evka, Amania, Brynn


Two Zingari girls and a greenrider meet in the cloth corridor. Only one seems completely at ease!


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the eighth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Cloth Corridor; Bazaar Sidestreet, Igen Weyr

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"You didn't see that, did you?"

Cloth Corridor

Countless cloths of every cut, color, and size obscure the open air of this bountiful booth. Extravagant silks embroidered in so fine a metallic thread drape in diaphanous folds, billowing in the wind as one parts through veil upon veil of hanging fabric on display. Beyond, yet more plain or patterned cloth tower in neat stacks, the likes of which are oft seen wrapped about many a stylish Igenite.

It's been a good day thus far and as usual Reveka can be found spending her free time shopping and browsing about the bazaar. Thusly, she is headed for a cloth vender that she knows of. She needs more red cloth for her costumes. She enters the cloth corridor with a smile upon her face and an eagerness to shop. A bolt of red-orange catches her eyes right away and she beelines it to the bin it's peeking out of.

The last time Amania was in the bazaar with Reveka, she got dragged around on a tour that revealed some things she wasn't already familiar with. Mostly, that had to do with the girl looking for where she could work before, not what she could buy. She'd come away with the first new tunic she's had in a long time as well as a skirt, and it's those she wears as she meanders through the cloth corridor - a peasant blouse in deep red, a calf-length skirt in rich violet. She feels as gaudy as a party favor…but really doesn't mind how she's turned out looking at all. Indeed, it's enough to have her eying fabrics. A familiar face presently makes itself known, and she decides to drift Reveka's way, a smirk canting her lips. "Somehow I'm not surprised to see you here."

This doesn't seem like the kind of place Brynn would normally be seen, unless her dragon Diavath has some kind of secret thing for expensive fabrics. And yet here she is, perusing, dressed smartly (and plainly) in her black riding gear, her quarter staff attached to her back, and her hair styled in its usual three-pronged bun. She's moving towards to the darker, neutral shades, and frown down at a length of silk. "Huh." Amania and Reveka are noted, out of the corner of her eye, but she seems otherwise occupied with her task.

Reveka laughs when Amania pops up and comments on her presence. "Well, it seems you have me figured out then. I could n ever resist a good bargain on fabric, Timo is wonderful but I like to make my own costumes and clothes." Reveka fingers the red-orange fabric and pulls a good length of it from the bin. "Looking for things of your own I take it?" Brynn's presence is noted, but uncommented on.

"Are you a weaver too, then, or do you just limit the clothes-making to yourself?" Amania asks, a hand venturing forward to brush fingers along a bolt of something dark emerald and rather gauzy that seems fitting for the Zingari, she thinks. Her haze flicks to the red-orange cloth Reveka is inspecting. "I'm beginning to think that must be your favorite color." The woman in black with the staff, is noted curiously - such a hot color and choice of clothing for summer. Then wariness creeps into her gaze as she recognizes the riding leathers and the knot at Brynn's shoulder. Full lips press together uncertainly, though she tries to shake the wariness away. After all, if there are dragonriders who are Zingari and dragonriders she's likely been in close proximity to without knowing it…well. She needs to stop being trepidatious around them sometime.

Sweat is showing on Brynn's brow, and her cheeks. She reaches up to remove some with her sleeve. It isn't very effective. As used to the desert as she might be, after turns as a dragonrider, it certainly is a hot one. Still, she doesn't let it deter her from her task. Seeming to have come to a quick decision, or at least wanting to see it up close, she tugs at the fabric, expecting it to unattach and just be a length, like a scarf, but it's attached to a bolt. She keeps pulling it, unraveling the fabric all the while. One of the shop keepers spots what she's doing and quickly slides over to help. Brynn clears her throat. "It's attached." The shop girl giggles a bit. "Well, yes, that's what it does. You buy it by the yard." Brynn nods firmly. "Alright. I don't need any." Firm and confident in her decision. "Can it be fixed?" The shop keeper giggles again, nervously. "Of course." And works quickly to roll/fold it back up.

Reveka shakes her head. "Oh no, I'm no weaver. But my mama taught me how to sew and make simple things, and I find I quite enjoy it as a hobby." Reveka grins at the comment made on the red-orange hue of her fabric choice. "I loo good in it. I like yellows and browns too." Reveka takes a long look at Amania and smiles. "Lavender or blue-green would suit you nicely y'know." Reveka spares a glance for the rider pulling fabric, she can't help but giggle a little before she returns to Amania. "Do you need a shopping partner?" Reveka asks before looking back over to Brynn. Poor thing. Reveka wonders what she's looking for.

Amania nods to Reveka's answer, letting her hand drop from the bolt of emerald cloth. "I know how to fix clothes, but I've never tried outright making them. I wonder if I'd be any good…" She blinks a bit at Reveka's color suggestions and looks down at herself as though trying to picture it. "Lavender? So something lighter than this?" Her skirt. She likes the violet, but she can start to picture a lighter shade of it against the deeper tone of her skin and hums speculatively. "I wouldn't mind it," she says of the prospect of gaining a shopping partner. She's not fully confident about it on her own just yet. Then rider woman's unraveling of the bolt catches her attention as well. She could giggle, too, but she also recognizes and all-too-familiar ineptitude coming from inexperience not unlike her own. She does know the cloth stays on the bolts, though. "Um," she ventures, a dark brow lifting curiously as she finally addresses the dragonwoman, "are you looking for a scarf or a shawl, maybe?"

Brynn moves on as the shop keeper cleans up the mess she made, the edge of the staff on her back lightly brushing against the billowing fabrics. Amania's inquiery catches her attention and she nods to her and Reveka. "Hi," a dimple shows briefly what that almost-smile. "You didn't see that, did you?" Was that a joke? Hard to tell. The dimple shows in the other cheek. "Ah — I'm not sure. Aren't those the same thing?" She isn't shy about admitting her ignorance in this area, owning all of it. Even in her unknowingness she sounds confident and sure. "Doesn't really matter anyway. I'm just here for Diavath." That might almost be an eyeroll, the way her eyebrows lift, but stops short. "Are you two shopping?" Brown eyes look between the two teens. "And do you have protection?" Brynn is a former guard, and all about young girls being able to protect themselves against the scum of Igen.

Brynn and Willimina would get along then, because the Zingari leader is adament about everyone knowig how to defend themselves, particularly the girls. "Amania here is one of our guards actually, but if you'd like to join us, you're more than welcome." Turning to Amania, Reveka beams. "I could teach you the basics if you like. And I'm sure Timo would love someone to gush all his knowledge upon."

"I would've done the same a few days ago, honestly," Amania informs Brynn in the wake of that could-be joke, more willing than she used to be in owning the fact. She even smirks in turn. "I think scarves are thinner than shawls, usually…but I might have that wrong. I'm still learning." The rider woman's reason for being here doesn't make sense to Amania at first, even when she thinks it over a bit and asks, "Is Diavath…your dragon?" What that has to do with anything is beyond her. A nod is given to Reveka. "I'd like that. And I wouldn't mind talking to Timo," she says, though she blushes a little when she does so and looks a little embarrassed for it.

"Ah," Brynn nods about the differences between scarves and shawls. Then: "Another guard." She looks over Amania. "I was too, for a time. Now I'm in Parhelion." Which is like the guard wing. Aye, she is my dragon. And a dark one, at that. About —" she'll point to a bolt of dark green, almost black. "Like that." As to joining them, she tilts her head a bit, lips pressing together — not a yes, not a no. She'll keep a stride behind, keeping an eye out. And let them talk about Timo, whoever that is. Her quarter staff keeps getting snagged and tangled in the drapery, so she'll unhook it from her shoulder, using it like a bit of a walking stick.

Reveka nods. "That's about the gist of it, scarves are thinner and made of thinner fabric, shawls are meant to keep you warm." Reveka smiles at the mention of Brynn's dragon. "Diavath, that's a pretty name." She watches as Brynn points to the green bolt of cloth. "She sounds beautiful. What would a dragon want with a scarf?" Reveka hasn'y heard about any of Kataskiath's odder habits, so she's blissfully unawares on this topic. "Do you know S'ayde? His green is close in color to that as well."

Amania is glad her guess was correct about Diavath, but she still looks a bit bemused. When Brynn points to the color she says her dragon is close to, she can't help admiring it. She's been enjoying exploring brighter colors for herself, but there's something about those darker shades that's so delightfully mysterious sometimes. She also wants to know what a dragon would want with a scarf, but Reveka has that question covered. Therefore the guard girl is quiet for the moment, letting the younger teen handle the talking for a moment while she tries to decide what she thinks of the dragonrider so far.

"Thanks." For the compliments on Diavath. She half-chuckles at mention of her dragon wearing a scarf. "No." Ahem. "She just wants me to look at fabric." Because that's not weird. DRAGONS. She'll reach back and massage the back of her neck, her hair clinging to her skin. It is a hot one today. Brynn uses her staff to pull forward a bit of black lace. Deep thoughtful frown. "Nope." That's a definite negative for that choice. She looks at the two teenage girls as Reveka mentions the other greenrider. "S'ayde. Yes. Of course. Kataskiath's." She'll agree with the colour assessment, after squinting. "Don't let me keep you from shopping. Or — did you have questions?" She looks, in particular, at Amania, perhaps sensing her hesitation.

"What does a dragon care about fabric?" Amania wants to know as she watches Brynn use her staff to examine the lace, smirking when it doesn't meet with approval. Then the dragonwoman asks if there are questions. Amania has many, but struggles with feeling so ignorant about Weyr culture that she almost doesn't want to voice them. Still, it's her desire not to be ignorant that far outweighs her desire to avoid embarrassment, so she thinks for a moment, a soft hum vibrating her throat as she bites her lips together in thought. "Well…what is your name?" she asks. Nice, obvious one there, not to mention a good way to fill the void while she decides what to ask next.

Brynn's eyes unfocus briefly as she does the talk-to-your-dragon thing. "Something about drapery." She raises a single eyebrow, before adding, dryly, to both teens: "Your guess is as good as mine." Amania is regarded calmly, allowing time for the girl to get her thoughts together, perhaps expecting a complicated series of questions. When all she wants to know is her name, she's rewarded with two dimples, a grin and a 'ha' of a laugh. "Brynn." So informal, and lacking titles. Chin is lowered, steadily regarding both girls, more relaxed, with a slight curl to her dry lips. "What are yours? Are you traders?" It's a guess.

Reveka ponders the fact that she may want to meet this dark, drapery loving dragon. "Seems your green has good taste. I'm Reveka, of the Zingari Caravan." Reveka bows since she's in long flowing pants instead of a skirt today. "We are traders, though, I'm a performer rather than a vendor." However, that doesn't mean Reveka doesn't know how to haggle like one. She's drawn to a lavender hued fabric with silver woven throughout it. "Oh Amania look, this would be perfect on you."

Amania hasn't seen the 'dragonrider eyes' thing before and so finds another point of puzzlement as she observes Brynn. At least that particular quirk doesn't last long. The drapery thing actually draws a little laugh, since it still makes absolutely no sense. Dragons breath fire and hunt…and some apparently like curtains? She isn't certain what to make of that. Somehow, she can tell that grin from Brynn probably doesn't come around much, and it's enough to have her giving her own in turn.

"Amania," this after Reveka states it as well. "I'm a guard for the Zingari. Now. Ohhh… I do like that." This, to Reveka now. "What would we make from it?" Successfully dividing her attention between matters heavy and light, she looks briefly back to Brynn. "You said you were a guard, too. Was it for the Weyr, or did you come from somewhere else?"

"Well met," Brynn returns to both girls, with just a nod, after learning their names. She'll let them haggle and chat, until the question is posed: "I was a guard for the Reika." She supplies. So, she was once a trader, like them. As to visits, Diavath, like Brynn is a mostly a solitary creature, although she does come out now and again. Perhaps the girls will get lucky someday. ;) Speaking of Diavath, she is sending Brynn some kind of message, because her eyes are doing that thing again. "If you ladies will excuse me." She'll give a parting wink and walk briskly out, disappearing staff-first through the doorway.

Reveka bows her head to Brynn as the rider excuses herself and turns toward Amania. "I was thinking one of the pant and half top combinations, with a veil maybe?" Reveka holds the fabric against Amania's arm. "See, look how that pops against your complexion."

But…but…Amania wasn't done with her questions yet! She might've been starting to warm to the dragonrider a bit. Progress in little steps. A guard for the Reika, Brynn had said. Well, there's some more proof that the riders really do come from all sorts. She sighs a little, resigned to getting her answers another time as she returns her attention to Reveka and the lavender fabric in full. "I see," she says with a nod. "A veil, though?" She was just starting to get used to not concealing herself every time she goes out. With a curious tilt of her head, she asks Reveka, "Why do you wear a veil? I can see through yours. They suit you, but…is it just for the look of it, then?" Rather than something to hide behind, as she's seen some more traditional women do.

Reveka shrugs. "I wear the veils because I like them, they add a sense of mystery to me, plus, they're pretty." Reveka looks around and with her luck, she finds exactly what she is looking for, sheer silver fabric. She plucks it down to where Amania can see and holds it next to the lavender fabric. "See how well this fits together, and you wouldn't be hiding your face because everyone can see right through it. And it'd look gorgeous against that hair of yours."

Amania nods to Reveka's first, thinking the other girl would say as much. Then it's on to inspecting silve fabric, and she's considering carefully…but still more inclined to go with Reveka's thoughts about what would look best, since she's still learning. "Alright. I'll try it," she says, trying not to sound too shy about it. And so she'll continue along with Reveka, buying the necessary fabrics and perusing more until the see fit to wander themselves back home.

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