Alyna, Domnic, Ginger


The missing stablehand is discovered. It's not a good outcome.

Dead body. Goats.


It is noon of the first day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Feeding Pastures, Southern Weyr

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Feeding Pastures

Up the side of the mountain, stone fences mark the lines of the different parts of the feeding pastures. Bovines, woolies, ovines, caprines, herdbeasts; they are all collected here, dotting the hillside in lazy repose to stand stark against the brilliance of the green pastures. Rich, rich grass grows here, fed by the humidity and tropical climate. The sounds here are a blend of bleating, baying, and the thundering of many steps as the different herds move about. Occasionally, the whiff of something foul is carried downwind from the collection of animals that serves as the weyr's food supply.

The hunt is going slow for Domnic, as he has searched a few places in the weyr for the missing stablehand. With all the new people showing up it has been a little disconcerting to have people just up and vanish. Add that to the growing sickness that seems to be plaguing people, and the man from black rock turned guard is on high alert. He Steps out on to the feeding pastures and marks off another location on his list before he takes a breath and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Ginger is out for a walk, pounding the ground with the frustrated energy of one who has been cooped up for too long without enough activity. She's bundled in a thick jacket with a scarf round her neck and a knitted beret over her ginger curls. She's keeping close to the fences as she walks, and she's just taken a detour to avoid a field containing large herdbeasts with big horns. The one she's in now has caprines; she's quite fond of those and slows her pace a bit to watch their antics.

A shadow passes over the feeding pens as a green dragon circles lower, her sharp gaze on the the various beasts. Haquith is utterly silent as she dives and at the last moment extends her rear claws to grab a fat looking porcine, landing on it hard to cleanly break it's back before she moves off to one side to begin her meal. Walking in, Alyna is strolling aimlessly after her dragon, jacket collar turned up against the cold, and hands tucked deep in her pockets. A look it thrown in the direction of her dragon as she silently relates praise on the green's technique. Ginger is spotted in with the Caprines, so she wanders in that direction.

Domnic looks up and sees the dragon pass over him before looking about to see that he is not alone. He strides over to the two women and says "Afternoon Ladies." He is still clearly searching the area as he glances around but still gives the women a friendly smile. With the creatures antics seemingly catching his attention he stops his ever present search to chuckle a little at them "Spirited aren't they?"

"Aren't they just!" Ginger's grinning because one of the caprines is balancing on top of a rock so pointed that one can only ask how she manages it - and perhaps why she'd want to, though the ways of caprines are a great mystery. Another two are by the wall and one of them seems to be pulling at something. "What's that one got hold of?" She gives Alyna a nod, recognising her from an earlier encounter. "Afternoon, greenrider!"
Domnic pages, "awww not the caprines!"

"Ginger, right?" Alyna asks with an upraised eyebrow, she's not always the best with names, but she remembers the young Smith apprentice. "Afternoon to you too." At the topic of the caprines and their topics. Domnic is given a quick once over as the greenrider giggles and shakes her head. "Spirited is one way of putting it." But her blue eyes narrow at the ones that the girl indicates, "Which one?" she asks looking fromt he one on the pointed rock, to the two by the wall.

Domnic is a bit quicker on the uptake, some call it paranoid but you don't get to be a guard with out being alert and prepared for things. But he does try to keep it light as he says "Oh someone probably left a sweater or something. I will go and get it." He climbs the railing of the fence before saying to the pair "I am Domnic by the way" his uniform is clear that he is a guard but still smiles at the ladies as he slowly makes his way across the pasture. "Wouldn't want them to get a stomach ache right?"

"The one on the right, do you see it tugging?" Ginger points at the brown, shaggy animal. "Looks like… actually it does look like cloth of some sort. It's not actually eating it, is it? I know they eat all sorts of weird things if you let them, but a sweater?" There's a note of distaste in her voice as she adds, "That's kind of like the caprine's eating a bit of an ovine. Still, I suppose we eat ovines, so why not. Except Caprines are supposed to eat grass and the like." But her curiosity is roused now - hard luck, Domnic! She follows him across the pasture to see what's up.

Alyna narrows her eyes in the direction Ginger is pointing but she can't make anything out at this distance. At Domnic's introduction, the blonde-haired woman bobs her head, "Alyna, green Haquith's." she replies with a smile and another appreciative once over of the guard. "Yeah, better to get rid of it." Alyna was fine with hanging back and letting the man deal with it, but then Ginger is moving closer and her curiosity gets the better of her as she moves forward to follow after the younger woman. "People should really be more considerate about not leaving things around for the beasts to get into."

Domnic moves closer and gently shoos the animal away, no point in the herders being mad at him for scaring the poor thing. He bends down, to reach for what ever it is before he stops and puts a an arm out stretched towards the two women. "Stay back." His face looses that smile he had as it goes into a flat expression saying "Alyna, could you ask yours to summon a healer.." He moves slightly so the two ladies can see the body that is uncovered, but still won't let them get any closer.

Next to one of the stone walls furthest from the Weyr, almost completely hidden by long grass and blown debris, lies Vorgon. He's one of the stablehands, about fifty turns old and greying at the temples. Or rather, he was: he's now rather clearly been dead for at least a couple of weeks, and thanks to decay and the efforts of the local wildlife, he's rather hard to recognise. If anyone cares to examine what's left of the body and clothing carefully, they'll find traces of blood and vomit as well as other bodily substances, but no sign of violence before death.

Ginger realises she's neglected the introduction thing, and belatedly tells Domnic, "Oh, and I'm Ginger." That'll do. Other things are far more interesting. She halts when told, but peers at the body from where she's standing, taking a few seconds to convince herself of what she's seeing. "Ummm. Is that what I think it is?" Then, with a degree of revulsion that doesn't in the least temper her curiosity, "They weren't eating it, were they?" Maybe not, but one of them has a fair-sized strip of the dead man's trousers between its teeth. "Who is it?"

Alyna freeezes when the guard loses his smile. Iced blue eyes flicker over to the teenager but she seems to be handling it ok. When asked, the greenrider nods and gets that familiar unfocused look on her face. From where she is daintily munching on her plump porcine, Haquith looks up momentarily in their direction and warbles softly before continuing with her meal, relatively unphased after she sent a call for a healer. Taking one step further, Alyna will glance over the body briefly as she says, "Healer has been called for." before she looks away, feeling bile rise in her throat and getting a little green around the edges. "Yeah, is there a knot you can see?"

Domnic is slowly checking over the body, for both cause and identification. "No, it doesn't look like the animal was eating it. Though maybe you should get that cloth out of its mouth.." Because it is just gross! Further inspection leads him to say "He has been here for some time. But judging by the shirt, I would guess he might be the missing stablehand I have been looking for.." He gently rolls the body flat on what could be its back, the sounds of decaying flesh moving might make peoples stomachs want to dance but Domnic seems to be handling it well. At least he doesn't throw up or anything as the wind changes and he gets a good scent of the body now.

Ginger gets a whiff of that, too, even from as far away as she's standing, and her nose wrinkles in response. She mutters, "I'm glad I'm over that tummy trouble," to Alyna before asking Domnic, "What, Vorgon? My Ma's guy's a herder - he works with him. Or, used to work, I should say - I guess he doesn't any longer."

When the winds shift and sends the smell of the body in her direction, Alyna has to swallow hard as her usual pale face looses even more color if that's possible. "Missing stablehand? I heard about that." she says, lips pressed firmly together as she tries to convince her stomach not to revolt. She turns her head slightly when Domnic turns the body over, looking over at her green, but watching the green dragon slurp some intestines up as one would with noodles, cause things to churn further so instead she will walk towards the end of the paddock, calling over her shoulder, "I'll go down there and keep an eye out for that Healer."

Domnic nods and covers his mouth, turning green at the smell saying "Yeah, it is defantly him.." There is a gag before he is up and over to another fence his breakfast making another appreance as he bends over a wall.

Well, that leaves Ginger as the last person standing. She's going to hang around at a respectful distance until that Healer arrives, and then head back to work.

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