someone who doesn't gasp in horror at Yules' first Southern story? Humph! She hastily puts some fruit into her mouth while eyeing the sketches again with that look of uncomprehending interest. And then finally, a point of agreement: "Yes, entirely," Yules says emphatically, "Whether it's long or short, as long as I can wear it and not sweat like a runner in it." Says the woman in a shirt, leather pants, and boots. With food in her mouth. Oops.

"I'm interested in this body you found, however. I hope it doesn't bother you to talk about? Were there many of them? I've heard stories but you just can't believe a good half of what you hear while travelling." No, Niyati's not gasping. "I've never actually found anything dead aside from a tunnelsnake, and that's hardly noteworthy." She takes another brief sip from her cup and nods her agreement. "Exactly, and I'm determined to lower the amount of needless sweating in this place."

Oh phew, Yules' notoriety hasn't faded. She settles into her seat, and shakes her head, "Doesn't matter to me. The dead can't hurt a person." All practical, this one: "It was before Southern Weyr was fully found." A sip of klah and Yules gets into her story (while everyone else might be edging away), "I was a cook then, at Igen. Came down here to explore, and went to the kitchen. Well there was no one there, but Nika, she gave me a ride from Igen, was there. We heard a noise and went to look up the flue in the oven, and suddenly, a body came out!" There's probably a few more details, but who needs accuracy? "That's when I decided that I had to be here." A moment of honesty and Yules scratches the back of her head reflexively: "Uh, that and the Head Cook at Igen fired me." A shrug, slurp of klah and Yules looks to Niyati: "A dead tunnelsnake, eh? You'll probably find more of them. Is that what brought you to Southern?"

"Fell out just like that? How long do you suppose it had been up there?" Niyati probably has an abnormal interest in all of this. "I mean, dying folks hardly go about stuffing themselves up flues so that they're out of the way… It's all rather interesting." In that scary-woman morbid kind of way. "Well, the tunnelsnake had been an attempt to send me squealing out into the hall in whatever I'd been sleeping in. Really, you'd think they'd come up with something more impressive than that. The rumor of bodies? Oh, I admit that got my interest but this does seem to be where all of the interesting things are happening."

Easy, breezy, Yules replies, "Oh, a while. We couldn't tell, because it had sort of dried out without going all rotten, y'know?" Cuz that would be grody. "We never did figure how he got up there…" Niyati's story earns a longer look of interest from the brownrider: "Most girls would have," she admits, but she huffs, "Was that at WeaverHall?" Slow, sad shake of the head, "Silly of them. Just the head would have been better." Which is why Yules lives alone. "Southern is a very interesting place. And now we have this Hold popping up."

Niyati nods. "My parents took me there to visit- they're both Weavers-and we only spent a couple of nights. I imagine they didn't have the stomachs to chop the thing up." But the talk of preserved bodies has her interest again. "What a wonderful mystery," she notes enthusiastically. "Well, not for the person who managed to get themselves stuffed up there, but for the rest of us. Oh, have you been yet? I went with one of the crews to take samples, it's /freezing/! And then that poor little Healer… what was his name… Nevik found a week point in the ice and we had to perform a rescue. I was hoping we might see a large cat, only with a white coat or something for the cold but none showed up."

Yules hum-snorts and shakes her head: "Squeamish," she says dismissively but moves onto the new subject: "I've been there a few times to look around. Didn't hear of a kid going through the ice, though." Pause. Consideration then, "Is he okay?" Her head cocks slightly and Yules is very curious: "Large cats there, huh? Desmeth says he hasn't seen any, but with all that noise…" By now, Yules' plate is pretty barren and she's stretched back in her seat, languorously: "He would be pretty interested in white furs… felines, too." Ahem. "Are you sure they exist?"

"Oh, he only nearly fell. I suppose he would have taken that Kultir fellow with him but Arlemond got them out in time. Oh, I threw the rope and went for help, so I didn't get to see ALL the excitement, but they're all fine so it couldn't have been that bad." Niyati's estimation is if there's no death it wasn't AS interesting as it could have been. "Oh, I'm sure there must be. I can't imagine there not being. It's not completely barren, after all. I'm no hunter, so it's merely a guess, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have some of that white fur? Imagine the things you could do with it. Padding for straps, lining for slippers… There'll be plenty of need for that in this Hold."

Yules's eyes do widen at Kultir's name: "He was with you? Kultir?" But Niyati hasn't said anyone got hurt, so Yules relaxes a little. Oh yeah, "Good to hear everyone is unfrozen. The talk of hunting prospects has Yules' eyes gleaming a little, "Yes, yes, that sounds good." Eyes cross and uncross again, and Yules huffs: "Oh no, now Desmeth is interested." In explanation to Niyati, she gives value-added info: "He loves to hunt. It's hard to keep him away from it, and," this thought brings a wry grin to Yules' lips, "I'm pretty sure the Tanners are getting a bit over-stocked, between him and Kultir." So to Niyati, Yules asks shrewdly (or, she thinks it's shrewdly), "Are you hoping to move on to the Hold when it's open?"

Niyati nods. "I imagine he was disappointed that we didn't see any signs of cats, too, but I don't think Arlemond was…" She shrugs. "Well, some people are just naturally cautious." Her smile returns at the mention of hunting. "Well, of course he is. I imagine it's much more satisfying to hunt something down than to just drop on into a pen or pasture onto it." She appears to think over the idea of moving but then shrugs it off. "Probably not. Not that it wouldn't be exciting but this seems to be where one will hear about all of the really exciting stuff. I'll probably visit. Especially if they keep some of that wonderful ice around to climb about on."

Siiiiiip of klah. "Well," Yules says, "Maybe I'll have to go back there again sooner than I expected. When I have some off-time." Hah. But anyways, there's a quick nod as Niyati talks about staying: "Southern Weyr is interesting enough. Now with Wildlings, and clutches, and Threadfall…" All the exciting things, evidently. "And if you can do pink colours, you'll get along swimmingly with the Weyrwoman." Said factually into her mug, there's still a bit of a grin. As for ice? Yules grouses: "I wish we'd had ice around while I was still cooking…" Grumpety.

Niyati finishes the last of her tea. "Oh, there isn't a color that can't be managed with enough determination. There are plenty of shades of pink that can be dyed here, including a lovely rose I plan to try next." There's an explanation. She's been sniffing too many dye fumes. "Where would we be without 'oh if only'?" She glances around the cavern and the time passed seems to dawn on her. "Oh, speaking of rose, I'd better get back to work. That skirt isn't going to gather itself. But it was such a pleasure to meet you, Yules. I do hope we run into eachother soon. Remember to pay me a visit if you'd like one of those hats and I do have a tunic and trousers set that would be lovely on you." With that, she stands. "I'm beginning to think I should beg an apprentice from someone."

Yules looks bemused and then a little worried: "But, y'know, if you need to start dying things, uh… Maybe some nice blues? Browns to go with pink?" A nervous look over to one side then the other: "Lendai gets a bit… Pink-happy." When the Weaver stands, Yules looks up and blinks a few times in surprise, but nods mutely, her free hand rising to wave a farewell. There's a few moments where Yules digests the thought of new clothes, and then something hits her, a crease between her brows: "Of course they don't gather. Skirts are inanimate objects." Weavers are strange.

Niyati chuckles. "I'm fond of the entire spectrum," she assures. The skirt comment is taken as a joke and she can't help the laughter. "True enough. I'm going to have to remember to mention that one to my mother when I write to her. She'll absolutely love it." In fact, she's still chuckling as she exits the cavern.

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