W'lin, Alyna


Just another busy night at the Tipsy Kitten where Alyna and W'lin meet, 'officially' for the first time.


It is sunset of the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 13 Mar 2018 04:00


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"You reckon they've got a salve for that?"


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Winter rain is never any fun, and the humidity only helps to make it be felt down in the bones. Whiskey is the perfect remedy for a deep-seated chill though, as many of the dragonriders lined up at the counter of the Tipsy Kitten can attest. Fresh glows are being placed in the basket around the ill-illuminated room, given the hazy gray coming in from the windows; it's time for the sun to set behind the clouds. With the day's duties done, a sweet respite is what W'lin is looking for when he brushes his way in, dusting rain drops of his jacket. He holds up two fingers to indict his preference to the bartender when he steps up to the bartop, and soon he's sipping on his own glass of amber liquid and rubbing leather-padded elbows with other southern dragonmen.

Some may be seeking respite, but others, like Alyna, seem to be on a mission. Pushing the swinging doors open hard, the petite greenrider strides into the Kitten heads straight up to the bar, so focued on her destination, the crowd goes unnoticed. She's also dressed in her riding leathers, jacket hanging open to reveal a tank top underneath with blond hair toussled and damp with rain. As her determined strides take her up to the bar, she leans her elbows up on the polished marble surface and stretches on her tiptoes to try and get the bartender's attention, When the man finally makes his way to her, she smiles up at him, "Hi! I was here the other night, in one of your rooms, I was just wondering if you found a small red pair of…" and then the line of dragonmen at the bar finally register out of the corner of her eye and she turns to face them with a bright smile before she looks back at the bartender, "Y'know what? Nevermind. I'll just have a Spiky Mango please."

"You reckon they've got a salve for that?" asks a burly brownrider of his companions, earning some shoulder-slapping and a lot of guffaws. It's a topic that keeps them from being overtly interested in the indelicate situation the greenrider seems to be in, but then - W'lin isn't part of that group. He's been watching the blond since she'd arrived at the bar, his expression amused behind his glass. "Looking for something?" he'll ask quietly, tipping his drink towards her in a semi-greeting. There's no telling if he recognizes her from the flight days past, though they were too busy with the 'feelings' caused by dragon lust to really hash into introductions.

"You reckon they got a salve for…" And then Alyna runs her gaze slowly over at the pithy brownrider, from head to toes, and just hisses lightly between her teeth, a look of pity on her face "Nope, I'm afraid there's nothing that can cure ugly that deep." She quips sarcastically with a chuckle and a playful waggle of her eyebrows. Turning when she hears W'lin, one fine brow hikes up with curiosity in his direction, "I can't believe I'm here saying this again but…Why do you look familiar to me?" she asks with a half-smirked grin on her lips before being distracted by her drink being put down and she goes to fish out the marks to pay the man.

"I've just got that kind of a face," replies the dark-haired dragonrider, poking fun at himself and answering her succinctly. As for the truth behind their initial meeting, it's not something he's willing to give up that easily. "What exactly is in a Spiky Mango?" W'lin stares at the concoction with a mix of amusement and confusion, and then he's rapping a knuckle against the marble bar. "Let me buy you the first round. It's the least I can do." For her altercation? For being a pretty woman? For forgetting something red? That's a hard one to guess, but he seems adamant about it.

"I guess that's it." Alyna concludes with a shrug, although her pale eyes narrow on him while she still wracks her brain trying to pinpoint where she's seen him. It was recent, she knows that. She'll get it eventually. Taking a sip from her drink, she licks her lips appreciatively, "It's Mango juice, rum, and vanilla bean on ice. It's quite good, and they make them strong too." When he offers to pay though, her smile will widen as she looks up at him through pale lashes, "I make it a point to never refuse a free drink for whatever reason." With that she holds out her hand to him, "Alyna, green Haquith's."

Each ingredient listed by the greenrider gets a thoughtful nod from W'lin, as if he's been making a mental catalog of the recipe the whole time. "It sounds.. sweet," he concedes, slanting Alyna a boyish grin. "I'm in the habit of drinking whiskey or brandy," which is infinitely less sweet than her mango-rum concoction. It's a much more subdued smile that he settles on her as he hands over the appropriate price in marks to the bartender, who pockets the currency happily. "Well met, Alyna, Haquith's," he says, grasping her hand in his rough one, "W'lin, bronze Khasvith's."

Alyna shakes his hand firmly before she chortles, "Well, my stomach needs a rest after almost a sevenday straight of nothing but weyrmade moonshine to stave off the worse of my green's prodiness." she replies with a wink. "Very well met W'lin…Wait a second.." And now her blue eyes narrow on him again, her previous words pulling a memory to the forefront, "Did you…were you there when Haquith flew just a few days ago?" She takes another thoughtful sip as her sharp eyes remain on him.

A low whistle of appreciation follows Alyna's admission, and that glass of whiskey neat is lifted in a silent toast. "Surprised you can stomach the smell of a bar after that kind of a binge," W'lin replies, his blue eyes dancing with mirth and a bit of mischieveousness, at least until the gig is up! His smile spreads into a full out grin. "It was our first flight since coming to Southern," he admits, leaning towards the bar, with a forearm placed as a brace. "You can remember all that? You seemed.. like you were having a good time."

Alyna silently basks in his whistle of appreciation, her ego definitely liking this guy. "Well, it has been a few days." she says with playful smile, her own eyes lighting up at his mirth and mischieveousness. "Newly arrived? Just like us! Well I think we got here 4 months or so ago, but I still have a lot of settling in to do." She does her own leaning, although still up on her tiptoes, head tilted in his direction, "I have a pretty good memory for faces. And yeah, it was a bit of a good time. And it was our first flight too since coming here, so guess we have that in common." Another long sip that leaves her licking the sweet drink from her lips, "So where did you transfer from?"

The glass lifts again, for another round of silent cheers - this time to the fact that they're both fairly new transfers to the southern jungles. "How do you find Southern? To your liking?" W'lin is interested in the answer, if his focused gaze is any indication of where that attention lies. "I came from Telgar Weyr. Two sevens ago, so still haven't gotten my feet planted quite yet. What about you? From around here or up north?" And then he'll take a leisurely swallow of his drink.

Lifting her own glass in return, Alyna really takes her time in considering her answer to how she likes it, "It's taking some getting used to. I ended up showing up just at the begining of a series of rather unfortunate events. But it hasn't been dull at least!" There, she put a positive spin on it, cause she is not near drunk enough to have an excuse to speak what she really thinks in this bar crowder with their peers. "I Impressed at Igen, where I stayed for almost thirteen turns before I needed a change of scenery. But I was born and raised in Telgar Hold actually." She notes with an easy smile. "And what are your impressions in your short time here so far?" she asks in kind.

"That was one hell of a diplomatic answer," but W'lin has already toasted her too many times from one cup, so he holds it in this round. "I find it stifling, both the weather and the atmosphere." At least he's honest, and he doesn't seem to care if anyone gives him a glare; he's brand spanking new, he's allowed to have grievances. "Telgar? I grew up in Lemos. Stone's throw. Impressed at Telgar, where I've been," humor colors his voice, his imitation playful, "for almost eighteen turns before coming to the jungle. I got traded." That last bit is a little more matter-of-fact than he might have liked to admit. "I'm settling in nice though, and the weyrleaders are capable."

With a light giggle as he calls her diplomatic, Alyna shakes her head a little bit and lowers her voice to a whisper meant just for him "Get a few more drinks in me, find somewhere a little more private, and maybe I'll tell you what I really think of our new home." Her crystalline blue eyes sparkle with mischief as she finishes off her drink with one long swallow, tilting her head back. "And you grew up near me. Will the coincidences never cease." But then the greenrider gets the familiar unfocused look of riders everywhere. "Alas, it won't be this evening. But definitely look me up if you want to meet up later for some drinks some evening. I have a great stash of shine back in my weyr." She's walking backwards towards the doors now, wiggling her fingers in his direction before turning and sashaying out the door.

What a disappointment! They were just getting more acquainted, and one can never find too many friends in similar circumstances, especially when those circumstances are new. "Clear skies, Alyna," W'lin says, one final lift of his whiskey glass for her sake. "See you around." And then he's back to listening to a bunch of boorish men compare their dragon sizes.

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