Rocio, Elonoora


Things are traded on the boardwalk, but more words than actual cookie sales.


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Boardwalk

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"Is it, like, a cruel joke amongst the bakercraft to trick folks into thinkin' they have chunks of cinnamon in the cookie when, in fact, it's just raisins in 'em?"


The Boardwalk

Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

It is the fourth day of Spring and 80 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

"An eight letter word for 'happiness'…" Seated atop a wooden fence further down from the vendors on the boardwalk is Rocio. With a stylus tapping against her chin and the Pernese equivalent of a crossword puzzle book in hand, the greenriding huntress looks very focused as she reaches through the cobwebs of her vocabulary for some potential matches. "Lemme see here. Besotted, blissful. Cheerful? No wait." She scrawls down those options in the margins so she doesn't forget what she already said. "Eeeexuuuberrrant." A honey colored brow quirks and she eyes that last one. "Nah. That ain't it."

Among the many stands set up on the Boardwalk to enjoy some of the first decent weather of Spring are many vendors jubilantly calling out their wares and trying to seek the elation of some new customers. But one of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong. And it'd probably be Elonoora. Sure, the baker's stand isn't out of place among all the other merchants near the sea, but underneath her floppy sun hat, the girl looks about ready for a nap as she sets her chin down on her arms eyeing the scant handful of handpies and cookies that haven't sold yet. It's all the weird reject flavors like raisin something. The seeming euphoria of the greenrider over there working on her book does draw the apprentice's attention as Elonoora perks up and listens and once it seems like an answer hasn't already been found, she'll venture her own. "Gladness?"

"G-l-a-d-n-e-s-s." It's the like the answer came straight from Faranth in the sky or something! Rocio scrawls the word into the checkered boxes on the hide and then eyes it with some suspicion at first. "Huh. That just might work…" Squinted eyes cast upward to catch where Rukbat is in the sky before she hops down from her perch and redirects her focus on Eonoora's stand of confections. "Thanks. I can never finish these puzzles because I usually over think every answer." A half smirk curves her expression as she rolls the puzzle book into a cylinder and sticks the stylus into the loose blonde bun atop her head. "Nice stand ya got here!"

Elonoora is definitely not g-l-a-d of anything at the moment as once the answer is provided, she slumps back down to resentfully eye those pastries in front of her. Or maybe it's the water so tantalizingly close and yet… out of reach. But then, it seems like the suggestion has earned her the attention of the greenrider and reflex takes over when anyone approaches the stand and she straightens up as quickly as if she had just caught sight of Ardstelle. "You're welcome, ma'am." Complete with a polite little nod of her head since anything else would be awkward from her seated position. As for the stand, the teen gives a roll of her eyes. "It'd be nicer if it had an awning. I feel like I've been baked, broiled, roasted and braised all morning!"

A hand lifts and waves away formality once the Baker addresses her. "Rocio, green Niamyth's." It's a simple introduction, but definitely worth it to avoid the dreaded 'M' word. "And I hear ya. Rukbat sure don't waste time beatin' down once it's up over the horizon." She chin nods toward the sun hat atop the apprentice's head. "Smart to keep covered. I got my fancy bandana on to do just that." Fingers waggle at the purple folded cloth covering her head where it can get around the blonde bun. Stray wisps are then tucked behind an ear when a light ocean breeze picks up, "Good thing for the wind, huh? Mind if I sit for a spell?" No need for a chair! Ro will just cop-a-squat on the wooden panels of the boardwalk itself where she can people watch at the best angle. "I bet you sold out of your bubblie pies right off."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Elonoora, senior baker apprentice," Even though her knot and definitely her craft are clear enough considering the stand she's occupying, some formalities just become habits for some people at least. She does turn a little wistfully to get her face into the wind once it starts blowing again. "I shoulda brought a fan." Shoulda, coulda, wouldas are some of her specialties along with baking. As for the last, she does nod quickly. "That, and we had some fruit tarts as well… and this cake that was soaked in klah and some liquor and then layered with some sweet cheese mix.. and oh! We had this amazing citrus meringue pie as well. It was made with these tiny little green ones from some cot hold down the way. It took forever to squeeze them, but worth it!" She blinks as she looks at the table and realizes that was all the things she can no longer sell since they're all sold out. "Now we have some buttermilk pie? And a mince pie there… and some raisin cookies." The early bird gets the sweets apparently.

Rocio grins while Elonoora lists off all of the confections she sold out of. "Ohhh, yeah, that citrus meringue pie sounds deee-lish." The puzzle book is set down on the boardwalk and the greenrider leans back upon palms as her legs stretch out and cross at the ankles, the breeze picking up again in the moment. "I love citrus-y stuff. You ever make any sweet cheese danishes? Now those sound amazin' right about now…" Wistful is her tone, but short lived once the dreaded raisin cookies are brought up. "Okay, I gotta ask." Ro cants a look up at the Baker from her seated position near the stand. "Is it, like, a cruel joke amongst the bakercraft to trick folks into thinkin' they have chunks of cinnamon in the cookie when, in fact, it's just raisins in 'em?" A beat, "'Cause I fell for it! Several times, actually." And she's not proud of it. :(

The grin growing on Elonoora's face can't be hidden. There's a reason why she's a baker and it's clear when she's talking about desserts! "Next time, I think I'm going to try and make some about thiiiiisss big!" She holds out her finger and her thumb in a circle only a little larger than a half mark. "They'll be bite sized and adorable!" And then there's a quick nod as for the danishes. "Did you try any of the custard and cardamom ones in the living caverns oh… three sevens back? Those were mine!" And she's so proud of them, although the smile turns to a bit of a wince at the mention of the raisins as she looks down at the reject treats. "They say some of the aunties really like the raisins and will pitch a fit if they don't have them…" But she definitely sounds dubious about this. Exhibit A is the table in front of here where said aunties clearly haven't been buying all the raisin cookies.

Hey, Ro ain't about to complain about desserts. Who doesn't like the sweet stuff? "Bite sized…" She thinks about this for a moment and then brightens when a thought occurs to her. "Or travel sized. I'd like a bagful if I could bring 'em on sweeps with me!" Now that's an idea… Elonoora could corner the market on providing confections to dragonriders — if Amani ever lifts the ban on sweetner up in here. Rocio shakes her head, "I didn't, but I'm a fool for custard. Faranth I loooove me some custard. And sweet cheese. And citrus meringue…" Shardit. Now she's got a craving for pastries. She squints a little at the thought of the aunties liking raisins. "Yeah, they would." Said with a snort, that. Change of subject! "I bet your boyfriend don't gripe about you bringin' home the leftovers, though."

Elonoora raises an eyebrow at the idea of a travelling with a bag full of mini merinque pies which slowly turns to a look of low-key horror at the idea as she shakes her head. "Not with those pies… you'd need to have something with a double crust so the custard wouldn't get everywhere. Unless you're planning on eating it with a spoon?" She's not completely ruling the idea out, but that head shaking is still going on. And hopefully now that the missing headwoman has been apprehended, the sweetener ban has been lifted. Or else, what went into all these desserts? Some questions, better not asked. And as Rocio so abruptly changes the subject, all of Elonoora's headshaking will stop as she coughs slightly in her surprise. "I uh… live in the apprentice dorms." So home is roughly… 100 other girls give or take how you're counting that day.

Rocio lifts her shoulders into a shrug when she sits upright and moves into a crosslegged position. Both hands are then brushed together to rid them of sand and grit before she snickers at the thought of riding around with mini pies in her rucksack on Niamyth's leathers. "Nah, you're right. I was thinkin' more about bite sized cookies or sweets, ya know? Can't exactly maneuver a spoon when I'm s'posed to be keepin' an eye on things." Or she could but won't. Ahem. A rakish grin is then turned upon Elonoora, "That don't mean ya can't have a boyfriend." Wow, she's sounding more like Niamyth right now and that's a little scary. Somewhere in the bowl the dainty green twinkles at that very idea! Rocio clears her throat a little. "Or, ya know. A boy. That's a friend."

Elonoora taps a finger against her chin as if thinking. Don't be surprised if one morning there's some bags of conveniently sized confections all bundled off to be grabbed to-go sitting right next to klah. They might even be some more adventurous flavors as well. Inspiration and apprentices doesn't always equal success, but sometimes it can be pretty great. She'll let slide the idea of not being able to look and eat at the same time considering she's turning a little bit red at the moment. "Nooo…" living in the dorms doesn't technically mean she can't have a boyfriend, although some of the more strict journeymen might claim otherwise. "But well… it's hard to see anybody that's not in the kitchen when your day starts at least two hours before the earliest of early risers tend to get up! I'm having to go to bed by the time most folks are getting off work!" A fact she sounds much exasperated at.

"Pretty sure dragonriders would not oppose the idea of having conveniently bagged cookies and treats from the bakercraft on sweeps." Rocio will just plant that seed and let it germinate~ "And speakin' of." The greenrider hoists herself back onto her feet and gathers up the puzzle book off the ground. "Here." It's then handed to Elonoora along with the stylus plucked from blonde hair. "Not sure how long your shift is, but this'll keep ya occupied. The puzzle on page ten is a doozy." Fair warning! "I gotta be gettin' ready for my afternoon sweep ride with Nia."

And considering who knows how many hours Elonoora has left in her shift until either the last remnants are sold or she can finally give up and pack it all away, there will be plenty of time for the idea to really root itself in. For now right now, she just gives a carefully calculated "Huh…" As if she hadn't ALREADY been thinking of exactly that. At least she knows she has one supporter for the idea! The book is met with a surprised blink, but before the rider can completely run off, she does grab one of the little hand pies. "Oh, thank you. And take this! On the house." Because fair is fair, right? A crossword puzzle for a buttermilk pie? It might not be the BEST tier of pie, but it is custardy! And with the gift hopefully accepted, she will start perusing the pages of the book. Anything to pass the time!

Ohh that gift is accepted with gratitude! "Thanks, Ellie!" Rocio gives little monikers when she's excited — hopefully it's not the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to the gal~ "It was nice meetin' ya. I'll see ya soon, 'kay?" That means whenever Elonoora is sitting at her stand on the boardwalk when Ro's around that she'll have some company for a little while. "Lemme know if you solve page ten…" A bright grin is flashed to the Baker right before she whirls around and makes her way toward the road leading back to the Weyr.

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