Divale, Zaria


Divale and Zaria are treated to some tutting in the Menagerie as brownrider shows bluerider around.


It is sunset of the tenth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Menagerie, Igen Weyr

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"Or why bother thinking on the choice at all and not just… taking a leap and seeing where it goes?"



The labyrinth of square geometry was once a familial compound purchased by the Steens and reinvented to display animals of a different kind. A 10-foot high wall of neat stone and adobe encloses the menagerie's total property and in front, a trefoil arch with a gate leads the way into a small courtyard improved by several rock gardens and succulents, some many meters tall. Beyond brilliant alabaster pillars are quarters for a variety of animals: a pair of giant white cattle on loan from Igen Hold's closed herd, whersports from southern jungles, a dynasty of desert-dwelling snakes, and in a well-shaded enclosure heaped with boulders: a young watchwher still growing into his wing stubs.

In the northeast corner stretches many desert willows and a freshwater pool 3-feet deep at its margins, stocked with a breeding colony of pinioned waterfowl, striped and vivid-colored, once called mandarins.

Many benches are placed for strategic loitering, though a full troupe of firelizards with the run of the place monitor for wrongdoings and safety of the animals. The newness of the menagerie and several empty quads tell of more animals to come.

It is the tenth day of Autumn and 96 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.

Evening is drawing closer and with the sun only just beginning to set, there is still plenty of light and the weather remains hot but no where near as oppressive as full summer. Many of the Menagerie's curiosities are beginning to show a touch more activity than they would in earlier hours; especially those of a nocturnal flair. There are a few browsing through the various enclosures, though most of the folk here seem content to stay within their tiny clusters and semi-private conversations. Of course there would be draw for children too and it's not too late an hour to be suspicious to see a group or so scurrying about (with frowns likely following their path). One pair of children, looking a bit more ratty and dirty than most, hurry their way through towards the northeast corner, ignoring much of the more fanciful creatures that seem to draw their age group. Odd? Perhaps not. Because only a few moments later, Divale arrives. Her steps are calm, her expression stoic as her dark gaze sweeps the area. She's dressed in her patrol leathers, clearly on duty and yet rather out of place here. The Menagerie is too large for her to cover alone and as she comes to a stop by one of the benches, two firelizards, a young gold and a pale brown, swoop in to hover near to her. "Seek." A single breathed command and they both veer off in opposite directions, leaving the brownrider to resume her slow sweep of the area.

Zaria still feels like a newcomer to the Weyr although she's been here for several months now. The workaholic bluerider hasn't fully explored the Bazarr yet, having stuck to the Weyr proper mostly. But she has been slowly exploring and this evening after her workday is done, the red-headed woman wanders down the sidestreet until she passes the gated entrance to the Menagerie. Intrigued, she peeks in and looks around before deciding to wander further in. With an easy gait, she meanders into the small courtyard, her hands clasped easily behing her back, dressed casually in a pair of soft wherhide pants, linen tunic under matching wherhide vest. Pausing as her hazel eyes sweep over the different quarters, silently considering which way she should head down first.

Absorbed as she is, Divale noted Zaria's arrival not long after the bluerider originally stepped foot inside the Menagerie. Both her firelizards (and herself) are still on the hunt and the brownrider was set to move away from her vantage point. What keeps her from drifting back into the path is not something seen, but heard! A Steen employee and caretaker are tutting disapprovingly and from where Divale's standing, it's not difficult for her to figure out over what ? or rather who in this case. Pressing her lips in a tight, disapproving line, she resists the urge to glare a the Steen men (awkward, given Parhelion's ties to the family) and moves to ghost up alongside Zaria. Did she want company? Because she's got company. "… Is this a first visit?" she inquires and largely assuming, while she gives Arroyo's new Wingleader a curious once-over look. No doubt she's heard of her by now, but that doesn't stop Divale from making her own observations!

Zaria is so absorbed in her decision that she completely misses the brownrider coming up alongside her and she can't quite keep herself from startling with a gasp, her hands letting go of each other, one of them fluttering to her chest relexively. As her hazel eyes turn to the source of the voice, she offers a sheepish grin in Divale's direction. "Sorry. I was completely lost in my own thoughts." she says with a soft chuckle before she nods her head, "Yes it is actually. I was just trying to decide which path to take first." she admits to the other rider as her hand leaves her chest to tuck a lock of ginger hair behind her ear. "Any recommendations?" she queries with a crooked smile.

With how easily shocked Zaria is, it only serves to fuel the fire a little bit from the opinionated nay-sayers. They're not really bothering to hide their disapproval here, though Divale's pointedly ignoring them. She's probably well used to it, in various forms, by now! "That tends to happen often and to many who venture here." she murmurs, while offering a vague smirk of her own. Glancing away from the bluerider and down one of the various paths, she will silently think a moment before answering. "That would depend on your tastes in fanciful creatures and if there are some exotics you have already seen?" Tilting her head, she glances sidelong to the young woman beside her. "Or why bother thinking on the choice at all and not just… taking a leap and seeing where it goes?"

Obvious naysayers are obvious, and Zaria's smile drops as her hazel eyes slip briefly in their direction and then back at the brownrider with a subtle roll of her eyes for her benefit alone with a soft sigh. But then she is considering her question and she shakes her head, "Well since I have zero experience with fanciful creatures of any kind, I'm not really sure where my tastes lie in that department." she says with another easy grin and then to her last she offers a shrug of her shoulders in response, "Habit I suppose. I'm not much of a leaping kind of girl." she laughs.

Divale's expression does not obviously change, but there's enough there for Zaria to pick up on the subtle 'ignore it' hint. A brow does quirk at her revelation of having no experience or tastes, to which she almost replies to and only ends up biting her tongue. "And yet," she begins, dryly as ever. "You accepted a transfer into a new Weyr and rose right up in rank…" Now her smirk returns, shady in nature while she peers up at the bluerider, her tone bemused. "I'd say that was a leap?" It's very likely the brownrider is teasing her but, as always, Divale makes it hard to decipher. Those men continue their tutting over both riders, be it their ranks, clothing and more. Having grown sufficiently bored of being a target for their behaviour, she'll gesture for Zaria to follow her. "If you have no preference, then allow me to show you mine."

Zaria takes the hint and the naysayers are promptly ignored. The brownrider's next workds though has her chuckling heartily, a soft pink blush rising to her cheeks, "That was not a leap. That was the result of hard work and careful planning, I assure you." She doesn't elaborate further but she does comment briefly, "But it's nice to hear what people are thinking about me. It's very helpful." Relieved when Divale gestures for her to follow, happy to leave behind the men and their tutting, she replies amiably, "Lead the way." and then follows the brownrider as she pipes up with "Since you already seem to know so much about me, it's only polite I formally introduce myself. Zaria of blue Azrith."

"Gossip is a useful tool, sometimes. Rarely benefits the source," Divale quips in return, as she turns to walk down one path, once Zaria agrees. Her steps are confident, her posture composed and collected as they venture more towards the heart of the Menagerie. There is a low, quiet sound, half way between a scoff and chuckle for the bluerider's comment. "Know much about you? It is not hard to puzzle out what is common knowledge or… at least a hot topic for a day. It's also my duty to know who is leading the Wings, hmm?" She glances sidelong again, shadowed gaze and all lingering on her and unreadable. "Well met, Zaria." For a moment, as silence stretches and she looks forwards again, it seems like she is not going to return the favour. Instead, she will brashly murmur: "Care to guess?" One would almost say she was grinning, even if her lips barely curve at the corners. It shouldn't be too hard for Zaria ? Divale's wearing her knot and her Parhelion badge.

"But I still prefer to be in the know than in the dark." Zaria returns easily on the subject of gossip as her easy gait follows after the brownrider. She can't help but look slightly offended, "Only a hot topic for one day huh? That's disapointing." she says before breaking out into a grin to show she is joking. But then one fine giner brow hikes up her forehead in surprise as she is challenged by the other woman. Hazel eyes narrow in her direction, partly puzzled and partly intrigued. With a quick scan, Zaria observes her knot and badge, and after only a moment's thought, "Well, Wingsecond of Parhelion so that means you would be Divale correct?" There is a flutter of worry that she doesn't have it right, really not wanting to lose face in something that she should know, but the bluerider tries her best to school her expression while waiting her response.

Divale keeps her amusement over Zaria's slight (and joking) offence from most of her features, though her eyes will widen and flicker with a brief display of it. Oh, little does the bluerider know just how entertaining she's being… for probably all the wrong reasons. Divale is a fickle creature but rarely are any of her habits wholly 'good' in nature. That she's further thrown the bluerider off only tickles her all the more! If Zaria isn't careful, she'll be the new favoured 'plaything' for awhile, where Divale will see just how far she can push before crossing lines. She needn't worry, either! Her guess is correct and the brownrider will come to a slow stop, only to mockingly half-bow while meeting Zaria's gaze. "And so it is!" she murmurs in her low, strange way. "Divale, rider of brown Lukoith. And these," Straightening fully, her hand flicks to the enclosure they've reached. "Are my preferred creatures here," Snakes. Of course it'd be the desert dwelling 'snakes! "Aside from the whersport, of course."

Looking relieved that she had gotten it right, Zaria seems to relax, although remains a little unsettled by the strange way of the brownrider. "Well met." she'll chuckle after the other woman's mocking half-bow before her eyes slip to the enclosure as they wander over the desert snakes with an interested stare. "Not at all like snakes on Ista." She remarks in an off-hand way as she leans closer to get a better look. Her last words finally register and she tilts her head with interest, "They have a whersport here? Those things are rare."

"I heard some of the Istan 'snakes can be nasty, as far as venomous bites go." Is there truth in what Divale offers? Who knows. It could be she's testing Zaria and the bluerider will learn quick enough that she's not the only one a little unsettled by her strange and unusual ways. It takes a long, long time for her to 'warm' up and even then… "Indeed but it's difficult to ever catch the creature out in full view. Even in an enclosed space! You could try, as it's not far from here." She would have lead the way too, though she already gestures with her hand in the correct direction. Instead, her head cocks to the side as if 'listening' and seconds later, Mercy, her gold, winks in from Between to land neatly on her shoulder. If a firelizard could look smug, she certainly is in spades! "Well done, pet." she whispers half under her breath, while darting her attention back to Zaria. "If you'll excuse me? I've some Parhelion related business to wrap up. Enjoy the rest of your evening," She smirks crookedly. "Wingleader." She dips her head, respectful this time as she steps back and away, heading towards another part of the Menagerie to go collect those earlier ruffian-type youths. Not hers, by any means, but of interest all the same. Questioning, no doubt… or witnesses to something! Who knows, but do you blame the youths for trying to 'disappear'?

Zaria nods in an off-hand way at the mention of the Istan snakes but doesn't comment. At the directions to the whersport, the bluerider listens intently and looks eagerly in the direction she gestures in. But then the brownrider is being called away and she dips her head in response to her crooked smile and use of her title. "I hope you get to enjoy yours too once you're off duty." She calls after before wandering off to see if she can spot the ellusive whersport in it's enclosure.

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