Kyara, Vashae


Friends finally have a chance to catch up after busy times following the Purge. Much is said. Some is not. Other optional title is, what do you get when a Healer and a Harper are best friends?


It is afternoon of the twenty-second day of the fourth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


North Bowl, Igen Weyr

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North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.
It is the eighty-second day of Spring and 67 degrees. Despite being clear, dry and sunny over the weyr proper, a thunderstorm drenches the outer reaches of Igen's desert.

Distant booms of thunder roll deep and muted back to the Weyr from the anvil clouds looming heavily over the desert this afternoon, though the Weyr itself remains dry and sunny and almost calm. Dramatic though the sky may be, it's a pleasant day to be outside, and Kyara is taking advantage, revisiting an old friend of sorts at the edge of the currently vacant training grounds. The punching bag she'd managed to pull into place back during her own weyrlinghood still hangs out there - and still gets used, by all appearances. She's the one using it right now, though she's just finishing up her attentions to it as Liareth sits patiently nearby, idly watching. The greenrider presently backs away and hops up onto the short wall separating the grounds from the Bowl, catching her breath and taking a drink before reaching over and picking up a notebook…and starting to jot things down, every now and again thoughtfully glancing over at the beaten bag as is if it might have something for her to add.

Today is a day rife for old friends, it would appear, as a certain blueriding pair approach from the opposite direction of the training grounds. Jovianth rumbles a greeting to his clutch-sister as he lands, folding his wings easily as he lowers himself enough for Vashae to slide off. "Kyara!" The bluerider calls cheerfully, waving when she spots her friend. "How's it going?" Dressed in riding leathers, Vashae's clearly just off of sweeps and heads over toward her friend - unless warned off. It's been a little while since she's seen the other, so she's eager to catch up with her friend.

Jovianth's approach is hard to miss, eliciting a smile from Kyara as she glances up briefly and then finishes one last thought on paper before setting the notebook aside. Liareth is quite pleased to see her blue clutch-brother, sitting up fully and sending a croon Jovianth's way before giving her wings a stretch and padding over to bump his shoulder - once Vashae is clear of him, that is. "Hi, Vash!' she returns with a grin as she slips off the wall. She's rather eager to catch up as well; the last time they'd seen each other was during the Bazaar purge, and that most certainly fell under the heading of 'Work.' "It's going well; just combining a little work and a workout," she says, gesturing to the notebook she's left on a pile of a few other things nearby. Noting the fact that Vashae is still in leathers, she asks, "Where'd you just get back from?"

Vashae takes off her flight-jacket with a grin, setting it beside her as she joins her friend in sitting on the wall. "What're you working on?" The bluerider asks, curiosity getting the best of her. "Ah, sweeps. Nothing like fun in the rain." Though clearly the pair didn't bother betweening back; Vashae's clothes are relatively dry. "Though Jov would have probably wanted to go out anyways; he's liked the thought of storms, lately." Though why, she hasn't pried - her blue is as eccentric as an old uncle! "How have you been? It's been forever since we had a chance to talk, it feels like." The Purge was definitely business only, so that she caught her friend today is fantastic in her eyes! Jovianth bumps shoulders with his clutch-sister with a little croon in reply, and will settle down nearby with her, and perhaps talk her ear off instead of Vashae's for a while.

Kyara is leaning against the wall now as Vashae takes up a perch there, the waist height of it letting her rest on her elbows as she looks over and slightly up at her friend. She grimaces a little, though she chuckles at Vashae's answer and glances at Jovianth. "Maybe he thinks they're pretty. Or powerful, or dangerous. Or all of the above, so why not go poke at it?" she suggests. Her eyes fall on the notebook again. "Well, I guess the order got put out for the weyrlingstaff to teach the weyrlings and Candidates self defense. Sienna asked if I would help, so I'm trying to figure out how best to teach it to a group." She smirks, her nose wrinkling slightly. "It's something I've taught one or two people at once, never a bunch. Should be interesting. It makes me a little nervous, honestly, but that's okay." Then she nods, grinning, and pulls herself back up onto the wall beside the bluerider. "Yeah, it does. We've been busy. I've been good. Doing a lot, dealing with some…interesting situations lately. But I'm happy." Simple as that, and simple in the midst of complicated is a nice thing to be able to voice! She smiles lopsidedly. "And you? You seem in a good mood."

Vashae's grin turns wry at Kyara's grimace, but eases up again soon enough. "He probably does, so I can't say I'm surprised," the bluerider sighs. "Although I'm not sure there's much fun in getting so close to lightning." But well. Jovianth will be Jovianth! "After the Purge?" Is this woman's question, as she tilts her head to the side a little. "I can see why, especially after everything else that happened beforehand. You'll do great teaching them, once you've got it all worked out how, I'm sure." Complete faith in her friend, that's what Vashae has! "I'm glad you're happy, Ky, despite 'interesting situations'." Vashae grins again, and shrugs. "Oh, you know. Just everything with N'cal." Assuming she's told Kyara everything that happened before the Purge at some point before the Purge! A glance is cast off towards the weyrs over the Bazaar, and a smile. "How're things with your wing going?"

"Not at all. Lightning's nice enough to look at from afar," Kyara agrees, and then her smile diminishes at the first question. "The Purge was the last straw, I think," she murmurs, absently rubbing at the thin scar above her left eye. "Hopefully they won't ever end up in situations like some of us have been in, especially after clearing so many troublemakers out of the Bazaar, but it'll be useful anyway. A good addition to the usual PT, at least." The vote of confidence brings out a grin again, and Kyara nudges Vashae's shoulder with her own, grateful. "Thanks, Vash. And as for 'interesting situations'…well, men are 'interesting situations' in themselves. Yours, though," she observes, her grin dancing in her eyes now, "has changed you some, I'd say. In a good way." Her head gives a slight tilt. "I'm glad for you, Vash. Is Jovianth done being leery of him?" Her own eyes move off in the same direction as Vashae's, and her own smile is thoughtful, if a little thin. "Whirlwind is good, though there's a little…drama going on that I ought to leave alone. And I don't." Rueful is the smirk she turns on her friend. "I have to go stick my nose in things when I care about people, you know?"

"Self defense would have been handy during Weyrlinghood.." But theirs was a strange weyrlinghood, and in the past - there's nothing they can do to change it now! "I mostly intimidated the few that came our way, with Jovianth's help, and they surrendered pretty quickly..but I heard not all of them did." She even sewed up the evidence of one such case! When Kyara grins, Vashae smiles again, and nudges her friend back. "You've got a good head on your shoulders, and you were an excellent Harper before Impressing." It may be all of the immediate proof she has, other than her own knowledge of her friend, but it's proof enough to her, apparently! The remark on that Vashae's changed some earns a thoughtful look from the bluerider, and she nods after a moment. "I suppose it has," she agrees. "And he is, yes, finally." Which is a huge relief in itself for the woman. When her friend admits to not leaving some drama alone, her own eyebrows raise again. "Would it be impolite of me to ask who, or what the situation is? Maybe I could offer some fresh insight." Because that's what friends are for, right?

When Vashae recounts some of her part during the Purge, Kyara smiles widely. "You know one of the men you tied up was one of the main suspects Cha'el was hoping we'd capture, don't you?" she asks, and there's no small amount of pride in tone for her friend at that. "That was impressive, Vash. I'm really glad they turned out not to be fighting types, at least." She dips her chin a little at the further bolstering, then snickers as she looks up to glimpse Jovianth again. To Vashae's last, Kyara sighs, teeth worrying at her lower lip a bit as she figures how to say enough and not too much at the same time. "Not impolite, no," she assures, "and Faranth knows I don't know what else to do except bide my time at this point. It's that…the Weyrsecond and I are friends outside the wing, and I know there's another rider on the wing giving him grief because they have a past. Then there's another one he cares about, but both people he cares about hate each other, and it's eating at him that they can't get past it." She shrugs. "I tried telling him it's impossible to mix oil and water, and he knows that…but he still tries, so it's still wearing at him. Nothing I can do, I suppose. Except be there if he wants to talk about it. And that's like waiting for snow in the desert, let me tell you," she adds with a rueful chuckle.

Vashae shoots her friend a startled look, and shakes her head. "I'd no idea, actually. Which one was it, the big man? He tried to say they were just passersby..it seemed suspicious timing." The former healer colors a bit in embarrassment slightly, and shrugs. "It was nothing, really, I mean…" Jovianth was there, he did all the hard work. "So was I, honestly… I wasn't looking forward to possibly having to hurt someone." Aaand there the Healer in her shines through again. The slightly shorter of the two women listens quietly as the other speaks, considering things carefully as she does. "Hm… Well, if it's any consolation, Ky, I think you're doing the right thing? Sooner or later…things will either work out, or things will explode into something even Cha'el can't avoid accepting." Her smile crooks sadly. "Unfortunately since it's that personal of a matter.." The bluerider just shakes her head lightly.

"Yes, the big one. Katzir is his name, I think," Kyara confirms with a nod. Then she shoots a teasing grin at Vashae. "Oh, I'd hate to see what you might be capable of, if you ever had to!" she says over a low chuckle. To the last point, she gives a slow nod. "Yeah. I don't like seeing my friends hurt, though; you know that. But thank you." Palms rub against her knees, and she smirks at a sudden thought, looking at the bluerider a little sidelong. "Sometimes I wish you and Jovianth were on Whirlwind, considering how many strange things we get wrapped up in; I bet he'd get a kick out of it. So might you. But I imagine things are plenty interesting on Arroyo." Now the sidelong glance turns to one full-on, and Kyara gives another tilt of her head. "Why did you move there from Parhelion, anyway?"

Vashae blinks in surprise, and then nods. "He seemed like a smooth talker, but I didn't really give him much choice. My weapon was bigger than his." She gives a small, wry smile at Kyara, and shrugs lightly. "If I had to… I'd do whatever had to be done." It's simply how it is, for the woman - she'd take care of things as best she could. "I know you don't, Ky, but… Sometimes you have to get burned to learn your lesson." It's another little smile, perhaps not in memory of something in particular, but in memory of something she herself was told. At the mention of her and Jovianth being on Whirlwind, Vashae gives Kyara a startled look, and then chuckles at the question. "Well, if we're being open…" Her grin turns playful. "I was enticed by a certain wingsecond. I might not have if it had been K'vvan, though if it'd been Trek…" She shakes her head lightly. "He made me curious, and I liked the idea of a Wing lead by an Oldtimer." Perhaps in a way, it was Vashae's way of protecting herself - keeping away from the more nowtimer-ish wings meant fewer repeats of their early Weyrlinghood. "I trust W'rin as our Weyrleader..but I'm not sure I entirely trust him to view things in an unbiased light, sometimes." It's frank, her admission, and her scarf is fingered absentmindedly. "Arroyo is…well. It's our wing-home, now." For lack of immediate better words, that will have to suffice.

Kyara gives a rich, appreciative laugh over the bit about weapons, nodding, but she sobers fairly quickly at the next. "I know," she says quietly, her expression now a tight smile as she looks at her friend. For her, a particular memory from weyrlinghood is quick to stand out at that - one they've both gotten well past, but still no less valid an example. Then she quirks a wryly amused eyebrow at the startled look Vashae gives her over the Whirlwind suggestion, partly expecting that reaction. A crooked grin answers the bluerider's as her reason for joining Arroyo is given. "Seems like it's been a very good choice for a few different reasons!" the greenrider says, and she nods at Vashae's assessment of W'rin. "Oh, I won't deny that. He doesn't always. And it makes me sharding angry now and then. But there's nothing he wouldn't do to protect us all…and that is worth a lot." To the last, Kyara smiles again. "I'm glad to hear it, Vash. Being able to feel that with whoever you fly with is important, I think."

Jovianth is the best threat of a weapon this bluerider can give, unless she has a bag of firestone on hand. The look Kyara gives her is met with a level smile from the slightly older woman, and the hitching of a shoulder upwards. Both of them understand, and neither of them need to explain. One of the best parts about a close friendship, isn't it? The greenrider's reaction to Vashae's reasons for joining Arroyo are met with a grin. "It really has been. It's rocky sometimes, but I think all wings go through rocky periods. We're family, it's just part of how things can be." Family is a good assessment to Vashae, at last. She nods when Kyara accepts her W'rin comments, and smiles wryly. "It's the times that he does that worry me, Ky," the bluerider says softly, but still honestly. "It's hard to trust someone entirely with your life when you're not sure you can trust them to be unbiased about certain things - for me, at least." But then Vashae relaxes, and stretches her arms outwards. "Would you say the same of Whirlwind, Kyara?" She's pretty sure her friend would, but she wants to be certain!

Being able to communicate such things in silence is most certainly something Kyara is grateful for, indeed. She smiles over the analogy of wing as family, though the further points about W'rin temper it a little. "I get that," she concedes, "but the thing is…you're around him enough, and you come to get the sense that if things got desperate, he would bend out of his biases to ensure the right things happened. Though sometimes…" She gives a short bit of a laugh, almost self-deprecatory. "I forget, when he pushes enough buttons. Learning to keep it hidden when he does that can be a challenge. But I do trust him. If we didn't, we wouldn't be able to do what we do." Whirlwind as a whole, that is. At Vashae's question, she gives a quiet smile. "I would," she answers, but a small sigh follows. "Still, there are a lot of you on Arroyo I miss working with. And she misses flying with," she adds, chuckling a little. "If she had her way, she'd have Jovianth around all the time, though I know they still chatter at each other pretty often." Like now. Kyara tuned out quite a while ago.

Vashae smiles a little, and shrugs lightly. "I'll take your word for it, Kyara," she says finally, nodding her understanding as the other speaks. "I can…imagine it is. Well, so long as you're happy there, that's what matters." At the missing of certain others, Vashae nods her understanding. "I miss flying with you guys as well. And I know Jovianth definitely misses flying with Liareth. We'll have to just…find a day to go flying, sometime." Or something. "Oh boy do they." Vashae chuckles, and shakes her head. "He fills my mind with chatter about how nice it is to hear from her and such." But not right now, because Vashae has had to learn to tune him out on occasion as well. "We had better get going.. We'll do lunch sometime soon?" An invitation as much as it is a question.

"If you ever want to get him outside the Weyr to hunt sometime, we could go flying then," Kyara suggests. "Lia always likes company when she hunts. And it's always appreciated on my end, too." She grins over their ever talkative lifemates. "Same here," she says, slipping off the wall again when Vashae speaks of moving along. "And yes, that would be excellent. Or a drink, or any old thing! I've got a few more thoughts to throw together, before I head back." She offers her friend a hug, smiling warmly. "Thanks for coming out here, Vash. It's always good to catch up."

Vashae hugs her friend tightly back, perhaps a moment longer than normal, and nods when she releases the other woman. "Glad we had a chance to talk, Ky. I'll see you soon, and if you need us sooner…" The implications are clear enough - just have Liareth get ahold of Jovianth. It's not like he's practically awake talking all the time anyway! The bluerider heads over to her dragon, and after a wave, mounts up 'tween blue neckridges. Not long after that, the blue backs away from his green clutch-sister and her lifemate, and takes to the sky with a practiced leap before soaring off.

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