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Cleaning the dust off after another Igen sandstorm, Reveka and Xanthee have a little girl talk, Daenerys then crashes the party.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the seventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Public Baths, Igen Weyr

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

It's late afternoon in Igen and the weyr is covered in a fresh layer of sand after a particularly brutal sandstorm. After helping to fix and clear away the caravan grounds, Reveka is ready for a bath and heads towards the public baths, her bathing things slung over one arm. The usually bright and animated Zingari girl is quiet, near withdrawn, and lost in her thoughts as her surroundings change and she enters the hot, humid bathing cavern. After such a whirlwind romance, she's not used to spending her free time alone, and finds herself wuite at odds with how she feels about being on her own now. Even such a simple thing as taking a bath can get lonely after you're used to spending such times with someone else. Sighing, she picks the warmest pool and divests herself of clothing before sinking into the water with a contented sigh. She leans her head back against the edge of the baithing pool and closes her eyes, trying to reach a meditative state so that she might actually enjoy her bath instead of spending it sulking.

Coming in from the bazaar, Xanthee seems to be walking on air as she glides into the Baths. She is wearing a short tunic dress which has fresh tea stains down the front, she must be just off a shift. Without her own toiletries, she heads over to where the communal supplies and grabs a towel and some sweetsand. She also heads to the hottest pool and spies a familiar Zingari girl already occupying it. She disrobes, pulling the tunic over her head, revealing a thigh mounted scabbard and a pretty jeweled dagger nestled into it. She unstraps it and puts it with the rest of her clothes before stripping down to her turnday suit. She spilps into the water with a loud sigh of relief for sore feet and leg muscles, closing her eyes as she sinks up to her neck. She doesn't say anything yet, just letting her presence be known.

Reveka lifts an eye open when she realises that someone is entering the pool with her. Xanthee. There's a bit of a painful twang at seeing the girl. The last time Reveka had seen her in person, she and Bon had just started seeing each other, and now, to have her be one of the first people she sees after she and Bon…well, it hurts a bit. Ammicable as their split had been, it still hurts. "Hi….Xanthee." Reveka states her greeting, both sounding a bit sad, and wary, as if she might not know how the girl will interact with her. She'd heard about Xan's Southern Candidacy through Amani, and, knows it didn't end well and that can hurt. Not to mention Xanthee had also been interested in Bonifas.

Xanthee sees the other girl's eye open out of the corner of her own and gives a warm smile in her direction, her eyebrows knitting together in concern when she doesn't seem like her bubbly self. Cranking down her own feelings about a certain boy, she offers a gently, "Hi there. That was some storm huh? I swear the sand even gets into the Tea Room. My scalp is itching with the stuff." she says with a look of distaste on her face as she dunks the back of her head in the water so that the grit can float out of it, massaging her fingers through it. Sitting back up, she reaches for the sweetsand and begins rubbing it into her scalp working up a proper lather.

Reveka chuckles lightly, eye falling shut once more as she continues her soak. "Aye, sometimes I swear I purpetually have sand in places it ought not be." Yeah, her and every other resident of Igen Weyr. Sand. You never get rid of it. Ever. "Did you get holed up in the Tea Room again?" Reveka asks, opening her eye barely a crease so that she can see if Xanthee nods or shakes her head, after all, one can't always talk when shampooing one's hair. Her eyebrow raises in question, though she is definitely lacking her usual cheek and cheer.

"Yup, I seem to always have a shift when a storm rolls in. Not that I'm complaining mind you, It gets quite busy and the tips are nothing to shake a stick at." Xanthee replies conversationally. When the lather in her hair is thick, she twists it into a bun on top of her head, being careful to wipe off any lather creeping down to her eyes. She then starts scrubbing at her neck and shoulders. "My friend Daen has run off and joined your caravan, have you met him?" She asks, keeping the conversation light since she is definitely sensing something wrong with Reveka, and Xanthee isn't one to pry. Well she is. But the niceties must be observed first.

Reveka gives up on keeping her eyes closed and sits up, opening both the caramel and coffee colored orbs to aim them on Xanthee while she absentmindedly rubs at a tense spot in her neck. "Daen….Daenerys?" she asks confirmation, even as she continues speaking. "If That's who you're speaking of yes, briefly at our last gather. He seems quiet." Reveka offers a soft smile. "He seems as if he belongs though, I've spied him from far a couple of times. Caravan life suits him." Reveka brings up her other hand so that she's working at both sides of her neck, head rolling slowly as if she's trying to crack her neck. Damn, why is she so tense all of a sudden?

"That's the guy. I was sad to hear that he'd be travelling away from the Weyr, but he promised to bring me things when he comes back. You don't know when you guys will be leaving again do you?" Xanthee asks curiously as she sinks down to rinse the sand out of her hair and her upper torso. She come back up with her hair now plastered in front of her eyes. Before letting Reveka answer her question, she goes on," He is the nicest guy truly. Not that I need to tell you that, afterall you have Bon." She says in a way that portrays that Xan is totally over the Zingari boy, her eyes are firmly elsewhere, in the direction of a certain Miner actually.

Reveka shrugs. Not soon enough… She thinks, knowing Bon is on the list of …guards to be left behind for weyr business. "We'll probably spend the end of summer and most of fall in the Telgar Steppe. Willimina's husband likes to reconnect with his own clan now and again…" Reveka is quiet whilst Xanthee rinses the suds from her hair and is quiet still when the girl resurfaces and continues talking. And then…then there's that phrase '…you have Bon' and a brightness fills Reveka's eyes that is hard to hide, she blushes and shakes her head. No. No she does not have Bon. Not anymore. Not that way. Whether Xan is over Bonifas or not, Reveka certainly isn't. She's glad they remain friends, but she had cherished the relationship between them. It just didn't work. Would probably never work. Not with his line of work, not with hers. SHe dashes a tear away and clears her throat.

Oh no! Xanthee has put her foot in it this time. As she sees Reveka's face change and the tear, she looks stricken, "Reveka? What happened?" she reaches out and wades closer to the other girl, a look of sympathy on her face as she sinks down in the water and searches the other girl's face for clues as to what could have happened between her and the Zingari lad, her owlish green eyes showing concern for her friend.

Reveka shakes her head again, the skin around her eyes mottling red and white as she swallows hard and tries to control her own emotions. "Nothing….a lot of nothing." She says through strained tones. "We just didn't…..work." Reveka swallows again. She doesn't really want to talk about it, doesn't want to let the feeling of being lost overwhelm her again. So many adventures with Bon before, and yet, after they actually decided to try for something, both their training intensified and Bon basically became a ghost. And every moment they had managed to snag together had to be fought for tooth and nail, and they were so far between. And the worst part of it all is Reveka had started falling for the Zingari boy, and now, now it's just impossible to be around him when the urge to be more than just the friends they agreed upon is sooooo strong.

"I'm so sorry. That really blows." Xanthee says with sympathy for the Zingari girl. "At least it was no one's fault. Shards, my last relationship I couldn't see the guy for the prick that he was until it was waaaay too late if you know what I mean." She means sex of course. She can talk about her failed candidacy at Southern Weyr with little bitterness now, it was a lesson learned, that was for sure. "It'll hurt for awhile, and that part is always rough. But I met someone new, and if I can, I'm sure you can too." These words could have sounded like platitudes, but Xanthee delivers them with every bit of sincerity she has. "And besides, you guys make that amazing Zingari Red so you can drown your sorrows with something yummy." she says, one corner of her mouth turning up in a half smile.

Reveka nods, she does know what Xanthee means, even if she doesn't really know. The implication is naked enough for Reveka to figure out what Xanthee is saying. At the suggestion she can meet someone else, Reveka gives a sarcastic little choked off laugh that sounds more like a strangled sob than anything. She swallows again, hands dashing at her eyes as she does, even splashing some water on her face to sooth the heat from her near-cry. "Ha! If I could be drunk I would be…but …well, caravan needs came first. We just broke it off a few days ago and we've been plastered with sand storms and thread since." Tightness strains Reveka's voice and she clears her throat, swallowing again. She hasn't even had time to process the split properly.

A bath; he needs a bath like a starving man needs food. And with that decision in mind, Daenerys wanders into the Baths, breathing in the steam and warmth and promise of cleanliness with a sigh of pure pleasure — until he realizes there are others there; and one of those others is possibly sobbing. He pauses midway to the hottest pool, hands stilled on the braid he'd been undoing and peers - finally making out the forms of Reveka and Xanthee. There is a moment where he considers leaving, like, RIGHT NOW, but he needs that bath, and so he continues, trying to be as quiet as a church mouse so as not to disturb their conversation.

Xanthee shakes her head in sympathy and sighs heavily looking at her friend. "I know, your heart is still too full of him for anyone else right now. But eventually he will take up less and less space." That was strangely eloquent. She resists the urge to reach out and hug her friend, since they are both naked, that would make it a little more awkward, but she will reach out to offer her a warm pat on the shoulder if she'll take it. "Want me to take your mind of him? I can tell you about this boy who asked me to dinner?" she says in a singsong voice hoping to change the subject from something painful, as well as she's been wanting to gush about it since it happened. Daen is being very effective at quietness because Xan certainly doesn't hear him.

Reveka is also strangely a bit comforted by Xan's words, and she does take the warm pat on the back. She gives another choked laugh at Xanthee's change in subject, but it does at least sound more like a laugh this time. "Sure. I would love to hear the latest chapter in the romantic adventures of Xanthee." It's got to be a joke between she, Amani and Xanthee by now, right??? She sniffles and rinses her face one more time, some of the mottling around her eyes dulling to pink instead of red. She doesn't hear Daen either, but the blood is still rushing her ears from the attempt to stem back her emotions, which had mostly worked…ok, it like…half worked, but hey, she hadn't broken down into a goobery mess! That's something! Right???

Eventually, though, Daenerys will have to show himself if he wants his bath, so, after stripping himself, he moves into the hot pool with a sigh. "Xanthee, are you flirting with hapless lads again?" He gently teases, settling back and letting the fall of his dark hair spread out over the lip of the pool, the ends getting a bit wet. He doesn't care. His gaze then settles on Reveka, noting her mottled face, and says absolutely nothing. Whatever this little meeting is about, he will not question it.

"Romantic adventures indeed, romantic tragedies more like it." Xanthee says with a snort as she feels the water displaced by the entrance of someone new. Well look at that, it's Daenerys! They were just talking about you! She will playfully splash water in his direction as she laughs. "Flirting? Me? As if!" She says, eyes twinklign with mirth, "I was just going to tell Reveka here a little story. You might be interested." she tuns back to the Zingari girl with a cheeky smile plastered on her face. "So there is this miner guy, Malosim, Mal for short. We met ages ago when he came into the Tea Room soon after coming here. Well for some reason or another, we just didn't reconnect." she pauses for dramatic effect. "Well the other night I was enjoying a drink at the Cantina when in he walks. Oh and let me tell you, dreamy does not even come close to describing him." she says with a simper. "Anyway he comes over, we chat, he shares some of his food. And then just as I had to go, he asked me if I wanted to get a drink or dinner sometime." the grin of her face threatens to take over it completely as she is physically keeping herself from squeeing.

Bravo! Daenerys! That's probably a smart idea considering Reveka would not take kindly to more prying, she's just got herself under some sort of control again. Besides, his comment to Xanthee has Reveka emitting another laugh. Sorry Xanth, that tease was funny. She'll use the time it takes Xanthee to reply to wash her face , wet her hair, and throws it in a damp bun at the nape of her neck. The mottling is disappearing fast because she hadn't actually cried, just slipped a few tears. She'll be mostly back to normal in a minute. Maybe. As Xanthee begins telling her story, Reveka flicks a gaze over at Daenerys with a grin, she'd forgotten that Xanthee had come up between them at their last gather, due to the aforementioned Miner. She is glad the man seems to have reconnected with Xanthee. "Well, I hope it's a good date." Reveka says with a chuckle, a little of her usual light coming back. Oh what a small world they lived in.

Oh, dear. It was lies, all lies. Daenerys is as pure as the driven sand. Or whatever passes for purity on Pern. Meanwhile, he will lift an eyebrow at Xanthee, completely unbelieving. Reveka gets a wink of shared amusement before he's listening to Xanthee's story of Romance and Glee and everything teenaged girl, heartily glad he's already vetted the man in question; a good sort, that Malosim. Idly, he pushes a minor wavelet at Xanthee in retaliation, laughing. "About time Mr. McDreamypants managed to corner you. He's been looking decidedly hangdog forever."

Xanthee blushes deeply red at Daen's as he comments and ducks her head under water for a moment, coming back up when she's merely pink, pushing the wet hair out of her eyes. "I already told you I wasn't going to chase him, that didn't go so well the last time. Doesn't do a man harm to get a little anxious." She says with a mischievous smile aimed at the tanner before saying, "Isn't that right Reveka?" she turns back to the other girl there and eyes dancing with mirth.

Reveka finds a question about men aimed her way and she blushes, shrugging. "Depends on who you'remaking squirm I suppose…." She catches Daen's amused wink and smiles, blushing a bit. "I don't exactly think I'm the right person to be asking what should and shouldn't be used on men…." After all, is she was she not just commiserating over a very recently ended relationship? She has no real advice to give and some of the returned light fades away. Such a touchy subject this.

Again with the mysterious sadness, and a blush into the bargain; poor girl has obviously had a rough time of it with men. Daenerys, meanwhile, will squint at Xanthee, still very very amused. "Look who's as wise as wise can be." He waggles an eyebrow at Reveka seeking to lighten her mood a little bit. A bit more water gets flicked at Xanthee, the tanner-turned-Trader teasing playfully. "Any more words of sage advice?" Like finding a different subject. "I mean, I'll be off on the road, soon, all by my lonesome with nobody to keep me on the straight and narrow…"

Xanthee flicks back some water at Daen as she puts on an exaggerated pout, "Don't remind me. I can't imagine this place without you around." She sighs heavily and then swims to the edge and grabs her towel, preparing to get out of the baths. Without the least consideration to her modesty, and because she likes making Daen blush, Xanthee pulls herself out of the bath and up onto the edge, toweling herself down quickly, then wrapping it around her body. "Well, I need to get going. I said I would send a firelizard to Mal when I knew my schedule, and it just got posted today." She sends another sympathetic look, with smile at Reveka, "If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me." A kiss is blown in the direction of Daen, ever the tease, "You better come see me before you leave." she says sternly before she tosses her sandy clothes over her shoulder, slip on her sandals, and exits the baths.

Reveka is at least a little amused by the antics between Xanthee and Daen, she's just not very in the mood for cheery behavior at the moment. She waves at Xanthee as she leaves, not at all embarrassed by the other woman's nudity. She knows she can talk to Xanthee, but the person she really wants to talk to is Amani. Maybe she can swing a trip south, it'd get her away from Igen, away from Bon, and back into the bosom of someone who'd quickly become one of her best friends, despite the distance between them. Reveka visibly relaxes when Xanthee leaves, letting out a small puff of exasperated air. It's hard to be happy for her friend when she's so very unhappy with her romantic life as it is. But now she's suddenly alone with Daenerys in the baths and there's an awkward silence she feels the compulsion to fill, but can't come up with anything to fill it with, so she begins actually washing, scrubbing sweet sand over her skin after moving to a shallower end of the pool. She's Zingari, nudity doesn't bother her much.

"She's so young." Daenerys laughs as Xanthee exits the baths stark naked. That's just like her. He pulls up a handful of water, letting it cascade through his fingers as he watches it with half-closed eyes. He's thrilled, naturally, that the girl seems to be over the previous boy — and yet. He lifts his gaze to Reveka, studying her carefully as she sighs in exasperation. "And… rather energetic about this new boy, I can see." His grin's lopsided, now, and possibly of the big-brother-is-secretly-rolling-his-eyes variety.Oh, this is definitely awkward: Reveka is the only other Zingari he's spent any appreciable time with, other than Aztrexia. But, this is how people get to know one another, penned in by strange circumstances. "So. Aside from her new crush, what is new. Any idea when we're rolling out, and to where?" Somebody's eager to leave the Weyr, just a little bit.
Reveka shrugs at Daen's comment. "I am young, too." She says simply back as she continues to scrub. That pained look crosses her face again a mention of Xanthee's new beau and she takes in a deep breath, about to admit that she doesn't really want to talk relationships, but then Daen changes the subject and she's pretty grateful for it. "I was just telling Xanthee we'll probably spend the end of summer and the majority of fall in the Telgar Steppe with our sister clan the Kheeriin." And she sounds excited about that too, a chance to be away is good right now.

"Yes, you are. And so am I." Daenerys is cheeky enough to agree with Reveka, beginning to scrub at an arm, sanding away the grit and oil of the day's work. He's completely uninterested in dissecting the life and times of a young woman with a boy, himself; the very idea somehow leaves him cold. Instead, he'll pounce upon the name Kheeriin. "Ah, I've heard of them in passing around the camp. What's their deal?"

Deal? What does he mean their deal? She laughs a bit. "They are Zingari, like us, just a different family name, is all. The clan that's here in Igen, we're the Haeyleri, The clan in the Steppes is the Kheeriin, they perform and breed runners, The clan staying with us as guests right now are the Armida, they…..have a specialized skill set, and then the clan that travels the outskirts of the northern continent are the DauDin, a hidebound, prejudiced and hard clan to deal with."

Reveka is silent for a moment and then pipes up. "There are smaller Zingari clans in between, but they are far spread out and we do not see or hear from them much."

((To Be Continued…))

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