Willimina, H'rik


H'rik stops by the caravan grounds to speak with Willimina about the fight F'kan caused.

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Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Zingari Leader's Wagon

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"Ah, this is - a Zingari Red, no?"


Zingari Leader's Caravan

Lovingly carved by Ephraim's hand for the start of his and Willimina's young family, it has withstood the test of time well. The large double wide is still as sturdy as it had been over a decade ago. It's the one thing besides their wedding rings Willimina has kept, though it's used more for business now than family living and this shows now in the way it's been redecorated. Where once a large bed sat, closets have been built to host Willimina's dresses and dance wear. Shelves underneath the hanging dresses contain the matching sandles. A couple of cubbies have been built to host the trunks that hold her jewelry and other accoutrements. The cradle Ephraim had wrought so long ago for Lillia sits here too, awaiting a new baby and will be moved to the yurt when needed. Where children's bunks used to be, Willimina's desk now resides, neatly stacked with hides and other things. Under her ceiling cupboards, shelves have been built to host dossiers and hidework and other such things. Other things are stowed here too, things the family doesnt have room or need for in the yurt, though all neatly organized so that Willa's 'office' remains showable to the public.

Assuring the caravan families are, at least, not deeply unhappy is just one part of the job that H'rik has had a good eight months to get used to, now. Couldn't he have made it to a whole Turn before something like this cropped up? Apparently not, but it's happened, and so here he is, standing tall as he walks the bazaar towards where the caravans are stationed. It's one in particular that he's heading for: the Zingari leader's abode is his ultimate destination, and though he does greet a few people who offer him 'hellos' and 'sirs' as he goes along, H'rik doesn't stop to chat. He's not rushing by any means, but his steps are determined, and he is soon approaching Willimina's caravan. Adjusting the collar of his jacket, done up against the chill winter afternoon, he approaches, looking to see if the woman herself is outside.

It's been nerve wracking, trying to wait for the fallout of the fight on the caravan grounds. Willimina has already spoke with the man in charge of the miner involved, Daenerys has begun his 'punishments' for participating and Willimina has yet to hear anything bad directed at the Zingari from Southern. If there was to be a tiff between Southern Weyr and the Zingari, surely Amani would have contacted Willimina by nowo about it? All she's heard thus far is that the rider has been taken care of. She isn't outside, the weather being too cold for her to tolerate much in her state, but the shutters on her wagon are thrown open, leaving the window bare. The pregnant leader can be seen at her desk, pouring over a hide and looking a little tired, but otherwise no worse for ware.

Ah - there she is. Relieved she's there (as well as a little disappointed she is and that he is, indeed, going to have to do this now), H'rik covers the remaining distance to the caravan and, for politness's sake, knocks on the door. Leaning in the window seems entirely inappropriate. Standing at the doorway, H'rik will subtly glance around, to see who might be watching. No doubt someone is, even if he can't see them, and there'll no doubt be the usual rumours circulating by the time he's left.

Willimina tips her head so she can see who's at the door before standing to open it with a slight bow in H'rik's direction. "Ah, Good day Weyrleader, I was wondering if I was going to get a visit from you or not. Please, do come in." Willimina stands aside and waves H'rik into the double-wide wagon she uses for business. "Tea? Or Would you prefer whiskey?" You never know what kind of man the weyrleader is, and for the Zingari, whiskey is an all day drink.

"Good day, Willimina." H'rik's greeting is pleasant, a genuine smile on offer. "Yes, I must apologise for how long it's taken me to come see you." At her invite, he'll step into the wagon; it's his first time inside it, so he'll briefly - very briefly - glance around and take in the interior. Whiskey is of course his preference, and since they're in private, and she's offered… "Whiskey would be grand. Though I'm happy with tea, if you'd like to make a pot." Belatedly, he wonders if it's rude to ask for an alcohol drink if Willimina may not be currently drinking. He doesn't sit, yet; he'll wait for an invitation for that.

Willimina gives invitation to sit soon enough with a wave at the chair next to her own by the desk. "Please do make yourself comfortable sir." Tea is already made, and Willimina retrieves it from a heating brazier she's had brought in. She refills her own glass, but fetches a finger or two of ZIngari Red for the Weyrleader. She's a good hostess, whether she imbibes herself or not. Passing off the whiskey to H'rik, Willimina settles herself back in her seat and takes a sip of her tea, a few nerves fluttering around in her stomach. This is a Weyrleader she's not met face to face with yet, never bargained with, never delt with in any manner. He's a Wild Card. Time to tread carefully. "I appologize for us not having formally met before, I usually make it a point to introduce myself to new Weyrleadership, since the Zingari work so close with Igen. And I appologize also, that we must meet under such circumstances. I hope the weyr doesn't think me over stepping my bounds by banning that Southern Rider from the grounds?"

With that, H'rik's butt is gonna make contact with the seat, and he'll accept that glass with gratitude easily given. "Ah, this is - a Zingari Red, no?" He lifts the glass to get a better look at the colour. Seems apt as well for Willimina to serve him that particular drink! "No, the fault is mine, Willimina - I…have a lot to learn about coming in to such a post, apparently." His smile is apologetic. "Ah yes - I don't think you'll have much to worry about. Southern have barred him from leaving there, for the time being. By the sounds of it, he's being punished accordingly." He leaves it at that for now, to see Willimina's reaction, and uses his pause to have a drink of the whiskey. Good stuff!

Willimina listens with a quiet patience and sips at her tea, trying to quell the first flutterings of hunger, she can eat after this. It's important! "Good." She sets her tea cup down with a gentle grace and lifts her gaze to meet H'rik's a small smile playing at her lips. "I should hope he is, causing a ruckus like that on foreign ground. It's irrisponsible for a rider and promotes a bad image for the weyr they represent. Which is a shame, I know some fine Southern Riders. They would have been appalled by his behavior. I'll take the time to assure you now that those involved from my camp have been delt with as well. Though I won't lie, seemed a shame to punish those trying to protect someone." But Willimina cannot have such barbaric behavior on her grounds, she's beyond tolerating violencee at this point, despite her spy network.

H'rik wears a small smile of his own, amused by Willimina's reaction. "Oh, Southern are taking it very seriously." Honest truth! "I'm only sorry it happened in the first place. Though I believe the rider in question has something of a history of misbehaviour - hopefully, this will be the lesson he needed." He nods at her explanation of dealing with people in her own camp. "If I were in your position, I would have done the same. I can tell you Southern bear no ill will towards the Zingari." He sips his whiskey, then adds: "And I hope this does not sully Southern in your eyes. Weyrleader Va'os has extended his apologies, and I'm sure he would be amenable to meeting with you if it would provide some reassurances?" H'rik's just gonna throw that out there like Va'os suggested it! Maybe he can tell him the Zingari have good whiskey on offer, sweeten the deal a bit?

Willimina smiles and folds her hands in her lap, head shaking. "Of course not. I could not bear ill will to a weyr that has one of my own as a Jr. Weyrwoman, and who for the most part, turns out decent riders. You may assure Weyrleader Va'os that we are not at odds. Though he is crtainly welcome to visit if he so chooses." No, Willimina can't read minds, she's just thinking along the same lines. "I'm glad this incident hasn't fostered any bad politics. It's important we all work together, right?" Willimina retrieves her tea as her stomach rumbles lightly. Hey! This is Willimina's body here, trying to make a thing here, more fuel required. Hush stomach.

H'rik simply nods at that. He's aware of Amani, the Zingari-turned-Weyrwoman over at Southern. "There's no ill will between the Weyrs, at all," he assures her with an air of certainty. Of that, he can can be totally sure. Maybe he'll suggest Va'os has to visit to personally apologise the next time they meet up for drinks - after buying the other man a few too many, perhaps. Pushing aside his more amusing thoughts, keeping his expression business-like, H'rik replies, "of course!" to Willimina's comment. He's polite enough to not so much as bat an eyelid at her grumbling stomach, instead keeping the conversation going along. "Speaking of which - now we've met, is there anything you would like to ask me? Or ask of me? I realise I haven't done as much liaising with yourself and the other families as I would have liked."

"Well I am certainly glad to hear that Weyrleader." Willimina says of all being well betwen the weyrs. SHe sips at her tea one last time before setting it aside again. "The only thing I would ask at the moment is that the Weyrleader grace us with his presence at a performance night or two." Willimina winks and is going for more tea when something in her expression gives off the *ding* feel. "Oh, I wonder, has there been any progress in finding out what's the deal with this blue glow stuff?" Because honestly, it's everywhere and really, catching a few Zingari teens trying to eat the stuff was beyond imaginable. "And are kids in the weyr trying to eat it?"

The original matter seems settled, and H'rik is happy to move on to other things. He has to smile at Willimina's wink with that request, and his reply has a hint of laughter in his voice. "I'd be honoured to. The next chance I get, I'll do my best to come down." A question comes then, and H'rik sucks in a breath before he answers. "Yes. Well, so far as the healers and herders can tell, the real stuff seems to have the ability to prevent some infections. Unfortunately yes, there are, uh, some younger people using it for dares. And not always the real stuff, too." he's trying to tread carefully to not lay any blame here. "As far as we can tell, the insects it comes from can only be bred in Kurkar, so I would advise caution if you find any that hasn't originated from there."

Willimina nods curtly at H'rik's answer, sighing heftily in it's wake. "Kids these days eh?" She asks with a shake of her head. "It's insect matter?" Willimina scrunches up her nose in distaste, even though she knows insects can be used for a variety of different things, including the pigments the Zingari sell. She gets a bit queasy, but that at least quells the hunger pangs. "I shall keep my eye on it then. Would you like me to report to the weyr any findings? My …sources tell me they see deals for this going on here and there in the bazaar. And would you like any fakes confiscated and sent to the weyr?" Willimina certainly doesn't want her own healers experimenting with the stuff.

H'rik lifts his shoulders a little. "Kids will be kids." He's not that far out of his teenage Turns himself - but he still feels able to comment on the younger folks of the Weyr. He looks interested in Willimina's offer, but finishes what remains of his whiskey before he answers. "Parhelion have been rather involved - if your people did find anything suspicious, if a Parhelion rider is nearby, that would be ideal. Otherwise, please do feel free to send me a message and I can have it taken away."

Willimina nods. "Seems fair enough, I'll pass the word along." Willimina's stomach chooses this moment to rumble loudly and send a fresh wave of nausia over the woman. She turns a bit pale in fact and sucks in a steadying breath of air. "As much as I would like to continue this visit sir, I think I must excuse myself. I need to eat before I am sick, such is the way of motherhood." She smiles a bit wanly at the Weyrleader and stands, preparing to leave. She does however, produce a fresh bottle of ZIngari red from one of her various storage nooks and offers it. "My regards to the Weyr."

Oh yeah, H'rik is more than happy not to hang around if Willimina's about to throw up. "Of course." He'll stand, too, a little quickly. he doesn't escape quite yet though - the bottle is accepted with a surprised, "thank you. This is far too kind of you." That'll go in the collection in his weyr - and no doubt come out next time Va'os is in Igen. "My best regards to you Willimina." With a bow, H'rik will leave her to it and make his way abck across the bazaar, step lighter than when he arrived.

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