K'vvan, M'noq, Th'res, F'kan, Akeylah


Two Wingleaders are interrupted by Lynx riders.


It is midmorning of the nineteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Treble Clef, Southern Weyr

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The Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

Arguing with harpers is one of K'vvan's small joys in the world. Today has brought him a new-to-Southern harper. They're sitting together and arguing, their voices getting slowly louder, about the content of harper music. "…full of sunshine and shit. Know the last time I didn't know someone was going to fucking die? More than a decade ago, before fucking Thread fell. And you're going to fucking tell me that SOMEHOW tomorrow is going to be fucking better? Bull shit."

One of the benefits of being a dragonrider searching for another dragonrider is it's often easier to track someone down. And once M'noq found out that K'vvan was in the Clef, he figured some sort of argument was either going to happen or happening right now. Because, hey, K'vvan. The discussion is the first thing he hears when he opens the door, and he smiles faintly. "K'vv. You giving this guy a hard time for any particular reason, or just because he's a harper?"
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The other harper is so far managing to take things in stride but gets interrupted in defense of his art when M'noq comes in. K'vvan leans back and scowls up at his lover. "He's still brainwashed into thinking that the shit he peddles is actually useful."

"Does art need to be useful? Sometimes it's nice just to have something to listen to," M'noq says. Of course this is an issue upon which he and K'vvan generally disagree. "Or, are we talking about teaching ballads? Did the kids come home singing something that annoyed you?" Because once you get one of those kids' songs in your head, it never goes away.

"Yes, it does need to be useful. Some of the teaching ballads are useful. Most of them are just fucking propaganda." Hey look! The harper has managed to sneak off so K'vvan's player doesn't need to NPC them, isn't that nice?! "They did. Something about spiders."

M'noq just gives a shrug. "Who benefits most from harper propaganda? Probably dragonriders. Tithes gotta be paid." M'noq is Weyrbred, so he can afford to be philosophical about such things. "The bit about spiders makes him pause, though. "Spiders? What kind of teaching ballad is there about spiders?"

"Something about spinners crawling up a wall and then falling again in rain." Itsy-bitsy-spider anyone? K'vvan parks an elbow on the table to brace his head upon. "Southern doesn't rely on tithes like the rest of the weyrs. If we didn't receive anything we would be fine."

M'noq thinks on that for a moment, but he isn't sure he remembers the song entirely. "Something about perseverance? That doesn't seem to be a bad lesson. You want the children of the Weyr to give up the first time they fail at something?" Since the harper has vacated the seat opposite K'vvan, M'noq sits down and signals the barista to bring his usual. (He kinda comes here a lot.) "Tithes have gotta be important to us still. How do you explain the soapsand shortage otherwise?"

" They don't fucking need a song to teach them." K'vvan rolls his eyes at this - REAL LIFE will teach THAT. "The deposit emptied and we have to find new ones. Southern provides everything we need. If blackrock was to burn up tomorrow it wouldn't mean shit."

"Don't say that," M'noq says quietly. "The last thing we need is for someone to decide a wingleader was saying something against Black Rock, right before there was some horrific accident happened there." And given Southern's luck, that's exactly how things are likely to work out. "There's some harper music you like, isn't there? What about the songs they play for dancing at Gathers?"

"And that would be a bad thing…?" K'vvan is completely callous at this moment, not at all worried about someone overhearing him. There's a lift of his shoulder for the question, "Sometimes instrumental shit."

"That would be bad because it would cause problems for the Weyr," M'noq says quietly, with an exceeding measure of patience. It would do no good to try to appeal to K'vvan's sympathy at this moment. "You don't mind the music when I play my ukulele, do you? Maybe I should try to learn some of the songs the kids like…." M'noq used to try to hide his playing around K'vvan, knowing the man's dislike of harpers, but after a bit, he became a bit more open about it.

"Meh." K'vvan really has zero sympathy for black rock. With a sign, "No, I don't mind when you play. At least you arent' trying to pull any shit but your own enjoyment from it."

M'noq gives K'vvan a small, mischevious smile. "You think not? You don't think I have ulterior motives for arranging to be practicing when you get home? You know what they say about harpers…. well, what most people say about harpers…." Most people who aren't K'vvan.

"No." Flatly, and it's probably true, "I don't."

M'noq gives a small sigh. "All right, fine." Probably his attempts haven't been very successful anyway.

"Look," Maybe K'vvan isn't completly lying, "If you want to have sex you don't need music for it." A POINTED LOOK is being given.

"What do you mean 'if'?" M'noq says, trying out his best "innocent" look (not super believable, sorry). "Is it so bad to want to make things more interesting?" M'noq and K'vvan are sitting at a table, talking probably too loudly. K'vvan has already run off a harper.

"Is it not interesting enough?" K'vvan arches an eyebrow upwards. "Because if so something is fucking wrong." Emphasis on FUCKING wrong.

Th'res steps into the cafe talking over his shoulder to the man behind him saying "Well you have good stamina for running F'kan, but how are you at climbing?" Seems the newly minted wingsecond is still in the evaluating process with the newest member of the wing. And unlike most that talk with the brown rider, he doesn't scowl or use a surly tone. Nope today he actually is grinning and laughing.

F'kan follows behind his wingsecond, looking sedate almost, none of his usual brash roguishness. But he does have an eaasy smile on his lips as he answers, "Well I basically grew up with my dad on fishing boats, so I was up the rigging all the time." He seems easy and relaxed until his ice blue eyes look around and spies the two Wingleaders, and then he fliches slightly but tries to act cool.

M'noq gives K'vvan a deadpan look. "I would never dream of suggesting that it isn't interesting enough," he says dryly. Of course the two wingleaders would never be caught discussing something unseemly in public, so there's probably a perfectly normal context for whatever they're talking about. Sneaky-sneak M'noq generally keeps an eye on the door, so he spots Th'res and F'kan as they come in. He waves them over, however awkward that might be. "Th'res, F'kan. Want to join us for a drink?" M'noq is drinking iced klah… there is no alcohol here.

"That's my out." K'vvan pushes himself to his feet when F'king F'kan comes in. Whatever conversation the two had been having is cut short. "Good luck." That's to Th'res and all of Lynx in general as K'vvan is OUT.

Th'res glances at the angry little storm cloud that is K'vvan as he leaves but shrugs "Thanks sir?" Once the other wingleader is gone he nods to M'noq "sure if you don't mind, sir" He grins over at F'kan adding "What you want to drink, on me because you made good time on that run this morning?" He motions to the bar with a hand.

F'kan watches K'vvan leave and manages to look both sheepish and relieved a the same time. Then he offers a little salute in M'noq's direction, "Sir." he says easily as he looks back over at Th'res, "I'll just have a water, gotta hydrate and all that." He says as he goes to sit down at his Wingleader's table.

M'noq totally was looking forward to half an awkward conversation with F'kan and his former and current wingleaders… guess that will be a convo for another day. He sighs a little at Ocelot's overly dramatic exit, but eh, what are ya gonna do? "So, how are things going with you both? Settling in well?" The question is sort of directed to both, since F'kan is new to Lynx and Th'res is new to his knot.

Th'res nods and salutes M'noq before he goes over to get drinks. Coming back to the table he hands F'kan the water his own mug of steaming hot Klah is set on the table. "Oh so far so good, I still get some teasing from the older riders but it is all in good fun. Going to work with B'vin later on that archery stuff." he grins at F'kan "you are welcome to come and join in if you want."

M'noq nods at that. "Let me know if you find something you want to explore further. Lynx is pretty flexible, in that we can ressign duties as needed, if something comes up. Of course, Threadfall is always a priority, but sometimes other things can take the place of sweeps… or sweeps can involve something else." If something else involves keeping an eye on certain things. "Had a chance to work much with D'ex lately? You two are friends, right?"

F'kan is just enjoying his glass of water, slightly preoccupied as is his usual state these days. But when he is asked how things are going, he just offers a little shrugs and a non-commital, "Oh things are going well. I like the wing. It's good." What a wordsmith this brownrider as he takes another sip at his water.

M'noq tries to keep his lips from twitching into a smile as F'kan answers. "You're not anxious to transfer to Puma, then?" Since that was a suggested alternative. "You help keep your wingmates and yourself alive in Threadfall, and I'll be happy enough with having you in Lynx," he assures. A nod given to Th'res. "There's always a settling in period. D'ex may be worried you'll put him to work or something." The group of Lynx riders are sitting at a table, talking.

Th'res chuckles at the very elborate way F'kan explains himself. There is a little nudge under the table with his boot, but nods to M'noq "Not yet, I think he is avoiding me thinking the work will rub off on him." He grins and takes a drink from his hot beaverage, waiting to see if F'kan comes out of his shell around the wingleader or not.

Shooting a look at the bluerider when he is nudged with a boot, F'kan clears his throat with another sip of his water. "No Sir, I think I'm just fine in Lynx. And no worries on that score, Quaverilth is, as always, in fine fighting form." He looks back at Th'res with a 'happy now?' look, but it's accompanied by a weak smile.

Th'res nods content with getting the recent 'bad boy' back on the right path it seems. At least F'kan isn't trying to catch fists with his face today. "Well I am not going to lie and say the thought of making D'ex acutally get up on time hasn't brought me all sorts of laughter. But no I suspect that he and Zynth will be over sooner than later." Even in this heat he is drinking hot Klah unlike some of the others in the room with their iced drinks.

Is there such a thing as too much good food? Not to Akeylah's mind. And so he makes his way to The Treble Clef for just such a thing, pausing to take stock of its inhabitants. On ordering, he'll find himself a space near the group of riders, hoping to find out some things about the lay of his new home.

M'noq just looks at the two riders for a moment, a brow arched with some skepticism. "You both are too quiet. I feel like I need to be suspicious of you. It seems a shame we can't go out and get drunk together. You'll have to find some other way to get used to me." He gives an amused smile to Th'res. "Seriously, if you could get D'ex up on time on a regular basis, I'd make sure you got a bonus."

Ravaith senses Jedameth thinks « ;'s colors of blue and deep ale browns whirl around « Mine says that if yours wants to visit and see his contraption…after hours of course.. he is quite welcome» »
Laughing easily, F'kan shakes his sandy blond head, "No need to be suspicious, Th'res here is just a good influence is all." There's a note of sincerity in his voice as he raises his glass towards the bluerider. "Great guy, maybe I can pick up some pointers." he says with a chortle, poking a little fun at himself.

Th'res grins over at F'kan "I don't know about pointers, I don't think you are quite ready to go into the ring with me for a boxing lesson." He sips his klah and nods to the new commer dressed in black. No need to be rude right?! Looking back at M'noq "well we could always do fishing. I have been meaning to get some people together to go and have a get away."

"Well, one of the advantages of Th'res as a wingsecond as he can take people out and get them drunk," M'noq says. "That's difficult for me, and I don't know that A'hali would choose to." Not that the senior wingsecond couldn't do that, especialy with his weyrmate being a former Kitten barmaid. "Fishing wouldn't be bad, though. I know some good spots. Beaches or alongside small streams or rivers."

Akeylah nods back, offering a small smile in return. No need to be rude, indeed. His gaze shifts to the others, wondering what, indeed, they're all planning; it seems like there will be some kind of gathering going on.

At the idea of a fishing excursion, F'kan noticeably perks up, "It's been forever since I was fishing." He says cheerily, his blue eyes flick over to the stranger in black and narrows his eyes slightly in his direction before turning back to his own table. "Well count me in…if I'm allowed that is." And with that he shoots a questioning look at his Wingleader.

Th'res nods and drinks more of his Klah before adding "You got your own gear? Cause if not I got some extra you can borrow." While the blue rider is cordial it is the Blue dragon who is the really friendly one. Jedameth takes this time to drop into the conversation as colored hues of blues and whites swirl about and the very excited voice drops in into those currently in the area « A FISHING TRIP THAT IS AWESOME… Th'res you should invite the new person too!!! Everything is AWESOME when we all have fun together!!! »

M'noq just laughs. "Fishing is definitely allowed," M'noq says to F'kan. "We should get the rest of the wing together for it too. Bonfire and a meal in the evening… maybe singing and such. There are better cooks in the wing than me, too." Which is definitely a reason to invite more people. He then notices the Journeyman weaver, sitting nearby. "You're welcome to join us, if you like," he says to the man.

"Nope, I'm all set for gear although I should double check everything to make sure since it's been awhile." F'kan says as he sits back a little bit easier in his chair. At Jedameth's brightly colored mindvoice, he just chuckles with a wince, "How do you manage that in your head all day Th'res? It's downright distracting." His tone is amiable though. "That sounds like a fun time to be had." f'kan replies to M'noq's suggestion with a half smile curling on his lip. Some socializing would do the brownrider well, since he's been isolating himself outside of duties since the incident at Igen.

Th'res just has a loving grin on his face for his dragon "You get used to it after a while. And it helps that he is always cheery even when I would rather get lost in my work." He takes a drink and nods to M'noq "maybe after next Fall we can get it going? Give people something to look forward too after a hard days work?"

M'noq nods then. "Well, we should definitely plan something, then. Th'res, make a note, and we'll put it on the calendar." That's what wingseconds are for, right? Hopefully Th'res carries a pencil or a pen and a notebook, because A'hali was already taken to task for not doing that, right after he was promoted. "Lynx has fun times. Work hard, play hard. As long as you do the first part of that, I have no problem making time for everyone to do the second part." He considers Thr'es's suggestion and then nods. "Sounds like a good idea. Hopefully everyone can have time to get cleaned up, then we can unwind together. If we pick a beach, the dragons can swim and get a wash too."

"Well better you than me, mate, give me Qua's mists anyday." F'kan says with a friendly smirk at the bluerider. Then looking back at M'noq he nods a bit and smiles easily. "I am definitely feeling like Lynx is a better fit for me. And Th'res," he says, turning back to the wingsecond, "If you need help with anything let me know." «Look at you being all helpful and stuff. Good job!» the mildly sarcastic tone of his lifemate almost makes F'kan roll his eyes, but he resists, instead taking another sip of his water.

Th'res is already making notes in a little pad, which is full of notes and designs already. "I probably will, F'kan. But after we see how you do on the climbing course. Can't have your mind off thinking of drinks and beaches while you are up on the wall." He teases lightly before looking over at M'noq he asks "Should I talk with A'hali about it too? He does run Thread fall training so I want to make sure he is in the loop."

M'noq nods to F'kan, content so far with how things are going with the recent transfer. "Very well. We'll plan ahead… make sure that it's a morning Threadfall so we'll have plenty of time in the afternoon to relax. Sure, check with A'hali and make sure he is aware." He looks briefly distracted, as his lifemate passes on a message. "I'll have to leave you to it, I'm afraid. I'm already being called back to duty."

F'kan sits up a bit more as M'noq heads out, shooting a smart salute, then leans his elbows on the table in front of him and nods in the direction of their retreating Wingleader, "Gotta say, definitely prefer M'noq over K'vvan. That man has a mean right hook." He holds his side in memory of the punch that hit him in a couple of bruised ribs.

Th'res salutes as well but then gives F'kan a dead pan look "M'noq throws knives, not punches.." If he is kidding there is not trace of it, as he takes a drink from his mug before leaning back. He looks around and sees that the afternoon crowd has dwindled down before he asks "How are you really doing? And don't try to pull the 'I am ok' crap. I did weyrlinghood with you, I know all your tricks"

Blue eyes going wide at Th'res' words, F'kan chuckles nervously, "Indeed, something I will definitely keep in mind." then Th'res calls him out and he has to think about his answer for a long moment before answering. "Lonely mostly, yeah I interact with the wing and all that, but yet people still avoid me like the plague. Quaverilth says they have reason to avoid me and I have to just deal with it. And yeah, I know he's right, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And I'm all too aware of how long a reputation can hang around for, so I guess I better get used to." Another chuckle, this one tinged with bitterness though.

Th'res nods and drinks from his mug before saying "It is a hard path you have to walk." He leans back and puts his boots on the table saying "Good thing I got these new pair of boots, plenty miles in them." He looks over at brown rider and pointedly says "I will work with you, and go to mat for you because your my wing. But I will also call you on your crap."

F'kan nods sagely and takes in Th'res words seriously, contemplating them before replying. "And you know what, I think I at least now see the road ahead instead of denying the need to walk down it." Wow, that was just a little poetic, who knew F'kan had it in him. "I know man, and I am going to do my best not to let you down. And I appreciate being called on my crap, Qua's been doing a lot of that lately as well." With a serious expression though, his eyebrows knit together in thought, "I know one thing, I don't want to be F'kan the fuck up anymore." Oh he knows what people have been calling him.

Th'res nods letting the man have his moment of clarity, sipping from his mug. He takes a long moment to choose his next words saying "What is your goal?" It is a simple question nothing to complicated or tricky.

It may be a simple questions but it's definitely complicated and tricky. F'kan's eyes drop to his glass as he considers the question for several long moments before answering. "My goal? In what sense? I never really had one of those. I worked on fishing boats with my dad, was going to do that till I got Searched and Impressed Quaverilth and then I was a dragonrider, and that just felt like, ok, that's what I am now."

Th'res nods and says softly "Well, that is the job yeah, dragon rider save the planet. But that isn't all you are, or all you want to be." He takes a drink before pulling out a hand carved stone figurine of a dolphin "You know I was a miner, before I was a rider. But did you know I was also a sailor, and a smith?"

F'kan tilts his head in consideration of Th'res' words. He looks at the stone carving with interest as he shakes his head a little bit. "I didn't know that, that's impressive. See, as long as I was kept fed and could spend my free time in chasing the ladies, I was satisfied. I didn't really have drive or ambition, I've always been a more go with the flow kinda guy, if you know what I mean." He old roguish smile makes a brief appearance.

Th'res chuckles "I didn't either, when I was a sailor it was what my dad wanted. He was a sailor then a shipwright, me I was bad at it. Lost a toe to it, but was still pretty laid back about things too." He looks over and nods at F'kan "After that I tried my hand at smithing, while the work was easy it was just not something that engaged me, so I failed at that too." He holds up the carving so the light hits it showing it is a stone quartz as the light reflects in the surface slightly "When I got to the minecraft I decided it was my last chance, that I wasn't going to be a failure anymore. I was going to work hard, and be the best I could." He turns and puts the little carving in front of F'kan, "I carved that when I got my Journeyman Knot, brought me luck maybe it will with you."

F'kan really listens to Th'res with earnest consideration, relating with the part about his dad being a sailor. F'kan knows those feelings, "My dad was pretty convinced I was going to be a fisherman like him, and honesly, it was easiest so I didn't resist." the he listens through the rest of the story and his eyes widen slightly as Th'res places the carving on the table in front of him. He picks it up gingerly and admires it for a moment. "Nice work. Hey I'll take all the luck I can get."

Th'res nods "I think you can do it. Just keep your mind in your head and not your shorts" he gives him a playful tease. "And lets also keep you out of the path of Amani or any visiting people from Igen for the time being. At least until people don't want to redecorate your face with bruises."

That last comment causes F'kan to narrow his eyes a little bit at Th'res, his voice cautious as he asks, "Who exactly is going to be visiting from Igen?" Although he dreads the response just a little bit. "Don't worry, I'm giving the weyrwoman a wide berth. I know I'm definitely top of her shit list right now. I mean, why wouldn't I be? Doing what I did to…her friend." His shoulders slump forward in resignation.

Th'res nods and says "I am sure you know who. And she is mine too. Which puts me in a hell of a place." He gives the brown rider a hard stare as he adds "But I think you are redeemable, and worth the risk." He pulls out his note pad and says "Or do you think you think I am wrong?"

F'kan winces visibly when Th'res names that girl as friend and sighs heavily. "Yeah, I can see that. Man, I don't know what to tell you. I sure hope I am redeemable, cause this, living as the butt of jokes and rumour, is not something I want to repeat." Then, in a much softer voice, "So what do I do if certain people visit from Igen and we run into each other, walk the other way? Try and apologize to her face although M'noq already had me send her an apology letter. Maybe if I can make things right with her, like amends or whatever. It might be a start."

Th'res leans back and looks at the man saying "I think you would look horrible with your nose where your ear goes." He finishes his mug and says "For the time being, until you have truely proven yourself to others. I think it is best if you avoid her out right." He looks down at the mug saying "remember she has a reputation now too, and while people don't out right say it anymore she is always going to be know as 'that candidate'. It is something you can't change, but have to do the best making the good stand out." He gives him a softer smile saying "But don't worry I will make sure you are off doing other things should she come to the Weyr. And who knows you might even like them."

"Oh why? Would she be bringing her bodyguards with her?" he snorts as the old F'kan reappears for just a second, but he recognizes it for what it was and pinches the bridge of his nose lightly, letting out a long sigh "Sorry about that, still working on this thinking before speaking thing. Yeah, you're right, it's probably best I just steer clear for the time being." As he finishes the last of the water from his glass he asks curiously, "What kinds of things will I be doing then?"

Th'res waits and nods approvingly it is a start, not a great one but a start.. "Well there is always sweeps to ride, but your in Lynx we are a bit of a strange group. We do it all from talking to wildings and doing jungle runs." He gives a grin "we also do patrols for pirates, mountain and cave exploration and if you are lucky maybe a little treasure hunting in the form of ancient ruins." He waves at the bartender for a refil and says "But if that doesn't excite you I am sure we could go to our old fall back of cleaning the latrines" he is trying really hard to hide that grin bringing up the old weyrling days.

F'kan holds his hands up in defeat, "No Sir! I'd much rather be doing anything but cleaning the latrines. I promise to try to behave, I won't say I'll always succeed, but I won't stop trying to." And that is said with a solemn air before an easy smile spreads on his lips, "Wildlings huh? And Pirate patrol? yeah that all sounds preferable to being elbow deep in the latrines anyday." He adds with a chuckle.

Th'res leans back and looks over F'kan again before saying "That it does man, how is your pauldron fitting? I know the first few times it was really weird wearing it." He may or may not have warn his for the first week straight just to get used to it.

F'kan nods emphatically, "Yeah, I'm still not used to it. It throws me off, I feel unbalanced or something with it on, if that makes any sense. Although…I have spied a lass or two look my way when I was wearing it, so it certain looks sharp." F'kan says with an easy chuckle, only the barest touch of his old roguish self peeking out for a moment, but without any rea malice, it's just who he is.

Th'res nods and laughs "yeah we stand out with them. Just remember keep your head on straight, or else ya might not find it straight at all." If there is F'kan restrictions he doesn't know about that besides the no flights. "Maybe we will see about getting you some new duds as well. Maybe try to change the outward you to reflect the inward you."

What is this? Extreme Bastard Makeover, Pern Edition? F'kan raises a brow suspiciously in the direction of the bluerider. "I don't think new clothes are going to trick anyone into thinking I changed just cause I'm dressed differently." And he sighs again at the comment about keeping his head on straight, "Hey, I know I can't touch, but no one ever said anything about looking or being looked at. My head is firm on my shoulders." Cause the one in his shorts is closed for business.

Th'res chuckles and nods "True enough, but hey if you can stick this out and make it better for you. I am pretty sure they might at least let you stare openly at people." He is teasing but the call from his blue lets him know break time is over and the work has to get back together "Well back at it man, when your done feel free to swing by my Weyr I got a project I would like your opinion on." He gets up and grins to F'kan adding "And by the way, you are doing better, so good job." He gives a wave and is out the door jogging to that noise maker he calls a dragon.

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