K'vvan, Cha'el, Erissa


The epic plot thickens when Erissa walks in on the guys in a compromising position.


It is late night of the seventh day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Sanctum Santorum (Cha'el's weyr), Igen Weyr

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Sanctum Santorum

Because I'm lazy. This is Cha'el's weyr. Go check it out:

On the ledge, you see a brown, blue and green dragon.

On the perch is Butterball.

Obvious exits:


In the sky outside Cha’el’s weyr, a stocky blue frame wings into view aiming for the brownrider’s ledge. A mental greeting is sent, ocean winds carrying a clean salty feel, as Danorath sets talons to rock. Erissa slips from his neck pretty quick, her errand one that she’s eager to carry out. Once boots set down she pauses just briefly to run a hand through wind-tousled layers and undo the fasteners on her jacket. Shoving her hand into her pocket she checks /again/ on the item tucked inside and smiles, her stomach tightening just a little with the hope that Cha’el likes the gift she brought him. Giving Sikorth a quick nod to be polite she strides down the short tunnel into the weyr proper, as usual not introducing herself but just walking right in.

As she enters the light inside she calls out with a cheery, “Hey Cha’el! Hope you’re decent because…..” The bluerider stops dead in her tracks at the sight that greets her. Dark blue eyes narrow and flash from one man to the other. “What’s going on? What’s HE doing here??” she blurts. Immediately her light tan flushes a deeper tone and she throws both hands into the air, palms forward. “You know what? Nevermind!! I… I…don’t even want to know.” With that she turns and tromps back the way she’d come.

Between that smoldering look coming from K’vvan and the hand palmed to his chest, Cha’el is about done for in terms of trying to keep to the ‘just friends’ agreement he’d made with himself. “Its laundry day.” He tells the younger rider. “Nothing but my birthday suit to change into.” Is added with a crooked tilt of lips. He’s lying or course. But that’s not the point. Taking the small half-step that puts them hip to hip and chest to chest, the brownrider drops his chin, the tilt of head that goes with it suggesting he plans on kissing the breath right out of….BLAM! One Erissa. In his weyr and… “Shit!” Cha’el exclaims going rock still and then slowly flushes a delightful crimson color and takes a step backward. “Uh…Erissa. Hey. What are you doing,” here, “K’vv just dropped by for the,” wine. But none of his stammered sentences find completion. Dear Faranth take him Between. “Erissa, wait!” Shooting K’vvan an apologetic and somewhat perplexed look, Cha’el takes off after the bluerider

On the ledge beyond and so enthralled in Nadeeth’s tale, Sikorth had barely offered an acknowledging grunt to Danorath’s greeting let alone gathered his wits about him to warn his rider of the unexpected intrusion. « Oh. This is not good. Not good at all. » Comes the sudden blast of static fuzzed alarm from the big brown. « Danorath! » Oh hai there blue buddy, didn’t notice you with having been wrapped around this pretty l’il lady here.

Embarrassment and awkwardness on all sides!

Lost in blue eyes K’vvan hadn’t paid one iota of attention to the fact that someone had landed out on the ledge. Just friends? Yeah, no, the kiss, almost a hairs breath away sends lances of heat down the greenrider’s spine before the abrupt shattering of half-formed thoughts. Back to the woman K’vvan has to shake himself back to reality to twist and see the bluerider burst onto the scene. “What the he..?” But then Cha’el is going after her, and K’vvan is left beside a table still soaked with wine, and only now realizing how badly it had poured all over. “S*it,” Leaving the blue and brownriders to whatever discussion they are going to have K’vvan kneels, one eye on the wine the other at the entrance to the ledge, twitch set on high hearing by the simple expedient of hearing the bluerider’s voice. “F*king woman screws up everything.” Except, perversely, there is also a slight twinge of thankfulness for the woman’s less-than-fortuitous entrance. “Shouldn’t have sharding been here in the first place.” The muttering continues as he casts about for another cloth to clean up the spilled wine.

Nadeeth’s tale is broken abruptly when Sikorth’s focuses attention tears itself away. Curious she lifts herself from the concealing cover of that brown sail to peak about. «Danorath!» Unlike the greeting of… well, everyone else in the weyr, Nadeeth’s ribbons hold real warmth for the smaller blue dragon.

On the ledge, Danorath belatedly realizes the presence of Nadeeth tucked under Sikorth’s wing and those sea-fed winds pick up and whirl with surprise, whisked through with a sunny warmth. Though pleased to see her himself, two things occur to the blue at once. She’s cuddled up with a great big brown and if the green’s rider is here as well Erissa is NOT going to be happy. Instantly his mental touch reaches out and slams into the heated rage that’s pouring from the blond woman’s mind, followed seconds later by her arrival as she comes storming out of the weyr.

Get me out of here, Dano!!…… comes the avid demand.

Sikorth isn’t nearly as uptight as his rider that comes bursting out of his weyr, hot on Erissa’s heels. The brown does however swing a concentrated look on the blue bombardier. « This is unexpected. But you are welcome to join us. Nadeeth tells a tale of stealing fire. » Apparently there’s room for everyone on his ledge. « Leave them to sort themselves out. » Added as an afterthought when he catches licks of consternation coming off his rider.

“Erissa! Shit. Will you just listen to me!?” Cha’el sends after the woman that looks to be about to flee the ledge, ignoring the blast of cold air hitting the dampened front of his pants. “You don’t have to leave. We’re all adults here. Come and join us.” Which might sound like he’s making a proposition of an entirely different kind if not for the earnest expression in place.

Danorath hears the brown’s invitation and suggestion but can’t ignore the distress rolling off his lifemate, his wave-crested muzzle lowering toward her as she approaches. Cobalt wings flicker at his sides, ready to take off in an instant if she really wants to leave.

Erissa hears the brownrider’s call as well but is having none of it. Not slowing her pace she intends to beat him to her blue, mount, and be gone before he can stop her. Throwing an arm out to one side she yells back over her shoulder.

“No!” Stomp-stomp. “Shit!” Stomp. “You’re obviously busy!”

“Blast it all, Riss!” Cha’el growls and lengthening his stride, overtakes her and plants himself directly in the path between her and her blue. “Will you at least hear me out before you go barging off half-cocked!?” Not waiting for a reply, the brownrider fixes her with a tight look. “K’vv and I…” He begins trying to explain, “we’re…” Just friends? Even he knows that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. A growl of frustration catches in his throat for something that has yet to be defined and he sweeps a hand through his hair. “There’s no reason you can’t stay. That was…” A hand swings about behind him but once again he’s at a loss for words. “We were just having some wine,” which is now somehow down the front of his pants.” The brownrider stalks a step closer, sea-blue eyes searching blue-gray. “C’mon, Riss. Don’t be like this. Just come inside and have some wine with us. He’s not as bad as you think.”

Erissa doesn’t want to hear any explanations, not with what she just saw back there. Tilting her head away from Cha’el as he steps around her she stops short. Damn the man’s mountain-size build! Hiding behind the fall of uneven layers she keeps her gaze averted, full lips pressed into a tight line.

Danorath’s soothing voice inserts itself in her mind. «Are you sure of what you saw?»

Squeezing her eyes shut Erissa shakes her head wanting to shut out both the brownrider’s words and her blue’s. It’s Cha’el’s last that really strikes her hard, blue-gray hues churning with storming emotions as her chin jerks toward him.

“Flame me, Chay! We’re riders. I know damn well how things work. But why HIM? Of all the Faranth-loving riders in this weyr…..” Yes, she’s making major assumptions. Shaking her head again she throws fists down on either side, growling sharply. When he steps closer she stiffens, the rush that always comes from being close to him both exhilarating and infuriating at the same time. “Just… just leave me alone!” she blurts and moves to step around him.

“Because beneath all that piss and vinegar, he’s actually a really nice guy! He’s just had some shit in his life and all that growl and snap is a defense mechanism.” Cha’el shoots back to her first, angered for the perceived slight leveled both at his choices of company and the rider it involves. Huffing a breath, he schools back annoyance bred more from embarrassment at Erissa having walked in on them than anything else and the brownrider’s tone loses some of its edge. “Hey,” instinctively he snaps a hand out and reaches to make a grab at her upper arm as she tries to escape. “Hey!!” A slight tightening of grip and a wiggle of wrist that’s not quite a shake if he’s been successful. “Listen to me. You’re both my friends and I won’t be made to choose between the two of you or explain who I spend my time with. So you either come inside and try to play nice or…” A sigh is exhaled and his demeanor loses some of its fire. “Just come inside, Rissa. Please? It’s been a long day and all I wanted was to spend some time with a close friend.”

The man has clearly lost his mind! Erissa continues to stare in disbelief, pretty features warped by anger and… something else she can’t define, until her attempt to leave is once again aborted by his grip on her arm.

“Let go of me!” she automatically hisses at him, only to have him shake her and reiterate his demand. Further out on the ledge Danorath rumbles softly in warning, faceted eyes whirling brighter. Lifting her chin Erissa purposely raises flashing eyes to his, defiance rippling through every inch of her slender frame. When he threatens her she leans forward, lips parting to call him on it with a sarcastic ‘or what?’. But then he sighs and uses unfair tactics that tug on her heartstrings.

Just come inside, Rissa. Please?

She wilts a bit, unable to deny him anything when he asks like that.

….spend some time with a close friend.

Then the rest of what he says stokes her touchy temper again and she jerks her arm.

“From what I saw you don’t want me in there,” she snaps.

At that warning rumble coming from Danorath, Cha’el frowns and releases the blue’s rider.

« He would not harm her. » Sikorth weighs in. « If she does not wish to stay, you should not force her. » Is sent next to his rider whose only response is to narrow a tight look onto his brown.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Exasperation explodes. “I called him out on something and he spilled the wine on the table which then landed in my lap.” A sharp downward gesture points attention to his soaked crotch. “K’vv was trying to mop it up and…” Things got a little off track. Okay, almost got WAY off track. “Look. If I didn’t want you here, I wouldn’t be asking you to stay, aye? Just have one drink and if you still want to leave after that, I won’t stop you.”

Danorath acknowledges the bigger brown’s assurance with a brush of wind but his focus remains on the riders, wings still partially unfurled.

He wants her to stay. Cha’el wants her to stay.

Erissa is torn. Quickened breath competes with the racing of her heart as opposing emotions vie for control. One hand rises to press a palm against her eye.

“Of course I want to stay,” she blurts angrily, jerking the raised hand through her hair then letting it drop. “I brought you….” she cuts herself off, throwing her head to the side and huffing loudly. Forcing her voice to remain level though thickened with emotion she slides a sidelong look back to the brownrider. “He hates me, Chay. What good would it do?”

When it appears that Erissa might stay rather than storm off in an angered huff, some, not all, of the tension slips from broad shoulders and bearded features relax a touch, even allowing the smallest curl of lips. Curiosity spikes at the sentence started but not finished. “Brought me what?” About to begin trying to wheedle it out of her as he sets a hand to her lower back with a mind to steering her back into his weyr, the idea is banished at the bluerider’s last. There’s a soft chuckle in which, Cha’el reaches to flick aside several strands of pale blonde layers from her eyes. “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you, Riss. He just doesn’t know you yet.” Because it’s as simple as that, right? In the world according to Cha’el, it is.

“Nothing,” Erissa quickly snaps at his question, obviously lying. One hand slips into her pocket, fingers curling around the object within. Unsure of what Cha’el might say about it she isn’t about to open herself up to the mockery sure to come from the greenrider.

At the touch of his hand on her back she knows his intention even if he doesn’t follow through with it and pulls her hand out to cross both arms over her chest in a stubborn pose. Ah, but then he really pulls out the proverbial stops and brushes her hair with his fingers. Puddle, meet Erissa.

“You don’t understand,” she drawls with much less heat. “You only think that because you’re a guy and… and….” A quick flash of the scene she had walked into comes to mind, adding a bit of sardonic twist to her expression as she finishes, “And obviously you’re biased.” Frustration peeks and she throws both arms apart suddenly. “Fine! You know what, I will come in. And then you’ll see what a cracked bastard he really is!”

No matter that she might drive him wherryshit insane sometimes, Erissa truly is a beautiful woman and he isn’t that immune to her wiles that he can resist the allure of her fiery temper.

“Aye,” Cha’el offers what might be considered confirmation about being biased when it comes to K’vvan, “but the same could be said of you.” The smirk that falls into place is followed by a wink. “Now come on, get your cute behind in there,” a compliment? “And be nice!” Given as his hand returns to the small of her back and forward pressure is applied.

All he can do now is hope that Erissa as she is want to do at times, has blown things way out of proportion and that K’vvan doesn’t indeed, hate her.

Sly canine! Cha’el has some pretty irresistible wiles of his own and what makes it worse is that he knows just how to wield them. Hinting that his bias includes her then tossing in a compliment earns him a growled scowl on the outside but on the inside poor Erissa is a goner.

“Smartass,” she quips, keeping her expression sour no matter how delighted she is by his opinion of her derriere. Now if she can just figure out how to get rid of her greenriding nemesis waiting inside the weyr she might actually have a nice visit with her brownrider.

That she doesn’t resist when Cha’el nudges her forward again with a hand at her back bodes well from the bearded rider’s point of view. The claws are momentarily sheathed, the flames temporarily banked.

He wants nice? She can be nice.


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