R'xim, Kyara


Shalnth's fixation on a glowing Liareth bleeds over to drive R'xim crazy, but he and Kyara use the distraction to learn more of one another.

Backdated; sexual content (most explicit in collapsibles), implied nudity, some language


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Locum Cantibus et Lux (Kyara's Weyr), Igen Weyr

OOC Date 13 Mar 2018 06:00


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“If she doesn’t rise soon, I’m going to kill him with my bare hands.”

Locum Cantibus et Lux (Kyara's Weyr)

The dominating feature of this curious cavern is the column in its midst - naturally formed and pocked with many small, flat-bottomed alcoves. Pillar candles fill many of these spaces, while others hold books or remain empty for firelizard use. Smooth, porous walls marbled in creamy sandstone hues make a rough square as tall as a man and half again.

The right wall jinks into a decisive angle to form a corner giving way to a smaller space - a composer's nook, where a small table and two stools sit atop a small blue rug. The surrounding stone shelves hold several glowbaskets and encased instruments. Separated from the rest of the weyr by deep sapphire hangings is a simple, full-sized bed sitting upon a forest green carpet. More shelves jut from the walls here, holding more candles, books, and small, carved wooden boxes containing personal treasures. A wooden chest sits against the wall to the right.

In the main space, a low table surrounded by sitting cushions rests upon another carpet - Igen-woven in local patterns and the Weyr's colors. A few comfortable chairs are present for visitors who don't wish to be so close to the ground. On the walls, small, thick quilts of deep green and mellow gold hang at regular intervals. The north wall bears a small, simple hearth, which Kyara keeps going almost constantly in the colder months. Light from both glows and candles mingle against the swirled rock as the subtle scent of candle wax fills the air, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere - a place of song and light.

The day was hot. Very, very hot all over Igen and now the early evening candlemark brings much awaited relief from such torture. Kyara’s weyr is practically R’xim’s second home and Liareth’s ledge is Shalnth’s second favorite perch, especially now that the green is glowing beautifully. Her sheen means the bronze isn’t taking his eyes off her — wherever she goes, he goes if he is able. Outside of drills, sweeps, and PT, Shalnth is never far away from Liareth. Unfortunately, his lust is starting to really get to R’xim. It’s all he can think about. It’s all he dreams about. Every aspect of his life is filled with Shalnth’s desire for Liareth and if the green doesn’t rise soon…

Shalnth arrives and backwings to land on the ledge so R’xim can dismount. Fresh from the baths and dressed in knee length board shorts, a white sleeveless undershirt, and sandals, Rix removes Shalnth’s straps and sets the bronze free to go find the green of his desire. The leather straps are stored neatly and after R’xim wipes his hands clean on a rag, he enters the weyr. “Kyara.” He sounds irritated, and he’s really hoping that she’s home right now.

Kyara is indeed home; with Liareth ready to fly at any moment, she’s on leave and confined to the Weyr and immediate environs, as usual. And being in full thrall of her lifemate’s proddiness - or as full as she can be without the green actually rising, of course - she feels like she’s burning up no matter how hot it already is. Therefore, she’s relaxing quite near the entrance with the hanging pulled back to admit a breeze, her only attire being another two-piece and a sarong because it’s all she can bear right now.

She rises and becomes visible at R’xim’s pronouncement of her name, tightening her already considerable grip on the lust that spikes at seeing him. Especially dressed as he is; he’s fun to admire whether she’s proddy or not. His tone makes a crease form between her brows as she crosses to him. “What’s wrong? Other than Shalnth…doing what he’s doing,” she adds, the fact that the bronze’s behavior has been distracting R’xim having become obvious over the past few days.

R’xim was fully prepared to barge into the weyr by forcefully pulling back the hanging, but it’s already been done. He enters the living space with furrowed brows and a look about him that says he’s not exactly in a great mood. “Shalnth is pissing me off.” he practically growls after Kyara’s inquiry. “I’m getting tired of walking everywhere because he’s overly anxious about when Liareth will go up. In fact,” The greenrider’s attire is now noted and he pauses again, swallowing to help regain the train of thought he just lost at the sight of her in the sarong. “Do you know what happens when a male has pent up testosterone?” Rix doesn’t wait for an answer. “He gets irritable. Aggravated. Possessive. Frustrated.” This isn’t anything that Kyara doesn’t already know but, apparently, he feels the need to rant. “If she doesn’t rise soon, I’m going to kill him with my bare hands.” And he lifts those hands for emphasis.

As he does, though, he’s quickly overcome with the urge to put those hands on the curves of Kyara’s body. R’xim exhales a breath and strives to focus on his tirade rather than what he wants to do with her right here, right now. He seems to shake it off just in time. Lowering his hands, Rix turns toward the entryway again when a slight breeze picks up and the draft is felt within the weyr. “Fucking Faranth. I’m…” He turns toward her now with a level of lucidity that he lacked moments before. “Shalnth has never been this fixated on another dragon. In the near thirty Turns that I’ve been a rider, I’ve never felt this amped up over a damn flight before.”

The entire dynamic of what it feels like to want to win a flight is new territory for R’xim. It doesn’t help that the green Shalnth desperately wants to catch belongs to a woman Rix has been starting to build a new life with. The pull of draconic lust is strong and overwhelming at times. It’s difficult to concentrate on every day activities when his mind is being flooded with images of Liareth and when his body aches for Kyara at the same time. It’s a heady rush, one that has been making him more and more aggressive as each day drags on. Not the ‘aggressive’ that makes him want to get into the Pit, but the ‘aggressive’ that makes him want to have Kyara at all times.

R’xim’s initial answer doesn’t surprise Kyara at all. Hearing him go into detail about it, however, has her worrying at her lower lip. She has the fleeting urge to be contrite, to apologize…but that would basically be apologizing for who and what she is, not to mention the same for Liareth, and neither of those things can be helped. Indeed, they are proud of who and what they are, and it isn’t difficult to dash the notion away again. She is, however, sympathetic to R’xim’s plight.

When he raises his hands, her breath catches involuntarily, a spark of anticipation brightening amber eyes. She can see what he wants quite clearly in his gaze as well as his conflict about it and understands the war well. It wouldn’t be practical to simply spend all day having one another however they see fit, but that doesn’t mean the desire to try simply vanishes with that reasoning! Only when he drops his hands again does she realize that her breathing has gone shallow, and she deliberately draws a deeper inhale to try regulating it again.

“Believe me,” she tells him as she comes closer still, drawn to him as surely as a vtol to flame without any conscious thought whatsoever, “no one wants her to bloody get on with it more than I do. Feeling as though I’m going to melt at any second while every little bit of physical contact becomes a potential turn-on is…grating.” To say the least. Day to day things are damn near impossible for her right now, too. It’s taken her a long time to learn to keep control, and it often feels like an illusion. “Fortunately, she’s never taken longer than a seven to rise. Four days is the average. But no amount of me grumbling at her is going to make her get around to it faster.”

She takes another slow breath, in and out, and deliberately stands toe to toe with him, knowing full well the effect it will likely have on them both but knowing it’s something they need to deal with. “Alright,” she says, holding his gaze, “so this is new. For all four of us in different ways. Those two can handle themselves…though I’m not going to pretend I don’t want him to catch. Not just because it’s you I want after, but because I’m worried what will happen if he doesn’t, all things considered.”

A hand comes up to graze fingertips over his chest before resting over R’xim’s heart. “There’s so little we can actually do anything about…” And she desperately wishes she could, something that shows in the way she catches her lip in her teeth again. The fact that Shalnth has found Liareth once more becomes evident in the rosy flush that rises to her cheeks unbidden, and she wavers a bit as she clamps down hard on the mindlink, her fingers curling into R’xim’s undershirt as an anchoring point until she’s mostly out of the fog again. “What’s going to help most right now, Rix?” she asks, unable to prevent her voice from coming out as a something very close to a purr, low and husky. “What do you need?” Apart from a way to strangle his lifemate, evidently. It’s very likely that they both need the same thing, but naming it is important, considering this won’t be the first time they deal with this.

If he were thinking with a little more clarity, R’xim would understand that this is something Kyara goes through with Liareth on a regular basis. The green has always been regular with her flights and he ought to know better than to hold such a matter against Kyara. But, no one ever said that R’xim is easy to deal with when he’s aggravated over something — ask the entire Parhelion wing. It feels like he’s proddy right now. The closer Liareth gets to rising, the more in tune R’xim is with Shalnth’s primal need, which happens to blend into his relationship with Kyara. And he doesn’t know the best way to handle it. Yet.

“If he doesn’t win,” R’xim says, lifting both hands to scrub down his face. “He’ll be agitated, but it won’t be the end of the fucking world. He’ll just disappear over the desert for the rest of the day to fly off his frustration.” This is where it gets interesting, though. “I usually find myself at Rosie’s.”

It’s also why Shalnth had asked Liareth the other day if Kyara was the jealous type. “He can’t win all of her flights. It’s just not probable. So, there’s going to be a time when you’re with some other rider that I’ll be with some other woman.” The thought manifests a familiar tingle on the back of R’xim’s neck whenever he gets angry at someone or something — he doesn’t like the thought of sharing Kyara. It’s inevitable, though. It will happen whether he likes it or not.

Kyara’s close proximity tempts him to touch her and he’s able to resist until she makes first contact. Her hand against his chest sets him into motion and he runs both hands up the delicate skin of her arms until they rest along her neck. Shalnth is very much present in his mind and Rix can practically feel Liareth’s hide against his lifemate’s. The draconic lust is powerful, yet he finds a way to push Shalnth to the very back of his mind and block him long enough to speak to Kyara as himself. “It’ll help to know that you’ll be alright. If he doesn’t win, don’t worry about me.” R’xim doesn’t have the greatest track record at losing — shit usually gets broken depending on where he is. His tone, however, is sincere in this moment as he looks into Kyara’s eyes. “Shalnth will get over it. I’ll get over it.”

R’xim not being easy to deal with - particularly at some times more than others - is something Kyara has long been willing to endure, thankfully. She nods slightly at the bronzerider’s first, though mention of ending up at Rosie’s does pull a flicker of discomfiture through her expression. The thought of sharing him doesn’t sit and better with her than the reverse of the situation does with him, but by making the choice to be together, it’s something they’ve tacitly agreed to endure two or three times a Turn. In the end, she feels it’s worthwhile to endure, anyway. Being with him far outweighs the inevitable and fleeting moments of discomfort to come.

“All of it will pass,” she notes with a sigh, automatically closing the distance between them when his hands glide up her arms. Her own loop around his neck, pulling the rest of her snugly against him in response. The urge is strong to simply discard words for the time being, but she still has more to add and keeps the compulsion in check for the moment. “I’ll be alright. Especially if I know you and he will be,” she assures him, lips finding his in a kiss that she has to force herself to keep gentle in order to push meaning to the fore rather than instinct. “But the times he doesn’t win…I know I’ll be looking for you afterward as soon as I can.” There are very few times she’s lingered with the riders of Liareth’s flight winners over the Turns, for various reasons. But now she won’t be entertaining the possibility at all. “As soon as I’m in my right mind again, I know where I want to be.”

There’s still the matter of what to do with the time leading up to Liareth’s rising, however. “As for everything before she flies…” Her fingers play through the hair at his nape, her cheeks flushing again as she decides on the best wording for her next. “What you’re going through is…a version of what I’m going through constantly. If I weren’t keeping such tight hold…” She huffs out a breath, dropping her brow to his shoulder for a moment as she lets the the difficulty of it show for just a second. Lifting her head again, she meets his gaze intently. “What I’m trying to say is that blowing off frustrations and aggressions and steam in general together suits me just fine if it’s something you want; I trust you. And considering how much I want you anyway…it’s what I’d like.” It comes out a bit faster and wordier than she means it to, remnants of a more reserved version of herself still peeking out and gasping in shock at such a brazen declaration, but she batters them back. Who she is now is a woman who will own what she wants…and who she wants. Now, through and through, it’s him, and knowing it makes her heart trip over itself hard enough to have her catching her breath.

It’s easy to say that they have an understanding set in place before the flight, although only time will tell how they do in the aftermath. If Shalnth wins, none of it matters. If he loses, things will play out as they will. R’xim can sense the discomfort from Kyara after he mentions Rosie’s, but in his mind that’s the best option — someone nameless to him. Someone Kyara isn’t likely to know or bump into. The act is meaningless to him, yet it serves its purpose for the pent up frustration during the flight’s aftermath. “Shalnth will be useless for a while so Liareth shouldn’t try to contact him. I’ll be easier to find.” In the living cavern, baths, somewhere public at that point.

He does appreciate her saying that she’ll find him as soon as she can. “Good.” Now it’s his turn to claim another kiss, the heat of wanting to do more to her simmers in muscles that yearn to take hold of her. Again, he’s controlled for the moment. But… Kyara does have a way of offering that teeny tiny push he needs to fall over the boundary that keeps him lucid. As she presses her brow to his shoulder, he’s able to note the strings of her two piece beneath the thin fabric of the sarong wrapped around her frame. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to control the urge and he finds that occupying himself with the task of removing the sarong helps keep his desires at bay… for now.

“I’m glad to hear you say that.” R’xim says of Kyara’s willingness to burn off the aggression with him. He’s already feeling less irritated, but pent up testosterone is starting to crave the feel of her skin. It’s starting to demand her body against his. “It’ll help. Because I’ve never wanted someone so bad all of the damn time.” Kyara might need to help take the sarong off since his hands are now roaming toward the thin straps on her shoulders.

And Kyara will wholeheartedly agree that it’s the best option when the pragmatic side of her brain is able to kick in again. Far less opportunity for awkwardness. She nods her understanding of R’xim’s first, clinging to him more tightly at his return kiss and smiling against his lips when she feels him starting to go after her sarong. Apart from it being the only clothing she can even moderately stand while Liareth glows, she also chooses it for ease of removal. It all takes half a minute to slip out of when there’s urgency involved…and with the way his hands are moving, she’s not about to beat back her impatience.

A few tugs at three different pieces of fabric, then a few twitches to finish the job, and the offending garments are off and away from hypersensitive skin that would much rather be feeling his instead. “And I’m glad to hear you say that,” she counters his last, not hesitating to step close again and grab for his undershirt to start pulling it upward. “It will help. With the side benefit of being fun.” And cathartic and a way to reconnect through the fog, to boot.

The sensation of Kyara’s fingers through his hair makes R’xim’s body even more relaxed than it already was. His breathing slows and his eyes finally open when he hears Kyara’s voice pulling him back to lucidity, a bittersweet moment. As much as he’d like to remain in such a blissed out state of being, he needs to collect his senses so he can take full advantage of having a greenrider lying on top of him. His hands make the first move as they drift over the curve of her back and up toward the hair that splays over her shoulders. She really is a vision with an afterglow that he finds extremely attractive as she lays on top of him.

Her body against his makes him feel alive in a way that he’s never felt before, even with previous lovers. Or those he thought he loved at one point in his life. Kyara also has a way of stroking his already inflated ego when she tells him he’s amazing and causes the curve of a smirk to form on his expression. He’s had plenty of practice to confirm that he knows how to please a woman in bed, coupled by the fact that this woman is also younger than him. By over ten Turns. That in itself makes R’xim feel like he’s doing something right.

He doesn’t feel his age. It’s been proven over and over that R’xim has more strength and agility than most of the younger bronzeriders at Igen, and he can still hold his own in the Pit whenever the Steens want to make money off him. If Kyara doesn’t mind being with an older man, he won’t let the fact get between them. Especially now when she’s content to tell him how she’s feeling — almost. The words aren’t quite there and he’s not entirely sure that he can describe how Kyara makes him feel either. It’s something he’ll have to sort through when Shalnth isn’t utterly obsessed with Liareth.

When his hands drift further down the greenrider’s body, Rix takes hold of her waist, lifts her, and moves her onto the bed next to him. When she’s settled, he brushes some of that long auburn hair away from her cheekbone. “Tell me something I don’t know about you. Anything.” Fingertips trail gently down the side of her face, to her lips, then to her chin where he directs her focus toward him. “I want to know more.”

Though she’s always seemed to have an eye toward older men, Kyara has also reached the point where age simply doesn’t matter so much to her. She also doesn’t think R’xim looks his age…and certainly has stamina to match and even exceed her own. She can’t possibly think about his age after the time she’s had with him thus far.

When he gives that little smirk, she can’t resist touching her lips to it, humming her pleasure at the drift of his hands thereafter and moving easily where he urges when he lifts her. Once he’s settled, she fits herself along him again, curled fingers caressing his chest as he speaks and holds her eyes. Another hum, pensive this time, leaves her throat as she considers what to give him. A quirk? Something more serious? There are a number of things, and she means to reveal them all. It’s deciding which ought to come right now that’s the tricky thing. “I…have three brothers. Well, had; there’s just Zannen now. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that.” For good measure, she adds, “My favorite color is blue. I can’t do a somersault.”

She flushes a little and laughs, the hand that had been teasing at his chest sliding up to his neck. “I’ll tell you everything I can think of, Rix,” she promises. “Especially when she’s out of my blood.” It’ll be a lot easier to pull up little things after all this! Her thumb traces along the edge of his jaw, slow and soft. “I want to know more, too. Of you.”

It will be much easier to hold decent conversation once the dragons settle down, that’s for damn sure. The talk they have now is able to thrive for longer than a few minutes since they’ve burned through a lot of the draconic tension shared between them. It’s a little easier to focus. The information Kyara does share is committed to memory and will no doubt be brought up again in the not so distant future when they’re feeling more like themselves. The familiar thrum of Shalnth’s lust still heats R’xim’s blood, and with Kyara lying next to him there is no barrier to stop him from touching her skin.

And he does. His hand glides over the contours of hip and thigh as she mentions a few facts that he doesn’t know, and the bit about not being able to do a somersault merits another smirk. “I never would’ve guessed that.” It’s not so much a tease as it is an observation of some of the greenrider’s capabilities he has seen in the past. When he feels her thumb trace along his jaw, R’xim leans forward to brush a kiss against Kyara’s lips and breathe in her scent. He can feel Shalnth’s influence simmering in the back of his mind. Steady. Even if he wanted to have Kyara again… he physically can’t. His body needs to rest for a while and replenish.

“Being proddy is a damn nightmare.” He’s not bonded to a female dragon, but he does know what it’s like to constantly lust after someone. “I don’t know how you do it every few months with Liareth. I saw her earlier today and she had a pack of blues around her.” Another kiss is shared. “And she didn’t seem to mind at all.”

“It’s bloody embarrassing,” Kyara chuckles over the matter of somersaulting, pulling subtly closer still as R’xim’s hand traverses her hip and leg. “Ask me to do a handstand or a roll and I’m fine, but there’s something about that that makes me land flat on my back.” The talking is something of a way to try clinging to the remnants of regained sanity that are starting to get heated over again, but it’s difficult to manage with his touch in the picture. And she is most definitely not going to put a stop to it. Her body needs further recovery time, too, before any major exertions happen again, but things less strenuous are still very much on the table.

His lips find hers again and she turns closer into him, letting her leg slip over his so that he has an easier path to follow. A soft laugh follows his last and Kyara sighs, relaxing against him with a hand still resting upon his neck, her thumb still tracing a languid path along his jawline. “She enjoys…holding court among her admirers rather than trying to chase them off,” she explains. “It took me a long time to get used to, but it’s never been easy. This…you make it far more bearable, though.”

“That doesn’t surprise me a bit. I always thought she was one of the prettier greens at Igen.” Blues, browns, and at least one bronze are more than willing to ditch their riders to spend time with the glowing green tonight. R’xim closes his eyes for a moment and catches a few images from Shalnth somewhere near Liareth and of the blues that are still taking space in her court. It’s as if the bronze is sizing up the competition early in the game. “He keeps reminding me that he caught her before and the odds of him catching again are high.”

R’xim opens his eyes and looks at Kyara, taking in the color of her eyes and her soft smile when she speaks of Liareth and her admirers. “I hope so.” He’s glad he’s able to make her feel better and yet there’s still a nagging feeling deep down that he won’t be able to help himself feel better if Shalnth manages to lose. R’xim doesn’t like to lose at… anything, really. A part of him used to crave feeling dominant in every situation and he has F’dan to thank for that. His friendship with his clutchmate fostered a lot of bad habits over the Turns that are just now being broken. The demons R’xim harbors deep down at the core of his being are still very much present — they are just very tightly restrained these days.

Kyara seems to help him not only feel better about himself, but also toward things he can’t control or change. This is a very first step toward letting go of control. Shalnth may not win this flight, and it certainly won’t be the end of the world. It won’t feel good… but, he’ll carry on knowing that Kyara will be waiting for him when all is said and done.

Then maybe he’ll be able to get some sleep. “Times like this make me happy that I don’t drink much anymore.” Most of the scars on his knuckles and hands are from fights in the Cantina — he and F’dan were a very volatile combination when alcohol and flights were involved. The reminder sets his mind into action again and Shalnth’s heat is felt underneath his skin. R’xim inhales a breath, rolls over onto his back, and exhales through his nose as he crooks an arm. He slips his hand behind his neck and stares up at the ceiling, swallowing whatever words he was about to say.

“I’ll let her know that,” Kyara all but purrs to R’xim’s first. “Though…I may wait until all this is done. She’s insufferable enough as it is. And the odds certainly are high.” Considering what she and R’xim are now compared to when that catch happened. There is a lot more rider influence going on. Kyara studies him in the wake of his next, sensing much going on beneath the surface at the moment but not wanting to pry just now. Plus neither of them are in a steady enough state to deal with what might come up most effectively. She brings a hand up, gently brushing curled fingers over his cheek.

“I can understand why someone might try to escape into during times like this, though,” she murmurs. “Anything to…dull what’s going on.” She may have even considered herself a time or two, early on. When R’xim turns onto his back, Kyara shifts as well, propping herself up on her elbow to watch him. She can’t help the roaming of her eyes along his body, nor does she want to help it…but underlying that, she can still feel something else going on beneath. Words left unspoken. “Rix,” she murmurs, her tone a soothing near-whisper as she dips her head to place a soft kiss upon his chest, over his heart, before bringing it up to find his eyes again. Her hand slides around his neck to his other cheek as she comes to rest upon his shoulder, content in the midst of still-simmering desire to simply feel him, breathe him in, listen to his heartbeat and breath. “Tell me something I don’t know about you,” she echoes back to him at last. “Anything.”

Kyara’s question pulls him away from the thoughts that would inevitably spiral him into one of his moods. It’s hard enough to constantly battle the lust and need he feels for her without having to deal with whatever bullshit memory his mind wants him to focus on. Now’s not the time to mix those emotions with her lying next to him. The touch of her lips against his bare chest helps draw him back into the moment even faster and he starts considering what to reveal about himself.

She already knows how much a temperamental pain in the ass he can be. She recently found out how much of a blanket bandit he is at night — he steals them all and he’s shameless about it. He could tell her that he sleeps like a rock whenever she’s beside him, but she probably already knows how relaxed he is when he actually starts to snore. Those are just a few of his quirks and she’ll discover more, no doubt, when they spend more time together.

R’xim draws in another breath and continues staring up at the ceiling, considering. “I like to read. I’ve a ton of filled bookshelves in my weyr.” The habit was formed when he used to date an archivist, one of the few good things he took away from that relationship. “I have a younger sister.” Whom he rarely talks about. “And I wear glasses.” She may or may not already know that fact.

Navigating the blanket situation is a tricky one. Kyara still has a few tricks to try before resorting to robbing them both of sleep in an effort to steal some back. Listening as she remains nestled against him with his shoulder as a pillow, she can’t help but grin at the first part of his answer. Ruggedly handsome, strong body and being, and skilled rider and a book-lover? His attractiveness may have just tripled for her.

Mention of a sister arches burnished brows subtly, and his last causes her to lift her head, shifting so she can smile down at him again. “I know, and I think they look dashing,” she informs him, lifting a hand to gently card her fingers through his hair again. “Maybe not as much as your leathers do, but…they make you look like no one had better try to outsmart you, much less out-fight you.” Aiming to relax him further, possibly coaxing him into dozing if she can, she continues running her fingers through his hair, every now and then touching a gentle kiss to his lips or wherever else strikes her fancy. “Am I helping?” she asks softly. “Or just building you up again?” Maybe it’s possible to be doing both right now; it’s certainly seeming to have a dual effect on her at the moment.

He really doesn’t have a chance of falling asleep if she keeps doing what she’s doing to his hair and skin. The gentle touch of her lips and slow ministrations of her fingertips are, indeed, relaxing as he closes his eyes to fully enjoy her attention. It’s then that a familiar smirk makes known as he considers whether or not Kyara is helping him — his answer to that is formed in movement.

The heat of Shalnth’s desire for Liareth is now difficult to ignore as the need for Kyara grows stronger. With every touch of his skin R’xim finds himself returning the favor by allowing his hand to roam along her thigh, then up toward her hip again. He takes a moment to reposition himself so that he can maneuver Kyara to a different vantage point, one that has her looking down at him.

Liareth has all the control over her suitors, Shalnth included, and R’xim is hoping that Kyara will assert some of that authority on him. “Helping,” he finally says. “Definitely helping.” He’s ready for the next stretch of whatever draconic lust Shalnth can torture him with. If this is how Kyara would like to spend the final moments leading up to Liareth’s impending flight, R’xim will happily oblige her.

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