Veresch, Selaine, Prineline, A'dan,


A'dan and Prineline have distinct ideas about young women being out late at night. Selaine and Veresch get an earful.


It is late night of the seventh day of the fourth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the sixty-seventh day of Spring and 60 degrees. Clear and bright, the night shows no evidence of either rain or cloud fronts.

Nights like tonight are rare in the spring, where storms so often obscure the spangled-diamond brilliance of the sky, and though it's cold, it's beautiful enough for a certain messenger to have pulled on a cloak and go walkabout. Her steps lead her to the lake shore and the placid ripples of its water. In the darkness, she looks like nothing so much as a smaller patch of darkness moving around, until she reaches the pier to step up on it. There, boots clicking idly on the surface of the pier, she wanders out limned in silvery brilliance, until she reaches the edge and pauses there, head tilted back. She's humming quietly, nothing to write to Harper Hall about, but at least pleasantly on-note.

A strange environment and even more so when darkness envelopes the sky, dotted with nothing but the twinkling stars. Not knowing how long she would be able to stay, it was best that the young girl spend as much of her time exploring as she could. Perhaps it would have made more sense for the young visitor to be more afraid of the Weyr at night, unfamiliar as she was with its surroundings. Undeterred, Selaine had eventually made her way to the lake shore, cloak and skirt swaying slightly in the cool evening spring breeze. Her feet lead her to the very edges of the water, only just noticing the figure on the pier. "Good evening." she calls out, controlling the volume of her voice to where it was only just audible.

A silhouette blacks out the stars, then scoops down low over the lake. The dragon wheels back towards the pier and rears up at the rocky lake shore, dropping awkwardly as it backwings. The rider dismounts and walks towards the pier along the trail that circles the lake. The dragon might be brown or bronze, it's big - there's no doubt - but too dark to make out the color. The man lowers his head, brow furrowed as he approaches the girl in skirts at the lake shore, peering intently. "Mmmrph," he rumbles. "Late to be out wandering alone." He looks off at the pier, at the shack. The dragon schleps up behind him, peering intently at the young woman. "Excuse me." The rider strides out onto the pier, "Late to be ou-" A grunt, "Veresch." He might have known.

The girl on the edge of the pier doesn't jump from shock, and (luckily) doesn't fall into the lake from it either. Her posture tenses though, and one boot scrapes across the pier's surface as she turns. "Good evening," she says, betraying a little of her scrawny self in the process — at exactly the same height, the differences between them could not be more marked, and for a moment Veresch is quite pensively jealous. Then, hair stirred into a mess by the back-vaning dragon, she tilts her face a little up. "A'dan," she greets, arms wrapping a little tighter around her waist underneath the cloak. "Good evening, and to Narloth." With the light falling as it does, any bruising still left from the purge is (luckily) on the dark side of her face.

A small smile forms on Selaine's lips as the other girl responds to her. She was glad that she hadn't somehow surprised the girl too much, after all, how many people would be wandering near a lake at this hour? Apparently it wasn't just the two for they were soon joined by a dragon and its rider. The gust of wind caused by his landing brought a chill to Selaine as she watched their descent. Her eyes look to the dragon, for he is quite big. Then again, Selaine wasn't quite used to seeing dragons in the dark. Curious eyes study the dragon for a moment before moving to his rider, who has noticed the other girl at the pier and has addressed her. Selaine adds a small nod to the older man, offering him and his dragon a small smile and a "Good evening."

"Good evening. Good night." Tight-lipped the look that A'dan fixes on the girls. The unfamiliar face is surveyed… comportment, dress, demeanor noted. Light brown eyes swivel to Veresch. Blink. "Did I see you at the Bazaar during the r-" Ahem, "Purge." Narloth rumbles at Veresch and then dips his head to set a whirling green gaze on the unfamiliar one.

The tight-lipped look from A'dan gets an equally tight-lipped smile in response. "Yes," Veresch says finally, thoughtfully. "I was there." She gives a small pause, then a sigh. "Could you, um, not scold right now, please, sir?" Because, company. That last, obviously tacked on for said company, which Veresch soon returns to looking at. "Are you from the Bazaar?" she finally asks curiously. "I've not seen you in there yet, but I've not met everyone that it holds either. Or new altogether?"

Prineline arrives not from the Weyr but from further down the lake. Her parting of the mounting dark is quiet, composed, and could that be a secondary shadow parting from her path and diverting elsewhere? A trick of the shadows that cluster so thick under these desert stars? Secrets are more plentiful than grains of sand around here. And everyone is entitled to his or her late night rendezvous. Well, everyone whose name is Prineline. As she moves towards the pier she's aware of the dragon's bulk and the triad of silhouettes. She just can't place them by form alone. Or she couldn't, until two of the three voices are recognized and the Headwoman's expression tempers into one of steely resolve. Not that they can see said resolve in the lack of light, but it's there. She's emanating it. Disapproval is not just an expression, it's an aura.

The expression on the older man's (A'dan as the other girl seemed to refere to him as) face was not pleasant. He was obviously not pleased that they were out at such a late hour and Selaine was sure she did not like others to disapprove of her. Her lips pursed together at his emphasis on the 'night', quite apparently indicating they should go to bed like the good children they should be. The sense of movement causes Selaine to turn to look at the large dragon, noticing him looking at her with his inquisitive green eyes. She gives him a shy smile, perhaps with a somewhat guilty expression? Her attention returns to the other two when she is addressed. "Ah… I'm visiting for a couple of days…" Her voice drifts off slightly as she eyes A'dan only to catch the figure of someone else approaching them.

There's a feeling of tension tingles, prickling, itching, twitching, electric like the air before a storm as Narloth's eyes pin to Selaine's. He is looking. A'dan looks similarly at Veresch. "Scold." It's not a question. "It's not safe." Narloth's tail twitches and A'dan's head comes up, looking directly at the approaching Headwoman. Good. She can talk sense. (Poor, stupid A'dan). He inclines his head in a bow, hand folded over his abdomen, to Prineline, "Headwoman." He registers the baleful flare of her presence with a narrowing of eyes.

Even if Veresch had not managed to catch a glimpse of the person's gait - a footstep can be as effective as a face in recognition - that aura of practice disapproval gets a short, sharp curse mumbled beneath her breath. Hells, Prineline. With any luck her mother will pop out, and the Trinity of Disapproval will be complete. Luckily (for her, if no one else), its precise parameters are not audible. She weathers the stare that comes her way staunchly, if not without some trouble. "Sounds carry. I would have screamed my head off." And then shivved anyone causing her any distress, but ANYWAY. "I'm Veresch," she introduces herself to Selaine. "This is assistant weyrlingmaster A'dan, with bronze Narloth, and that lady is Prineline, our headwoman."

Being saved an introduction, the older woman pulls up alongside the bronze to complete what is slowly forming into a loose circle. Prineline has no great love of the winged beasts, but she's not intimidated by them either, and she feels perfectly happy to be near the dragon at this time of night, and to see it so near the two females currently residing on the docks. Veresch is given a very, very prolonged look. "What the hell are you doing out here, girl? I assume your mother has no idea?" Yes. Prineline knows very well that the girl's mother is oblivious to her doings. All mothers are oblivious on some level of their own children (except Prine, of course, who knows EXACTLY what her sons are doing AT ALL TIMES even from a distance), but it doesn't hurt to belabor the point. "A'dan," she mutters curtly as her gaze switches from Veresch to Selaine. "Versech, I do hope you're not dragging some poor girl out here in some adolescent dare, are you?" Ve is just lucky Prine can't see her bruise at this time of night. "The purge was all well and good, girls. But there's still more than a few murders and thieves that would be happy enough to take more than just your purse." Prineline snorts, hands fluttering in the air as if to dismiss the entirety of the scene. "A'dan, I assume you're chaperoning this little clandestine jaunt?" The tone suggests less a question and more a strong expectation.

The tinglings and feelings and itchings makes shivers run down Selaine's spine. Was that the dragon? Her eyes peek back at Narloth, wistfully wishing she could communicate with him or perhaps her own dragon one day. But alas, it was merely wishful thinking. Her attention, once again, returns to the other two. Selaine notes that A'dan is a rather blunt figure. He only spoke what was needed, or so it seemed. The other girl is kind of enough to introduce the others to her and Selaine offers each a nod in turn. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Although perhaps not under the best circumstances…" Her voice fades off again, glancing from A'dan to the Headwoman. "My name is Selaine. I'm visiting from Igen Hold. I wasn't aware of the happenings recently." Looking at Prineline, she continues, "And it wasn't Veresch that dared me or anything. I was just going for simple night stroll… I didn't mean to cause any trouble." Her lips pursed together, brows wrinkled in worry as her eyes shifted from the Headwoman to the ground in front of her. Hopefully this wouldn't affect her stay for she wished to stay a bit longer.

Narloth rumbles at Veresch's mention of his name, air whuffling from his nose forcefully enough for Selaine to feel if she's close enough. The great wedge-shaped head slews to peer at Prineline. In all the Turns they'd lived in the same Weyr, Narloth and Prineline had never had the 'pleasure' of meeting. Under the bronze dragon's steady whirling gaze, Prineline also feels the electric tingling of standing amidst storm about to tear open. "Mmmhmm," A'dan rasps, "How else might one avoid the need to scream?" If avoiding trouble in the first place wasn't the first self-defense lesson Veresch had gotten under Kyara's tutelege, he was going to have a talk with the greenrider. Oh, good, Prineline IS backup. Bad cop, worse cop. Sorry, kids. "I'll be chaperoning them back," he answers the Headwoman. Speaking of clandestine… A'dan's eyes cut to the Headwoman, a flicker of curiosity, quickly squelched. "Selaine, from Igen Hold. I'm sure you've heard how dangerous it is here. Who are you staying with?" They're gonna get an earful.

Veresch had always been under the impression that her mother was all-seeing, all-knowing and all-hearing; Prineline's suggestion that it might not be so is taken with a pinch of salt. A large one. "Good evening, Headwoman," she greets as politely as may be, curling the roil of irritation deep down inside, until all that shows on her face is a slight twitch of lips and a steady glance. "I just met her now, as you hear. I'm out to look at the night." The cloak is tugged a little more carefully around her, just in case the bandaged arm beneath it provokes more outrage. Though there's fractional relaxation at Narloth's rumble, she still remains where she is, and trying to keep calm. The 'don't be around a scream-worthy situation' is fairly obvious, thus not mentioned. "I could show you," she finally mentions to A'dan. "But… it's not polite, sir." Not that she's ever been polite about some things. "Majel's cot at the terrace is currently empty." Teenagers have to stick together when facing the Man. And the Woman, which might be scarier. "She can kip there."

Prineline spares a glance upward to take in what is truly a beautiful sight. So many stars, billions out here on the pier devoid of working glows. The Headwoman's gaze ripples through the pond of twinkling star clusters though as always, her wonder is lost to steely resignation as the red star pulls all her attention. Her clouded introspection is yanked away however when the bronze reaches into her thoughts and tempers them with some of his own. The Headwoman stiffens noticeably as she physically pulls away from Narloth, her expression disquieted and her eyes flickering toward the rider with a mixture of insult, confusion, and fleeting intrigue. "There are safer places to take in the stars, pet. I'm sure A'dan can take you to the stones, if you like." Though Prine's expression suggests to A'dan that there will be no funny business with the daughter of a woman in her employ. Selaine gets a closer inspection, knot included. "Selaine, was it? You'd do well to mind the hour, apprentice." Prine relents slightly however, as she does have a bit of a soft spot for young females who recognize authority. Because that's her target audience, don't you know. "You can still get a few of the remaining edibles in the caverns, if you're hungry. I'm sure the bulk has been picked over, but if you need to just head into the kitchen and look for the boy near the spit canine, he'll get you something warm if you've got an appetite."

Selaine's gaze flickers back to A'dan, her lips pursing together once more. "I'd heard some things, but not enough to think it was otherwise unsafe in the evening. I apologize." Her brows remain wrinkled as she ponders over what some of the apprentices had been talking about that afternoon, though she only heard bits and pieces. Definitely not enough to know the whole story. "I'm currently staying at the Craft quarters…" is her response to A'dan's inquiry. Looking over at Veresch, she throws the girl a grateful smile before looking back at Prineline. She gives the Headwoman a quick nod. "I will, ma'am. And thank you very much. I shall definitely keep that in mind." Perhaps the Headwoman was not quite as scary as she had seemed at first. Turning her attention back to Veresch, she asks, "Would you show me there then, please? I'd greatly appreciate it."

"Why, Veresch," A'dan pulls his eyes from the stars where he'd tracked Prineline's gaze, "It's perfectly polite to be at home. In bed." There's a curiously flatness to his voice and the tone he directs at the messenger-girl. "By all means, demonstrate." He holds a hand out towards the Weyr, indicating the path. He cocks his head at Prineline's flinch and narrows a look at Narloth, eyes glazing, Lay off. The dragon sits on his haunches, which has the effect of lifting his head a story or two up, well clear of the Headwoman. "I'll see them both home, Prineline." He nods at Selaine and Veresch, with another gesture towards the Weyr.

Veresch's expression fades at the tone directed towards her, even more so than Prineline's arrival managed. "No, thank you, ma'am. I'm sure I should be at home. In bed." she manages to get out to Prineline, and tilts her head to Selaine. "It's this way. I'll show you. It's nothing fancy, but you should be comfortable enough there tonight. We can go by the kitchens on the way past."

"Thank you, A'dan." She nods to the rider. Aww, look, they're getting along. Authority figures unite! Narloth is given a wider berth than Prineline would typically give a dragon, but she still feels… unclean. A firelizard's imagery is enough for her, thanks. And speak of the devil, a small, barely hand-sized green firelizard floats in on a puff of shadow to land delicately on the Headwoman's shoulder, her tiny paws winding into the red plaits of her pet as she eyes the bronze with as much haughtiness as Prineline typically eyes A'dan. "Take care, Selaine." Veresch is given a passing glance and a stern setting of the chin. "I'm watching out for you more than you think, girl. Try not to continue your stupidity. I've enough strings to pull around here, the last thing I need is for you to start playing dumb. There are only so many mistakes I can fix. Don't be the subsequent one-too-many I can't." 'Isn't it fun having your mom and your Headwoman as friends? Pretty soon all the kids will be doing it!' —said no one ever. The Headwoman, cooing softly to her firelizard, exits stage left.

Selaine looks once more to Prineline, giving her a quick nod before she leaves. Turning her attention to the others, she gives them a slight smile. "Shall we head off then?" Despite the turn of events, the young girl was sure this was only the beginning of what seemed to be interesting days at Igen Weyr. She waited for the others to start off first before following behind.

A'dan, satisfied that the matter is well in hand, bows again to Prineline. He hadn't missed that wilting and closing off of Veresch's face. Good. Getting through. It's not safe. He lets Veresch and Selaine get a good lead and, with A'dan's quicker pace underscoring Narloth's slower tread. It might be safe one day. A'dan looks up at the spill of stars, the unblinking red a sore in the East. Not any time soon, though.

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