Xanthee is faced with the truth of who her father is, and to get her own answers, she seeks out a certain dragonless man in the bazaar.

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It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the tenth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Somewhere in the Bazaar, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 27 Dec 2017 05:00



Her legs are burning as Xanthee runs all the way from the North Bowl to the Bazaar, wandering in the near dark of evening as she makes a few inquiries at various shops and guards she meets on the way. Finally one of them can point her towards the accommodations of the dragonless man that Ha'ze told her about.

She is out of breath, her color high with her exertions, as she reaches the battered door to the old dwelling. With purpose and only a moment of hesitation, she knocks loudly on the door. Nothing. So she knocks again. "Hello? I'm looking for Fen please. It's crucial that I speak to him." She says loudly in what she hopes is a commanding voice, with only a little waver, as she punctuates her statement with another pounding knock that resonates through the little sidestreet she finds herself on.

After a long moment, the door opens just a crack and an old man is looking back at her. "What do you want?" He asks gruffly, and Xanthee has the presence of mind to stick her foot in the crack, hoping to prevent him from closing it again on her.

"Please." Xan says pleading with her emerald eyes, her mother's eyes, "My mother was Lexi of brown Iyrith. I'm told you knew her."

For a moment it looks as if the man is about to attempt to close the door, foot or not, but her silent pleading eyes make him hesitate. "What do you want girl? Speak up, I haven't got all night."

With renewed resolve, the raven-haired girl plants herself in the door, hand now holding it open as well. "Is it true Ha'ze is my father?" She asks, a little whimper threatening to escape the back of her throat that makes her voice crack silently as she searches this man's grizzled face for an answer.

"Yes it's true, and I told him the same not 3 days ago. Your mother was angry when he got himself kicked out of the Weyr just as she was going to tell him that you were on the way. She didn't expect anything from him, just wanted him to know. But he was banned so she knew he wasn't coming back. And I think it was out of spite that she never even tried to contact him."

Reeling back, Xanthee lets go of the door, her heart is pounding in her chest, the rush of blood in her ears making it hard to hear his last words. She can't think, her head feels like it's swimming with all the thoughts that suddenly rush at her. "I j-just, I can't, him?!" she blubbers incoherently before she offers a weak, "Thank you." to the man, Fen, who quickly retreats back into his abode, closing the door fast behind him.

What do I do now? Xanthee ponders as she lets her feet walk automatically towards the Residence Terraces, taking her home. Her emotions are like a storm inside her, as she soon gets to her door. Her final thought before slipping the key into the lock is, 'Oh Faranth, what have I done?'

The urge to flee again is building up in her, but this time to escape the whole Weyr, find someplace new not haunted by the ghosts of those most dear. Her eyes start to water again, a wrack of her body causes her to catch her breath.

I can't handle this! Why the hell did I think I wanted this? The thoughts trip over themselves to take possession of her mind. With a gutteral cry escaping her lips, she decides that she does not want to be alone right now.

So with little thought, she finds herself running again, this time towards the Crafters' Quarters. On the way there, her small fair of firelizard finally catch up with her, chittering their distress for her and trying desperately to soothe her with their touch. But there is only one person's touch that she needs now, and so she picks up her pace as she turns in the direction of the Crafters' Quarters.

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