Baezyl, Divale


An interesting case pops up in the Infirmary…

reference to glowing bits… you get the idea!


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 06 Jan 2018 05:00


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"I'm sure we're all dying to know if the itching has stopped for you Shuber?"



From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

Sunset in the Infirmary, in another time, in another galaxy far, far away this would be the setting for a dramatic telenovella declaration of love. But instead it is here and now in 12th pass Igen Weyr. Thankfully the weather has remained settled on this particular Autumn day, so as Baezyl enters to start his shift there is very little that needs to be relayed by the Healer he is relieving. There is one point in the low-voiced changeover that has the dark-haired healer lift his head with an extremely loud. "HE PUT WHAT WHERE NOW?" Those sin-dark eyes of his aglitter with eager determination to locate the individual that has surprised him so early in his shift.

The other healer just shakes his head against a hand with weary (but not surprised) chagrin, and an equally loud "SHHHH!"

Too late! From those words alone, she should’ve known better than to linger. Divale’s duty is already finished, or nearing completion, here. Checking in on a recovering Parhelion rider, perhaps or bringing in a fresh case (Guard or otherwise) for the Healers to deal with. There’s also a nagging sense that she may know of a few idiots skulking about the Weyr and Bazaar dumb enough to present the most bizarre of the bizarre situations — and she hadn’t seen good ‘ol drunkard Whekel about of late. Surely that’s reason enough for her to snoop, right? Riiiight.

Lets face it, the healers would not have kept the man in question if they didn't want a chance for their colleagues to witness first hand this ONCE IN A LIFETIME situation. The rest of the hand-off is completed without further incident, and Baezyl is left to rule over the night, and the infirmary as the Fates have decreed is appropriate. In his defence, Baezyl does wait a minute or two before snatching the relevant file from the pile and reading it avidly, a wicked little chuckle or two escaping his broad grin as he reads between the lines of the dry reporting. "That's an implication I didn't consider…" He gleefully murmurs to the firelizard on his shoulder. "Should we investigate?" Sure he's talking to his firelizard, but anyone close could probably invite themselves along right now. Because Baezyl would LOOOOVE to share this 'scientific' discovery!

Would he looooove to share it with a shadow? Because Baezyl has gained one! Divale will ghost herself right on over to the Journeyman Healer. Now that the trade over is done and no one seems to give a care that the Wingsecond is lurking about, she'll go ahead and 'invite' herself in too. She’s been in here often enough (business and as a miserable patient both), maybe she’s just starting to blend in being familiar to some. “… what could possibly be so exciting to investigate that brings on such…” Hmm, what’s the word? “Enthusiasm?” she muses dryly.

It is fortunate that Divale decides to speak at this moment, else the Journeyman Healer might have gone in another direction entirely. Patient confidentiality and all that. As it is his darkly lashed eyes narrow slightly, the urge to share this wondrous thing battling with his own particular ethics. Eventually some decision is made and he pipes up. "Good evening Dragonhealer. Perhaps you should see this, in case some rider decides to experiment with the latest Bazaar miracle cure." Then he lifts a finger to his lips and moves to a curtained bed where reclines a testy looking male, clearly unhappy about being kept in for 'observation'.

Little does Baezyl know, that Divale was once a Healer… or set to become one. She knows about patient confidentiality! Ethics, however? …Is probably not in her vocabulary. She gives a vague smile to his acknowledging of her, while dipping her head in silent greeting. “Evening, Journeyman.” Since they’re being so formal! Brow quirks and now there’s a dark spark of interest in her for the words he chooses. “… so it has something to do with the new curiosity?” Oh, do tell! Do tell. Making a subtle gesture for Baezyl to continue, as this is his territory, she will quietly follow him. Sorry, testy looking male subjec—err, patient! You’re the victim for tonight~

Baezyl gestures for the patient to recline, even as he flaps a blanket to settle it over the lap and legs of the man. "Hmm. Yes. According to the admitting healer. Shuber here had been experiencing some genital itching." Baezyl is ALL professional as he re-iterates the history contained in the files. "That's what happens when you only see the cheap whores." Okay mostly professional as he waggles a finger at the prone man. "So rather than traipsing down into the bowels of the earth to gather his own remedy. He paid for some from a very reputable back-alley apocathary I'm sure." Again there is another finger wriggle as Baezyl finally ducks his head under the blanket to examine the man. "A half day later and his bit STILL glow!" Despite the blanket the glowing amusement is evident in his tone. "It is really quite impressive." Baezyl admits once his head is clear. "Do you mind if I show my colleague?" Admittedly that is a bit broad, but he REALLY wants someone else to SEE this!

Divale barely twitches a brow, complete neutral faced as she keeps to the sidelines as a “respectful” second in observation. There’s just a flick of a sidelong glance to Baezyl for the scolding and waggling finger, before she’s back to focusing on poor, poor Shuber. Figures! Takes all her resolve not to mutter something about men and cheap whores and sticking their… well. You get the point? However, as the explanation goes on, Divale can’t keep it contained. Poor, poor man. “You’re not serious…” Dry, dry, dry exclamation. She’s likely heard word of these “cures” popping up all over the place. It’s bound to pick up speed and be a pain the ass for everyone involved; especially the poor fools dumb enough to buy into them! Now Baezyl wants her to see for herself? Divale SHOULD be the last person who wants to view a man’s bits, but she has to hand it to the Healer. Glowing ones? And who needs permission? She’s already begun to edge her way on over. At least she’s not snickering (yet)?

Baezyl seems to have developed a cough in the last five minutes or so. He'll keep it checked out later, but for now he's just going to keep his hand over his mouth as a preventative measure. "It's all right there in black and white if you wish to review." His spare hand kind of flaps encouragement for her to check out the GLOWING BITS OF AWESOME or the poor guys wang. "I'm sure we're all dying to know if the itching has stopped for you Shuber?" If glowing bits is the price to pay for the cure of swamp-ass, then it is a small price to pay. But alas, poor Shuber's answer betrays that this particular experiment has proven to be unsuccessful. "It itches twice as bad as before! And it burns when I piss!" His uneducated accent colored in equal part with frustration and embarrassment.

If there’s giggling and snickering expected, Divale’s doing wonders at keeping a straight face. That doesn’t mean she’s not suffering right now and for more reasons that one. Oh, the price of curiosity! It doesn’t spell doom for her tonight, but it’s certainly going to be branded in her mind as one of those ‘can’t unsee’ moments. Her ‘check’ on poor Shuber’s most private of parts is much more swift that Baezyl’s — the point is made! Glowing bits. Check! “I’ve seen enough, I think.” Poor, poor bastard. “Probably because whatever that is, is now providing a fantastic source of infection,” she mutters, almost out of habit before she clears her throat. “But that is merely my uneducated guess.” Sorry, not sorry, Baezyl? “… should probably be thankful it doesn’t rot off…” she mutters under her breath, likely only for the Healer’s ears, as she moves past the Journeyman to a much more discrete spot to continue “observing”.

Divale should probably be thankful that there is no point made by Shuber, that much stimulation on that most sensitive part of the anatomy is bound to have unexpected consequences. IT'S BIOLOGY! Oh dear, that cough is turning rather nasty, and it certainly takes a turn for the worst as Divale offers her unprofessional opinion. Baezyl is forced to excuse himself with one finger even as his shiny shiny Tannercraft boots drag his poor ass outside where he can get some air. Divale can join him if she wants. Or she can linger awkwardly in the cubicle with the glaring Shuber who hasn't quite worked out that all this interest in his predicament isn't strictly medically necessary.

Now, had those completely normal biological functions happened? Divale WOULD have had a lot more to say and it would be very unprofessional and probably get her barred from the Infirmary for awhile. As Bazeyl excuses himself, she’ll linger for only a small handful of seconds before sighing in exasperation. “I’ll go get him.” To put you out of your misery, Shuber! Isn’t she so kind? He can go stuff that glaring at her too. With a dark smirk, she excuses herself too and quietly follows after the vanishing Journeyman. “Did you inhale some of it or…?” Sarcasm at its finest, when she DOES find Baezyl.

By the time Divale has found him, he's slid down the wall beside that expansive doorway into the dragon healer yard, arms propped up on his knees and tears streaming down his face as his shoulders shake with silent mirth. "You really didn't make that any easier." He accuses once he has breath enough to do so. "But that's NOT something you see every day!" And unlike his usual surprises it's not really life-threatening. "We're smothering him in redwort on a regular basis. It doesn't really seem to be helping." Cos if I remember cor-rightly, glows are a cave-dwelling fungus. "You're Parhelion right? Perhaps you could track down the…. entrepreneur responsible. It'd be helpful to know the exact composition of the substance." Despite his amusement that fertile brain of his is still working.

Seeing Baezyl in stitches over the scenario draws a rare snickered breath from Divale; for once she can agree with his humour and only because it’s at the expense of another poor soul. And it’s just too outrageous not too, okay? Even for a dark thing like her. “And I was trying to contain myself,” she muses, never once skipping a beat. “But couldn’t resist. He’s lucky he hasn’t become more of a showcase! At most, he’ll serve as a warning…” Someone’s going to gossip about this! Not her, but probably an Apprentice. Always blame the Apprentices! “Mhm. Does the stuff not wash off then?” Which brings to mind personal hygiene and potential lack thereof. Cue a flickering look of distaste. Ugh. “Redwort might not be the only thing.” But she’s treading a line not to be crossed and when he brings up her rank, she nods. “I am — and I suppose I will have to, now that this is going beyond mere gossip and rumours. If there are those dumb enough to smear whatever in Faranth’s name all over themselves… I shudder to think what happens to the poor sap who ingests it.”

Baezyl allows the tidal wave of amusement run it's course before waving a hand. "If it is more than a variant of the glow fungus with a bit of sweetner or other vector to keep the little guys going, I'd be surprised. But stranger things have happened!" As they have both just witnessed! "Of course we've washed. But he legitimately had a prior infection, and well… there appears to be some interaction." Which he's going to enjoy documenting for the rest of his shift. "I doubt he is any serious danger… but…" And the giggles start again. BECAUSE IT IS A LITTLE BIT HILARIOUS. "Never doubt that nature has a way of producing a superior idiot." His own observations bear out this particular statement of his.

“How unfortunate for Shuber, though I’ve a feeling you’ll be benefiting quite well from his predicament,” Divale intones dryly once more but not with an ounce of judgement there. She’d probably do the same, if she were in his shoes! No giggling for her, but that doesn’t mean she’s not finding this amusing in her own way and for her own means. If anything, it’s given her something to do now! Or just one more excuse to go prowling the Bazaar under pretences of “duty”. “Let’s not tempt fate, hmm?” A bemused smirk at that, before she’s giving something of a decently respectful nod of farewell. “I’ll leave you to your ah… observations. I’ve my own investigations to begin. If I find anything useful…” Open ended question and offer both. She’ll let him know? Unless he does something between now and then to piss her off~

Baezyl winks. "Intellectually it's fascinating. However, my inner apprentice finds it vastly more amusing than giggling over dirty pictures in anatomy texts after lights out." Cos you know Baezyl was exactly that kind of apprentice. However, he is now a journeyman, and much much more professional. HONEST! "If you do find the… producer of the substance, please let me know. I'm kind of grateful actually. If those bugs are what is being suggested the last thing I would want is a bunch of unwashed idiots bumbling around the caves hunting them to extinction. And possibly getting themselves killed in the process." Yes, Bae's priorities ARE bugs > people in this particular instance. "Good luck! And remember, don't use the cheap whores!" Because Baezyl doesn't judge!

Oh look! Baezyl and Divale can agree on another thing — at least about bumbling idiots, dark caves and hunting things to extinction. She merely nods her head again in agreement, before scoffing audibly and turning to walk away. Not without one last quip thrown over her shoulder however and maybe, just maybe, there’s a hint of a grin to her voice at least! “Don’t insult my intelligence… or my tastes!” About whores. She’ll let him come to his own conclusions! “Until next time.” Because there’s bound to be some point where they cross paths over this again. Especially if she makes good on their “deal”.

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