Vosji, Zaria


Two Istan blueriding women catch up briefly in the Tea Room over lunch where Vosji offers sage advice to Zaria.


It is noon of the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room, Igen Weyr

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"Yes, because I'm ancient."

The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

At the lunchtime hour, everyone has somewhere to be: for almost everyone, it's enjoying a lunch or something small to eat between tasks. This is true for weyrlings as well, and with only the one class of Seniors remaining, Vosji is operating largely on their schedule. She's taking time to get out of the Living Caverns and barracks, though, encouraged by friends and her dragon alike to remember that the rest of the Weyr and the world are there — so she's gotten a table at the Tea Room, a sampler and some snacks. Bread, cheese and some dumpling-like vegetable rolled up … things that Iskanzivoth loves. He's reached out to Arroyo's Azrith, with his rider's permission, inviting his rider along for a chat — both to touch base about tapping options and because Vosji hasn't gotten to just play catch-up enough with her fellow former Istan bluerider. « And she has these roll things that are delicious, » he promises smoothly. « Even if yours doesn't like any of the weyrlings. She'll like the roll things. »

Arroyo's Wingleader was leaning towards skipping lunch of any kind in hopes of squeezing in some more hidework before afternoon drills. When Azrith relays Iskanzivoth's offer to meet the Werylingmaster in the Tea Room, has Zaria changing her mind, after being reminded by her blue that she would frown on any of her wingriders drilling on an empty stomach. He does have a point and so the ginger haired woman makes her way through the Bazaar and sidestreets until she finds the entrance to the Tea Room. Ducking in the door, she takes a moment te adjust her eyes to the dimmer surroundings before she picks out the table where Vosji is seated meaking her way over. "Weyrlingmaster," she offers respectfully before widening her crooked smile, "This is some spread you got here," she remarks before settling down on the cushion seats.

Meeting with the Weyrlingmaster is kind of like working. There's some vaguely … worklike … discussion ahead! "Wingleader," Vosji says with a sly grin, because hey: she likes the idea of someone she helped train as a Wingleader. At Igen, even. A girl, on a blue. Those Istan blueriding girls are slowly taking over. "I like to try a little bit of everything, and having a bunch of eager, hungry Seniors around always tends to make me peckish. But I don't want to overeat, at the same time. So — snacky fare." A handwave across the little table. "In a comfortable spot. I couldn't remember if you were much of a tea drinker but it never hurts to start."

"I don't mind it, especially on a cold day like today," Zaria elaborates as she tries to get a server's eye to order her drink. Eyeing one of the interesting rolls, she picks one up and takes a bite. Chewing thoughfully she peers at the vegetables wrapped inside, "This is really good," she manages when she finally swallows her mouthful. Picking that moment to show up, the server takes Zaria's order for a black tea, before the bluerider turns to her fellow. "It certainly is comfortable here," she remarks as she settles further into the cushions. "So how've you been? Busy I'm sure with two back-to-back weyrling classes."

"I like it better that way than having no weyrling classes," Vosji confides softly, as if this is some major secret. It's not. But it's also not her favorite thing in the world, though she punctuates that with a sip of tea before saying, "Though I do wish that Zsaviranth and Rajakhelath's flights weren't often so close. At one point we had Zsaviranth and then Rajakhelath and Niatskivhiath within days of each other, so it was essentially three classes at once — it would be nicer," she admits, takes a bite of roll, concludes, "if we could go through them mostly one at a time. One group of seniors, one of juniors, that would be fine with the staff we have, but it seems like the queens either want long pauses or overwhelming crowds. It is good, isn't it? How are you liking your wing?" What's 'staying on one topic'?

"I believe that. What is a Weyrlingmaster without weyrlings to train?" Zaria quips before taking another bite of her roll, nodding her approval for the snack. "Have you tried bringing up your suggestion of spreading out the queens' flights to them? Maybe they don't know how inconvenient it can be to bunch them up together." Her tone is obviously teasing because everyone knows a queen dragon can't be influenced by a human schedule. To Vosji's last, she drops her eyes but nods her head idly, "Yeah, it's pretty good," she says slowly, "Y'know, there's always strong personalities and kinks needing to be worked out when there's a change in wing leadership," she punctuates her words with a casual shrug to show that everything's just fine.

Vosji's honest answer to that first question is, "Bored. For a while I actually rode with Arroyo between clutches, though it didn't last long." She and her assistants make up a weyrling-less Weyrling Wing during those odd Falls, and they're still useful! "Also, I did tell Nasrin to ask Rajakhelath to work on it, but it didn't seem to have taken … I'm glad you're fitting in okay," Vosji may be reading between lines, but she hasn't heard anything terrible. Just the usual grumbling about female wingleaders here and there. "As I recall you had a pretty strong head on your shoulders, and you certainly still seem to, so you'll smooth out the kinks. Have you met any of the weyrlings?"

"Yeah, it's not Ista, but it's slowly becoming home," Zaria says with an easy smile as she looks up to see the server arrive with her tea. A nod of thanks before she reaches for the sweetener and dumps several spoonfuls into the steaming cup. "I'm hoping to. People just get set in their ways and don't like change sometimes. I'm nothing but optimistic," she declares before considering Vosji's last questions, "A couple of them so far, En'rys I believe, and Sesa." her lips quirk on the last, her own fondness for female blueriders apparent. "They seem to be coming along just fine."

"Change is hard. Change in wingleaders, though, is to be — expected. Eventually. Arroyo's had a couple even since I've been here," and Vosji stole one of them as an assistant weyrlingmaster after a Thread injury forced him to step down, because it was the most pragmatic thing possible to do. "Be sure you get on R'xim's good side, if you can. He might seem conservative and stuffy, but he's a good guy." Also kind of conservative? Maybe a little stuffy? But Vosji's always going to be fond of her fellow workaholic, and he's a good fighter. "Yes. Those two are both good. En'rys has the Wingleader's knot, now, and Sesa and Edleveth are quite solid. The small, fast dragons, they'd be good fits for Arroyo, too. I've also got a few browns you might take a look at. Including the one who thought those murderous bugs were glowing death eyes, but don't let that steer you the wrong way about him."

"I guess," Zaria drawls as she ponders Vosji's next. "R'xim, yes, he seems solid enough, with a good head on his shoulders. I don't think i've done anything yet that would get me on anyone's bad side. Although with some, the mere fact I'm a woman is enough to get me there," she elaborates with a snort. Falling into silence, Zaria listens to Vosji talk up the weyrlings as she sips her tea through pursed lips, blowing on the hot liquid before drinking. "En'rys is wingleader huh?" she notes with a wry smile, "Interesting choice. And definitely, Arroyo can always use some more small and speedy talent. I could use a few browns too, I'll plan on coming over sometime this seven and checking them out." the bluerider resolves as she leans back against the cushions, cradling her tea cup in both hands.

"Right. That's really all you have to do — be female and breathe. Having breasts being an added bonus to some." Vosji doesn't have much in the bosom department, which had worked to her favor more than once. "Having a tactical mind, which you do, and aspirations to be a solid leader, also well-covered, those things will help you in the other direction. You're young for the role, but not the only Wingleader of your age, and you've got more experience than R'ku." The Weyrlingmaster purses her lips, not elaborating further on how she felt about that promotion, but her expression indicates 'not overfond.' "R'ku's proven to be a good fit, though," lest anyone think she remains unfond. "And En'rys is one of the older ones, responsible, and he controls his … difficult dragon well. She may not be able to last the full fall, but that's what 'seconds are for, and Tuanhjaliteth is measuring up there. Ca'elian too, I suppose."

Zaria actually looks down at her own barely there bosoms and and snickers softly under her breath, "No bonus for me I guess," she jests easily as she takes another sip from her tea. "I know I'm young, but it's not like I've spent the last nine turns with Azrith twiddlin' my thumbs. I worked really hard for this promotion and I'm not letting anyone get into my head over it," she seems confident enough, even with a faint hint of uncertainty playing over her features. "R'ku's Sirroco's Wingleader? I've gotten to know his wingsecond more than him, A'lira. Good 'second." There's almost an envious tone to her words before she shakes her head to clear it. "I wouldn't mind another bronzerider in the mix…" she trails off as she slips into her thoughts.

"Breasts are really a disadvantage. Who wants 'em," Vosji's not exactly feeling the lack! She takes a long swig of tea, another bite of — well, this time it's a cracker. The food is steadily disappearing at an even pace. "R'ku's quite good, yes. Arroyo having bronzes is a new thing, I think? It was mostly just greens and blues from what I was told, especially since Trek and Kanyith took it over. Which was a result of blackmail, I also heard." Too bad she can't substantiate that one! Amusement lines her features, but she's still serious when she says, "You did work hard, and you deserve it. They won't take it from you. Nobody's managed to oust me yet." Having a female bluerider up there on par with the Weyrseconds isn't something anyone took lightly, but so far Igen's Weyrleaders have ignored any judgmental input.

Zaria can't help but chuckle at Vosji's first, "I fully agree with you on that!" she declares before snatching a piece of bread and cheese from the dwindling platter. "Well I inherited a bronzerider as wingsecond," she starts, her brows furrowing together as she considers her next words very carefully, "B'taar is…well, I'm working on it. He was a little prickly about me at first, but I like to think he's warming up to the idea of having a female 'leader," still with the hesitant optimism from the blueriding Wingleader. Vosji's next elicits an almost relieved sigh from Zaria, "Well that's reassuring to hear then. It's strange, Ista may have kept mostly to itself, but at least they were a little more modern in their thinking of the fairer sex," the euphemism she uses for women is delivered with obvious sarcasm.

Smiling around her teacup, Vosji says, "It's just him and R'xim, I think? B'taar isn't bad as I remember. Arroyo had a really good 'second for a while who was forced into retirement, too — I'd love to tap him as well, someday." Poor R'bior and his liver. "And one of the wing's previous leaders was a greenriding female, so it's not as if most of them aren't used to it. If people complain, tell them to suck it up or transfer." See, Vosji is a nice person! She says it lightheartedly, though: most people will probably suck it up. "I don't expect many of them to transfer, if any, because it makes them look bad. And weak. Like they can't take you. Because you're too tough for them. Cultivate that," is her many turns of being a female leader advice.

"Yup, just the two of them," Zaria confirms before taking another bit of her cheese on bread. "Agertha right? I read that in the records," she notes before popping the rest of the bread into her mouth to chew thoughtfully through Vosji's advice. Once her mouth has been cleared, with the help of a sip from her cooling tea, she nods her head slowly, "That's a good tactic actually. I've never been much of a hard ass, but I am definitely seeing I need to up my game on that count. I can't spend all my time cajoling everyone into liking me as much as I'd like to try," a heavy sigh accompanies her words, "I appreciate you sharing the wisdom of your turns with me, Weyrlingmaster," she replies with just a smidge of teasing to lighten her words.

"Yes, because I'm ancient." Vosji is laughing, though. Sometimes she feels ancient! And compared to Zaria, perhaps she is; ten turns is a long time when you're a fighting rider, especially when your dragon is almost as old as the rider you're talking to. But she's still spritely, and a full rider's a full rider: age stops being important somewhere along the lines. "They'll expect you to be soft. So don't be. That's how you work with bronzeriders — they don't need to like you, much as I can understand that you'd prefer they do. But they do need to respect you, and if they don't, you have every right to punish them as you see fit. Complaining up the chain, the Weyrleader will just tell them they deserved it." At least while the Weyrleader in question is H'rik. "I — " Whatever that sentence was, it stops, hesitates, redirects after a moment of dragon communication: "— need to go help a green out of a sticky situation, sounds like. I hope we actually catch each other sooner this time. Come watch some drills, see who you like, we'll talk after about what I think of who you like."

Zaria can't help but chuckle heartily at Vosji calling herself ancient, shaking her head. When her laughter peters off she sighs softly again, obviously processing the sage advice from her fellow bluerider. "I should be taking notes," she jests, but it's apparent that the Weyrlingmaster's words mean a great deal to the younger woman as she smiles warmly in her direction. When called away by her dragon, Zaria offers a casual tick of two fingers to her temple by way of salute, "Your work is never ending it seems. I will definitely come and catch some drills soon," speaking of, Zaria tucking into the remaining food heartily before she has to meet her own wing for drills this afternoon.

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