Mayte Renalde Nathanael


Igen's Junior Weyrwoman comes to visit the Ice Hold.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Ice Fields- Courtyard

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Here lies an area stamped out in a neat square, laid painstakingly with cobblestones often slick with frost. Eastward lies the great expanse of the ice fields, and westwards the familiar lowing of the Hold's handful of beasts: but north does rise the dark-grey monolith of the cavernous entry to the Ice Fields proper, open-facing and airy, welcoming in contrast the the barbarous jagged outline of the barrier range lying beyond, ominous and eternal: it seems only fitting that to step past the ornate doors leading into the hold proper, one must step down rather than up. The way into this hold is the way into the earth itself.

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It's cold and only one moon is out when a gold dragon appears in the air above the Hold, accompanied by a light blue dragon. And it's soon evident, when she lands, that she's not going away too soon. In fact, the dark gold lands, followed by the blue, and both riders dismount. The shorter woman looks around nonchalantly, while the tall, skinny bluerider with a hook-nose just looks cold. "See," Mayte's voice rings out, "Toldja they'd been able to do a lot of work around here." The bluerider snorts but holds his tongue. Smart man. Pulling off her helmet, Mayte shoos someone: "Go tell your Headman or whatever that I'm just… saying hi." Not a state visit, but not a masquerade of mischievous goldriders. That someone, evidently bemused by surprise goldriders, moves away and into the Hold. The bluerider? Happy to stay next to his blue but Mayte decides to start looking around, sniffing and pointing to the stables: "Those are new."

The hold isn't so large that it would typically take Renalde very long to get from one side to another. However, with those crutches still required he is taking quite a bit more time to get around then is typical. The goldrider is left to do her poking around for several long minutes before Renalde, dressed in his winter suit makes his way into the courtyard. "Madam," His voice cuts through smoothly as his ice blue eyes evaluate the rider before him. "I had not been expecting visitors. I am Renalde." And then he pauses, her knot shows her home is Igen and her position as junior, but leaves a name missing, though Renalde has a fairly good idea what it is. Better to be careful.

Several long minutes well-spent! Mayte is juuuust getting acquainted with something interesting while Rhiscorath's head swivvels about and the blue-pair just look blue when Renalde's voice announces him. She straightens and moves towards the Headman, eyeing that leg in surprise: "My apologies, Headman," and evidently Mayte's learning some of that smooth talk, "I wouldn't have been so quick to call if I'd known it would cause discomfort." Smooth like BUTTER. Rhiscorath is demurely sniffing about and focuses on Renalde for a moment; Mayte's eyes cross and she grins a little: "I'm Mayte of Igen Weyr, and this," handwave, "is Rhiscorath." Rhiscorath inhales. "She gives you her regards and greetings." A pause and Mayte hmms: "If you're injured, this may… not be a good time to be visiting?" Delicately put, though Mayte's sounding even more dismayed, while the bluerider remains stonefaced in the background. "Rhis was so looking forward to visiting, too." Mayte's tone is regretful, while Rhiscorath's expression is indignantly resigned.

Renalde raises a single eyebrow, listening to the smooth delivery by the goldrider. When she pauses, Renalde inclines his head to the gold dragon respectfully, then turns his attention back to the goldrider. "Welcome Weyrwoman Mayte, Rhiscorath to the Ice Fields. You are, of course, welcome at any time which you wish to come visit. If you wish, I can show you myself, though it will be slow, or I can summon some one to give you a tour. I have several candidates who would be more than happy to get out of their assigned chores." A small hint of amusement breaks into Renalde's tone at this before he moves briskly on.

Nailed it! Mayte's smiling, a little bemusedly, as she replies, "Well-met, Headman Renalde. I am honoured by your courtesy and," a sly look to the blue rider who was looking so hopeful, "I would love to rescue," tone heavy with irony, "a Candidate from a chore they would otherwise deplore but do you have a Vintner on hand?" The young weyrwoman sounds a bit eager, but schools herself, "Or a drudge would be fine, if he knows the lay-out well." A fine fettle if Mayte got lost.

"I am afraid the vintner craft has yet to establish themselves here." A hint of stiffness enters Renalde's tone, "my people have little use for hearty drinks beyond those some use to stay warm. What little we have is brought up from the weyr." Turning, Renalde gestures into the hold proper, and out of the chill of the courtyard. "You will find few as knowledgeable about this hold as the candidate I have in mind, Nathanael would be more than eager to show you around once I have him summoned. Till then, come walk with me will you? Is there any particular sight you wish to see first?"

Alas! Mayte takes the news solemnly but she heard that cautious tone, and turns to grin, "Well. I know Ciprys at Southern Weyr," the long-established fruit-punch-with-a-punch provider, "and she'll give you some warming beverages." In any case, Mayte nods and moves forward to follow Renalde, asking quickly, "Would you happen to have a library under way? An Archive of sorts?" Rhiscorath actually mrrs with pleasure, and the bluerider starts to follow, at a distance. "I only ask because Rhiscorath," of all characters, "is absolutely fascinated, and would love to see the architecture of it in progress…"

This request is met with much more warmth, as a smile stretches across Renalde's lips. "Currently it holds only the records which I have collected of the hold's progress and exploration. It will never quite rival the glory of Southern's Archive Garden." A faint wistfulness there in Renalde's voice as he leads the way into the narrow hallways of the hold. Renalde's domain is perfection in order. As they walk Renalde catches the eye of a worker, and sends them to find a particular blond candidate. "It may be a bit, while I know where they are assigned, this group seems to… wander."

Libraries and alcohol, Mayte's two best features, apart from her winning smile that she bestows upon Renalde now, "Rhiscorath and I enjoy any record that holds information." The rider is looking at almost everything, and mmms quietly as she slows to examine the person Renalde summons. "Candidates will do so," she agrees genially, "It wasn't so long ago that I was in their boots. Though," a wry chuckle, "It wasn't quite this cold." She turns to eye the older man, "The eggs must be getting hard, huh?"

Renalde opens the door to the small hold library, it's bastion of order clear from the second which that door opens and the unusual warmth pours out into the cooler hallway. "I wish that your Rhiscorath could come in her herself if she enjoys archives." As Renalde speaks a blond haired teenager pops into the doorway, and eyes the goldrider with outright curiosity. Turning, Renalde makes introductions. "Nathanael, please take Goldrider Mayte of Igen on a tour of the hold, I am entrusting her into your care for the evening." With that Renalde nods one last time to the woman and slips out and back to his duties, leaving the gold rider with the teenager who is going to take her on a whirlwind tour of the tour, and even out to the glacier if she wants it!

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