K'vvan, Rhiex, Yukie


K'vvan brings Rhiex to seek out some trouble, and Yukie ends up with a little white knot.


It is evening of the seventh day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Vtol Swamp Hold

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Vtol Swamp Hold

This small hold is a solid bastion of stone in the midst of the murky wetlands of the Igen River. However, the constant moisture and verdant crawl of insidious mosses, vines, and clinging plants gives the place a distinctly decrepit and even creepy feel. Stone and dirt paths wind between trees and buildings with a seemingly permanent seep of water emerging between rocks and gravel, pooling stagnantly in any low spots along the way. Living fully up to it's name, the population of vtols in this swamp settlement is annoyingly high in the warmer months, and the hold Healers have made something of a specialty out of repellant salves, soothing lotions, and bite and sting treatments made from local flora. This is not a locale anyone voluntarily lingers at on a regular basis - unless one was born here. Or nearby.

Rukbat's bloated ball of fire is slowly slipping down past the rims of the trees, scattering butter-yellow and orange light throughout the trees of the eerily lit swamp hold. The sky is bruised, but fresh, from the passing storms, though in the swamp the evidence is hardly so easily visible given how everything is wet. The people of the hold are out and about, readying for the coming night as dusk threatens on the horizon, and Yukie is among them, with the hem of her dress a dirty brown-green that seeps up into the pristine white cloth of the airy, loose dress she's so often seen in. Her hair is bound into a loose braid that hangs down her back, bouncing over the sagging of the ever-present cloak that is almost entirely thrown over her shoulder. Crouching down in the midst of this not-right place, the healer is tending what looks to be a strange infection or rash on the arm of a toothless man with a beard that hangs down his chest. "Now, you've got to use this every day," the healer's words are quiet in the disquiet, "And this should go away."

"Like I said, one of the traders said they saw trouble." K'vvan says this to the guard sitting behind him on Nadeeth's back as they blink out from ::between:: to soar above the swamp hold. His eyes already scan the ground below him looking for a place for Nadeeth to set down where she can keep her wings free of the mud which is worse-than-normal thanks to the recent rains, as well as avoid squishing anyone. "There, next to that woman." K'vvan directs the green to spiral downwards, settling herself as gently as a dragon can on the slightly squishy ground. Straps are undone and K'vvan slips off to help the guard behind him if he needs it.

“Ah," Rhiex returns, absorbing this statement. He doesn't seem to be discomfited by the dragonride — or even ::between::, moreso than one would be. The guardsman doesn't fumble with his straps, smartly dismounting with minimal help; he has a murmured thanks for Nadeeth, a calloused hand against her leg to support that. And then his eyes are for the healer and her refugee-man; his face is incredulous as he steps forwards. "Yukie?" He trades a glance back to K'vvan before picking his way through the swamp carefully closer to where the Healer has set up shop so-to-speak.

The presence of a dragon is something that will not go unnoticed, even by a healer that has a frown for the rough-looking man in front of her. Pulling away a little bit, Yukie straightens with her arms still out from where she had placed them on the man's exposed arm. "Rhiex," comes the quiet greeting that, accompanied with the slight lift of brows, could hold a ripple of surprised curiosity were such things often seen on the girl's expression. "Wingsecond," she dips a nod to K'vvan, sliding a keen-eyed glance to the green to include in the deference. The man has already started to pick at the thick substance that she's put on the open sores. "No, don't do that. Let me bandage it." With sure, deft moves, Yukie's attention is once more on her patient as she winds thick, heavy linen around his forearm. "Have you come to enjoy the swamp, sirs?" Is that humor? So hard to tell.

K'vvan spends a moment rubbing a hand on Nadeeth's neck, even as the green dragon peers over his shoulder at where the woman and guard are now standing. "No. There's been trouble and he," thumb flicks to point to where Rhiex is standing, "is the poor sap who is going to have to figure out what, who and how to make it stop." Clearly, K'vvan is just transportation. Nadeeth murrs a hello to the woman, scooting forward to get a better look at what it is that she has on the man's sores.

Silky ribbons are the softest of velvet tonight, smoothing their way along the back of K'vvan's mind as they work at the anger surrounding him. «She is calm.» Her voice comes in the wake of a soothing, «and that stuff smells.» «

"Sir," Rhiex focuses on the man, "Have you seen any violence out here?" He can't see what's gone on with the man's forearm, but his voice is professional and direct, scanning Yukie briefly. "Or suspicious behavior?" He takes a few seconds to glance around the immediate vicinity, but without seeing anything, focuses in on this little … tete-a-tete. Maybe he's withholding yelling at Yukie until after the man's tended to… but there's a vein showing at the side of his forehead, pulsing dangerously.

"Violence?" The man's lips flap and sink in where the teeth are missing, and he has a moment where he gum-licks (the act of sucking in his lips to lick before pushing them out again) that causes his beard to jiggle. The guilt is writ in the crinkle of the corners of his eyes and the quick glance to the southwestern corner of the Hold. "Never in life, sonny. Never in life - hah hah hah - " his laughter is wheezy, "We're a peaceful folk out here." Yukie is finally done with the bandage after giving her patient a dark look. "I haven't seen any trouble," she finally comments, her voice as cool as a still lake. "Just this man's rash and a few cuts and bruises on the children." Now she turns around and gives Rhiex and K'vvan the fullness of her stare, leaving her patient to poke at the bandage and pretend to eye-ball the group. "Rhiex, I think you need something for that before you have an apoplexy." Her basket, where is her basket? Because it is not there when she goes to grab it.

K'vvan eyes the man, but rather then act, that's so Rhiex's perview right now, he leans against Nadeeth's side and folds his arms one other another. Though he's still totally paying attention his eyes take on the slightly far-away look of talking to his dragon, with him answering out loud. "Yeah, well. Most healer muck does tend to stink. Can't be worse then this sharding hold altogether though."

Rhiex focuses intently on the man, not missing that glance but not following it, either. "Yukie, would you come with me, please? I'll not have the guilt of your assault on my conscience, as you would so obviously be assailed trying to get back to the weyr by yourself." His disappointment is tangible. He does pause, though, as if struck by a thought: "Wingsecond, would you mind waiting with Healer Yukie while I make a 'round of the place?" His eyebrows heft in inquiry, expression twitching briefly in amusement at K'vvan's assessment of stinky healer muck. Accurate. "It will only take me a moment, and would be of great assistance if you would, sir." He's already dismissed Yukie's POINT OF VIEW on this as well as gum-lick man. Shh let the menfolk make decisions, snookums.

"It's a salve," Yukie so helpfully supplies to K'vvan, though she does step forward, towards the guard and the greenrider looking almost as if she's going to comply like a good little healer. It's at that point that the girl spots her basket, all the way across the way, that causes her to frown. "I'll be right there." Rhiex and K'vvan are given a tranquil smile, but for all the serenity in the Healer, there's very little softness. Which means she whirls on her toes and trots her happy ass over towards her basket, which looks just a little odd sitting there. Not where she left it. The toothless wonder slowly stands and gives the guard a dark glare. "Ain't gonna find what yer lookin' for here, sonny." Hey now would be a prudent time for an escape. For his apparent kind-of age, the man is quick on his feet. Maybe they're making white lightning back in the swamps.

"Yeah sure…" K'vvan comments with a shrug, then watches as the healer trots her bottom across the way. "You know, she doesn't seem at all inclined to listen to you." Arms still across his chest he looks upwards at Nadeeth, "Of course he's lying. What else would he be doing covered in injuries out in this armpit of the world?"

Rhiex watches until Yukie has her basket and then he is TREKKING OFF towards the hold proper, his stride determined. That's right, K'vv. You get to chill with the strangeness that is YUKIE. Have fun! He's off to hunt some toothless armpit body-louse.

Yukie does grab her basket, lingering over it for a moment, before ending up next to K'vvan. The contents checked — it's mostly empty — she turns her gaze on K'vvan, tilting her head to the side slightly. "Just because one doesn't live in a place that's clean and free of judgement doesn't mean they deserve healing no less," her gentle rebuke is quietly made, a disappointment surfacing in the limpid pool of blue-green gaze. As if, K'vvan has somehow disappointed her. She turns her gaze back to the people — some of them fearful, some of them acting suspicious, but the majority of them eke out an existence in a strange and forbidding place. "In the powerful Harper Song, you have contributed a verse. Is your verse one of judgement, Greenrider?" It is clear that to her eyes, she sees as a Healer does: an organism in need.

"Never said they didn't." K'vvan's short reply comes with a shrug of his shoulders, his eyes having fallen to track the guard as he treks across the stinky hold ground. "Nadeeth just says that stuff you put on him stinks, and that he's probably lying. And who gives a f*ck if I judge him? Maybe he shouldn't be so f*king bad at covering whatever s*it he is up to up. She likes you." The abrupt shift in conversation has K'vvan rolling his head over to actually study the woman next to him rather than watch whatever the guard is doing over there.

Rhiex disappears around a corner. HE MAY DIE Y'ALL.

"I didn't say you said anything," Yukie supplies simply, both hands placed to hold the basket that rests against her legs now. "Words are only one part of how we judge others," serenely stated, she lacks judgement in her own tone, "Your eyes, your carriage, your words. They all carry something. Who is anyone to judge the desperation of others? If you were starving, would you not do anything to get food? To clothe your family? To see the hollowness of your children's eyes filled with a happiness that you wouldn't even understand?" They are questions, set into the world for K'vvan, for Rhiex, for anyone who might hear. Anyone can answer them or they can float free, never claimed. Something in the healer indicates that, while posing such things, she does not require a response. "She is a fine green, Wingsecond. Good form, good health. She's got a good glow to her skin that suggests you're feeding her the proper nutrients," is her response to the comment of being liked, but it comes with a gentle smile and a lift of a hand to touch the tip of Nadeeth's nose, if the green will allow.

Rhiex won't die. He has Yukie here, and besides if the man gets himself cut, well he went after and around the building so it'll be his own fault. Promise.

«She is right.» Nadeeth delights in the words which fall from the healers lips, curling each of them into her sewing basket to begin embroidering them along lengths of silk. «We should keep her.» «

K'vvan snorts as the healers words run in one ear and out another. "I don't really f*king care," he says, looking between the woman and dragon who seem to be echoing one another. "I'll take care of my own and my duty. People like you can care about s*it like that." His eyes return to the corner the guard has turned around. "Probably shouldn't let him go alone." But K'vvan doesn't move.

It's okay, K'vv. Rhiex'll be back in JUST A SECOND. He's just gotta go get in a fight and threaten the lives of everyone around. Just long enough for K'vvan to show his STERLING GOOD ATTITUDE.

"Such views are the tangle that disrupt the weft and warp of what's woven around us," Yukie comments, softly. Ever gentle. "Paradoxically, the tangles are needed as much as the clean stroke of the weaving machine." She is talking nonsensical philosophy, which abruptly ends when she grabs for the fabric of her dress and starts forward. "I shall go fetch him." Hey, if K'vvan won't, Yukie will. Undone by a girl. Ahem.

"Oh no you don't," K'vvan pushes away from Nadeeth to follow the healer woman, Nadeeth keeping up on their tail (so sorry little people, please get out of the way of the green dragon here) her eyes still fixed on the healer as if totally absorbed by her philosophy. "You females never listen when told what to do." This is mumbled more to himself than to the woman though. Stupid females.

«She is right.» Nadeeth's own weavings are examined, the imperfections clear, but also helping the picture become that much more dynamic. »Search her.« The white knot that sits in K'vvan's pocket is pictured upon Yukie's shoulder. «

The sound of a SCUFFLE can be heard and then Rhiex is popping out of some corner, looking quite a bit more disheveled but not showing any sign of injury. "Keep her out there!" he HOLLERS at K'vvan as he notices the approach of the trio. "I don't care what you have to do!" And then with an OOMF he's being dragged behind that corner again. What in the WORLD is going on?

"Oh yes, I am!" Yukie's healer radar is going DING DING DING DING DUMBASSES, and for such a tranquil woman, she's quick on her feet. The people flee around Nadeeth, as the green dragon leaves a liquid wake behind her with surprised faces and frightened children. Of course, Yukie is a healer not a crazed amazon, so she could be caught. She'll have to be because this healer is making a beeline for the crowd. Which puts to question just how many altercations does she charge into? That is for another day! "Rhiex! What in the world…" … is he doing? K'vvan just gets an undefinable look for his comment, but Yukie never has cared about now timer views regarding women.

"I f*king hate this hold." K'vvan mutters under his breath. "Nadeeth, stop her, but don't squish anyone." Fingers are lifted up to his lips and a whistle rings out over the hold. "MOVE PEOPLE," Nadeeth flicks her wings and goes airbourn for just the fraction of a second to land right in front of the healer. She curvets around, her bulk blocking the pathway as her tail curves to attempt to prevent the healer from going around her. K'vvan goes the other way around his lifemate to go around that corner and HELP.

Yukie senses that Nadeeth softly curves around your mind like lengths of silk against smooth skin. Calm. «

When he gets back there he'll find a crazily hilarious sight: Rhiex trying to fend off four WOMEN, who all have a variety of pleading/amorous looks and are MAYBE trying to take off their clothes. What? They don't see a lot of men with teeth 'round these parts.

There's not a lot one can do when a dragon suddenly appears in front of you, curling around you to prevent you from going forward. Yukie is not a girl that overtly bucks a system that provides blocks, preferring to flow around them. So she stands back and tilts her head up to Nadeeth. "I won't go back there, but if both of them come back with boo-boos," she purposefully uses the term she reserves for children, "I will treat them as I do the children." Unless it's serious back there, and that possibility crosses her mind which causes her to try and peek around the dragon. Just in case.

Nadeeth lays herself upon the ground, keeping the healer within her protective half-circle, though she does reach out a tail to smooth along the healer's arm just slightly, as if agreeing to her demands. Around that corner K'vvan comes to a dead stop, eyes taking in the sight. "Yeah, no, you're on your own with this one." He turns on his heel and walks right back around that corner. "He's fine." K'vvan steps around Nadeeth's head and into the protective curl. "She says that you should stand for the eggs, egg," because girls are only there for ONE EGG OKAY? "on he sands. You want?" He digs out the knot to offer it to the healer.

There's some cursing and maybe a few statements and then Rhiex is REALLY coming around the corner, looking haggard and with his shirt half-untucked. He didn't TOUCH it REALLY. "Can we leave? I'm ready to leave. Yukie, are you ready to le… what?"

"Is he?" Yukie's tone is dubious for K'vvan's statement. A gentle pat is given to Nadeeth, one of understanding between two females. "What?" For the first time, the healer is honest-to-true startled, and it holds a certain discord with her usual harmonious self. "I — well." Rhiex is the one that interrupts that thought, when he comes around a corner with his shirt half untucked. She considers K'vvan, an indecipherable thought surfacing before the healer abruptly nods her head. "Yes, I will. Provided I can still attend to some of my healing duties?" Her basket is gripped, her zen reached once more; that which is most important to her is what she bargains for. Rhiex? Totally ignored. Meanwhile, the women might have been a diversion, for ol' toothless is back. And he's got enough friends that leaving would definitely be prudent.

"We've got dragon healers. I'll introduce you to my wingleader, she's one of them." K'vvan swings himself up onto Nadeeth's neck after handing over the knot, and reaches down to help Yukie up. Rhiex is eyed for a moment, as are the Tough Guys rolling up. "I should leave you, f*king idiot." Except CLEARLY the f part of that didn't happen. NO MATTER.

"I'm not the idiot here. They attacked me! You didn't tell me there would be WOMEN here!" YEAH K'VVAN, YOU DIDN'T SAY THERE WOULD BE WOMEN. Rhiex is clambering up the straps with no little amount of alacrity to settle himself behind Yukie. Then: "Did you really just accept Search?" His voice is a little incredulous, but breathless too.

The knot taken, Yukie finds herself settled between the two men with her arms wrapped around her basket. Serenely, she answers, "Of course. It stands to chance that if I were to Impress, I could possibly make a bigger impact healing dragons." Always a healer's mind this one. "And did you just get frightened off by some women?" Still so gently asked. So calmly asked, and yet. A barb exists somewhere, but it's hard to find just where it comes from for little can be taken offense to in terms of word or tone.

Nadeeth takes a moment to make a slightly unlady like snort for the people on her back before she lifts into the air, just as those people on the ground suddenly had to RETHINK because of DRAGON who is still totally big enough to eat them. ::Between:: happens moments later and Nadeeth curls her way down to the ground back at the weyr for the group to make their way indoors. There may be more bickering between Rhiex and K'vvan, and calm comments from the healer. But if there are, they aren't written down.

Candidate Barracks
Hopes, dreams, and fears are contained in these cramped quarters, full of small cots and smaller trunks; thin ragged curtains barely provide privacy between the bunks, shining patches in the material suggesting one too many mending attempts. The minimal floor space is kept clear of debris and personal possessions, wide enough for a single broad table often used for study in the art of dragon care. Here, too, humidity has gathered into high corners, running down the walls and creating a slightly unpleasant atmosphere of damp and mildew. Near the entrance, one cubby exists, large enough to contain a bit of luxury for an adult overseer of the candidates, and a desk — for once in reasonable shape — is set to the left of the entrance, conveniently placed for the monitoring of comings and goings.

The words roll off K'vvan's lips with practiced ease at this point, "No sex, no booze, and if you're going to go heal people outside the hold, you seriously need to take a rider with you. And maybe a bat." K'vvan holds open the door for the healer to come in after him, eyes once again looking about for the other females he has dumped here.

"Of course," Yukie's response, as ever, is calm. Humor lurks, but it's gone swiftly as she gets down to the business of settling into a spot that's not taken. "Thank you," she does turn back to say, with a bob of her head. Then? It's all about the quiet contemplation of the choice she's just made.

K'vvan doesn't espy whoever it is that he is looking for, so with one last glance to see that Yukie is settling in, he sweeps back out and up towards the administrative corridor. Maybe to report on FAILURE. Not his though, that Rhiex guard dude.

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