Alyna, R'zel


Alyna has had enough of the Infirmary!


It is morning of the fourth day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Southern Weyr

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Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

Another day in the infirmary and Alyna is getting a little stir crazy. She was supposed to be released to D'har's expert care and their weyr 5 days ago, but the swelling was taking its time to go down and the Healers wanted to see a little more evidence of healing before she was discharged. Since it's still early, the greenrider is nibbling absently at a tray of breakfast on her lap, propped up into a sitting position with the aid of copious pillows. Her bandaged leg is still propped up on even more pillows carefully, and there are a pair of crutches nearby.

R'zel is a regular visitor to the Infirmary whenever there are Ocelots in residence, and here he is again. He's dressed for flying, but his jacket is undone, his helmet is dangling from one hand, and he smells of soap rather than anything more suggestive of drills or Fall. Alyna is in fact the only Ocelot still here at present, so he makes his way straight over to her bed. "Morning, Alyna! Still here, then? Any news on how much longer?" He sounds sympathetic to her plight.

Alyna has just put a whole strip of bacon in her mouth just as her Wingleader shows up. Holding up a finger to indicate she'll be right with him, she quickly chews and clears her mouth before giving him a bit of a warm smile as she wipes her hands on a napkin, "Another two days, the Healers say, as long as they like what they see." There's a note of bitter sarcasm in her words as she picks up her fork and shuffles some eggs around on her plate. "Two sevens is long enough, no matter what they say, I know I'll heal better if I was home with D'har," now she just straight up pouts with a resigned sigh.

"That must be pretty frustrating, though I suppose they'd rather you were in here another couple of days now rather than more later if it didn't heal and got infected. Are they letting you get up at all?" Glancing round, R'zel spots a free area of table nearby and lodges his helmet on it, so that his hands are free. "I think if it were me I'd be climbing the walls by now, though," he admits. How's it feeling, anyway?"

"That's what they tell me," Alyna grumps at the Healers and their so-called expert opinions and turns of training and experience. When the remaining food on her plate no longer looks apetizing, she moves the tray to the small table beside her cot, before sinking into the pillows again. "Yeah with lots of help but they got me those yesterday," she jerks her head in the direction the crutches leaning against the wall nearby, "I'm supposed to start practising with them today to show that I'll be at least able to take care of myself as needed." as to how it's feeling…Alyna looks down at her leg with a sigh, "Dressing changes aren't so bad anymore, and even without numbweed it's tolerable."

"Well that's progress, anyway. And even if you're still here, once you can get around a bit you can at least go and sit somewhere else and get a change of scene," R'zel suggests. There's a hearth in the Craft Complex with seats around, that's almost as good as the Nighthearth for a mug of klah, or there's the Treble Clef - might make things a bit less boring." Attempting to raise morale is part of a Wingleader's job, right?

"Oh they won't be able to keep me here once I'm mobile on my own," Alyna decalres with a smirk as she eyes those crutches. "I'm determined to eat a meal at an actual table tonight instead of off a tray." And there's a flash of that determination in her pale blue eyes before she looks back over at her Wingleader with a smile, morale successfully raised. "So what is Ocelot doing today?" she asks, eager for some news from her wing.

"Drill soon - we're having a later start today." R'zel smirks a little. "With the days getting shorter, I decided we didn't need to kill ourselves this morning drilling in the dark." He might just have meant that literally. "And then getting ready for Fall over Island River tomorrow - which I sincerely hope won't be as heavy as the last one." Which was a bit of a horror. The thought of it has him turning to scan the room to see who else is around. There have been several new arrivals since Alyna, most of them from that last Fall.

"Smart man, and that's why you are the one in charge," Alyna remarks with a bit of a brazen wink, although totally meant in tease, taking advantage of her status as an invalid to get away with some playfulness. At the mention of the last Fall, she sighs softly and looks around at those who joined her that day. She'd also heard the Healers talk of the ones who didn't make it. "I got to admit, after thirteen turns, I don't really mind taking a bit of a break from Fall," she replies softly, looking down as if ashamed by what she just said.

"Yes, even when we get the longer gaps, it isn't really long enough not to have to think about it, is it?" R'zel says pensively. "And with a coverage area like ours, we don't even get the winter breaks that some of the Northern Weyrs do." He gives a light laugh. "We need more ice and less tropics! It's a shame we don't have the dragonpairs to swap a whole wing out for a while - you know, a rotation. Come to think of it, we've had one or two wings in the last turn that could have done with a bit of that just to get themselves back together." With a regretful smile, he presses on quickly. "Not going to happen, though - even if the Weyrling Barracks are bursting at the seams right now." And that's a better topic for visiting the injured!

Yeah, the topic of rider burnout is probably not the most cheerful for an infirmary setting and Alyna looks grateful when he changes it. "Yes! I had Haquith watch the Hatching from the ledges so I could 'watch' along with her. Lots of very promising candidates Impressed, it should be an excellent group." She knew a number of the new weyrlings quite well actually and she was overwhelmed with happiness when she saw them find their lifemates. "Lots of females on males too, which would have made a whole section of the population titter nervously over at Igen Weyr." she rolls eyes at her conservative ex-Weyr of residence. "Southern suits me a lot better in that regard." she states. A Healer is headed in their direction now, all the supplies for a dressing change in his hands, and a smile for the petite blonde on his face which just makes the greenrider groan softly at the anticipation of discomfort she knows is coming.

"And browns as well as blues - most of the browns, in fact!" It seems R'zel is also not averse to confounding expectations in that regard. "Ah, it looks as if you're wanted. Well, I'll be on my way, then. Take care, Alyna, and I hope you're out of here soon - I'll probably not drop in again until after Fall, but have Haquith talk to Verokanth if there's anything we can do." The bronze promptly passes on to Haquith, « For example, spring you for an evening at the Treble Clef or the Kitten, mine says. » "I'll leave you to it, then," R'zel adds, then smiles at both healer and patient, retrieves his helmet from the table, and makes his way out.

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