H'rik, Miel. Xanthee


After observing some Weyrlings, people muse over the weird noises haunting Igen Weyr.


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

Dawn saw another sandstorm blow through, causing quite the disruption and delay in the usual morning routines. Now that it's past, the midmorning is a bustling one! And it's no different for the weyrlings, where a small group has been held back in the grounds. The rest are out in the bowls, under Vosji, Kyara and other's watchful observations. Miel seems content with her little group of ragtags and misfits; not necessarily trouble, but every class has a few that struggle. "Come on now, chin up! You guys will catch up to the rest! Everyone takes this at their own pace. Now… back into formation and try again!" she instructs with level patience and gentle smile, while observing from where she's perched on Ivaenth's foreleg.

It's probably H'rik telling him NOT to shout a cheery hello! that stops Wendryth from announcing his presence to the Weyrlings in his normal way. The bronze will have to content himself with walking over from the northern bowl, having seen some of his other progeny at work, in silence. Mental silence, at least - it's hard for any dragon to tread without making a sound, and there's scuffing of the sand and general debris about the Weyr (thanks, sandstorm), as he approaches Ivaenth. « HELLO IVAENTH! » This just to the green, cheery as always. « I HAVE COME TO SEE HOW MY CHILDREN ARE DOING! » H'rik pops out from his bronze's side, into view, and spies Miel; with a little salute, he trots that way. "Morning, Miel. How goes it?" Wendy settles near the green, being careful not to intrude on the lady's space, turning bright blue eyes on the group of Weyrlings.

Ivaenth's head snaps sharply to Wendryth's arrival or, more so, the mental version of it! She doesn't quite twitch or jump in her hide, like some of the more skittish weyrlings might do. « Wendryth! » Equal parts welcoming in her strange, dual flanged voice and equal parts long suffering sigh. « You've come by then, just in time! You've seen the others? » Meaning the north bowl gang! Miel will return H'rik's salute, that same easy going smile now turned to him. "Morning, sir. It's going well enough! Not so many strange disturbances last night." she reports, before hopping down from the green's foreleg. Clapping her hands together once and sharply for attention, she addresses the small group. "That was much better! You've all earned a break. Go and settle them and for Faranth's sake, remember to care for yourselves too! You're all dismissed…" After properly addressing the Weyrleader, which the Weyrlings do. Have some salutes x5, H'rik!

Wendryth thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivaenth with: Wendryth sounds delighted. « I HAVE! » He confirms, adding: « AND THESE - SUCH A SMALL GROUP. WHAT OF THEM? » He seems honestly interested - a father who wants to know how his kids are behaving! »

H'rik glances at Ivaenth's head-turn, but Wendryth is oblivious. He's super interested in the little group of weyrling pairs, putting his head down to snuffle a quiet hello at them. Look, he's not shouting! "Good to hear," H'rik notes, coming to a stop and crossing his arms as he watches Miel deal with the group. So many salutes! He'll give just the one to them, albeit one that's held until the last weyrling has left. Down goes the arm, after a quick rub of his elbow. "Please don't tell me the noises are in the barracks as well?" He half sighs. Tired weyrlings are the last thing he wants to have to deal with.

Wendryth senses Ivaenth sounds thoughtful, but unconcerned. « They need some extra time and focus. Which is not unusual! » No need to worry there, dad! « Some struggle is expected but none of them are proving too concerning. » Yet.

Some of the weyrling dragons are drawn to Wendryth's snuffle and one goes even as far as to mimic him, but ends up inhaling instead. The resulting sneezes and coughing is enough to cause some laughter among the weyrlings; the rider included. Miel just keeps tabs with a lingering side-eyed glance but all is well and does not require her immediate intervention. She won't snicker either, when H'rik rubs at his elbow! She'll just laugh on the inside~ "Afraid so," she replies soberly instead, with a grimace. "Few nights ago. Vosji and I came out here in the pre-dawn to see what could've made such a racket! No clue. But we were getting conflicting reports… and ruled out the obvious."

Strolling in from the direction of the Bowl, Xanthee's long waves are swept up in a messy bun neat the top of her head, several rqavel tendril fall from it to frame her face. Wearing a large satchel over one shoulder, bulging slightly, she wanders over just in time to see the weyrlings getting dimissed. Upon spying Miel and H'rik, the girl heads in their direction, with a wave that turns into a salute as she nears, an artifact of her time spent as a Candidate frequently in the last three turns. "Weyrleader, Weyrlingmaster." she bobs her head in turn to both of them as she opens up the satchel and begins digging through the various hides inside, "it's actually fortuitous that you are both here." she mumbles as she pulls out several hides looking for just the right ones, "Just a second…" she drawls with a sheepish smile.

Wendryth thinks to you, « I bespoke Ivaenth with: Wendryth is delighted by this! Which, of course, means further loudness. « EXCELLENT! THEY ARE A FINE GROUP, ARE THEY NOT? BRAVE SQUIRES, TRAINING FOR A HARD LIFE. » Pride radiates off him, a golden glow in his mind. »

Wendryth's jaw drops in a draconic smile at the antics of his children, and even H'rik gives a little smile. Cute. But, unfortunately, he can't linger on adorable little dragons, and has to consider weird noises with no discernable source. Such is a Weyrleader's lot. His brow furrows. "Hm." At another time he'd probably find Miel's comment about an 'obvious source' amusing, but the ongoing issue is apparently bothering him. "Well, it's not limited to the barracks. At least the Weyrlings can be ruled out as the cause. Shame you and Vosji didn't find anything." He crosses his arms again, appearing to be deep in thought - oh no, does he need to salute again? He settles for a nod to greet Xanthee. "Morning, Xanthee." His thoughtful expression turns curious as she starts pulling out various hides, and H'rik glances at Miel, as if expecting her to know what's going on.

Those cute dragons are all hustling their butts back into the barracks anyhow! Including the straggler who has now since ended their sneezing fit. Miel turns her full attention to H'rik, once the last pair have vanished inside. "Huh. Not sure whether to be relieved or even more concerned and baffled, then! It's definitely not the weyrlings. We ruled out shared dreams and hallucinations almost right off." Wait, what? "And we've no gold this clutch so there's not that to worry about." What. Miel merely shrugs. Sorry to disappoint? "So everyone's hearing something different, then?" Xanthee's arrival draws her thoughtful attention away, pausing to give the young woman a curious look. One that turns abruptly mischievous. "… assistant." she stage whispers with a wink. "I'm an assistant." Sobering, she adds: "You have something for both of us?"

Xanthee finally comes up with a report that she hands over to the Weyrleader, "It's nothing serious, just more reports in the lower caverns of knocking and tapping, the stores and the cellar seem to be mentioned a lot." she hands the hide over with a smile. Then she turns to Miel, "Sorry! Yes! Assistant!" She giggles nervously. "I was just asked to come and see how the weyrlings are doing on supplies? Anything needing replenishing? Any other general concerns that weyrwoman Nasrin should be aware of?" Which will then be promptly written into a report no doubt.

H'rik nods in response to Miel's question, looking no more happy about the whole situation after she's imparted what the Weyrlingmasters have learned. "Hard to know what the noises actually sound like, thanks to peoples' imaginations." Over active ones, to judge by his tone as he says that! He continues to be interested in what Xanthee has to offer, but has to hold back a groan when it turns out to be more stuff about these DAMN NOISES. With a hollow look in his eyes, H'rik takes the report and reads it. "Thank you," he says, not sounding particularly enthusiastic. He'll let the two women talk while he gets the gist of what the hide says.

Miel is bold enough to sympathetically reach out to pat H'rik on the shoulder. There, there, Weyrleader! They're all going to suffer from this. She grins back to Xanthee, however, as she reaches for the offered hides. "You been hearing these noises too?" she idly asks, while frowning thoughtfully. She can only shake her head, in the end. "Nothing comes immediately to mind for supplies, but I'll leave this report on Vosji's desk. She'll likely have an answer for Nasrin by the end of the day?" Another grimace is given to H'rik, along with a long suffering sigh. "At least this waited until the weyrlings were a touch older? We'd have a big problem on our hands if they were newly Hatched." There's a slight shiver to her posture, as she shakes off that thought. Nope, nope and more nope!

"I haven't heard them myself no, but a lot of the drudges and weyrbrats are reporting all kinds of things." Xanthee explains as she once more tries to stuff everything back into her satchel. At Miel's response, she bobs her head, "Sounds good." Finally getting her bag closed again, she stretches her lower back lazily as she waits to see if H'rik has anything to say about the report which would need to be passed on, her eyes wandering idly over to the weyrlings and their dragons.

H'rik's reaction to the shoulder pat is a quick look to Miel - but never fear, it's a grateful one! At least they're all suffering together, right? His eyes finish moving as he reads the report, and a 'hmm' escapes him as he considers the content. "It doesn't seem…any clearer what's going on." Which is, you know, just great. At least Miel has highlighted an upside to the whole situation. "True." He, too, looks a little disturbed at the thought of fresh Weyrlings having to hear spooky noises at night. "Sounds like only a matter of time before you do," he observes to Xanthee, as he folds the hide carefully into a pocket. "If they wake me up in my weyr, I'm not going to be happy." The last thing the Weyr needs is a sleep-deprived Weyrleader, after all.

Miel taps a finger thoughtfully against her chin. "You really haven't heard anything? Not the knocking or tapping? Or the wailing and howls?" she asks Xanthee once more. "Damn, I'm envious of you! Been woken up a few times now. Sometimes by the weyrlings and sometimes on my own! Really weird taps but with enough force to really jar you awake, y'know?" There's a look to H'rik too, along with a smirk. Lucky him, getting all the sleep! Another resigned sigh and the greenrider nods politely to them both. "I better go set this report on Vosji's desk and make sure they're actually settling down in there! If you'll both excuse me?" She starts to walk away, only to pause long enough to add: "And I'll report in anything else!" Which hopefully won't happen! Ivaenth rumbles from where she's curled up, but she's enjoying Wendryth's company and so long as the bronze is there, she won't leave to find a ledge somewhere in the north bowl.

Xanthee grins in Miel's direction, "I'm a pretty deep sleeper, it's a blessing at times. Comes from never really having a room to myself. I think it was my survival mechanism." She giggles softly as she nods her head at the department assistant weyrlingmaster. "Have a great day Ma'am!" She calls with a wave. Turning back to H'rik, she reaches up to tuck a long raven lock behind her ear, "Probably." she shrugs at the idea that it's only a matter of time. "But I'm not too concerned, I'm still convinced this might be a weyrbrat prank gone too far." Cause the girl knows the trouble that teh 'brats get up to.

"Maybe even ghosts aren't brave enough to haunt the Weyrleader's weyr," H'rik manages to drag some humour out of somewhere for the whole situation. He gives a little, casual salute (don't want to irritate his elbow any more!) as Miel leaves. Wendryth is happy to stay with Ivaenth - especially when there's the possibility of more Weyrlings wandering past on their way back to the barracks! "That's…what I'm hoping, in all honesty," H'rik says of Xanthee's thoughts on this whole thing. "Maybe we need to be keeping an eye out for tired-looking Weyrbrats?" Is he…joking? Maybe not, actually!

"I'm not sure ghosts are that discriminating." Xanthee says with a soft chuckle as she hums thoughtfully, "If it is, it's definitely going to be one of the most elaborate I've heard of. Although to keep it going for so long with everyone all in a tizzy is a dumb move in my opinion." Cause it would mean a much higher likelihood of the perpetrators being caught and Xan still considers herself a 'brat at heart. "Although it would have to be something pretty elaborate if it still remains a mystery and I'm not sure how many are that bright. If it suddenly stops again, good chance it was shennanigans..if not…" she shrugs her shoulders in the universal 'Who know?' sign as she resettles her satchel on her shoulder, "Anyway, I should be off, more reports to deliver and whatnot." She adds with a smile. "You have a good day Sir." She remarks as she wanders back towards the bowl.

Xanthee has plenty of thoughts on the matter, and H'rik acknowledges them with a few slow nods. "Good point." Not being a true Weyrbrat himself, what with being in the bazaar, her insight is useful to him. "I guess we'll find out tonight." And maybe the next night…and the one after that. He gives her a little lift of his hand as she heads off. "You too, Xanthee." Today's going to be one of those days where the 'sirs' weigh heavily on him, he can tell, as he turns to Wendryth with a soft sigh.

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