Nika, Renalde


Nika makes a delivery and gets a tour of the Ice Fields.


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Mountains, Base Camp

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Base Camp

Here rises the dark-grey monolith of massive caverns, open-facing and airy. The arches, far above, make this space ill-equipped for centralized heating but excellent for campfires. The caves go deep, grey-walled caverns that tempt with enigmatic promise. Some are lofty as this main entrance; some are cozy enough for a tall man to bump his head. They all lie in nascent mystery, ripe and ready for the claiming by those strong enough to hold them.

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It is the 16th day of summer, and it is COLD. Super cold. Damn cold. And the recently landed mis-match of a gigantic blue, and his teenie-tiny rider could not be oozing any more glee. Granted, Nika is covered in old fur lined leathers, and a mask is covering her mouth and nose, but the happiness is unmistakeable. Little balled fists of mittens are clutched tightly as she bounces up and down in place, the high pitched squeals of joy muffled only slightly by the cloth on her face. "At-man! At-man! It's so cold!" If she seems to keep her balance rather well on the ice - well, it's because this is the kind of weather they were raised in. The dragon's tail tracing happy trails in the ground.

"Rider!" Renalde's voice booms out from inside one of those caves as he comes striding out. "Have you brought the shipment which we were expecting?" He's bundled up, but somehow manages to look just as perfectly put together as he did in the Southern heat. Does Pern have peacoats? Because Renalde totally has one. Leather gloves adorn his hands, the kind made to keep you warm AND allow you to still move.

"Shipment?" Renalde's shouts of practicality draw Nika's feet back to the ground, so her generally unbridled energy is contained to a full body shake. "Shipment." Is stated with some confidence. "Yah. It's tied to At-man. He's just outside." And just barely, the dragon so close to the entrance of the basecamp a toe, or tail tip occassionally brushes into the caves. Either way, he hasn't moved out of eyesight since they landed. And Nika isn't likely to stop shouting at him now that she's closer to other people. "Move so he can see the stuff!" Is sung out, "See." She's made do on her part. "Can we play now? That's why we volunteered. Can I go exploring?" She's done her chores, pop-pop.

"Nika." There there a slight SIGH in Renalde's voice for the diminutive rider. Perhaps. "Help me get the shipment down so that my people can parcel it out and my dear, I will take you on a tour myself." He does step out of the way however, so that they can get a better view. Or perhaps it was just so that Renalde can place a hand on Nika's shoulder to remind her that there are things to be done.

Nika bounces out from under the hand. "They just said bring it. Nothin' about unloading." Still, without further verbalized complaint she's skipped up to her dragon who has placed himself well within reach, and she's scrambled up his side so she can start unhooking button, and unbottning hooks, and unzipping velcro - as is the Nik-a-dik way. "Is it fragile?" She asks mischeviously while she eyes the distance to the ground and hangs on to the last weight bearing strap rather parcarariously.

"Thankfully, no." Renalde's tone is as dry as frozen carbon, as he reaches up his arms to catch that bundle that she is going to drop rather unceremoniously. "I am sure you would treat it with the utmost respect regardless however." A quirked up eyebrow as Renalde twitches his fingers. Let it go baby. Let it go.

"Oh goodie!" Nika's high-toned enthusiasm is sung as her pinkie and ring finger uncurl from the strap, "Respect! Sure. I hope you had a pleasant trip, Mr. Package, sir." There goes the middle finger, was it extra slow just for Renalde, certainly not…. "Now, if you would not mind reaching the ground as quickly as possible, for the headman's sake. You see, you are much needed. We do appreciate you flying At-man blue dragon express." And with that her index finger releases her freight to the arms of the waiting man below.

A corner of a smile quirks upwards on Renalde's face, but surely that break in stoic expression is masked by the falling of the package. Catching it easily Renalde steps backwards to hand it off to a young man waiting. "To the Smiths," is his simple direction, before turning back to the woman atop the blue dragon. "Now, I do beleive I offered you a tour?"

The itsy-bitsy rider has slid down her dragon back to the ground, by the time Renalde has handed off the package. "But that was fun, are you sure don't want to just stay here and drop things off At-man?" A finger itches wistfully at a nose hidden under cloth, her free hand, however, absently reaches out, and lest he not be paying attention, the headman will find his own taken so that he can lead the way on their tour, Nika's eyes turn expectantly to the side of his face. Show her the wonders of ICE.

"I am quite sure my dear." Speaking from within the the hold someone catches the Headman's attention for just a moment. A shake of his head answers their question. In this time that hand of hers has entwined itself in his. Downward he looks, rather bemused. "Very well my dear, come along." And without waiting for her to make another staement he will begin to stride away from the basecamp, heading upwards.

Bemused or not, Renalde, for the moment is Nika's prisoner. Though perhaps not in the physical sense. As his strides, much longer than her own, require her to half skip after him to keep up, especially on the upward. Perhaps he'll tire her out like an over eager puppy. "What are we going to see first? What are you guys doing here? Are you going to take the ice back to Southern? Cause it'll just be water there..and we have plenty of water."

"No my dear, we are building a hold." Endlessly patient is the Southern Headman turned Construction Foreman. A narrow stairway carved from the ice leads in the general direction of 'upwards' from the base camp which extends outwards from the existing cave system. As to where they are going, it is answered after a toil upwards where they come out overlooking the whole of the camp and downwards to the ice fields below.

It is good they reach their destination because Nika stops nearly dead in her tracks, dragged forward a few paces by the man who's leading her. "You're building a hold? Here?" Her nose wrinkles right, then left, then just fully upward, her mind taking her to the worst possible conclusion. "But you can't leave us, Renalde. You just can't!" Water pools slowly fill under her eyes, "I mean, I know sometimes people tease you a bit, or give you a hard time. And sometimes we think you're a little too cranky for your own good, and sometimes some people say you just need a good shag. But you can't leave us for a hold. The whole place'd fall apart without you. Besides you'd be awfully bored at a hold. Can you imagine? You'd go stark raving mad without people to argue with."

Renalde pauses on the steps when the woman holding his hand becomes dead weight. "My dear." Rather then continue to pull on her hand (that wouldn't be PROPER), he turns and steps downwards towards her, crouching slightly to look into those water filled eyes. "I am well aware the need the weyr has for me, but for the moment, I am needed here. Many people have lost their homes and the Ice Fields are to be their new home. It behooves us well to make a place for them." There is kindness in his words, a hint that perhaps the Ice Fields are doing what the Southern heat cannot- finally thawing the headman's frozen heart.

Don't mind the nearly-FROZEN tears Nika wipes out of the corner of her eye. An eye, which along with the other, narrow into a glare at the man. "Oh, Renalde! That's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard." And with little warning she flings herself forward at the squatting man, and wraps her tiny arms about his neck. "I suppose we have to let you go. For now." Pern's most sweetly given warning. And then without letting go, her mind is suddenly taken on to the next topic, now that the present one has been resolved. "Oh look at the view, it's gorgeous!" And suddenly the man is let go so she skip toward the edge.

That hug is taken and returned briefly, those who say Renalde is without emotion are WRONG. "I am glad to have your approval." His tone is dry. Rising back to his feet he follows Nika the rest of the way to that overhang at a more sedate pace. "We have rather grandiose plans I'm afraid for this area. We seek to become self sufficient as early as possible."

"Grandiose, grandiose." Nika echoes, twirling around on her toes before going back to leaning over the land for a better look downward. "Nobody's self-suffient, Renalde." The bluerider offers with no explanation. "Look! They all look like little bugs. Do-di-do-di-do." The song follows the people below as they work, before she plops down on to the cold ground. "Even if their is no danger of thread, you don't have much to eat up here. And you can't keep all that much cattle…Cause they don't have a lot to eat." One learns a thing or two in the cold weather at Reaches. "Still. It will very nice to visit. Forget the beach. I'll be here all the time."

Renalde's lips part into a real smile, one of satisfaction for someone who appreciates the work that is being done. "You are welcome any time you wish to come Nika. The weyr has promised a rider to be always stationed here." Stepping away from the view Renalde offers Nika a hand again, to go back down those narrow stairs.

Nika would never refuse an offered hand, and in this case she might not even rat the man out in public, and she'll follow after quietly. Minus the little tune she hums as she skips back with him.

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