D'ex, Elonoora


D'ex needs leather and Elonoora needs tubers. Somehow the two activities combine in the store room.


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Stores

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"Unless you plan on running away with twenty pounds of tubers?"



A vast and sprawling cavern, the main storage area of the weyr is well-tended by the loving and stern hands of those who oversee the bounty stored within. Depending on the time of day, it is a place of illuminated neatness, stacks of dry goods and foodstuffs labeled clearly… or it is a place of werelight and stygian darkness that taunts those who would dare challenge the depths thereof.

The stores could be D'ex's second home if living here was allowed. The perfect, neat, organized appealed to everything that he is and could possibly be. This place was perfect. Okay, maybe a little dust here and there, but really, over all, the stores were a relaxing place, and at this time of day, they were very quiet. Very still, not many people willing to give up a hot meal to be down in the dust when that was what the following day of work was for. As it is, D'ex is here to pick up leather, hopefully to repair some damage to Zynth's, but the perfect, beautiful, organized and vast array of items in mass quantities does have a way of distracting. Just a little. Now D'ex is really trying to get to the leather, cut a swath and get going, but hey, look at all these colors of grains. They could make some good soup. Maybe this box needs to be straightened a little. And this bolt of cloth needs to be rewrapped. D'ex's trips to the Stores always took a while.

Southern apparently needs a few good tubers. They can boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew, lovely big golden pieces to go with all that fried fish they tend to have… Elonoora might be making herself hungry as she thinks of all the things she can make for dinner, but probably why she didn't complain too loudly about this assignment even if it might mean coming in contact with a few creepy crawlies. The baker apprentice is currently elbow deep in a barrel of dry storange, humming loudly to herself as she digs through, tossing the tubers that she finds acceptable over her shoulder into a pile. And a few might bounce a little father than expected. Maybe perilously close to what should be the grain section and a certain bluerider's make-shift leather station.

D'ex doesn't mind company that he can ignore. Or company he doesn't want to ignore. But the moment that ignoring becomes harder, company is often unwelcome. D'ex's knife is out, the leather lined up nicely and pinned down so it won't move as he cuts what he needs, but before the knife comes down to start the delicate process, a tuber is rolling, tumbling over the ground and into D'ex's shoe. Distractable concentration broken. D'ex looks down at the tuber, then up to the humming. The tuber ruble, was that a pile? No. Barely. Barely a pile. D'ex's knife is put down and he stoops, picking up the run-away tuber and waves it in her direction, "You! Miss! Your dinner is running away and I think they might all run away if you are stacking them like that." There is no hostility in his tone, but the whole little rubble and throwing of tubers does make him a bit uneasy. This is…wrong.

Are there easier ways to collect ingredients for dinner? Probably… but that would require a bit of forethought. Like collecting a basket from somewhere else in the store room before Elonoora starts digging on into collecting tubers. The girl was almost halfway in the barrel when D'ex pipes up and she straightens up immediately, blinking at the bluerider and then the scattered 'pile' of tubers and she just shrugs. "They don't have legs. Don't think they're going to get too far before I find the rest of them." She fails to see the problem here…

There is a serious, serious problem here. D'ex just stares at her a moment, opinion of this whole situation starting to falter. In the lovely nice organized that is the Stores, there was someone returning it to some state of entropy. It was so… disappointing. D'ex tosses the tuber up and catches it again, "Don't you think that you are making more work for yourself in the end? I mean, if you fixed this now, when you leave, you can just sign out what you're taking and leave." He's trying to sound reasonable, make the girl just fix the problem herself so that he can get his leather and not think about the disorder happening here.

Apprentices! They're always to blame for all your troubles, right? Them or random weyrbrats slinking off from whatever organization chores they might have been assigned. Elonoora doesn't return to her tuber picking, but she also doesn't immediately jump to rectifying the problem D'ex seems to think exists, instead preferring just to lean against the tuber barrel. "But what makes you think I want to get back up there so quickly? Have you been in Southern's kitchens near noon in the middle of summer? You don't need the ovens to cook things! Just set it on the counter and wait!"

The sass has D'ex caught off guard. "Excuse me? I don't care what you need to do or want to do, but it doesn't change you have a problem right here. Are you not going to fix it?" This time the tuber is thrown up and caught, then waved at all of the other tubers that have left thier 'pile', "What do you think will fix it for you? Like you said, no little legs to go about putting themselves back right again"

"I think that they'll still be there once I've got the rest of the tubers out," Elonoora is trying not to give an exasperated sigh, but one slips out anyway. A tiny one. "Unless you plan on running away with twenty pounds of tubers?" She eyes the bluerider once again as if weighing if potential thievery on his part might be the supposed problem. Just leaving things places until you need them seems like a system, right?

What would D'ex do with twenty pounds of Tubers? He just needs some leather. "Miss, There is no fear of theft here, but don't you think that perhaps you could at least herd your tubers together and not have them running off to disturb other people?" Maybe. Please? D'ex really didn't want to let himself get riled, but this was not something that could just be overlooked. Nope. Not in this nice organization.

Maybe D'ex really needs to get a stew going? Taliveth could probably think up a use for twenty tons of tubers. Elonoora can't help but snort at the mention of no fear of theft and then hastily she covers her mouth. Maybe laughing at strange riders isn't quite a good idea. "You must not have been paying much attention in the caverns lately then. There's been a rash of thefts of all over the place lately." And look, she's righting the problem. She'll toe one of of the tubers closest to her back towards the main bulk of it's starchy brethren.

D'ex is not going to suggest Taliveth help out with the Store's Tuber population. This one moved tuber does not help, but D'ex will watch. "I avoid the cavarns when I can." General distaste towards knots, guards, and masses of people did that to a person. Or one could just say that D'ex is antisocial and be just as accurate. The laugh doesn't catch on. Whatever she seems to think is funny, D'ex doesn't. "Miss, a simple yes or no, are you going to fix this?" The one tuber he has will be jabbed at the problem.

And since D'ex is watching, Elonoora will move on to nudge a second tuber. And stare back as if to ask if that is better, but apparently it's not and she rolls her eyes as he demands an answer. "Yes, I'm going to be taking them up to the kitchens. No, I wasn't going to be doing that right at this moment. I still have to find about five pounds more. And a bucket." The bucket is really an afterthought but it seems important now.

D'ex watches without moving. He wasn't believing her. "Bucket will be acquired." He tosses the tuber he has toward her and turns on heel to where the buckets and baskets of the Stores are. After all, nice Stores put their things in reasonable places for finding and acquiring for annoying little girls who can't manage to keep a simple chore of fetching tubers tidy. Okay, D'ex is not resenting her for this. Okay. Maybe a little. Bucket… .is too small, so D'ex gets two and starts back

Elonoora might be lazy quite often, but she does at least have some basic hand eye coordination. It's how she's managed to keep all her fingers in tact after spending most of her day around knives after all. The tossed tuber is caught and she lobs it back towards the pile. Pyramids of potatoes aren't the most structurally stable of things and so it quickly rows down, but it's over there. And she'll shrug as D'ex seems to be going off to something. She'll just get back on in the barrel. Most of her torso is in as she's rummaging along the bottom of the barrel. To save some time, she's not going to walk tubers over to the pile. Nope. Back to tossing.

D'ex is less than pleased to see the girl back to tossing tubers, but will drop the buckets with, what he hopes is a loud bang. "MISS! You now have buckets to contain your tubers to, perhaps see that they are contained?!" The attempts to keep himself not-unhappy have failed. D'ex folds his arms and nodding toward the buckets, then the pile, "Miss, please, fix this. Please." Before he breaks and fixes it himself.

By fix, does he mean toss the tubers she's been throwing into a pile into the bucket? Cause that's what Elonoora is going to start doing as soon as he sets the buckets down and announces that they're for the tubers. "I'm almost done…" In Case he was wondering when she was going to get the existing pile of tubers into the buckets. Right now, she's still got a barrel to mostly empty out.

Two buckets where not going to be enough. And this girl. This girl was a total and complete ass. D'ex retreats for another two buckets and doesn't bother trying to get Elonoora to fix things, rather, he dodges thrown-tubers and starts trying to collect the not-pile and the running away Tubers into it. This was ridiculous. Blasted girl and her blasted tuber-mess, breakingt he store rooms

Elonoora is just going to call this all a WIN in her book. And if D'ex actually ends up helping her take the tubers up the stairs (cause she's only got two arms and can't carry all four buckets at once) he might even get rewarded with delicious, delicious pie. Until then though, she's going to go about her work ignoring any grumbling from a possibly irate rider unless he actually verbalizes that displeasure.

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