D'ex, Sebastian


D'ex escapes the rain while Sebastian loses more clothing!


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Cold and Rain and Wind and Work. Wind and Work and Cold and Rain. Recipe that calls for soup right? Or liquor. Or at the very least hiding indoors and pretending the outdoors isn't between one and one's nice warm bed at home. D'ex is not at the Kitten to play his games tonight, no, he is holed up from the storm, his dragon refusing to fetch him through the driving rain. Fingers wrap around a room-tempeture bottle that feels warm after coming in from outside, the red head is motionless, eyes still with that far-away look of one talking to thier bonded, and expression one of frustration. Why was it they chose a weyr so high up was beyond him right now. Why there where no steps up to the upper cliffs was beyond him, then again, in this storm, taking such steps would likely be a quick end. Very quick. Quiet. And Cold. D'ex is very cold, and quiet, and this beer is too full and his coat too wet for him to have been here too long.

The rain does have it's uses, though! Wonderful uses, like cleaning of the peer after a good day of some fishing. Fishes love the rain! That means more food when the cuttings and leavings from cleanings are just cast back into the dark waters. After a nice long day of fishing with the dolphins, Sebastian would like to end it with a nice drink. Walking through wet sand counts as cleaning off your boots, right? All the little fishy chunks are off as far as he could see and he made sure to stomp his boots off a few times before coming into the establishment. Just to be a good customer! Isn't that sweet of him. He clears his throat as he enters, running fingers through his hair as he peers about for a good place to sit. Lucky for the Dolphineer, there is one! Near this familiar red head. Where did he see him before? Oh well, Bast secures his beverage of choice and takes a sip, leaning back with a comfortable groan. He peers down at his shirt. What's this shiny thing. "Oy, the scales are starting to hitch hike. Better get this thing off before someone thinks I'm a fish." Cause people do that, right? Who wouldn't? It's funny! Or something.

Funny? Though the entrance of the newcomer will not stir D'ex, his eyes will shift as the seat near him is taken. This is not funny. He's got a dragon all warm and cozy at home who can't be bothered to come save his rider from the lonely cold. There is very little funny in the world right now. "Excuse me? Wretched weather. Dry out some." D'ex's eyes rack over the dolphineer without much of a shift in the dour expression. His eyes will linger on that escaping scale, and then jump back up to the man's face. Who was this again? Why was he being so freindly and chipper? Why the rumpled wet clothing? Why would anyone think this man a fish? D'ex doesn't know. "Day is done. Now is time for getting plastered." As payback to Zynth not coming to get him. Yes. Whatever this stranger who looked strangely familure was here for, D'ex didn't care in the slightest.

Dragons are supposed to be like people, right? It's smart! Stay out of the rain if you don't like it. Sebastian likes the rain, he likes the way it makes his hair look and he likes the way the rain makes the ladies look at hi-Okay, maybe not. Still, he likes the rain. It's water. Fish do inappropriate things in the ocean, but not in the rain, right? The things the Dolphineer thinks of as he takes a drink from his own. Contemplating the mysteries of the universe. "ACHOO!" Sebastian coughs, covering his mouth with his hand at least, clearing his throat before spitting into a handkerchief. "Blech. Can't have that fouling up the taste," he mutters before taking another sip. "I don't think the weather is gonna listen. Many have tried and failed, it does what it wants." The handkerchief? It can sit on the table for now. He might need it again, there's plenty of room left for other uses.

D'ex jerks back at that sneeze, eyes wider, beer held a little bit tighter. "Pardon? What? Sure. Um. Are you ill? You are not ill, right?" The look of distaste is not masked, D'ex leans away from Sebastian, barly far from actually moving a few seats away. His eyes dart between the man and the used hankie on the bartop. "Can you please put that somewhere? It's contaminating the bar." The hankie is pointed at, but still, D'ex's worry has shifted from his dragon abandoning him to the potential illness that this person might have. "The weather aside, that's just allergies, right? You aren't sick, right?" D'ex starts to take a nervous swig of his drink and stops, his eyes widening and shifting to the drink. Illness was airborn. Was this beer even safe?

Sebastian pauses, drink in mouth and he turns his gaze over to the red head. He swallows and clears his throat. "Nope. Rain stuffs me up but I'm not sick. No." There's a look of confusion washing on his face for a minute. There's a contaminant on the bar? He better put his handkerchief away. People probably doing to the bar what fish do to the ocean during off hours or something. It's just shoved into a pocket within his jacket with a little tail hanging out and Sebastian goes back to his drink with a shrug. "Is there a plague going around or something? Haven't heard reports yet about that." His firelizard still sticks around so that has to be a sign, he stays around healthier people because they have the better tasting food. Sick people eat not good stuff!

What?! This might be worse. D'ex's eyes follow the progress of the hankie and it's failure to disappear from sight. He blinks, once, twice and finally manages to look away. "Good. I'm glad." He might actually be forced to move seats where this guy sick, but just being stuffed up? Okay, D'ex could live with that. D'ex starts to take another drink, but again he stops. He can't do it. He lifts a hand to the bartender, "Trade 'ya for something else. Whiskey? No, I'm not going to finish this." He can't. What a waste of a perfectly good beer. The firelizard is seen and glared at, D'ex's own flying rat is not presant now. But something niggles in the back of D'ex's mind. Something about a guy, drinking, drunk? And wine. And. D'ex is on his feet, finger pointing at Sebastian, "YOU! You are that drunk dolphineer guy! Journymen! One of Odesse's people!"

What an angry guy! Maybe the rain is making him grumpy. The weather does that to some people. Sebastian peers at the man, bewildered before motioning to the bartender. "Yeah, whatever you get him, make it double on me." Cause it's not good to be grumpy when it rains. "So you've heard of…" Wait. Bast peers over at D'ex with his beautiful beady eyes and he narrows his gaze. "Drunk? I'm not drunk! I'm still in the bar, and just getting started. Wait, I remember you! You took my shirt! I liked that shirt. Was a good shirt." Rest in pieces, shirt. He raises his drink to take another loud sip and he licks his lips as he points his drink to D'ex. "One of her people? How many does she have? Is she seeing other people?" There might be a little worried look on his face. Nevermind that he and Odesse only work together and there's literally nothing between them.

"Yes! I did take your shirt! And I saved it!" D'ex snags the new drink the moment it is produced and downs it, "You are not drunk now an-What? You and Odesse? Jeez man, you are brave. That girly is crazy and I swear her head isn't on right. Besides, she denied my dragon, so-" So she was a reasonable lady who didn't want to be apart of a dragon's human-collection. "And that shirt of your's, it is fine and has never been cleaner. Your welcome." There is a nod after this, a hint of finality. D'ex frowns again, plopping back down in his seat as the new liquor starts to do it's job. The finger is waved at the dolphineer again, "Did you have a name?"

"Yup, she's amazing, isn't she? I love working with her. Keeps me on my toes and finds all sorts of exciting things I wouldn't have noticed. Best coworker a man could have." She's also the brains between the two of them. When she does find someone, if she hasn't already, poor Sebastian is going to have nothing but his roguish charm to go by. "You saved it? Great! Can I have it back! Cause that's my favorite shirt." Every man has a favorite shirt! It makes him feel manly and the ladies love a good shirt. "The names Sebastian. Who are you so I know who to ask for when another garment of mine goes missing. Just promise me you won't save my pants while I'm still wearing 'em." He probably knows but can't remember. Cause rain makes him sleepy, too. Plus booze. Rain and booze. Now he just needs dry socks.

"Sebastian? No. Sorry, listen, if I give it back, I'm getting the feeling that it will be ruined. Especially on a night like this. I think it might be best if I hold on to it for a bit longer and I'll give it to Odesse to get back to you. Okay? Sebastian was it?" D'ex nods, not looking at the dolphineer again, not wanting to find something more amiss with the other man's clothing and have to stare at it. "D'ex, of blue Zynth. I'm a Lynx rider, I worked with Odesse for a time tracking ship routs." And argueing over ship routs and maps and shipfish and wether or not dragons should enter buildings if they happen to fit through the doors. It was an interesting few months. "I'll hang on to the shirt for now, nothing will happen to it, and I'm sure Odesse can get it back to you when I see her next." D'ex nods again to reaffirm that this is a good idea. This is a good idea. Yes. He will just have to visit Odesse and remember that Sebastian is the owner of that nice button up. Maybe congradulate Odesse on catching a guy? Or write a sympathy card? Or?

See that look on the poor man's face, D'ex? See it? You've gone and done it. He's pouting. It's not the pout he gives to women, it's the pout of a child who couldn't get the thing he coveted. His shoulders sag and he slumps in his seat, sipping on his drink. "How will she know it's my shirt though?" It's true! She might not remember it the way he does. He remembers the color, the way it fits him and the way it doesn't make his neck itch. He was the one that wore it in proper! They don't live together, she couldn't possibly know what all of his favorite articles of clothing are. Sebastian even has a favorite pair of socks! They don't match in appearance, but they feel perfect around his toes. And definitely a sympathy card. For having to put up with his insufferable ass at work!

D'ex doesn't get it. This was… .pouting? It was cute. It would be more cute where Sebastian not wet and messy and sneezy and with hair all about. D'ex looks away again, another swig of his drink it taken, "I'll just tell her that it is your's. She's not going to have me giving her her own clothing, I don't have any of her clothing." Nah, just a few shirts from random journey men and a shirt from a former weyrling. No big deal. "She is sure to get it back to you, and I'm sure that you can last a few more days without it." Becaues D'ex is not sending for that useless green firelizard of his to fetch the nicely folded shirt and bring it to him now. That didn't work so well last time he's tried to retreive another's clothing that way.

Would it really? Cause there's these warmer times of the turn called Spring and Summer. Though he couldn't remember which were the less humid and sticky points of the turn. Looks like D'ex is safe from the Dolphineer's patheticness for now. "I don't have any of her clothing, either. I don't think it suits me." Or would even fit. Must be the booze talking. He does look a little sleepy and when he raises his drink to take another sip, he sneezes right into it! Where's that handkerchief? "I guess I can wait a few more days. Man, my nose tickles. Must be the drink or something." Or the coming of the next big plague threatening to take out humanity. Some new plague that favors dreary tropical weather during the winter time where the warmth from unsuspecting hosts helps it grow into something unstoppable! Or a strand of hair. Same difference.

Nose tickles? D'ex is again at the very far edge of his stool, leaning away from Sebastian. Sneezing right into that drink? D'ex puts his own drink down again, he just can't take this. "Yes! Some other day. I will get it to Odesse and she will get it to you and you will take good care of it and not let anything else terrible happen to it. Very nice shirt, you should be kinder to it." Please don't wipe your nose on your sleeve, get that hankie, don't keep this up. This is torture. Torture! No way that Lady could get the correct shirt here to be passed off and no way D'ex can take too much more of this. "Maybe you should call an early night and get some sleep. Maybe dry off some? Might, um, catch a chill." D'ex is trying to be kindly. Sorta.

"Something terrible happened to my shirt? Is it alright? Is my shirt gonna be okay? That shirt means the world to me, I don't know what I'll do if something happens to my favorite shirt!" No wonder why the man is still single. Sebastian blinks those glossy worry eyes over at D'ex while he tries to take another drink but some of it misses his mouth. Good thing he's wearing an already wet jacket. The rain will rinse it off, it'll be alright. "Haven't done that in a while." SNIFF. As for the suggestion of calling it an early night, it appears the gears in his head rattle unstuck long enough to turn a tiny bit and he sighs, slowly nodding his head. "Suppose you're right, nothing wrong with retiring early. Can get in a hot bath, some good clean warm clothes. Be one day closer to my shirt." Priorities people.

D'ex winces, eyes unfocusing to a plea to the blue dragon at home to please come save him. "Yeah, home, you really should. Definatly. And soak that jacket in something. You know your shirt is safe with me." D'ex tries to sound as comforting as he can manage, "Your shirt is just fine, acutally, if you want to give me that jacket, I'll take care of it too as well. It will be clean and right and fixed and you will get it back when I return the shirt to Odesse. And You know what, I've got your tab. Just. Leave. Go Home. Nice bath, okay?" Please?! Zynth where are you?! Please!?!?!? D'ex abandons his second drink, but lifts a hand for the tender again, "Hey, I've got this guy's drinks tonight, okay?"

You know what? It sounds like this D'ex person is seriously concerned about the condition of his clothes! Isn't that wonderful?! If only he could find someone who would worry about him the same way. At least his clothes are safe. He can't look his handsome self with clothes that are suffering from some unknown fate. He finishes the last little bit of his drink and rises to his feet. Maybe he should've picked something a little lighter in the potency department. Whoops. His jacket? Sebastian peers at his jacket, petting the material for a moment in thought and then he slides it free from his shoulders, rolling it up with the drunk look of reverence on his features and he places it down gingerly on the counter. "You make sure she's well taken care of. She gives good hugs." She? The jacket! He doesn't want it to get wet if it'll get sick! Now D'ex has two garments held hostage. "I, uh. Ow you a drink, then. Yeah, I'll buy next time. I'll get going fore the rain turns into another kind of rain." Because there's worst kinds of rain, apparently. It's all fish inappropriateness-free water in any case. He gives D'ex a rather awkward salute and staggers his way to the door. Work is going to be interesting in the morning.

The jacket is snatched the moment that the thing is relinquished. D'ex is nodding earnestly, "Yes! It-Er-She will be in good hands! Don't you worry yourself at all, Sean-er-Sebastian." Jeez, he was never going to remember that name. Would need to catorgorize this guy. "Have a good night, take care of yourself out there, okay?" D'ex himself does not move from the bar, the Jacket is folded over one arm and the blue dragon is still refusing to come pick him up. As the dolphineer makes it to the door, D'ex sinks back to his seat with a sigh. Just got to clean this and deliver it to Odesse for her boyfreind. Peice of cake. You know, if he ever got home tonight.

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