K'vvan, W'rin


Morning PT with W'rin leads to K'vvan getting moved back to Arroyo.


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the sixty-fourth day of Winter and 26 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

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The sun is blindingly bright, not a cloud in the sky, but Igen is rarely pleasant, and today is no exception. It is blisteringly cold. Freezing. And as the weyrleader turns his stride up around the far side of the lake shore, the dripping sweat that makes his shirt cling to his body is stingingly uncomfortable. Yanking at cold fabric to pull it away from his skin, his huffs out a warm breath into air.

The last four months in Whirlwind have been exceptionally good for K'vvan. His haircut has stuck, and for the first time, he's actually gaining weight and not just muscle mass. Still skinny as heck, but not the drinking-meals-rather-than-eating-them skinny. His feet churn away next to W'rin, and he's not quite not frowning as he rubs at the sweat on his own brow, the cold air only making that natural cooling system not at all nice. "Igen shouldn't get this cold." He mutters it under his breath.

Not that the man would admit it, but it has been nice to have a running partner again, evident only by the slightest twitch of his mouth upward as the greenrider suddenly speaks. "Aye." Is all he manages for the moment. A few strides pass, "If it is going to be this cold." Breath, "The least it could do is snow and make Threadfall easier." But they, unfortunately, inhabit perhaps the worst threadfighting territory.

"But if something wasn't f*king making life hard it wouldn't be Igen." K'vvan's comment is more wry then angry, and he slows as they come upon the pier, though he doesn't quite stop on those rocks. More to himself then the Weyrleader K'vvan continues to muse. "Wonder if that weaver could make me a shirt with that stuff she made the Royo scarves from…"

W'rin manages to grunt a bit of laughter between sucking in air. "Aye. But what fun would life be if it was easy?" The weyrleader, for one, would probably shrivel up and die in a place like Reaches. Royo? Scarves? He hadn't noticed, an eye brow lifts but he doesn't question. "Arroyo on the mind, eh?"

K'vvan shoots a look at W'rin, eyebrow slightly upraised at that laughter. It's always slightly disconcerting. But he pegs where the greenrider's thoughts have been trailing when they havn't been thinking about Whirlwind's own quiet issues. Picking up his pace again K'vvan matches W'rin's stride (which seeing the differences in their heights isn't easy man!) past the rocky pier. "Yeah. N'cal hasn't found new wingseconds."

W'rin continues his pace, letting K'vvan catch back up if he wants, but not making it any easier. "Aye?" The weyrleader's tone suggesting of a question deeper than a need for factual affirmation of the statement. Turning his head he studies the man keeping step next to him, before lapsing back into silence and the awaited answer.

K'vvan does keep up. Mostly because there is sweat that rolls off the Weyrleader from behind… and seriously. Gross. At W'rin's side he keeps up easily enough, listening to the crunch of rock underfoot. Finally, his voice breaks out again. "I worry. Nadeeth was really good at keeping the wing together with her strands."

"She was." W'rin will give the greenrider that much, "But she's not the reason you're on Whirlwind. So what about you? Can you be good at keeping a wing together?" Group work. It sucks.

"People piss me off." K'vvan will at least start with the brutal truth. He's been spending a lot of time thinking. And a lot of time with Sienna as Kehemath has worked to help Nadeeth not feel lonely in her semi-isolation from her friends. When that particular greenrider there ends up being a lot of talking about toughts. "And I like to drink." That admitted a bit more shamefully. "So I don't know. If I can stay sober and keep my temper? Yeah. But that's a pretty big if."

W'rin is quiet once more, the only sound the surrender of the sand beneath his boots. "I like you K'vvan." The man's voice, rather than a tone of pride in the greenrider has dipped into something somber. "But I can't make wing decisions off of that. Talent, you have it. A solid dragon, check. But sh-t, even you admit you probably won't stay sober. I can't do much with that." Pausing to regain control of his breath, "You do best on Whirlwind. Where I can keep an eye on you." And his dragon best on another. "Alright. So what do you think I should do?"

W'rin is right. K'vvan doesn't have an answer for him right away and so he just keeps running, the steady curn of his feet eating up the space where the weyrleader and wingrider run. "I hate seeing Nadeeth so unhappy. Because I hate to say it, but she doesn't like Whirlwind at all. She doesn't think it's right to talk to Sikorth any more, and Danorath," a sudden pause, "just it isn't the same." Silence for another few feet as K'vvan wipes his forehead again. "On the flip side of that, the disipline is better in Whirlwind. We, I am getting better because it's always a challenge. So, who do I choose? Me or her? Because I want to choose her."

"That's not what I'm asking, K'vvan." Footfalls steadily, as W'rin continues, "I mean, as me, if you were looking at the good of wings and a weyr. What do you think I should do? What is better for the whole." That's right, he's asking him to look outside of himself. "Cause that other thing, the you Whirlwind, her Arroyo, that's an easy fix."

K'vvan's not really awesome at looking outside of himself. It's a trait he and Nadeeth share- something about being fairly self absorbed. "For the good of the weyr. And wings." Silence, footfalls, a slightly grinding sound from K'vvan's head as it thinks, "We serve the weyr better in Arroyo when I'm not f*king up. And I'be been sober four months now." Yay wagon! "If N'cal will have me."

W'rin nods slowly, "Alright then." His pace slows a bit, as if the end of the conversation also marks the end of the run. At least this one. "You will go back to Arroyo, as a rider." Clearly a regular one. "Under one stipulation. You continue your morning work outs with me." The best of both words for the greenriding pair, perhaps. "You keep at least some of the discipline, and the weyr gets a fighting pair in their best spot."

Wait, their run is done? K'vvan slows a few paces after W'rin does, blinking slightly at th swiftness of the decision. He turns to hear the terms of the arrangment and thinks about it for under a second. "That's more than I deserve. And Nadeeth will be over the moon to hear it."

Desiciveness, it's a necessity. "Yes." The painful truth, "Good..good…" The man brushes off the excitement of the dragon with a grunt, "I'll let N'cal know you are transfering back in the next couple of days. Just don't fuck up. There aren't many other options." Is that a smile or a sneer? His mouth is certainly curled upward at least slightly, perhaps an attempt at looking encouraging.

Whatever it is, it is a weird expression. K'vvan doesn't quite take a step backwards, but there is a distinct pulling away that he takes from the Weyrleader's bulk. "Yes sir." Then a pause, as K'vvan reaches up to run a hand over the close croped hair. "All the other restrictions stay the same?" Cantina ban, drinking ban, goldrider ban… those things.

The shift goes completely unnoticed, as W'rin considers the last question, "Yes. For now. No drinking, no fighting, no approaching goldriders. But, uh…certain other things with a person, or um people, on Whirwlind, are okay now." Details pertaining to his weyrsecond he isn't quite ready to spell out, cause that would mean mental pictures. Ewww.

K'vvan blinks as W'rin enters into that very awkward zone. A slight flush creeps onto his own cheeks and he's shaking his head again. "No, there's nothing there. Hasn't been for… a while." Congradulations W'rin, your relationship ban broke up what was already a slightly disturbing relationship. "But uh, it's.. good to know?" Just in case someone else wants to hang out with a snapdragon?

W'rin throws his hands up in defeat, "Well, whatever, you know… I don't." Know that is. His hands wave in uncomfortable fidgeting. "Anyway…you, could, now. With someone on Whirlwind. If you wanted to." He coughs, "Uh. Everyone needs a good shag now and then. Lets the steam off, makes for a better rider."

Right. This just went from introspective to AWKWARD in ten seconds flat. "Nadeeth's a green." Here, have some uncomfortable feet movement form K'vvan as he pointedly doesn't look at W'rin. "It happens every few, you know."

"It's not the same." W'rin GUAFFS at K'vvan. "You know that right?" The weyrleader was feeling awkward, but it has slipped into an social-study of the other male now. "When you're aware…"

K'vvan is now turning red. Bright red. "Right. I know that." Because he has SO MUCH EXPERIENCE… though that last time…. He abruptly shakes off his half-remembered memories of Erissa and her tea. "Uh. Just. Not all that interested."

"Right. Right. Just you know." W'rin shifts away from the other, his eyes focused anywhere but on the greenrider. "You could if you wanted. Anyway. Breakfast?…Yes. Breakfast. I need to, um, eat." And maybe seek out a mindhealer.

"Right. Uh. Right." Because what the hell does one say to THAT. "Uh, yeah. Breakfast. I think Nadeeth needs something first so… I'm.. just…. going, you know. To do that. Thank you sir. I'll… Drills. Later." And with that VERY AWKWARD K'vvan is going to turn and run (when did it get so hot?) in the other direction, away from W'rin.

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