Divale, Eala, Ilarios, Ryott


An unusual mix of folk gather about the auction yards…


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Auction Yard, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 06 May 2018 04:00



Auction Yard

Here is a place of two extremes. Either packed full of men and beasts or else nearly vacant. When busy, animals bellow and the sounds of lively barter fill the air. The pens are completely packed and it's a wonder how they all got into one location in the first day as herders try to sell off as many as they can for the best price, while buyers fight for a steal. But when there aren't auctions scheduled for a given day, the yards might as well be a ghost town occupied by nothing but sand and herdbeast patties.

Generally this place is one of two extremes, only this evening it isn't quite either of those things. There are a few men and beasts still in the auction yard, whether the men are still arguing over prices or these are just the last of a string brought in to sell. Maybe it was a slow day; that still doesn't stop the influx of sand now that there is calming of the outside of Igen, it drifts almost unseen until you notice the fine dusting of layers on clothes, animals and places. Ilarios doesn't seem phased by such, he's striding through the yard in a classic scouting the area kind of stride. His floppy hat for the sun is now draped down his back, the scarf pulled down to drape about his neck. Every now and then he'll pause to talk to one of the people still hanging about or the animals themselves.

Dust and sand are just one of the many things once grows accustomed to over the Turns in Igen. At least the summer months have passed? The height of summer makes for poor outdoor activities; mercifully, there is no baking heat or glaring sun currently! Divale’s purpose here is simple and not; she is not dressed for active duty as Parhelion’s Wingsecond. So her drifting about the various pens and through the mixed crowds is not patrol orientated. The brownrider is dressed comfortably for the weather, her clothing tastes leaning to androgynous, while she keeps a cloth headscarf over her head. She is not native to Igen and even in the cooler months, exposure to too much sun is not kind to her. Pausing by one of the pens currently holding recent runner stock, she steps closer to the fence , as if interested by the animals within.

Ilarios might very well have dust and sand in his veins, does that happen when one is born in the sands of Igen? Either way, he seems to be making his version of rounds, his circuit taking him in the direction of the pen that Divale happens to be near. He's a mostly friendly sort, even if he can be rather intimidating with his height and usual self. "There's just something about the runners that settles your soul isn't there?" is asked idly as he moves up to the fence and plants his elbows on the top bar.

It would depend on who is asked! Some likely enjoy boasting of such things. Divale has managed to lure one of the runners over, a lovely fiery bay gelding, working type. Not one of the more flightier, hot blooded racers! She may have already sensed Ilarios’ approach, given he’s difficult to miss, but her gaze never lifts from the animal before her. “I’ve always been rather fond of them, though never had a chance to really work with one. I wouldn’t know if they settle my soul…” There’s a vague smile implied, while she allows her flat hand to be properly inspected. Finding no food or treat, the gelding swings his head to Illarios, ears swivelling in mild interest.

Ilarios chuckles, the low sound rough with a rasp to it. "I've a couple of runners myself. Loyal nice animals that can do a hard days work with very little complaint as long as you keep them healthy and happy." he gives the fiery bay a once over and once the animal moves to scratch behind the animals ears. "There now red, you looking for a treat?" is asked as he dips a hand into a pocket in his trousers and offers a hardened bit of apple. "You should get one, this fellow looks to be a good one. He's not all flash and fire like some of those others."

“So I’ve heard. I believe that is the same for any animal. Treat them with respect and tend to their needs and they will be loyal enough.” Divale muses dryly, as she allows her hands to rest idly by her side. She doesn’t lean against the fence, her posture slightly tense but only out of wary caution. Old habits! Ilarios’ suggestion is met with a low, dark chuckle as she enjoys a bit of a private joke. Ever a creature of cryptic puzzles, she won’t give him the full reason or source of her amusement. He does, however, earn her attention by way of a sidelong glance. “That would be impossible, for many reasons. Largely, because the one I am with would… object.”

Ilarios gives the runner another cursory pat before a good natured shove sends him back towards his corral mates. His attention returns to focus on Divale. "Ah so that's the way of it? If you're in a relationship that you enjoy I'd say so be it. If it's a restrictive one, well there are options that could let you disappear into other places on Pern. No one should be where they are not wanting to be." ah so there's a bit of hero to him after all, but he's still more rough around the edges than not.

The gelding’s corral mates snort and whuffle upon his return, as if to give a mildly teasing ‘told you so’ . They all seem content to ignore the two humans and leave them to their conversation while they nose at the dusty ground for any little tidbit of hay or desert fodder to munch upon. Divale turns her full attention on Ilarios, gazing and smirking at him in a way a feline may when interesting prey has crossed their path. “Oh, it’s not so simple as that. I cannot just up and walk away! I’ve no desire to, let alone the outrage it would cause.” Highly improbable, but the poor man. Not knowing he speaks to a rider! Divale is content to remain anonymous, however. Even if she may catch hell for it, later! So rare, can she not be recognized. “Out of curiosity… what are some of these options you offer so temptingly?” Currently, the auction yards are in the cusp of flux; not too many are crowding the spaces between pens, but neither is activity bustling. Ilarios and Divale stand by one corral housing a few worker-type gelding runners, though their attention seem turned on each other rather than the animals.

Ahh the Auction Yards, a favourite haunt of a certain Zingari spyling. Ryott is as ever dressed in several shades of dark grey, tunic and trous in an obvious boy's style masks the most of her not quite feminine features, closely cropped hair further ramping up the androgyny. Wrapped several times around her neck is a large scarf that she tucks the lower part of her face into as she meanders along the crowd, a look of teenage ambivalence for everything etched into her features. Every so often, a bored huff of breath as she kicks idly at a stone. But someone with a sharp eye might notice the way her near ebony eyes are always moving, flitting from one small crowd to another, sharply analyzing before flitting away again.

Ilarios's brown eyes stray towards the runners in the corral again. After all they seem to be the main attraction to him here. "Ways you could disappear into the world? There are many ways, and unless you've actually a want to disappear you won't be learning of them. That's they way those options stay open to people who need them." he reaches up to idly scratches his beard and glances around, idly catching the darting eyes of a certain splying. There's a slight smirk before he shifts his attention back to Divale "No runners then, might you be interested in other things the bazaar offers? There are a great many things that could be had for the right price."

“Ahh, I see.” Divale doesn’t sound quite as disappointed as one might be, when denied information. She does give a little hint towards it, but only so much as not to give her hand away completely. “What if I ask not for myself, but for another who may need it? Would be it fair, then?” Not a whole lie, that! She’ll notice his brief stray in attention, her dark gaze turning a breath later to catch sight of Ryott skulking about. This only serves to draw out further bemusement from the brownrider, though she leaves the Zingari spyling unaddressed for now. “What the Bazaar offers, I am most firmly acquainted with. There is much that would interest me and most that does not.” Which is tongue-in-cheek for ‘inappropriate’ or ‘not wholly legal’. She could be toying again, but given it’s Divale? There’s a small shake of her head, as her vague smirk returns. “Are you of the Bazaar, then?”

When her gaze falls on Divale and Ilarios, Ryott notices the glances her way and doesn't falter in her affected disinterest in what is happening around her. But she does alter her path slightly as she swings around a group of men shooting the shit as they await for the auctions to begin in earnest, squeezing between them and the fence, knocking into a couple with profuse apologies. Once on the other side, her hands slip deep into her pockets as she continues on in her ambling circuit, dispassionate expression once more on her face.

Ilarios's eyes slide right over Ryott as she slips into a different group. Whatever amusement there is tucked away as he focuses one more on Divale for her yet again question about something she might not desire. "Ah. Well then it might be good advice to let such a person know to wander the auction in search of a fiery steed on some night in Igen. Perhaps they might come upon who could help them with their plight." his attention moves towards the runners again, his posture one of relaxed contemplation. "Of the Bazaar? Ah, would that life could be so easy to label such people. I am in the Bazaar, occasionally I might be a part of the Bazaar happenings. I am not, however, an intricate part of the Bazaar."

Divale’s focus remains wholly on Ilarios for the time being. Ryott won’t slip away quite so easily, however and whether the teenager will notice or not, she is being tailed. Not by human, but by firelizard instead, as the brownrider sends her trusted Eidolon to task. “Can a woman not browse the auctions, merely out of idle interest?” she murmurs dryly in response. A brow quirks for the return crypticness from Ilarios, subtly impressed. A thoughtful pause, where she silently works her jaw while weighing the decision to continue the charade. “Not of the families then or merchants? That narrows it down.” Sarcasm not withheld, she’ll smirk and leave the subject be. “What brings you, then, to the auctions?” Currently, the yard is not overly active with only a few mingled crowds of varied folk drifting about. It may very well be trailing near to the end of the day’s dealings, but a few last minute actions are set to run.

Eala is never truly off-duty these days, but there's an ease to the greenrider's gait which suggests that she's not actively on patrol. Nevertheless, her sharp gaze is always on the lookout for anything seemingly out of place — say, perhaps, her Wingsecond wandering around sans knot — as she makes her way through the Auction Yard. There's a sense of purpose to the way she moves, as though here on some sort of quest, and it's the sort that leads her to pause by near one of the pens to eye the beasts inside. She doesn't get too close, her unease around these creatures palpable, but she does pull a herder aside after a moment to make a few quiet inquiries. Her curiosity sated, she moves onward to inspect other pens — which brings her in view of a familiar face. Knowing Divale as she does, her initial greeting is little more than an arched brow from a few feet away, waiting on some cue from the brownrider before she approaches, lest she disturb some game in progress.

Thanks to her two blues that where following her from a discreet distance, Ryott knows that she is being tailed, which causes her eyebrow tu furrow further with irritation. Outwardly she never breaks character, rolling her eyes in exasperation as she shuffles along between the pens. Coming back around now to where Divale and Ilarios are still talking, she finds a perch on a nearby piece of fence, short legs swinging idly as her bored gaze spies a Wingleader. Looking the other way from the group at something that seemingly caught her interest, secretly she's straining to catch the conversation going on nearby.

Ilarios places his hands on the top rail of the fence and flexes them a moment. "A woman can indeed frequent the pens with no further issues. In fact a man can even do so more often than not. But when they mention that a partner would not allow them something it raises a few flags. Of course it could be a wanted partner which is no thing, often people will give one thing up for another. Wholly acceptable and without judgment. However if there are times when I can help that that is not the case, then I will do so without any guilt on my part for the happening that occurs." his eyes idly scan the area, catching an interesting person here or there. Ryott is not the focus, even slight of his attention for the moment. She might as well be a gnat on the wind.

No doubt, Divale has her reasons behind not wearing her knot! It may not be the first time either, that she’s gone without, beyond the Weyr’s walls. Ryott’s irritation on her additional tail won’t be enough to deter the brown firelizard; where she stop, he will perch nearby. With neither Divale or Ilarios guarding their conversation, snippets could be overheard if wind and passing groups of wandering folk do not muddle things. Another low chuckle and just before she’s to answer him, Divale spots Eala standing there. There’s a twitch to her expression, a brief flickering of irritation that’s quickly stamped out. No matter! The game is up, now that she’s strung this falsehood on long enough. Mischief curves her next smirk, while her gaze darts back to the tall young man. “You do not have the full tale of it,” she explains wryly. “Do you wish to know why I cannot have a runner? It’s because the one I am bound to has a… penchant for runner flesh. Not to admire but to consume. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than for me to bring him such a treat but… that is a considerable waste of marks!” Not to mention a waste of an animal but it’s the marks that are the concern here! Mockingly sweet is the smile she turns upon Ilarios then, while she tilts her head and waits on his reaction.

Eala's lips curl in a smirk as she spies that flash of irritation, finding more delight in that flickering expression than she should. "My, it sounds like you're bound to a terrifying sort. Eating runner flesh as a treat?" A 'tsk tsk' sound slips past her lips as she shakes her head in seeming wonderment. "Is this brave young man going to save you from your depraved suitor?" She moves as though to lean against a pen, but seems to think better of it when one of the beasts inside starts to move in her direction. Instead she moves closer to the pair, smirking at Divale again as she finds a spot directly next to the brownrider.

How is Ryott supposed to get in some honest pickpocketing or purse cutting done with a little brown tail on her? The quandry has the teen's hooded look deepening as she swings her legs a little more vigorously, the small snippets of conversation thoroughly unsatisfying and then they are joined by the Parhelion Wingleader making the situation even more precarious. Leaning back with a yawn fierce enough to rattle something loose, the Zingari girl slips down from her perch with a soft thud. Not wanting to leave the area with a shadow not of her chosing, Ryott silently sends her dynamic duo of blues, Trouble and Strife, a picture of the pair intercepting the brown long enough for her to slip away. Picking up her meandering again, she saunters in the direction of the Caravan grounds, still at an easy pace with her hands dug deep in her packets. Given their cue, the two blue dive and trill noisily at the brown, hoping to take his attention onto themselves as their humanpet slips beyond the yard and is gone.

Ilarios doesn't often let his attention stray from the person in front of him, but alas it is the auction yard after all and there are distractions aplenty. While he may not be tracking Ryott anymore, perhaps he even recognized her. We'll never know, at least not today. Instead he randomly makes eye contact with, perhaps two or three other people. A herder he's known for turns, a random harlot he met two sevendays ago. There are so many people. There is surprise lurking, at Divale's admission of just who her 'partner' might be. Her smirk is noted, his fingers flexing on the top of the fence rail as the realization hits him. "Ah, well in such circumstances I'd say that perhaps you're more suited for your partner than you'd thought before. Not the eating of runner flesh, but perhaps a meeting of minds." after all he hasn't just arrived in the Weyr. "Of course, should said partner turn to murder of persons or the eating of flesh that is attached to you. Perhaps you should seek me out once more. I'm sure you'll find me somewhere." does he note that there's another random person lurking in the vinicinty of Divala? Yes, yes he does. Hellooooo Ela.

“You know of his moods and how unpredictable my… ah, suitor is. Yours has quirks too, do they not?” Divale replies dryly to Eala’s first remark, wry smirk still firmly in place while her gaze follows the Wingleader’s movements. No protest, either, when the greenrider joins her, though there’s a moment of sharpened interest when she displays some unease around the runners; noted, for another time. Ilarios regains her focus, however and it’s a very rare day indeed when she almost laughs. There’s a scoff, a twitch of her lips but she holds back. “Do you so readily offer your… aid to any woman, seemingly in distress? As much as I’ve enjoyed this, I’m afraid there’s no ‘rescue’ to be had here. Rest assured,” she relents, at last. “Lukoith is no harm to anyone. Well… any human person, that is.” Beasts of all sorts, beware! More would be said, but as Ryott’s two blues are sic’ed upon Eidolon, Divale’s focus is drawn away. So are a few others, who are close enough to hear the commotion as the brown is successfully driven off and retreats. Divale clicks her tongue in frustration and mutters under her breath, “Damn it all.” Her second quarry of prey, lost!

"Which one?" Eala inquires with a roll of her eyes, as both so-called 'suitors' in her life have their fair share of quirks. She, too, eyes Ilarios with faint amusement as the man offers his services to Divale. "You are a generous one, aren't you?" Her humored gaze shifts to the brownrider at her side, as she comments, "Maybe you shouldn't turn down his offer. You never know when you might need a willing hand." For what? The greenrider's brow arches before her expression settles into something akin to innocence.

Ilarios is so very much the first set of quarry that Divale lost. Does he look like he would repent such a thing? Alas, not in the slightest. A hand is raked through this auburn hair as he offers a quirked grin at the apparent dragon rider. "Damsels in distress tend to be more distressful. I'm afraid you were just a damsel that seemed like she needed a bit of 'play'." is there a smirk, if there was it's quickly smothered beneath his mustache and a hand. Pushing off from the rail he saunters in a different direction, not entirely towards the caravans, though he could be headed there. He could also be headed off towards the Weyr proper or towards one of the 'family' holdings. "It was a pleasure meeting you ma'm." he pulls his hat forward onto his head and tips it in Eala's direction as well.

Divale glances sidelong to Eala and the look says it all: both! Definitely both. Her eyes narrow in a brief glare when the Wingleader goes on to suggest that she take Illarios’ aid, scoffing lightly under her breath. “That won’t be necessary,” she mutters darkly, while giving that very man another sharp glance when he begins to saunter away. She will at least nod her head respectfully in farewell and once he is well out of distance, Divale’s shadowed expression returns. Smirking, she turns to face Eala properly. “You’ll be wanting some explanation?” she brashly assumes, while also gesturing for the greenrider to join her. If there’s a report to be given or conversation to be had? Divale would prefer to be in motion; she’s been idle long enough here. Plus? Auction yard is a touch too public. “Not that there is much to explain.” Uh huh. “The true disappointment was losing that young girl! I’ve of mind to tag her…” No such luck tonight! So her suspicions will have to remain that; nothing more than distracted speculation.

Both is a fair answer, if the slow grin which slides across Eala's face is any indication. She tilts her head in farewell as Ilarios makes his exit, her gaze following the man until he fades from view. "I didn't take you for one to dismiss someone who might be of use so easily," she comments in an idle tone to the brownrider, her eyes still lingering on some far off point. When she looks back to the other woman, her expression is impassive and slender shoulders lift in a shrug. "Why should I need an explanation?" Other than the fact that her Wingsecond is wandering about sans knot, stirring up trouble. She'll follow the other woman's silent suggestion, moving away from the bustle of the Auction Yard. "Should've put more than one eye on her. Figure out how many companions she has and beat her in numbers." A simple enough solution, if the girl's fair isn't out of control. But one suspicious young girl does not a crisis make, and the greenrider won't waste the night worrying about it. "Do you have time for a drink? I'm feeling thirsty, and I'd rather not drink alone."

“I don’t even has his name or his rank,” Divale does not hesitate in murmuring those details to Eala. “Not that that matters. I am not against a fair game of puzzles and shrouded answers, I am reluctant to place even the tiniest of ounce of trust — there is something about him I cannot quite place yet.” She was being cautious, here! Following alongside her, she only huffs for the lack of need of explanation. “Won’t be a mistake repeated! From wha Eidolon shared, the girl only has two blues. Next time, I will send Mercy and then it won’t matter on numbers.” Unless Ryott has a hidden queen of her own! Beyond that, the teenager won’t occupy her thoughts much longer. Eala has given a tempting offer and even before she speaks, her wry smirk answers all. “You know I would never turn down the offer of a drink… or drinks, in your company. Lead on then, if you’ve a preference to where.” Cantina, Last Call or somewhere more or less private, it matters not! Divale will follow along and remain fairly conversational; Eala is one of the few who can keep the brownrider talking, even if skirting around certain subjects and topics!

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