Alyna, D'har


Awakenings to a few different facts are had the morning after Alyna's girl's night with Talya.

Sexual content (most explicit in collapsibles)


It is dawn on the 29th day of the 10th month of the 13th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Sunset's Solitude (D'har's Weyr), Southern Weyr

OOC Date 28 Apr 2018 06:00


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"…I knew I would much rather take care of you here than let you leave…"

Sunset's Solitude

Passing through that colorful hanging that separates outside from within, there is a short, glowlit passage to follow around to the right for about six long strides. Once inside, a meeting of twilight and daylight surrounds the visitor, colors both cool and warm blending invitingly to calm the senses and relax tensions away. Entirely of Bollian make, rugs of deep scarlet, saffron gold, dark cobalt, ember orange, and bold purple are spread upon the floor. Around a low table and upon a couch large enough for three, multi-hued cushions are heaped in abundance, some with tasseled corners and some without, some with subtly shimmering fabric, some wrought of simpler stuff (though still quite fine). Dark skybroom furniture is present in the form of a few cabinets, large chests, a taller table with three chairs to match, and a wine rack nearby. A brazier sits in the southeastern corner of the room to provide heat and hot water at need. A couple of folding screens block most of a luxuriously-appointed queen bed from view. While aptly reflecting D'har's Blood and Bollian heritage, this weyr is still warmly welcoming without being imposing or outright opulent - important for a man who doesn't intend to be alone within more often than not.

From the foggy reaches of a firewhiskey abused brain, Alyna is being pulled slowly to consciousness by an insistent pounding right behind her eyes. With a soft groan she settles back into the soft bedclothes as she rolls over onto her side. Big mistake. The sudden movement to her head has now sent the room to spinning and she grips the sheets, as if that would help, until the dizziness passes as she sighs loudly. As more of her hungover mind awakens, she realizes she’s not in her own bed. Try as she might to jog booze soaked memories from the previous evening, she can’t seem to remember much after she dropped Talya off at the Barracks. Opening one eye carefully then the other, the greenrider registers the familiar surroundings of D’har’s weyr. With another, more relieved, sigh, she lays there for a moment, curled on her side as she rubs at an itch in her dry eyes, effectively smearing the residual kohl around them.

Trying to recall the previous evening’s events is proving fruitless so she reaches a very private thought to her green, whom she is assuming is curled up with Searuth. She would be right. Her thought reaches a sleepy Haquith whose buzzing mindvoice intensifies as she is pulled from her slumber. « Well good morning rider mine. How’s the head? » And without warning, the susurration of gossamer wings intensifies to a deafening pitch which causes a hiss of pain as the greenrider presses her palms to her temples, and is quickly accompanied by a smug splash of water as the green retreats stubbornly back to sleep, unwilling to fill in any holes Alyna may have at the moment.

D’har is absent from the bed at the moment, but not far away. Clad only in a pair of loose linen pants, he comes to sit on the edge beside Alyna as he watches her endure the mental umbrage from her lifemate. “I take it she gets back at you for such things,” he says, his voice kept to a whisper as he leans over her, lips curved in a subtle smile and ebony eyes glinting softly in the dim illumination of a single glowbasket. “Close your eyes again, Lyna. I have a little something to help.”

“Not usually. I suspect I did or said something to upset her but I can’t remember right now and she’s apparently not in the mood to remind me either,” Alyna says with a groan as she smiles weakly in D’har’s direction, lips curling further as he uses the shortened version of her name, enjoying the way it sounds coming from his lips. Her eyes close again obligingly as she snorts derisively, “I think I am officially too old for firewhiskey shots,” the greenrider laments with another heavy sigh.

D’har chuckles softly to Alyna’s last, bringing a cool cloth to her forehead and laying it gently across. “Particularly if they leave you without a clue as to what you might have done,” he says, allowing his voice to rise to a low, rumbling murmur. “I suspect I have much I could fill you in about.” After a moment, he picks the cloth up again and starts carefully wiping the smeared kohl from around her eyes. “I’d been hoping you might stop by last night. I wasn’t expecting you to do so in such a boisterous manner, or looking more delicious than usual. Not that I minded in the least. But I knew I would much rather take care of you here than let you leave…not that you seemed inclined to after a certain point.”

The cool cloth is met with a moan of pleasure as Alyna turns gingerly onto her back, hand reaching blindly and finding a knee to squeeze in gentle thanks. The subject of lifemates is brushed aside for now, she’ll worry about Haquith once it feels like there aren’t message drums beating between her ears. His next about being able to fill her in has her wanting to hide her face in shame at how she must have behaved the previous evening. She's made more anxious by the fact that her imagination is working overtime to make up for her faulty memory. She only stills herself when he starts to carefully wipe at her eyes, a gesture that has her heart swelling instantly in her chest with a soft flutter.

“Oh had you really? Why’s that?” Alyna ponders at his mention of hoping she’d come by, scooting ever so subtly closer to her lover, pulled by a desire to be closer to her swarthy bluerider. Her condition makes it hard for the greenrider to stop the blush that rises to her cheeks at his assertion that she was ‘looking delicious.' “With Threadfall yesterday going so well, I felt like getting a little dolled up for my drinks with Talya. Glad I did too, that little black dress turned quite a few heads,” she says with a sparkle of her usual self coming through as she gives him a lopsided grin. His last words only work to deepen the blush on her cheeks as she gingerly opens her eyes to look at him, her hand searching out one of his before she replies softly, “I’m sorry you seem to always be the one taking care of me. I don’t want to be a burden.” Her voice briefly takes on a note of melancholy before she makes another sudden realization. “Where is my little black dress?” she asks, the realization having been that she is quite in the buff under the bedclothes, a little slow on the uptake because of the hangover.

She won’t have to move much; D’har is right beside her and leaning over her, now bracing himself on the bed across her as he gently dabs around her right eye. “Because,” he answers her first, pausing to touch his lips softly to hers before continuing, “I always hope you’ll stop by.” Satisfied that he’s gotten most of the stray kohl, he sets the cloth into a bowl of water on the bedside table, letting her catch his hand and carefully stroking her cheek with the other, shaking his head at her next. “You’re no burden to me, lover mine. I’d much rather be the one to take care of you. I’m glad you came.”

When she asks after her dress, he can’t help but smirk. “I have it folded up neatly on a chair. It was on the floor near the wine rack for quite awhile. Everything else is with it, not to worry.” Underthings that ended up pulled off and strewn in a trail to the bed, naturally. “I have no doubt it turned many heads. It certainly did many things to me.

Suddenly aware of her post-bender breath, Alyna makes sure to keep her lips clamped against his gentle kiss as she looks up at him, a soft chuckle on her lips, “You know, you could always stop by mine when you feel the desire to see me,” she teases softly, blinking after he manages to clean the kohl from her eyes. Letting her fingers lazily lace with his, her crystalline blue eyes dance up at him as she leans softly into the hand on her cheek with a breathy sigh. “Well, you’re very good at it, and I’m glad I came too, even though I still don’t know what exactly caused me to do so.” After leaving Talya, her last thought was to return to the Kitten and see if she could catch some company with aforementioned little black dress. How did that turn into seeking out D’har? Maybe she failed to garner further attention? No, that certainly can’t be it.

The thought brings a brief puzzled frown between the greenrider’s brows before D’har supplies the fate of her little black dress, her cheeks burning further as she gives him a coy smirk to match his own, “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I sure hope I did too.”

D’har is only puzzled for a moment by the seeming resistance to his kiss, a knowing smile tilting his lips when the cause occurs to him. He lifts their joined hands to kiss her knuckles instead, before rising and pouring a glass of water, handing it off to her and coming back to sit right where he was. “I’m just that irresistible, of course,” he reasons as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world, but dark eyes glitter mirthfully with the tease. He grins at her flushed cheeks, another soft chuckle escaping him as he leans close again. “Have I ever failed to see to it that you do enjoy yourself?” he asks, his tone low and rough-edged as his lips find her neck. “I will say that you certainly seemed to,” he informs her lifting his head again and pulling back far enough that she can sip at her water with him crowding her. “There may have been some dancing involved. Some of it with me on a chair. And once we reached the bed…well. The control was all yours.” His gaze drops briefly so that he can seek her hand again. “I would not presume to do more, given our different states. But I certainly wouldn’t deny you what you wanted. Nor am I able to deny myself with you, Lyna.”

It's amazing sometimes how D’har so perfectly anticipates Alyna’s needs, at least to her it is. When he goes to fill her a glass of water she watches him as a warm wave settles over her, mildly counteracting the effects of her hangover as she scoots to sit up more against the pillow, moving slowly but finding that the room isn't spinning anymore, thankfully. When he returns with the glass she thanks him with the brightest smile she can muster under the circumstances, taking a small sip and rinsing out her mouth carefully before swallowing it down and taking her next, smaller sip. At being irresistible, the greenrider mock-groans with an exaggerated roll of her eyes, “Uh oh, your ego might be getting a little too big. Maybe you should be the one seeking out my company.” She teases heavily right up until she feels his lips at her neck, a soft gasp accompanies a soft giggle for his words, “I will grant you that my charming bluerider, you have never left me unsatisfied.” She goes for another sip of the water at the unfortunate moment when D’har brings up dancing and she can't help but sputter the water that's in her mouth, narrowly avoiding spraying him by coughing against the back of her hand. “What were you doing on the chair while I was…nevermind, I think got it now,” Alyna says as she drops her eyes in embarrassment. They don't stay down long though. At his last, her gaze snaps back to his, rather surprised. “Not many men I’ve met, and even some women, wouldn't have fully taken advantage of that situation.” She says bluntly in a tone that is obviously impressed.

It takes almost all of D’har’s willpower to not let out a good belly-laugh when Alyna sprays her water. The thought of what did happen while he was on the chair is what has him giving her a rakish grin instead. “I will certainly come seek you out at your weyr more often if you think it’s getting a bit out of hand,” he says. “And even when it’s not.” When she drops her eyes, his hand lifts to her cheek again, his thumb stroking gently across beneath her eye. “Nothing you did once you were here is cause for embarrassment, Lyna. Especially considering how fiery things have gotten sometimes when neither of us has been drinking,” he assures her, eyes smoldering with heat now. At her last, he lifts his other hand, framing her face to hold her gaze earnestly. “I would never. With anyone, but especially not with you. I couldn’t. You mean too much,” he tells her, his tone soft and husky before he kisses her in full, a deep and gently passionate punctuation to his words before he pulls away to seek her eyes again. “How are you feeling?” he asks at a near-whisper after a beat, uncertain what else to say in the wake of laying that bit of truth bare to her.

“Your weyr or mine, I don’t think it matters when it’s obvious we can hardly resist each other’s company,” Alyna remarks with a soft smile on her lips before her heart swells once more as he uses the new nickname he’s adopted for her, her body reacting to the heat she sees smoldering in his gaze with a soft shudder. She chuckles softly at his words. “Fiery indeed. That’s a rather descriptive term of our more recent interludes,” she agrees, feeling any anxiety easily swept aside especially when he frames her face. The earnest way he declares his next has her searching his eyes with her pale blue ones, feeling herself even more thoroughly besotted with the bluerider. Her own words are held back in favor of replying to his deep and passionate kiss, adding the hints of her own desire and unintentional attachment she is feeling for D’har. A whimper escapes her lips when he pulls back, her eyes eagerly seeking his, her smile spreading slowly over her lips as she holds his gaze for a moment before answering his query, “Honestly? I feel like the luckiest girl on all of Pern right at this moment.” her words ring with a quiet intensity as her sparkling eyes desperately try to convey everything the greenrider is leaving unsaid.

What D’har reads in Alyna’s gaze, even without words to put to it, makes things flutter deep in his stomach and swell in his chest…and below his waistband, though that’s merely a side effect of emotion at this point. At her last, her draws closer, his forehead resting gently against hers as his thumb traces her lower lip. “Who is luckier could be a topic for debate, lover mine,” he rumbles, his other hand slowly grazing up and down her arm. “Shall I give you a morning to remember, to replace the night? Slow and gentle while you simply lay back and enjoy it?” he suggests. “I could also feed you, of course. Or one and then the other.” Another kiss follows, more heat-infused than the last despite the nature of it remaining the same. “Or anything you like.”

There’s something profoundly intimate in the way D’har draws closer to rest his forehead against her,s and it has Alyna’s own fluttering going on, breath catching briefly against the feel of his thumb tracing her lower lip. Her own hand reaches up to rest gently at the back of his neck, thumb tracing lazy circles in the hair at the nape of his neck. Rumbled words are answered with a hummed agreement, the feel of his hand grazing her arm causing her body to surge gently up against him as he makes his most compelling offer, which has her considering carefully. “It really is no surprise I keep coming back here when I’m treated to an offer as enticing as that one.” Tilting her head so that her lips can capture his in a languid yet deeply tantalizing kiss, the greenrider lets the way her body arches up eagerly against his as her other hand slips down around his back to fan out and pull him closer against her deliver her answer as to which she would prefer at this time.

There really isn’t any way for him to miss what she calls him, though it does take a moment for it to sink in fully. It doesn’t change anything, no stiffening of his body happening, no hitch of breath. His pulse does pick up, and he does lift his head after dealing a tender kiss to her neck, dark eyes searching hers once more as his hand cups her cheek, fingers sifting gently at her hair. “Lyna…did you mean that?” he asks quietly, his tone still slightly raspy from their lovemaking and subtly hushed in an awed sort of way. “What you just called me.”

Alyna almost lets herself believe that she’s gotten away with it, moaning softly at the way he kisses her neck. But she knows that hope is lost when her blue eyes once again meet his dark ones. The touch of his hand to her cheek combined with his raspy tone has her feeling extra helpless and she chews on her lower lip nervously for a long moment, stalling for time as she considers her answer carefully, her mind immediately falling back to her old defense of denying everything. So it almost surprises her when she parts her lips to whisper simply, “Yes. I do mean it,” a soft tremor to her voice. She feels as if her heart stops in her chest, frozen in fear until she gets his reaction to that admission.

D’har patiently awaits Alyna’s reply - not terribly difficult, considering that he gets to watch her as she thinks, every little shift in her expression and nibble at her lip observed and committed to memory until she speaks. There’s a darkening of his gaze at her answer, an intensifying with an inner upwelling of emotion even as a thoughtful cast comes over his expression. “I’ve been…dancing around what you make me feel for a few months now,” he admits softly, his fingers still slipping through her hair as his gaze momentarily drops to her lips. “Doing everything I could think of not to name it. After the last time…it’s something I’d stopped believing in. I swore never to open my heart that way again. Then you slipped in through the cracks somehow. Reminded me…how incredible it can feel.”

He finally brings his eyes back up to hers, his hand sliding forward again as curled fingers caress her cheek. “If you can call me your love…I think I can do the same. My love.” He whispers the last, as though they’re the most fragile things in the world, barely capable of holding their form past his lips. They could shatter one another in this moment, he realizes. But even more than that, he believes they could be starting something. Something wonderfully real, beyond the fraught and tenuous connections of their respective pasts.

There’s a strange mixture of emotions warring for control of Alyna’s expression as she listens to D’har make his admission. The first is instinctual fear, her heart clenching painfully at the idea of letting someone else in there, the memory of last time once more fresh and painful for a brief burst. It reminds her why she had made her set of rules in the first place, to protect against this happening again and all the dangers that could spring from it. The second is hope, daring to think that maybe, just maybe, this time it would be different from all the others. He certainly is like no other lover she has ever taken, their connection undeniable. And really, Alyna has to admit to herself that this confession has been a long time coming. If it hadn’t slipped out now, it was sure to come up eventually. As she walks the fine line between the two, the petite greenrider grasps desperately at words that don’t want to form.

It’s not until he meets her gaze again that she can feel herself settle, mind calming as she loses herself in those ebony pools of his when he returns the sentiment she didn’t mean to give. Her lips curl slowly into a smile as she presses her cheek against his curled fingers, her eyes dancing with restrained joy as she breathlessly asks, “So what does this mean…for us?” Bracing herself for history to repeat itself once again.

“Well…” Not having had any way to anticipate this little turn of events, D’har has to find a way to knock his own thoughts into line and then put them into words. He turns them, pulling Alyna against his chest and seeking her hand again, twining their fingers between them as he considers. “We’d talked about being completely open with one another once, and considering we’ve more or less just come to the most honest we can get,” he says with a slow grin, “it means…we keep growing closer. We know what this is now, and we can take our time exploring it and all it brings to us. It feels like such a vague answer…” Yet it feels huge at the same time. Dark eyes dancing with his own quiet joy, he regards her with a somewhat lopsided smile. “What do you think it means? What would you like it to mean, Lyna?”

Alyna gladly lets herself be turned to her side and pulled against the swarthy man’s chest, happy to just be held like this while he considers his words, her fingers lacing easily with his. When he finally gets around to answering her query, she finds herself nodding along with him, hearing things that are all perfectly acceptable and thankfully not hearing the one thing she dreads the most to hear from him. She laughs warmly at his ‘vague answer’ and shakes her head vehemently. “Not vague at all. Honest and reasonable, and probably exactly what I would have said. I just want to let us be whatever we are meant to be, whatever that ends up being, without trying to make it look a certain way just because we’ve uttered the L word,” she answers to both his questions, hooking one leg lazily over his as she matches his lopsided smile with one of her own. “Now…didn’t you say something about feeding me earlier?” she remarks with a cheekily raised brow in his direction before she catches his lips again in the midst of a playful giggle, treating him to a teasing kiss.

D’har looks relieved that they’re on the same page…though also as though there’s more he could say and hasn’t figured it out yet. For the moment, however, it’s sufficient. When Alyna hooks her leg over his, he relinquishes her hand to run his own along her thigh, ending at her rear. He chuckles into the kiss at her last question, squeezing the supple curve filling his palm and kneading as his lips answer hers. “I did indeed,” he confirms as he chases after another kiss. “And I will certainly make good on my words as soon as you stop tempting me into having you again in celebration.” Since that’s certainly what he feels like doing after all that confessing. Once he’s had his fill of their current round of kissing, he wraps his arm around her waist, holding her hips flush to his as his other hand delves into her hair. “I love you, Alyna,” he whispers against her lips, testing a second utterance and finding that it comes more easily now. And there’s a freedom in being able to say it that seems to make even the ebony depths of his gaze glow.

“Now who is irresistible?” Alyna asks with some mock smugness as he mentions how she's tempting him. Her gloating is quickly tempered by the next round of kissing, and she sinks easily into the bluerider's embrace once more, humming her approval until she feels his arm slip around her waist, her own arm curling around his neck holding fast to him when she hears him say it in earnest. Those three little words and the way they light up his gaze as he looks at her are enough to make her heart swell almost painfully with the emotion surging through her. After a single shaky breath to steady herself, Alyna’s smile broadens with trepidation. “I love you too, D’har,” she finally declares, choosing to say it this time instead of letting it be something that merely slipped past her defenses. It seems to make all the difference for the greenrider. Confidence in this new declaration slowly builds. She already feels like this time it is different, that he is so different from all those who came before.

“May I point out,” D’har says between kisses, “that you’ve called yourself such before? Not that I’m inclined to argue…” Hearing Alyna return the sentiment steadies him further, though he can sense the trepidation in her breath and tone and lets both hands slide to her face again, smiling warmly down at her as he turns them just a bit again. He slows his kisses, keeping them both passionate and tender, aiming to anchor her - both of them, really - in the certainty that this time is different in all the right ways.

He does eventually bring them to a stop, feeling rather hungry himself. So he’ll put together breakfast for them, making sure she has all she needs to shake off whatever remains of her hangover before they enjoy the rest of their morning in the thrall of love now embraced.

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