Rocio, F'kan


F'kan is summoned to the Weyrlingmaster's office, and though he is having flashbacks to both is weyrlinghoods, Rocio makes a most interesting offer…


It is mid-morning of the sixteenth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrlingmaster's Office, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 22 Jun 2018 04:00


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"I didn't get sent back to weyrlinghood cause I was so good at it y'know."

Weyrlingmaster's Office

Tidy disorder reigns in this space: there is a main desk, heavily scarred, with two chairs undismayed by any sense of fashion but yet comfortable, with a library of hides and scrolls and books behind. A functional credenza often holds leather straps, to the side, and abuts a smaller desk for weyrling work or even one of the assistants. Past the cluttered domain of the staff, there is a small classroom in such matter that it could easily be converted to a conference room. There is always iced klah and juice and water to be found on the sideboard in the meeting room, and stables aplenty for sandwiches.

A wave of weyrlings have returned to the barracks after a rigorous bout of PT on the beach. Yeesss the poor darlings all had to run through the beast of an obstacle course that was recently built for their benefit. It's now mid morning and Rocio is just stepping into her office after seeing that the weyrlings are getting ready for their next training in the bowl — they have some time to change and catch their second wind, so now's the perfect opportunity for the Weyrlingmaster to get a cup of klah and breathe for a moment. One of her firelizards (a pretty little green named Cazadora) is just now returning after delivering a missive to one brownrider who should be arriving soonish.

That green messenger will find F'kan in the Nighthearth with a report he is supposed to be writing on his possible excursion to meet a certain clan of wildling. But he has been mostly sitting and starring at a blank piece of hide for the better part of a candlemark with no results. Leaning back in his chair, hands behind his head, he is staring off into nothing when Cazadora arrives with her missive. Once he's read the note, he's suddenly intrigued and takes no time in packing up his few things and heading for the Weyrlingmaster's office. Once there, he is hit with a faint sense of dread, which he quickly regonizes as past associations with this particular place. He'd only ever get called here when he was in trouble. Straightening with a deep breath, he raps on the door.

"Come iiiiin!" Is Rocio's voice all sing-songy? Yes. Yes, it is. And it probably doesn't help ease poor F'kan's anxiety at all. There's a creak of the door as he opens it, which is a little ominous in and of itself. He'll see Rocio dressed in her PT gear, blonde hair up in a mid runnertail, and standing near her desk siiipping klah from her favorite mug — the one that has the text 'Bronzerider Tears' painted on the side. It was specially made~ "Good morning! Klah?" She has an entire setup on a counter table over yonder ways.

F'kan doesn't know why, but that sing-songy voice is more ominous thank any other summons he's gotten into this particular office. The creak of the door doesn't help either as he winces slightly before stepping in further and closing it behind him. Once his eyes settle on Rocio and then the mug she is carrying, he can't help a soft smirk before he tips off a salute, "Good morning Weyrlingmaster." When offered, he goes along to the klah and fixes himself a mug, black with loads of sweetener before turning to face the greenrider. "So what can I do for you?" he asks with no preface, just jumping in, maybe caused by a mild case of nerves.

Rocio wastes zero time getting to the point of why she summoned the brownrider to her lair— er, office. "I want to know if you'd be one of my assistants." she says before taking another sip of klah. He's probably wondering why on Faranth's green Pern she's asking him this given his colorful history of repeating weyrlinghood, but she'll wait to see if F'kan asks before continuing. For now, she'll let that sink in for a moment so he can fully register what it is she's wanting from him.

F'kan's first instinct is to laugh, which he thankfully catches in the back of his throat with a little cough. Taking a sip of his klah more as a delay tactic than anything as he does indeed wonder if this is some kind of joke or something. Finally, after clearing his throat, he regards Rocio with a touch of weary surprise, "Ummm…Well, this is certainly not what I was expecting. Why me though? I didn't get sent back to weyrlinghood cause I was so good at it y'know." His chuckle is self-deprecating as he finds something to lean on slightly as he takes another sip of his Klah.

"I figure that since ya went through weyrlinghood twice that ya might know a thing or two about it." Rocio says, setting down the mug of klah on her desk. She then steps over to her chair and sits down, leaning back a bit to lift her feet up onto the desk, ankles crossed. "What's good, what's bad. The do's and don'ts. Ya might even be able to give 'em a lecture of 'How Not To Get Kicked Out of Weyrlinghood'." And maybe she's looking for the right kind of person with juuust the right amount of chip on their shoulder to do a good job with the knot. "Ya gotta be a special kinda person to work with me and the weyrlings. And I think ya got what it takes if you can focus for ten minutes."

She's got him there. By the end of his second weyrlinghood, F'kan was indeed old hat and often helped others who needed it. "It's an interesting idea, I'll give you that," he drawls carefully as he watches her take a seat before lifting his gaze to the ceiling with a sigh, a suddenly thoughtful look on his face. The brownrider is not used to this much introspection, but he takes his time considering her words, head bobbing softly in time with his thoughts. When he finally drops his gaze to her again, he is sporting a lopsided smile, "I think I can manage that. But…have you run this by the Weyrleaders yet? They might not want someone with my record near impressionable weyrlings. Not that I act like that anymore of course, but it's not like I can change my past."

"All ya need is a little direction and somethin' constructive to do and you'll stay right outta trouble." She says this knowingly. "Ya got plenty of experience and know how. Y'ain't terrible to talk to. And just 'cause ya mighta had a little bit of a rough go at the beginning of your dragonridin' career don't mean ya can't do good stuff now." Rocio should write the Pernese version of The Secret. When the Weyrleader is mentioned, she just snicker-snorts and waves a hand as if to brush the notion away. "Don't worry about Va'os. Pretty sure he trusts my judgement. BUT." And that there is a big 'but'. The greenrider straightens in her seat, removes her feet from the desk to plant on the floor before rising to her intimidating 5'4 stature. She's dead serious when she looks him directly in the eyes, "I'm tellin' ya now that I gotta low tolerance for bullshit. So if you screw up and fly off the handle like ya did in the past, I'mma strip the knot off your shoulder before hog tyin' ya and throwin' ya in the back room where you'll face me and Leadership." A thumb jerks toward the door that leads to the conference room next to her office. "Do we have an accord?"

Remaining quiet while she speaks, F'kan is taking her words in and processing as he goes. Something about this feels right to him. He's been looking for a way to make his mark, to go beyond, and Rocio was offering it, ripe for the taking. Even when she rises to her feet in that rather foreboding way, the brownrider merely nods firmly with each point she makes, maintaining eye contact, leaving no doubt that he is taking her very seriously. "Completely understood ma'am, I wouldn't expect any less," he says with no hint of smirk or smile, believing every word of her threat. Straightening himself out of his lean, he takes on a more formal stance, "I'd be honored to take up a positon as one of your assistants, Weyrlingmaster. "

It doesn't take long for Rocio to transition back into her bouncy beaming self now that her warning has been given and received. "Good! Then take this." A desk drawer is pulled open and she rummages around a moment before retrieving the knot of an assistant weyrlingmaster. It's then placed on the desktop and slid forward so that F'kan may take it. "Grab your klah and come into the conference room with me so I can show ya around your new work space." Sorry, Lynx. This brownrider is now part of CatMint! "And if'n ya got some time, you can join us for PT in about an hour…" Opening the door that leads into the other room, Rocio grabs hold of her mug and ventures inside to give a grand tour. They have some interesting times ahead!

Taking up the knot with no more hesitation, F'kan curls his hand tightly around it before he does as asked and grabs his mug to follow the greenrider to the conference room. He would have some people to seek out soon, M'noq, of course, and Th'res. There was even a little flutter of anticipation for giving Devana the news. But for now he will concentrate on the task at hand, and absorbing as much as he can of the information he is being given while he learns about his new position. Time to give those mental muscles a good workout.

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