Phib (NPC'd by Thierry), Reilan, Thierry, Veresch


An unlikely hero emerges from a dark situation. WARNING for violent content. Boys get their fight on, yo!


It is late at night on the sixteenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Bazaar Sidestreet

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Bazaar Sidestreet

No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

The past few weeks… no, the past few days has seen Veresch swan through the Bazaar as if she owned it, and perhaps she does: the girl is high on emotion, and everything looks pretty to her now, whether that's true or not. Her path is predictable as well, carrying her towards the confluence of narrow alleyways that leads to the quiet spot she sometimes meets Reilan at for lunch. It appears that the day will pass as any other would, buoyed on new infatuation if not love. That apprehension passes as a thin scream comes, and the young messenger's head snaps around. Another quickly prompts her to move into a dark corner that she really shouldn't, where the one called Phib is looming over one of the market girls. From the grip he has on her arm and the pawing motion at her neckline, it's all too clear that he doesn't have good intentions, and Veresch's brows snap down immediately. She doesn't really think about what she's doing at all. One moment she's at the entrance to the dark corner, and in the next she's over at the fighting pair. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she shouts. "Get your damn hands off her!"

Phib's a big hulking lump of a lad, and isn't one to especially care what anyone of such small stature might say. His grip tightens on the girl as he turns to leer at Veresch, whose bravery is really not so appreciated. "Fuck off." Now normally, that would be enough to scare someone off, right? His lip curls and he shakes his fist warningly at Veresch, before turning his attention back to crushing his little conquest against the wall. His. All his.

A sometimes meet for lunch has turned into a favorite spot for Reilan, really. That section of streets and alleyways where the children play is typically free of riffraff and other crowding. Unfortunately, lunch is discarded into the dust with shrieking going on so nearby, and Reilan abandons it in favor of sneaking his way amongst the small spaces to find /just/ what all the noise is. Unsurprisingly Phib, of course, although the teen is no less irritated by the older boy’s actions than Veresch seems to be. “Phib..” It’s a warning, and a bit of a growl, really. It’s no secret that the two boys just…don’t seem to get along at all. “What the /hell/?”

Phib might be a hulking brute, but Veresch is quick and small, and possesses incredibly pointy toes. The kicks she gives his ankle, then his knee, then somewhere higher up, can only be described as runner-like in quality. That's followed up by a quick yank of the girl's arm as Phib's grip loosens, and she propels her behind and to the side. "Run," she orders flatly over her shoulder. "Run and go and get some help." Then she, being the incredibly courageous, incredibly stupid person that she is, blocks the dark alley so that the hulking brute can't get past her and try for the girl again. "You are a bastard," she informs him haughtily, little caring that the speech is giving him time to recover. "An absolute bastard. How dare you do that." She looks over her shoulder at Rei, anger turning to amazement turning to dismay. Shards. This isn't demure at all. In that moment, she's totally distracted, wide open to attack from beyond.

"Two little /girls/," Phib sneers when Reilan, too, appears. Then he's being kicked! And that doesn't go down well with him - though it /does/ get the results Veresch hoped for as he lets go of the bazaar girl, only to be kicked again. "Fucking bitch," he growls, as not only has she managed to /hurt/ him, but his girl's got away, too. That attempt to block him into the alley is met with a laugh though; really? Does the little girl think that'll work? Ignoring Reilan for the irritation he is, Phib stomps towards Veresch, surprisingly quick on his feet despite his hulking size. Once close enough he brings his arm back, swinging it around with every intent of cracking his ham-like hand against Veresch's cheek.

Demure gets one attacked by folk like Phib, apparently. Reilan lets the other girl run off though, giving her the room to do so while tiny green wings set to flying away from the boy and up through the alley as well. With Pretty gone, he continues to glower at Phib, creeping further towards him and Veresch. Not quickly enough, it seems, when ham hands go swiping at the girl. “Shit!” Forward he goes, smaller than Phib or not, to barrel right into the older boy. Possibly not the best plan. Rei makes a living keeping just out of reach of the older boys, but at least it might keep him from striking out at the girl again.

It's in that split-second of looking away that Veresch forgot the principal rule of every fight. She sees Reilan rushing forward, but it's just too late. Her twitch back means she's quick enough to avoid the blow on her face, but the impact of that huge hand against her skull is still enough to lift her up and spin her around. It's an oddly graceful movement, a pirouette in the air that sees her awkwardly falling against one dank wall in a clatter of limbs. She slides down it, stunned, eyes turning over. "…kill you," she manages to get out, trying to get to Reilan's side to help. Her body just isn't cooperating.

Sadly little Reilan's body isn't enough to set someone of Phib's size off-balance - it's just an annoying bump, really, and the older boy looks down at him to shove him away. "You sticking up for your girlfriend, Worm?" A girlfriend who's all down on the floor, already backed up against the wall. He ignores Reilan to go to her, leering down before he reaches out with a fist to curl it into the fabric of her tunic, using it to haul her up to her feet. With his hand pinning her to the wall and his weight pressed against her, he smacks his lips and goes in to try and cop a feel. "Got no fucking tits, but you'll do, wontcha?"

Oh shards. Oh shards. Veresch has to fight against nausea as Phib hauls her up and thumps her against the wall. The tunic tears easily enough for all that it's winter-weight fabric. It's odd how things occur in slices: the wind across her stomach, the throbbing pain from the bump on her head, the feeling of immense and immediate danger. The injunction against fighting will only hold her back so long. An idea swirls, and before she can think about it her body's already putting it into motion: she hauls her head back as much as she can and thuds it forward into the bridge of Phib's nose. "Get away from me!" she manages to yell, hoarsely. She's a virago all of a sudden, kicking and scratching and biting — definitely not one of the demure Bazaar girls, and definitely not in the mood for her first time being with Phib.

Reilan jerks back, a little off balance at the shove as he takes a few steps, trying not to actually fall. “Maybe I am..” It’s growled, narrowing his eyes again when Phib actually goes /to/ Veresch again. There’s a little twitch for that /name/ as well. It’s one thing when Thierry uses it, but /see/ what the older boy started? It doesn’t take him but a moment to have his own knife in hand, charging right back in again. And while he doesn’t /stab/ the older boy, he does leap right up onto his back with the blade near his throat, growling and clinging like a little monkey. “Let go. Now.”

Phib's head goes back with that crunch of bone on bone, just as Reilan gets up on his back… freaky little monkey that he is. The press of a blade to his throat does make him pause for a second; he drops his hold on Veresch, but only to grab Reilan's wrist to try and wrangle him away, while turning towards the wall to crush the blonde there.

… only he doesn't /get/ that far, because there's the thud-thud-thud of boots coming up the alley, preceeded by an angry brown firelizard and the huff-puff-puff of a sprinting /smoker/. Yeah, Thierry's pretty obviously puffed out when he comes across the scene, sending in Rat to claw at Phib's chest. "Phib," Thi growls breathily, crouched over with his hands on his knees as he tries to regain his breath. "Back the /fuck/ off, Phib." When Rat's batted aside by a heavy hand and Phib goes to try crush Reilan /anyway/, Thierry launches at him, bringing his fist around to smash into the older gang member's jaw. It's a /solid/ thwack that causes Thi to grunt in pain as he drops back a step, flexing his fingers. "Get her out, Rei." His head jerks at Veresch, while Phib recovers enough to come charging back at him. "/Now/, Rei." Because Thi's about to get tackled by a hulking brute and he probably /doesn't/ want V to see that.

Veresch folds like a limp piece of cloth as she's dropped. Both thwacks have solidly rung her bell, and she's unable to get more out but a small moan. Through slitted eyes, she manages to see who rescues them, but even that goes away as helpless, thankless tears start running down her cheek. "Thi…" she manages to choke out, fighting against passing out right there. "Thi, no, please… 'rest him. Don't want you hurt!" She's adamant about that part, spirit shining through even though she looks like a snivelling, newly-bloody rag. "Don't… kicked out. Arrest him." She manages to flail a hand at Rei, trying to get him to hold Thierry back.

Reilan thankfully doesn’t stay attached to Phib for that entire bit. Once Thierry is there, and Phib’s attention is shifting, the boy drops his hold and /moves/, getting out of the way and dropping next to Veresch to check on her. The scuffling noises cause a glance back, watching Thierry and Phib writhing around on the ground with a little wince. “I don’t think the ‘not getting hurt’ part is an option..” Though he joins right in, briefly yelling in the space of the alleyway. “Clock ‘im good, damn it!” ..He can’t help it. Seeing Phib unconscious in a gutter would be..ever so pleasing. But he shifts to try and get an arm partially around Veresch and help her up. “Come on, gotta get on your feet.. Thi can handle ‘im..”

Thierry is indeed rolling around with Phib, trying /not/ to let the bigger guy pin him to the floor - because that /wouldn't/ be good. With a combination of dirty street-fighting and something a little more refined that he's picked up in recent training, he manages to get up on top of Phib, straddling the man's wide chest with knees on his arms, pinning him just long enough to smash a fist into his face again. That upsets his balance though, especially when Phib pushes up; Thierry rolls to the side, scrambling to his feet, reading for his former gang member when he comes lumbering up… ready with his nightstick in hand to give him a solid /whack/ on the side of his head. /That/ does it for Phib - the mountain of a man falls to the ground, and Thierry runs his fingers through his head, panting, as he kicks his toe into the unconscious bully's belly. "/Fuck/." His turn to sink to the floor now! He rubs his hand under his nose, where there's a trickle of blood seeping down over his split lip, and fumbles, shakily, in his pocket for a toke.

It would probably not do to get sick on Reilan. He's too neat to appreciate that kind of decoration. The again, Veresch has had about as much as she can take, and is not at all unwilling to be helped up. She has to press against Reilan to be able to stand, but when she does she manages to get her arms around his chest for a tight, desperate squeeze of thanks, shudders betraying the adrenaline leaving her body. "Thank you," she whispers against him, doubtlessly getting some of blood on him too, and tears and snot. The thud of the man-mountain hitting the ground, along with the sound of a curse coming from Thierry is enough to make her whisper one as well, more a prayer for thanks than anything else. "Is… is he okay? Are you?"

Reilan doesn’t seem to mind the womanly mess that’s being made. He’s breathing hard himself still, even if he isn’t all gross..except for sweat. He keeps a hold on Veresch though, letting her use him for support while he looks back again at Thierry, nodding for the lump that Phib has become on the ground. “Thanks..” It’s called quietly, but enough that the older boy should hear him, at least. He gives Veresch a little squeeze though. At least he’s trying to be comforting? “He was after another girl, ran off down the alley the other way though.”

Thierry mightn't be able to hear them, because he pays no attention as he struggles to light his toke with shaking hands. Adrenaline sucks! The teen gives up with a frustrated huff, tucking the tab behind his ear and rocking forward onto his knees to shuffle towards Phib. He leans over him, putting his ear down by the lad's mouth to hear for breathing - not that it's really necessary, as the blood from his nose bubbles with every exhaled breath. Nice. When Phib groans and stirs, Thierry reaches for his wrists and slaps his cuffs on them. Then, at the height of his most professional self, he sits on Phib's back, trying again to light his toke. This time, he's more successful, exhaling a smug smoke ring into the air above him.

Veresch tries standing on her own after a moment of girly clinging. There are limits. She's a bit unsteady, but each step gets easier as she weaves her way over to Thierry and the unconscious lummox. Phib gets a kick in the ribs. Thierry gets a grateful look and a solemn nod. "Thank you," she states. "I won't forget this." She looks over her shoulder at Rei. "Either of you. I'll never forget this." She wants to say more, clearly she does, but she stops the babble that wants to escape in its tracks. "Yukie'll help with your… you know. Bleeding bits. I hope you're going to drag him to the cells for what he did. I really hope so, because I can't just stay silent about this. If he's attacking girls in alleys, it'd not turn out well. As it is, I don't know how I'm going to explain things to Kyara. She'll know something happened."

Reilan follows at a bit of a distance, at least until he /gets/ to Phib. There’s a bit of a glower for him, but a tiny nod given to Thierry the next moment. A breath is given, despite the smoke hanging in the air. “Damn right he’s taking him to the brig.” There’s even a slight bit of /eyeing/ given to his friend for it. “I’ll help drag him down there if he’s too heavy. …He’s probably too heavy.” Phib is…a big boy. The teen tilts his head a little bit though, watching Veresch for another moment, a faint smile there despite the situation. “What’s to explain? Tried to help another girl out, things got hairy and the guard came ‘n took care of the problem.”

"Will you /both/ shut the fuck up and stop talking?" Thierry scowls from one to the other, rubbing at his temple. There's a mark there where he's been struck by Thib, and he doesn't look happy. There's blood on the end of his toke too from where it's either dribbled down from his nose or seeped from the cut in his lip, and he spits a bloody gobbet across the alley. "I fuckin' well knocked /Phib/ out." He's proud. Also slightly anxious… but mostly proud. And Phib's starting to stir again, so Thierry stands up - swaying a little when he does. "Oi, fuckface. On your fuckin' feet." He pokes a toe into the bigger lad's ribs, then bends down to jerk on the cuffs that hold his wrists behind his back. "/Up/, Phib. You're coming with me."

"Shut up about us shutting up," Veresch snipes nervously, wiping her hands on her pants. "I can… okay. Yes. That can work. I'll go and tell her that." Reilan gets a quick, beaming smile; the girl is recovered enough to mouth 'Lunch tomorrow, my treat?' in his direction before she flits to Thierry's side, just in case she's needed to mop a fevered brow, or kick Phib again, or something.

Thierry reaches down for Veresch's chin when she gets close, gently holding her so he can tilt her head from side to side, checking her over. "You ok?" He's even got a frown of concern as he drops his hand to Phib's shoulder as the groggy man manages to push himself up to his knees. "Go find a healer, little sh—" No, not the most apt nickname to use now. He stops himself, giving Veresch an apologetic little smile. "Go find a healer. Get seen to. Both of you," Thi looks up at Reilan, flicking a concerned gaze over him. "Then come by the guardhouse later. You may need to give your account." With a hefty tug, he gets Phib to his feet - the man's swaying, but doesn't look like he'll be much more trouble. Thierry wraps his arm around the bulky young man's upper arm, steering him off down the alley and, eventually, to the guardhouse.

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