H'rik, Va'os


… or along a boardwalk, anyways as H'rik visits for a spell to offer (belated) condolences


It is the forty-third day of Spring and 93 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Southern's spring may be hot, despite the fact it's only midmorning, but at least there's no sandstorm here. Wendryth and H'rik have escaped that, and they emerge from between, shedding sand, above Southern's bowl. After a greeting to the watchdragon, Wendryth's mind reaches for Tsiroth, the usually loud bronze speaking at a surprisingly normal volume. The mists of his shrouded mental field are heavy, dismal, the feeling of sorrowful rain showering down. « Tsiroth - my rider wishes to visit yours. Where might he find you? » The bronze will circle above the Weyrbowl while he awaits a reply. If this was supposed to be a covert visit, they're not doing very well.

Tsiroth’s mindscape is subdued as well but the bronze is back to his usual musical tastes; music that abruptly skips tracks like a record in surprise to Wendryth’s arrival. Ah, shit! What’s happened now? Sentiment that is likely more his rider than his own. « Down on the boardwalk! He’s expecting him. » Covert is next to impossible with the Big Ranks! By now, the dragons are likely gossiping, which has no doubt trickled down through the ranks. H’irk’s walk down to the beach is going to be awkward! Enjoy all those stares and (nervous?) salutes (and more staring). Va’os will be nice enough to move to the front of the boardwalk, to meet Igen’s Weyrleader there where he can be easily spotted.

With Va'os's location found out, Wendryth will make his landing just outside the Weyr, in that handy clearing. Yep, no way to avoid people though - there're enough about, whether by chance or by "chance", and H'rik offers nods around to those various salutes and stares as he walks to the boardwalk. He's not dressed up in the fanciest of gear, but he wears a formal jacket, his rank knots all too apparent at the shoulder. He has to loosen the jacket as he approaches the boardwalk though, and it's as his hand is coming away from the last of the fasteners that he spots Va'os, and the hand goes to his temple in a salute. "Weyrleader." Is saying 'Va'os' too informal, especially here in public? "I hope my arrival isn't inconvenient?"

Va’os is dressed for ‘work’, meaning somewhere between formal and casual. Ready, at least, to face anything thrown at him. Except for a visit from another Weyrleader! “Southern’s duties to Igen!” he’ll toss back by way of greeting, along with a salute that just borders on lax. Proper formality is probably a good thing right now with everyone watching (or pretending not to) at the moment. Too carefree and they’ll run with those rumors and it’ll be hell to pay later when someone cries ‘favouritism’. “Not at all! Just a surprise! Welcomed one, don’t get me wrong…” Audience or no, Va’os will offer to shake the other bronzerider’s hand. “It’s good to see you, in any case H’rik. What’s brought you here?” Please, please, pleeeeease let it be GOOD news? He doesn’t say it, but the look he gives the man says it all.

That's a relief! Wendryth hasn't been chased off, anyway, so that was a good initial sign. The bronze is happy to stand in the clearing, like a suit of armour left out in the sun - all upright and shiny. No lounging around for him! H'rik clasps Va'os's offered hand firmly, giving the other Weyrleader a warm, genuine smile. "Glad it's not a bad time. Ah-" Yes, the reason for his sudden appearance here. "Well. I know it's a little late, but…I wanted to come and convey Igen's condolences for Bailey. Diem sends her thoughts as well - I imagine her and Nasrin will pay a visit to your Weyrwomen at some point." His voice has lowered, and he's rambling a bit, and he has a look of sympathy in his eyes.

Wendryth may be the victim of some curious and outgoing dragon’s pinging him just to see what’s up, but there’s no territorial displays. Neither of Southern’s remaining golds are showing signs yet of rising, so the bronze is safe from even Tsiroth cold-shouldering him out. And he may be content to stand, but Tsiroth will venture down to the clearing too just to sprawl lazily. « Don’t you ever relax? » Va’os manages a grin in return once the handshake is completed and he gestures for H’rik to follow him. Anyone else notice the sudden sparseness in the crowds? No? Good. Because he’s not gonna comment on it. “Ahh, right.” Fresh wound, there. “Thank you and it’s… appreciated. I’m sure Mayte and Amani too, will be pleased to see Diem and Nasrin, both.” Va’os keeps a rather grim expression, but the signs of the emotional and mental strain of a loss of a Senior queen is all too evident. “She was good for Southern. Losing Bailey will be felt for some time… but we’ll survive.” No choice in that matter.

Fortunately for Southern, Wendryth's duty is to igen (and Zsaviranth!) so he doesn't have wandering eyes. Unless there's a gold in distress here?? That could interest him! But no, just Tsiroth, coming to join him. Wendy moves just his head, to better look at his fellow bronze. « I am relaxed, » he explains, cheerfully enough, though the reason for their visit, felt through H'rik, has him continuing to be muted and calm. H'rik isn't gonna complain about the crowds easing off - the space is a welcome relief. He'll walk with Va'os, matching the Southerner's pace rather than leading. "I wish Igen could offer help but…this is the best I can do, really. I couldn't imagine what it must be like to lose a Senior just like…." He realises he's probably picking at the issue in a painful way and stops there. "I did bring something though-" He reaches into his pocket to bring out a very small bottle, corked, containing a clear liquid and a single brown chili pepper. This is held across to Va'os, H'rik at least trying not to be too obvious in its handover. "It's got a kick - thought it might be a nice addition to your cabinet, if you've got one in your weyr like I found in mine." There's a half-grin.

Might be a few greens who’ll play the ‘damsel in distress’ card to catch Wendryth’s eye! Alas, it’s only Tsiroth, who snorts loudly for the bronze’s claim. « Are you serious? You look as stiff as a board. THIS! » And he’ll somehow sprawl out even more on the ground. No shame, this bronze! None. « … is relaxed. » Cue a satisfied sigh, too. “Aside from morale taking a good solid kick in the gut, we’re doing alright,” Va’os will explain, to let H’rik off the ‘hook’ so to speak for any offer of aide. Nope, they’re good! Kind of. Normally a lot more outgoing, even his behaviour is subdued but he could be keeping his voice lowered too so not ALL the boardwalk pick up on their conversation. Gifts? THAT is unexpected (oh, you bet there’s gonna be talk of THAT) but Va’os takes the small bottle with a genuine smile. It’s quickly pocketed away, however. For reasons! “Kick, eh? I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks, H’rik.” A pause, as he glances ahead. “So, how’ve things been up your way? Settling in, now?”

Wendryth's eyelids blink slowly closed, and for a moment he looks even more like some sort of statue. Then they open again, eyes still friendly green-blue. « I am relaxed. This is how I stand! » He's impressed by Tsiroth's ability to relax, but that's Tsiroth-relaxing, and this is Wendryth-relaxing. « I don't think I'm made to do that, » he says as he watches the older bronze recline. H'riks's response to the morale comment is a nod - what could he say? Plus, it's less said aloud to feed the rumour mill. His grin flares into a full one when Va'os takes the bottle. "No problem." As to Igen: "I think so. There's not been any rebellion against me, so I'll consider that settling in." His laugh is soft, and his gaze is off at the vibrant sea. "Everything seems more or less at peace. If I can keep it that way…I think that'll do."

« Have you ever tried? » Tsiroth is a terrible enabler. « Don’t knock it, till you try it! » Implied wolfish grin there, as though the bronze is amused enough just from the conversation. Sometimes more can be said without words and Va’os doesn’t look insulted at all. He finds it difficult at times just to be in the situation he’s in, with all the condolences and whatnot. This is not something anyone is prepared for. “Heh, always a good sign if no one’s calling for blood… or your blood, specifically. Not a bad bar to set for yourself! Kind of how I was aiming. Only…” He grimaces. “Mixed results. Even before Bailey, ah… passed, we’d been seeing some rough ‘Falls.” More shouldn’t be said on the matter, so he’ll leave it at that with an exhaled sigh that ends with him smiling crookedly. “Glad things are going well somewhere, at least!”

Wendryth creeeeaks. Look, a foreleg is moving! Stretching out. Then the other. The groan of metal on metal is practically audible. But look, he's sort of leaning forward onto them! « Like this? » He sounds uncertain! H'rik's mouth pulls into a morose grimace. Threadfall. It's a bitch. "Sorry to hear it. Hardly fair of people to take it out on you, but…comes with the knot, I guess?" He'll look for a bit of humour in the situation, with a sidelong look at Va'os and a smile of understanding.

« Almost there! » Tsiroth drawls out encouragingly while lifting a foreleg of his own… to promptly make an attempt to nudge Wendryth hard in the shoulder. Some folks tip herdbeasts and Tsiroth tips bronzes! He’s helping okay? That’s totally what this was! Va’os nods, “It’s definitely part of the territory. As I’m sure you figured that out, eh?” Another brief spell of silence and he’ll side glance to H’rik again, while they continue their sedate and leisurely pace down the boardwalk. “You ever been to Southern, before?”

Good luck with that, Tsiroth - Wendy is SOLID. The bronze doesn't budge. Not sideways, anyway - he's still lowering down. A suit of armour collapsing in slow motion. Oh yeah, he has to bend his back legs. If he does that, he's…lying down sort of like a dog?? Blink! « Here? » Tsiroth seems to be the expert on this, after all. "Sadly so," H'rik says. He'll let the silence continue as long as feels comfortable, though it's Va'os that breaks it. "Oh, yeah, a couple of times. Not since the new knot but…yeah, a few times. Came hunting once. Hopefully that doesn't count as poaching?" He sounds good-natured about it, though he is curious to see what Va'os thinks about that!

« What the — » Easy enough to fill in that blank, right? Tsiroth wasn’t expecting Wendryth to be so SOLID. « Uh, yeah. Close enough! » He’s going to forgo trying to shove at the bronze any further in case he actually breaks something… on himself. Hunting? That draws a quirked brow from Va’os and he can only shrug his shoulders helplessly. “I think so long as you’re not taking from our domesticated herds or those of the Holds and riling them up, you’re safe?” Now he’s going to have to look INTO that! “Well, I guess we can skip the tour then. Drinks, instead? The Tipsy Kitten isn’t far from here and I think I’d have a strip taken from my backside if I didn’t offer some form of hospitality.” Which apparently includes alcohol!

With Tsiroth's blessing (or close enough to it) for his totally relaxing pose, Wendryth beams in that very dragony way - all mental energy being given out. « Magnificent! I shall have to practise it. » He's not exactly totally relaxed, but he's not stood upright, so, there's that? "Oh, no," H'rik is all reassurances, realising how utterly terrible what he said sounded. "Not unless your Holders keep felines? They seemed pretty wild to me." ALCOHOL! Yes, the perfect hospitality! "The Tipsy Kitten? Sounds excellent. They got any specials I should order?" He's happy to take recommendations!

Tsiroth is trying REAL hard not to let any mental laughter slip out. « You do that! Maybe we can have a real challenge then to see who’s the best next time. » Is that more to the Igen bronze’s language? With a jaw-cracking yawn, Tsiroth stretches out and returns to his former lazy sprawl to semi doze in the spring sunlight. Felines? Oh. OH! “THAT sort of hunting!” Va’os can be excused for the mix up there, right? He laughs, “By all means! Just… try not to get your ass shredded, okay? I’ve enough going on to give me a daily headache.” He means that jokingly — and not. Seriously, don’t make him wade through that logicistical nightmare! “There’s a few local brews I think you’d enjoy…” And, just to make the gossip mongers almost rabid, Va’os will chum it up and try to sling his arm around H’rik’s shoulders (really, he does this to almost anyone!). “Come on. We can probably enjoy a pint or two before we’re descended upon…”

Wendryth isn't gonna doze, but he will bask in his own happiness at getting a start on this 'relaxing' thing. While doing that weird semi-recumbent thing he's currently doing. Progress! H'rik laughs too. "I'll try not to add to Southern's woes. Though a good scar might earn me some kudos with the older riders, huh?" He's amenable to that arm around his shoulders, still chuckling - at the idea of them being descended upon, now. Two Weyrleaders walk into a bar….

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