Ollene, Ziniel, Echo


It's chow time in the Zingari camp.


It is afternoon of the first day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the thirty-first day of Autumn and 78 degrees. The small dark cloud has grown rapidly over night, covering the blue sky. It blows a furious rush of stirring wind. In a moment, the daylight is gone as visibility plummets. The clouds of stinging sand mercilessly flog all living things as the air itself turns against you. Every living thing chokes on sand and dust before escaping inside.

It's a lovely autumn day in Igen and Rukbat shines brightly on the desert weyr. Ollene has his first rest day in forever and has decided to take a tour through Igen's grounds and bazaar. He starts with the Zingari Mother Clan camp, and whatever that delightfully delicious smell is. He's slept a good portion of the day and he hungers. He's a good enough cook himself, but the mother clan has some interesting foods. Is that curry he smells?

Afternoons usually see the unusually tall girl going over her silks. However, today Ziniel's helping out at the camp's cookfire. There are people going by, and each one gets a cheerful smile as Ziniel puts the finishing touches on one of her specialty dishes. Someone walks by, and she calls, "Taste this, and tell me what's missing?" the spoon is unceremoniously shoved in the passerby's mouth, "Well?"

Leaving the cooking to those far more qualified, and therefore less likely to accidentally poison anyone, Echo already has a bowl of flavorful curry on the table in front of her, as well as a glass of juice, and a couple of bread rolls. Breaking open one of the rolls, she dips it into the sauce and then brings it to her mouth, but a dribble of sauce escaped the bread and is now running, unknown, down her chin.

Ollene just happens to be said passerby, and is quite surprised when he all of a sudden has a spoon unceremoniously stuck in his mouth. the resulting bite of food is delicious, but Ollene doesn't quite know how to react to the whole thing. "That's good, what is it?" maybe if he knows what it is he'll be able to help with what it needs. Besides , he might just need to get some of that to go with his lunch.

Ziniel chinpoints towards Echo, "Curry, but it tastes like it's missing something," and the girl doesn't sound happy about that, "I'm Ziniel," she beams a smile as she dishes up some of that very curry, "I've asked several people, and everyone thinks it's fine as it is," clearly Ziniel disagrees.

"It's just fine!" Echo calls as she hears Ziniel comment on the curry missing something. Then she realizes she spoke so loudly and a blush touches the apples of her cheeks, and she quickly goes back to paying attention only to her food. Why do I do that? They must seriously think I'm weird, listening in on a conversation I wasn't even in. Great. Then a new voice breaks into her usual internal diatribe. You're supposed to be working on this Echo, C'mon now, it's not that bad. You just spoke up. It's not the end of the world. Her cheeks burn brighter as she realizes she is warring with herself over 3 little words.

Ollene nods ina greement with Echo, though he doesn't know the girl at all. "Tastes fine to me, I'll take extra if you can spare it." This Zingari man is hungry. He'll busy himself getting klah before he retrieves the curry and looks for a place to sit. "Keep up the good work." Ollene says as he moves off to join Echo, because her table is devoid of most people and not elbow to elbow. He slides in across fro the woman and smiles at her. "She's crazy if she thinks there's something wrong with this." He comments, starting the conversation.

Ziniel gives a small mrph as she dishes a little more curry inot Ollene's bowl, then dishes some up for herself as she's nudged out of the way, "Go eat," an older woman says in a chiding tone. Ziniel seats herself at the same table, "Is too missing something," muttered in a low tone as she sulkily takes a bite.

Oh shit now there are others seated with her, the exact reason for sitting here was because there was no one else here, and it means Echo will give Ollene a blinking look before she smiles weakly in his direction. "I-I agree. It's very flavourful." And now the younger girl is sitting at her table too. "It is very good, I-I don't think anything else w-would make it better." Echo winces a bit as her voice stutters slightly over her words so she occupies herself with her food, keeping eyes downcast.

Ziniel gives a reluctant nod. Ziniel's a bit of a perfectionist. It's why she spends so many hours practicing her craft, "I suppose," still a little sulky there, but there is at least a smile, "I'm Ziniel," she offers to Echo, "I'm not sure what my clan is. My mother never told me about her birth clan," there's a story there, but now isn't the time as the girl is called away. Ziniel leaves her own bowl of curry bearly touched.

"Echo." the auburn haired girl provides softly as she continues her food, "Born into the Kheeriin, but working here for now." She adds equally as quietly, keeping her eyes down for now. Though when Ziniel is called away, she looks up, a little panic in her brown eyes, watching her buffer against one-on-one conversation walk away. Then her gaze flicks back at Ollene and takes him in. Wow, he's pretty! As the thought pops into her head, she drops her eyes again, tipping head down so that her hair falls around her face, hiding the light blush coloring her cheeks.

Ollene gives Echo a bit of a smile when she finally looks his way, but he's definitely more focused on his food and drink, the rumble of his belly an awful thing to ignore. He can sense that Echo is slightly unomfortable and doesn't want to spook her, it's obvious she's a bit shy. And so, his only response for now is, "Well met, Echo. I hope your lunch is treating you well."

"Pretty much." Echo responds as she takes another hunk of bread and runs it around the inside of the bowl, soaking up excess sauce and then pupping the bread in her mouth. She swallows that down with a guld of redfruit juice. In her head, she is running through all the things she could say to fill the awkward silence and finally rests on a seemingly innocuous. "So what do you do?" Perfect, now he's the one who has to do the talking. Echo, you're a genius.

Ollene grins. "I'm the caravan Second for the Armida, and I cook and sing in my off time." He is more than happy to elaborate on his own comings and goings if it makes for easier conversation. However, that sort of question usually garners one in response. "What do you do?" He's scraping his bowl with bread at this point, trying to get at every last ounce of curry.

There's a mild 'oh' of surprise when Ziniel returns to find her bowl where she'd left it. The girl quietly slides into her chair, and begins to eat. Don't mind her, there was just a bit of making sure her rig was out of reach of curious littles.

Shards! Echo is foiled again as she is now asked the same question back. Taking a moment to compose herself, she reaches up and tucks a length of her short hair behind her ear before finally speaking up, "I'm a caravan herder, but I specialize in farrier work." Then she comments on what he said, "Caravan second? Really? you're so young. My cousin is the caravan Second here, you might know him, Tallel. And you cook and sing as well? You must keep very busy." Ziniels return is met with a sigh of relief as she bobs her head again at the girl. "Welcome back."

Ollene nods. 'Aye, I do believe we've met in passing, though never formally. Farrier work eh? Must be nice getting to work with the beasties all day, they at least don't talk back." Ollene gives a wry grin and sets to finishing off his klah. "And you?" He asks of Ziniel. "What do you do?"

Ah the question is asked right as Ziniel takes a bite of her meal, "I'm a performer," she asnwers, "Arial silks, dancing, and I like to cook," the girl smiles as she looks at Echo, "I always have such a difficult time finding a runner that I don't have to worry I'll hurt," she is tall, "What would you recommend?" Ziniel loves runners, and really doesn't want to cause one injury because of her rediculously tall frame.

Yes, let's talk about runners. Echo almost visibly relaxes into her seat and an easy smile finds her lips. She takes a good look at the girl, "Well you don't look terribly heavy, so it doesn't really matter, but a Vanner would be strong enough, and if you don't mind steadiness over spead, some of the draft horses could work. If you want, I can come with you to look at potentials and give you my opinion." Wow, it's like Echo is a completely different person, her tone is confident and unwavering, her eyes shine, and she makes eye contact with Ziniel

The change in Echo is near palpable when the discussion turns to runners. He's got absolutely nothing to add when they start talking about height and weight. Nope. Nope, nope nope. That's dangerous territory for a man to walk into. So Olly will just keep his damn mouth shut on that one. Though he does nod in agreement to Echo's observations. A Vanner or Draft runner would suit Ziniel well. He smiles at Ziniel's talk of performance work, everyone has a talent and he'll have to come see hers sometimes. The mother clan definitely puts out more performers than anyone else, and some of the best at that. The Armida are good with fire and disguises, but these two things alone, does not a carnival make.

Ziniel positively beams at the offer, "That would be wonderful," she answers, "I would like some speed, but I'd not want to cause the poor beastie harm," oh look who Ziniel's ignoring. Sorry Ollene talking with cute guys is nice, but this is vitally important. This is runners. Well, at least Zini has her priorities.

"If a runner thinks they can carry you, they will. They are stubborn like that." Echo says with a smile as she folds her arms onto the table in front of her. her eyes flickering back to Ollene for just a moment, as she attempts a shy but warm smile for his benefit, making sure he knows he wasn't forgotten in this conversation. Then she turns back to Ziniel, "Wow, I've seen aerial work, it looks scary." she adds as she comments on the girl's work. "I respect you performers so much, I can't even deal with crowds, let along have them staring at me." This last is directed at both Ollene and Ziniel.

Ollene is not in the least bit offended that he's been left out of the conversation. In fact, he takes the chance to refill his klah and get some fruit to have for dessert. Echo's look is caught though, and he gives a wink in return. Don't worry about this guy ladies, he'll more than happily eat his food, drink his klah, and listen in.

Ziniel gives a nod as she takes another bite of her meal (that is now cold), "My mother always said the same thing," but she's still going to worry. Soft heart? Not really, just a deep respect for the animals that haul the wagons, and get them around the face of Pern. Zini takes another bite as she thinks about the question on arial work, "It's not that bad. The challenge is having the right amount of silks for the height of the performer. Someone that's only around five foot wouldn't use silks long enough for someone as tall as me for instance," she sips her water that she'd brought back with her, "I've been working the silks since I was able to walk," a fact that has no doubt given her mother more than a few gray hairs, "I even teach them," or she would if she could get the class approved.

That wink brings a fresh blush to Echo's cheeks and she looks away feeling a little flustered. But her attention quickly comes back to the other girl as she talks about her works. "That's facinating. You would think longer silks would be more dangerous for the performer." She says wistfully as she finishes the last of her juice.

The conversation continues as Ollene snacks on fruit and sips his klah, and he finds he has nothing to add to the current conversation and he's starting to feel like an eavesdropper. So, once he is finished, he clears his things and bows to the ladies. "It was nice meeting the two of you. I hope you have a lovely day." And with one last roguish smile, Ollene goes on his way, intent on visiting the bazaar and testing it's delights.

When Ollene takes his departure, his roguish grin giving Echo a weird fluttering in her chest. That was weird. When he is far enough away, she will utter a quiet "Wow.." under her breath and then turns back when Ziniel suggests she comes and watch her practice sometime. Fighting her first instinct to refuse outright, she steels herself and after a moment replies with, "Sure. That sounds great. And just let me know anytime when you want me to come with you to look at runners, my pleasure." Then her own dishes are gathered up before she heads back to her own wagon.

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