Beris, R'ku, Ryott, Varli


The Tea Room is a popular spot to weather a storm.


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room, Igen Weyr

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"Yeah - you're not going to get all that sand out of there without a drink,"

The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

The sandstorm came upon them quickly, but fortunately Beris and R'ku had made it into the Tea Room before it struck. With their orders given, the pair are now sat at a table near the window - not that there's a lot to see. It's as dark as evening out there, despite the fact it's barely 10am, though one can see the waves of sand being blasted down the side street. "I think we might have to stay here until it dies down," Beris observes sedately as she watches the weather - she doesn't sound too sad at the prospect of hiding in this shop for a while longer.

"I still think the weather is taunting me because I'm grounded," is R'ku's reply to that, his deep voice tinged with amusement as he eyes the sand blowing out the window. "Hopefully Sirocco is taking advantage of all these sandstorms as of late." R'ku is settled as easily as he can be on the cushions at the table, his riding jacket folded nearby. His entire left forearm is bandaged and splinted into immobility, though he has a strange ball gripped in is hand on that side. Every few moments he squeezes the ball briefly, obviously taking advantage of the lull in waiting for their orders to do his healer prescribed exercises.

Even through desert sandstorms, business must be done, deliveries made. Enter Ryott, covered in loose clothing dusted with liberal amounts of sand. Around her head, she's wearing a scarf that wraps around to cover most of her face. In her hands, a neat package, wrapped in thick burlap and tied with string to protect it against the sand. Once she's through the hanging that serves as a door, she shakes herself off much like a wet dog, dislodging the scarf which slides down her face. Sharp eyes take in the quaint shop, not a place Ryott would ever be seen in willingly, but she was the first brat handy to take the delivery. "Delivery," she announces in her usual dry deadpan, depositing the package on an empty table before pulling the scarf off the rest of the way, sputtering out sand that still managed to get in her mouth.

"They will be if they know what's good for them," Beris says with a soft laugh. The entry of another person takes her attention away from the sandstorm, almost reflexively. it's been turns since she worked here, but the sound of a customer entering still causes a response. The clothing-swathed figure gets a long look, and a grimace of sympathy when it spits out some sand. "D'you need a drink?" Maybe her 'mothering' of the injured R'ku is spilling over to other people!

R'ku's gaze is drawn to Ryott merely because it's something new and not sand swirling by the window. People watching is usually a pasttime in this place, though that's pretty much out during the current situation. He makes a face in sympathy as the sand comes spilling out. He's been there too often - try keeping sand out of your mouth on top of a dragon. "Yeah - you're not going to get all that sand out of there without a drink," he adds on to Beris' offer, "The stuff's way too hard to get rid of once it's decided to stay put."

Finally divested of her scarf, Ryott skakes it out near the entrance since so much sand is already there, a little more shouldn't hurt. Her face uncovered, she scratched shamelessly at her short cropped hair until she's relieved the itchiness that had been bothering her. At that point, the waitress has come up to move the package to a place less obtrusive. To the unsolicited advice she is getting, she bobs her head to the waitress, "Yeah, can I just get a glass of water please?" With a nod the waitress is off again. Since her task is completed, and not wanting to go back out into the storm, the girl flops herself onto some pillows at the table next to R'ku and Beris. Looking over at them, she takes a moment to carefully study them, lingering slightly longer on Beris than her 'mate, "Y'know, this place would be great if not for the sandstorms."

Beris has lived her life thus far without ingesting too much sand, but the thought of the taste of it makes her shudder. Turning her gaze from Ryott, she watches the blasts of swirling sands outside the window for a moment longer. it isn't until the youngster thumps down at the next table that Beris looks over again, with a quick smile at R'ku when sandstorms are complained about. "I'm guessing you didn't grow up here?" though there are plenty of people who've lived here their whole lives and still detest the weather's variability. The length of the gaze upon her makes her mildly uncomfortable, and she puts her hands on the table, fingers interlaced.

R'ku rests his bandaged and splinted forearm on the table in front of him, the ball still held loosely in his hand, "Something to get used to when you live here - sand and heat. Both can make you miserable, I suppose, but everything else makes up for it." He resettles on the cushions a bit, gaze turning again to the swirling sand outside. A scarved figure can be sen in the swirling mass as someone else makes an attempt to get to the nearest shelter - either that or they were foolish enough to try to go out in this. "Shouldn't last too long, I don't think," is R'ku's assessment, "Not a huge one."

"Nope," is Ryott's simple reply to Beris' question, no further details offered. When the waitress drops off her glass of water, she thanks her with a curt nod of her head before quaffing about a third in one go, getting rid of the last of the sand. With a smack of her lips, she puts the glass back down on the table in front of her and now really sprawls on the cushions, determined to get comfortable. To R'ku, she considers a moment before querying, "How can you even tell if it's a big one or a small one? Can't see the end of my nose out there, much less anything else." If someone were familiar, they may pick up a hint of Bitran to her words and inflections.

Beris nods at R'ku's assessment of the storm. he's the expert at this sort of thing, and she trusts his judgement. Ryott's one-word answer gets a little shrug, and Beris doesn't pursue it for further detail. Their order arrives then, and she puts her hands around her cup of tea, watching the girl down her drink, and then question R'ku on the nature of sandstorms. Alas, she isn't well versed in Pernese accents, only in Igen and not Igen, and her ear isn't too sensitive, even then.

R'ku waves his good hand briefly in response, "Kind of hard to explain. It's based on how hard the wind is blowing. Sometimes they're thick for a short time, but burn out fast. Other times it's just like a tiny sandstorm that doesn't want to end and will have sand in your face for candlemarks." He twitches a shoulder in a shrug, "I was Wingleader of the wing that is supposed to know these things. I still keep up with the reports while I'm grounded." Then the order arrives and R'ku brightens - there's also a plate of his favorite pastries with the tea, as well. He immediately grabs one of these with his good hand and munches happily. "Mmmf. You from up north somewhere?" He at least swallows before asking Ryott that, so the flying crumbs are minimal. He's not super good at placing accents, either, though he's obviously heard something different.

Ryott is a rapt audience, listening with interest to what R'ku has to say, although her face remains as neutral as always. Raising one brow slightly when he notes that he's a, or was, a Wingleader, she takes a moment to study that bandaged arm of his, "Interesting," she replies succintly, before tilting her head slightly to one side at his next question, which gets a just as simple reply as Beris', "Yep." Taking another drink of her water before she inclines her head in the direction of his injuries, "Are you gonna be Wingleader again once you're healed?" Clearly the girl is more interested in the couple than in divulging any more about herself. Turning to Beris, she narrows her eyes just slightly, "Are you a rider too?"

Something that would probably be best described as pride - but could equally be interpreted as smugness - passes over Beris's expression as R'ku talks about storms and about himself. She sips her tea, settling the cup back onto its saucer. Something about the interest in them, or perhaps simply about Ryott herself, is putting her on edge. "Me?" she sounds almost amused that she's being asked that. "No, I'm not." Apparently she can play the short answer game too, taking another sip after saying that, dark eyes watchful.

The door to the tea room opens, and shuts with the arrival of yet another seeking shelter from the storm. The woman's veils have been replaced with a protective scarf, which she takes the time to shake out before finding a place to sit. This would put her close to those already present and Varli gives a nod to all, giving no indication that she's ever seen Ryott before, "Tea, please?" is said when the waitress comes to take her order, and Varli settles back to observe. The questions that Varli's heard are listened to, but she remains non-commital on the topic. Not being aware of what the topic is, how can she add to it anyway?

R'ku shrugs a shoulder at Ryott's question as he chews on another mouthful of pastry. He'll just use the excuse that he only has one good hand currently as the reason why he's only eating the pastries so far and his tea is untouched - he has to finish the pastry to be able to drink the tea. "Hopefully," he notes, "It'll be another few sevendays, though, or more." He pops the last of the pastry into his mouth and, while chewing, finally reaches out for his cup of tea. "I take it you're not a rider, then?" he shoots back at Ryott after giving Beris a sidelong glance, eyebrow raised. Likely a silent 'what's up with her?' kind of deal to his weyrmate. He glances briefly to the door as Varli enters and bobs his head in a nod.

Varli is given no more than a passing glance as Ryott returns her focus to R'ku and Beris. Aware of the glances between them, the girl doesn't seem bothered with Beris' short answers, or R'ku's questions, she just moves her unblinking dark gaze from one to the next. "No, not unless they are letting pre-teens stand now. I'm not even old enough to be Searched yet," just barely not old enough, but she doesn't share that tidbit either, letting fingers trace patterns in the condensation clinging to her glass of water.

Someone's braved the sandstorm - or been caught in it and sought refuge? Either way, Beris returns Varli's nod with one of her own, glad of a distraction from Ryott's questioning. That said, it seems to be petering out now, especially with R'ku taking over questioning duties. "Still horrendous out there, huh?" Not exactly a stellar talking point when the sandstorm is still clearly raging, but it seems a safe enough topic with the newcomer, a stranger to Beris. Or does she recognise her from her time serving here in the Tea Room? hard to say when one saw so many people every day.

A nod is given, "Seems to be starting to wind down though," Varli answers. Oh look, a moderately talkative newcomer. Varli's tea is set in front of her, and a nod of thanks is given to the waitress. The woman would add to her comment, but it'd be more interesting to just listen for the time being.

R'ku snorts a breath before sipping at his tea, "I'm not that good at guessing ages. Some of the riders on the lower end of the age range look younger than you sometimes." He sets his cup down with a slight rattle before picking up a second pastry. He perks up at Varli's words and waves his pastry in her direction, "Told you it wasn't that big of a storm." He peres out the window, squinting to try to see any signs of the storm letting up.

Finishing the last of her water with one long gulp, Ryott wipes the remnants on the back of her hand. To Varli assertion that the storm was starting to die down, she sits up straighter on the cushions and reaches for her scarf, starting the elaborate wrapping, that leaves only darkly piercing eyes peeking through. "Well, can't stay cooped up all day in this…place." The boyish girl in all dark clothing looks strangely out of place in somewhere so feminine and pretty as the Tea Room. "Maybe I'll catch you two around some time," she says with the ghost of a smirk playing at her features that are still visible, that should be fun for the pair…not. Upon passing Varli's table, eyes flicker towards the red-haired woman, one lid dropping just slightly in what could have been a twitch, or maybe the start of a wink. Nevertheless, the girl is outta there and off to brave the weather to make it back to the Caravan Grounds.

The sandstorm's imminent passing is good news and bad. They can leave the Tea Room! But it also has its downsides. "I supposed I'd better get you back to the main Weyr before I go to work," Beris sighs to R'ku. If only the sandstorm could delay her a little longer, though she's on thin ice at the moment at work with her running off when he got injured. "See ya," she says vaguely to Ryott, giving R'ku another look of 'we'll that was weird' before finishing her tea. "Shall we?" Once R'ku's finished his items, anyway!

Varli gives a slight chuckle as Ryott exits the Tea Room. She'll finish her tea before dropping the required marks on the table, and prepares to leave. Scarf is wrapped around face, and head as she listens to whatever's said next. Once the task of putting scarf in place is complete, she stands, "Rider, Ma'am," said with a nod as she too leaves the refuge of the Tea Room.

The worst part about leaving the Tea Room - trying to get up off the cushions. It'll take him an embarrassingly long time to get into the best position to pull himself back to his feet without using his injred arm, but he manages it. Then, leaning down, he grabs the last pastry to take on the go. The sandstorm's over, so he shouldn't get /too/ much sand in it. "I'll be fine until you get back. I promise," he assures Beris with a flash of a wide grin, "I've got hidework to get through." His jacket on and exercise ball stashed in his pocket, he follows Beris out into the Bazaar.

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