A'lira, R'zel


A Southern rider meets a visitor from Igen. Curiously, both have had a similar experience around the Boardwalk, but neither seems keen to talk about it!


It is midmorning of the first day of the third month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Go South, young man, or so he was told: South to the warm, to the place where warmth still clings, ehere the freshest produce and medicines and fragrances are. And so, here he is on the Boardwalk, enjoying both sun and sea and life without stresses for just a day ir two; A'lira has been working hard and deserves a little break. Kyprioth is in the sea, playing a game with dolphins where they leap over his wings and back while he swims happily in the warm waters. A'lira simply sits there on the walk, watching his friend with a fond smile on his scarred face.

A man makes his way up from the beach, leaving behind him a basking bronze dragon. R'zel pulls his shirt on as he walks, and arranges a disreputable canvas sunhat with a wide brim on his head. His shorts are wet, but drying rapidly, as is Verokanth's hide. As he draws closer to A'lira, something alerts him - or perhaps he just doesn't recognise the rider. His eyes settle on A'lira's face for a moment, then seek for what a shoulder-knot may tell him. He smiles and approaches. "Hello! You must be visiting. Welcome to Southern!"

The knot would tell him that this is a brownrider from Igen, if A'lira hadn't removed his jacket and shirt to take advantage of the sunny day and the lovely, sea-scented breeze. Instead he'll give R'zel a warm smile and return the greeting. "Ey! Igen's greetin's, and all that." He rises to his fill height and offers a hand. "A'lira. of Kyprioth out there."

R'zel grins as he extends his own hand to return the greeting. He's not doing too well in the shoulder-knot department himself. "R'zel - that's my Verokanth getting dry just down here. Though he'd rather be back in the water - is that your Kyprioth out with the dolphins?"

A'lira nods with fond amusement. "Likes to play, my Kyprioth. Fortunately the dolphins are happy to indulge him." R'zel is given one of those conspirational winks, the kind parents give each other over the foibles of children. "Left to them, we'd do naught productive ever, yeah?" Ah, the lives of dragons: free of responsibility and worry. A'lira envies them sometimes.

R'zel chuckles. "I suppose fighting Thread has to be considered productive, and I don't see Vero wanting to miss that. Actually, he really likes everything we do with the wing. But he'd certainly be happy spending much more time on the beach than I'd want to. I guess being impervious to heat helps. And he loves playing with the dolphins. Has Kyprioth met them before?"

Good point! A'lira will acknowledge that with a dry chuckle. "Leavin' out the death and destruction if you screw up part." He's had his run ins with that, acquiring a few more scars to prove the tale into the bargain. So much for perfect skin all his days. "Kyp could happily spend his life chading things. Yah, he met 'em last time we were here, then promptly got me stuck here while he chased some green who decided to fly. Right off this place." He shrugs wryly. "Least it was a nice lil vacation."

"Heh. Yeah, Vero chased a green who went up from here. Scenic, but not what you'd call convenient." R'zel's acquiring a nice pink flush at the memory. "You come here for a break? Funny, I go to Igen, sometimes, when I want a few hours away. Only in your winter, though - I expect you're coming down here to warm up while I'm going up there to cool off!"

"Right?" A'lira laughs. "Just all out in the open and crap like that…" He's beyond embarrassment mow — it's hilariously funny to get caught out like that. What's a rider to do when he's caught unawares? Go along with it, of course. "Yeah, that's how it works. It's spring there now, but still, not warm enough."

R'zel laughs too, but also changes the subject to spare everyone's blushes. "So what do you do, at Igen? Apart from the obvious, that is - does your wing have a particular role?" On the beach, Verokanth is getting to his feet, eyes trained on the visiting brown and the dolphins.

A'lira is nothing loathe to change the subject to something else, though. "Dragonhealery, actually. Was a healer before, so felt like it was a hood path to go down." The wing question is met with both amusement and //echaution/ for the very thought of it. "Well, smwe do search and rescue and weather predictions, mostly. Lot to do with the stars. Kyprioth is noe arcing out of the water and splashing back down to create a mini water storm, mimicking the dolphins' gleeful leaps and dives.

"That's… Sirocco, right?" R'zel's apparently visited Igen enough to know a little about its wings. "I'm in Ocelot. We do Search and Rescue, too, but not the weather - we also do some guard stuff. Vero and I are more search and rescue than guard, but we still get to do the guard training." He can't help glancing down at the fading bruises on his forearm and legs.

"The very one!" A'lira confirms with a wide grin. "Oh, yeah? Wonder if we could get some joint training in, see if there be new skills to introduce." It's a wonderful dream to have, keeping one's skills fresh and new. Following R'zel's glance, A'lira winces a little in sympathy. "Hard on ya, is it?" The brownrider has his share of bruising from his own training though they're harder to see with his dark skin. "I get mine mostly cause we go high, and the weather's rough up there.

R'zel nods, realising that A'lira's seen what he was looking at. "Ocelot's in the upper flight, too. But my current batch are from a quarterstaff: I didn't know a thing about self-defence before we started this, and I can't really see my way to getting clobbered by my wingmates at regular intervals, so I'm getting a lot of practice in." A'lira's idea has him pursing his lips. "It might be interesting to set up an exercise of some sort. If our respective wingleaders would go for the idea. Mine's K'vvan; who's yours?"

A'lira nods thoughtfully. "I ain't know much before candidacy but they started me on it early. Think they was hoping for another large guard-rider. But R'ku got me first cause I spent more time in with the healers." He grins. "R'ku's my Wingleader."

"R'ku," R'zel repeats thoughtfully, as if committing the name to memory - which he probably is. Then he smiles again. "And you're a dragonhealer too! And your healer skill must be handy for Search and Rescue duty. That's more than you can say for my former craft." He won't go into his long and unhappy relationship with the Harper Craft, but there's a little twitch of the lips that might suggest distate.

"Think that was the idea, 'specially since I insisted on helping out when I was still a weyrling. Kyprioth been good at keeping other dragons calm, even if he doesn't like sein' the Dragonhealer hisself." A'lira has to get inventive about those physicals, yo. He peers intently at R'zel for a long moment, considering. But he doesn't ask, sensitive to the man's distaste. Instead, he peers at his dragon, who is peering at him hopefully. "Himself wants to go visit Amani. She used to give him scritches back at Igen. We sorta made friends before she got snatched up." Southern poachers!

R'zel grins again, and realises he's been unnecessarily cryptic. "I was an apprentice harper - I haven't yet found a reason to play a gitar on dragonback!" He turns to look at the dragons. Verokanth is now standing by the water's edge, but turns back towards his rider. "We should go, too. I'm on duty in a bit. Good to meet you - look me up if you come this way again!"

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